Displacement (置換, Chikan?) Magecraft, also called Flash Air (フラッシュ・エア, Furasshu Ea?), is a practice of substituting something with something else.


Derived from Alchemy, the system has a fundamental rule that the replacement will always suffer from degradation, thought of as basic and low-level, there are very few who use this magecraft.

Giving the target an arbitrary directivity and changing it physically or conceptually by something close in an instant is the ordinary displacement magecraft. In short, it’s a mana shortcut for chemical and conceptual changes of the target. But in the process of displacement, a degradation in the target will definitely occur. For example if a spoon is continuously replaced by a fork, and a fork by a spoon, its shape will become more and more like an ambiguous spork, and in the end it will become a warped metallic spatula.[1]

One of the basics of Displacement Magecraft is "Shape Replacement", which is replacing the shape of an object into another shape, such as a spoon into a fork or a detailed Rose flower.[2]


Displacement (Ainsworth)[]

The personal variation of Flash Air that the Ainsworth family specializes on, differing from normal Displacement, this version used by the Ainsworth allows them to switch a multitude of things, and the scope, accuracy, and application range of their displacement deviates from the common sense of magecraft. It’s not hard to imagine that they are using some trickery.[1]

Shinji Matou's soul displaced inside a Doll

Darius Ainsworth invented his own style of Flash Air over a thousand years ago. He created it in order to record and store dozens of years of his life, the concept of "Darius", within Pandora's Box, as it contains a place that is not bound by the same rules of the World and so the record of his soul won't suffer decay inside it. Because of this, every version after him is but a copy of the back-up stored in the Pithos, and every time he dies a record of him in his prime is used to make a near-perfect replica. This has the side-effect of making Darius unable to die unless the Pithos is opened, making him immortal. Tanaka explains that his Flash Air is, in actuality, an application of "Transfer Magecraft" that uses the entire imaginary world inside the Pithos as a back-up.[3]

It allows the Ainsworths to displace the soul and consciousness of others into stuffed animals and other objects, replacing them with pseudo-personalities like those used in their Dolls. Pandora has been subject to it for over 1000 years, as Darius states that although her body is immortal, her soul gets worn down by the passage of time. So Darius uses it to have Pandora "spit out all her soul" as a pool of black mud or "pus", getting rid of the "intellect" of her broken mind and "resetting" her personality and memories, reverting her physically and mentally into the body of a "ignorant and innocent child" so she would not suffer suicidal despair at her undying condition. Darius then stores the data of her memories and body within the Pithos, and will reset her again the next time she gets to this point of begging for death and uselessly trying to kill herself.

Darius Ainsworth himself has made the circuits of his descendants capable of "[giving] birth to the concept of Darius", allowing Darius to conceptual replace the next head of the Ainsworth, or any of his descendants, with himself; allowing his mind, his appearance, his whole existence, to exist continuously for millennia. It is also through Flash Air that Class Cards are created.

Julian displacing the ground under Shirou

They can change the relations of doors and windows in a building, regardless of actual geographical location, allowing for them to be changed or have one connect to another in an instant to confuse enemies. They can displace an entire mountain with buildings, such as their own castle. They can launch and redirect any attack, be it their own or their enemies, from any direction or angle, displacing a portion of space to place hostile projectiles behind the enemy, allow for their own projectiles to change trajectory by shifting space, increase the velocity of projectiles to become faster and harder-hitting, allow for them to have their limbs appear anywhere, and make their enemy's own sword swings hit them from behind. They can block sword strikes from even a Holy Sword by inversing the coordinates of the attack's surface area, causing the sword to be deflected by itself, and do so subtly enough that it seems like they are blocking it with their bare skin.

They can shift space to teleport or become intangible, displace light and sound to become invisible, create illusionary copies, make the space around the illusions intangible to trick opponents, project their voice to be heard from places they're not or to become completely soundless, and can also change their appearance to that of another person. They can also make places invisible and inaccessible, like their castle, and can also create a Bounded Field specialized in Displacement Magecraft to achieve this effect without them having to do it themselves. With such a bounded field, not only are such places invisible, but trying to enter it will warp a person so they immediately exit on the other side of the field. They can also grab at a person's heart by displacing their body around their hand, create portals by displacing space to reach out to someone or something, and move their whole body through them.

Through enough skill and power, by utilising the basic Flash Air Ability of "Shape Replacement", one can give even massive objects powerful shape-shifting ability, and with precision to only affect selected sections instead of needed to transform the whole object, such growing massive spine-covered, spike-launching tendrils from parts of the Ainsworths' Cube, which is larger than a castle.[2]

An Gal Tā Kigal Shē[]

An Gal Tā Kigal Shē.gif

Ishtar's Noble Phantasm An Gal Tā Kigal Shē also utilizes Displacement Magecraft, in order to warp the bullet made from the concept of the Age of Gods' Venus, and fired from the same Age of Gods period, into the modern age to hit its target.[4]


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