Dioscures Tyndaridae: Hymn of the Divine Twins (双神賛歌
, Sō-shin Sanka
Diosukuresu Tundaridai
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Saber.

The power of the sword master Pollux and the hatred Castor holds for losing his place among the Gods. A perfectly unified combination attack between the twins inseparable in the heavens. Having reached the realm of becoming a Noble Phantasm through the ultimate combination attack made possible through their incomparable trust and belief in one another. Upon release of their true name they are temporarily able to almost entirely regain the divinity of an ancient god, bringing their Noble Phantasm to the maximum rank possible. Calling forth the complete and utter overwhelming power of a Divine Spirit they are able to utilize it to release a flurry of attacks that pass through any and all physical or magical defenses and obstacles... more than likely completely destroying whatever they set their gaze on.


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