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« Here is an unspoken dream."
"My fantasy, my ideal, my dream!"
"Dimension of Steam! »


Dimension of Steam: Gorgeous World of Ashes (絢爛なりし灰燼世界ディメンジョン・オブ・スチーム, Genran'nari shi Kaijin SekaiDimenjon obu Suchīmu?) is the Noble Phantasm of Charles Babbage. The "Difference Engine" and "Analytical Engine" that was designed before in his lifetime; had it been truly completed, the brilliant steam engine he had strived for would have finally arrived in the civilized world. In other words, this Noble Phantasm is the sublimation of Babbage's craving and reverie for his dreamed of future carried in his very heart and the mechanical armor that wraps his body.[1][2]

It is a Reality Marble that allows for the creation of various smaller machines modeled after Caster's armor. A continuously active-type Noble Phantasm. It is designated as a high ranked Noble Phantasm because of its special characteristics and rare nature, but its firepower aspect is only equivalent to the level of a B~C ranked Noble Phantasm. In addition, when its True Name is released, its internal steam engine becomes fully operational and he conducts a ranged attack with high power behind it. He will never release the armor because he is manifesting a special steam engine that is powered by the continually deploying Reality Marble inside the sealed armor. If he releases it even once, the Reality Marble will be eliminated from the world and only a lump of steel that cannot speak will be left behind.[1][2]


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