Dio Santissimo Misericordia de mi: O' Supreme God, Take Pity On Me (至高の神よ、我を憐れみたまえ
, Shikō no Kami yo, Ware o Awaremi Tamae
Dio Santisshimo Mizerukodia Di Mi
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Antonio Salieri. By condensing, coagulating, and also mixing magical energy into a such giant killing intent that a single living being cannot hope to control, he can play a song of destruction that gnaws at both the mind and the body. A special move that Antonio Salieri would have never been able to acquire during his lifetime─── a musical Noble Phantasm that only Avenger Salieri - an innocent monster-type of Servant - possesses.[1]

...Still, it is saddening. Having turned into an Avenger, Salieri will never be able to perceive this "music" that rivals Amadeus' own as a "sound".[1]


The proper Italian grammar would be "Dio Santissimo, Abbi Misericordia Di Me"​​​​​.​


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