The Disciplinary Chairperson (フォトニック結晶?) is an Advanced AI present in the Moon Holy Grail War of the Fate/Extra series.



The Chairperson was one of the few Advanced AIs present in the school during the Holy Grail War, possessing more authority than Sakura Matou but less than Kirei Kotomine.[1]



The Chairperson believes all humans, even Masters, are "inferior creatures of the old world." She thinks the Moon Cell's rules are absolute. She is the only NPC during the CCC Incident to form a clear plan. It can be said "how many problems she has in her information processing algorithms, she is just an innocent tsundere" who Hakuno Kishinami will still want to save if possible.[1]


Fate/Extra CCCEdit

While all the other NPCs of the school are in panic after arriving in the Far Side, the Chairperson is the only one with an idea on how to escape. Due to this, if Hakuno Kishinami speaks to her, BB absorbs her. She is able to be saved if Hakuno avoids taking to her until after BB is eliminated.[1]

Fate/Extra CCC FoxtailEdit

After Kazuradrop takes over the school, the Chairperson and other AIs decide to concede to her in order to survive. They later learn she has no plans to spare them.



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