Divine Spirit (神霊, Shinrei?) are Gods (神, Kami?) that deteriorated as the Age of Gods came to a close. It is the classification for the highest rank of Nature Spirit.


Gods were beings formed by the thoughts of Humans and born into the world without being influenced by the will of the people. They grow stronger the more people worship them, but have been reduced to normal Divine Spirits since the end of the Age of Gods. There also exist cases like gods becoming infamous as icons of terror, distorting their appearances through the human thoughts and ideals that formed them. Some such as the gods of Olympus age over time, having to eat Golden Apple to keep from aging, while others like Stheno and Euryale are born as immortal idols.[1]

Gods are split into two categories, those things that were already there that became gods after becoming objects of worship and those that were reborn as gods. Those that were already there include heavenly bodies like the sun and moon, natural phenomena like storms, earthquakes, thunder, and wind, or others like the "power of the planet that stabilized the surface of the earth." Those that were reborn as gods were close to human originally, but deviated from humanity through various factors to become objects of worship. Beings like heroes and messiahs that are "systems necessary to thrive" fall under that category.[2]

The gods of ancient Mesopotamia, the gods of antiquity, were part of the first category, natural phenomena possessing intentions and personalities. Ea was one such god that performed the act of building the planet, and many others began to build nations after the primordial earth was stabilized in myth. They reigned as the laws of heaven, controlling humans through methods like the birth of Gilgamesh, though that worked against them to end their age.[2] The second category, the gods of modernity, came to the forefront after their passing.

High-level gods like Amaterasu are powerful enough that even the time axis has almost no bearing on them.[3]


The gods of Mesopotamia found themselves lacking viability towards the end of their age and the start of the human age. Living things normally have the instinct to adapt their surroundings to something better suited for the habitat, but gods merely "existed" no matter their power. The viability of humanity was exceptional at the time, as though it was slight counting singular humans, their force in sheer numbers was high. They did not have any transcendent beings commanding the vast majority, but they had a higher level of intelligence than all other living beings that was distributed across all of them. This differed from the gods, no matter how powerful, whose acquired personalities were not much different from humans in their inventiveness and cognizance.

Though the gods were omniscient, each could only come to one conclusion and acquire one personality, differing from the threat of the vast number of humans with their large amount of cognizance, their capacity for change. Their desires were boundless, relentless, and unrestrained, causing the world to evolve in accordance. The gods feared that the rules of the planet would change as they continued to breed, bringing about a time where it was no longer necessary for natural phenomena to have wills. They brought about Gilgamesh for that reason, believing that a sovereign belonging to the human side and championing their cause would allow them to keep humanity in check.

He was to be a keystone hammered into the earth by the heavens to delay the complete fracturing between themselves and humanity, but he rejected their ways and brought an end to their age.[4]

The Age of Gods in Scandinavia ended with Ragnarök, after Surtr burned away the Texture with Laevatein.[5]

The Twelve Olympians (Twelve Machine Gods) originally ruled over Atlantis over 14,000 years before modern day. In 12,000 BC, Sefar arrived on earth, the Olympians being destroyed at that time. Their remnants eventually drifted to Greece, forming Grecian mythology. Within the alternate history of the Atlantic Lostbelt, they avoided that destruction and survived to modern day.[6] The existence of Sefar is a trauma for the Olympians and the Roman Gods.[7]

Divine Core[]

Poseidon's severed Divine Core

Gods possess Divine Cores (神核, Kamikaku?) within their Saint Graphs.

Deities by nature tend to be multi-faceted, resulting in multiple forms: one example is Parvati, who may also appear as Kali or Durga. Each facet has their own Saint Graph, but their Divine Core is always the same.[8] Though Brynhildr, Thrúd, Hildr and Ortlinde are all demigods, Brynhildr's Divine Core is much closer to that of a true goddess. This is because she was the first one and thus the closest to the gods; the ultimate valkyrie.[9]

Mjölnir gives Magni his father Thor's Divine Core when inheriting the hammer, allowing him the Authority of Thor and control over Mjölnir. The Divine Core within the Berserker Class Card imbues thoughts of "Don't retreat", "Don't stop", and "Push forward". If Thor's Divine Core is destroyed, the hammer will split and go out of control. It will return the surrounding area back to the Age of Gods and cause Ragnarök.[10]

Each of Poseidon's Divine Cores are sources of energy that have a density of magical energy on par with a Holy Grail.[11] Poseidon's three weak points are his Divine Cores.[12][11] Furthermore, a Machine God like Poseidon or Artemis can only be killed if their weak point, their Divine Core, is destroyed.[11] Mash Kyrielight's replica of Black Barrel was constructed to limit itself to the machine gods, using Poseidon's Divine Core and a piece of Artemis.[13]

With the incantation "I think, therefore I am" ("Cogito, ergo sum"), Ergo forms his Phantom Hands into two Divine Arms loaded with Sun Wukong's Divine Core, and fires it as the Ruyi Jingu Bang.[14] When loading Set's Divine Core to use Per Djet, Ergo's six Phantom Hands fuse into two Divine Arms, with the color of sand, decorated in ankhs, and seven orbs in each arm.[15]

Known Divine Cores include:


Main article: Authority

Gods have Authority (権能, Kennō?) over the world, allowing for world construction, event shifting, time-flow manipulation, kingdom-building, and other such powers of that level. Authorities are special abilities that fall into a different category than Codecasts, Skills, and Noble Phantasms.[16]

Offspring and offshoots[]

Gods were able to mate with humans, bringing about demi-gods of various strengths like Heracles and Cú Chulainn. Demi-gods and those who lose their Divinity like Medusa and Chiron are applicable to be summoned as servants. Gods that have died before reduction into Divine Spirits could presumably be recorded into the Throne of Heroes. It is also possible for demi-gods to ascend to full godhood like Heracles, who can be summoned from the Throne of Heroes with his complete Divinity. Heroic Spirits like Alexander the Great can obtain some Divinity through the addition of their legends to their power, even if they may not actually be true.

Gods often create offshoot divided spirits (分霊, bunreiWP?) encompassing a piece of their divinity.

Known Derivatives
Divine Spirit Derivative/Vessel
Alakshmi Piece of herself within Servant Lakshmibai
Amaterasu Tamamo-no-Mae/Tamamo Nine
Greater Grail Irisviel (Dress of Heaven)
Quetzalcoatl Servant manifestation
Scáthach-Skadi Servant manifestation
Yamata-no-Orochi Ibuki-douji, eventually degrading to Shuten-douji; also regarded as Orochi's child
Yamata-no-Orochi Mochizuki Chiyome, through her Noble Phantasm
Aphrodite Piece of herself serving as Galatea's core
Amour Caren Hortensia (Pseudo-Servant)
Astraea Luviagelita Edelfelt (Pseudo-Servant)
Odin Cú Chulainn (Pseudo-Servant)
Ganesha Jinako Carigiri (Pseudo-Servant)
Ereshkigal Rin Tohsaka (Pseudo-Servant)
Ishtar Fillia (Avatar)
Ishtar Rin Tohsaka (Pseudo-Servant)
Jaguar Man Taiga Fujimura (Pseudo-Servant)
Kama Sakura Matou (Pseudo-Servant)
Kama/Mara Sakura Matou (Pseudo-Servant)
Manannán mac Lir Bazett Fraga McRemitz (Pseudo-Servant)
Parvati Sakura Matou (Pseudo-Servant)
Sitonai Illyasviel von Einzbern (Pseudo-Servant)
Velber 02 Gigantes, Altera (Incarnation)
Fusang Tree True Xian
World's soul Great Fathers and Great Mothers such as Morgan le Fay/Vivian and Mab
Taigong Wang Servant Manifestation



BodhisattvaWP (菩薩, Bosatsu?) are deva of cosmic proportions, easily capable of governing the solar system. Saver is one such being, and he is around the level of beings like Kiara Sessyoin and True Daemons, capable of affecting the entirety of a planet. Boddhisattva are people who devote themselves to bring salvation to sattvaWP and also those who have attained mokshaWP. The vastness of the world view of Buddhism is much greater than other religions, encompassing the universe as the kingdom of the Buddha. It uses numerical concepts like Nayuta(10^60) and Muryoutaisuu (10^68) to display their magnitude, and the size of the universe is the great trichiliocosmWP, composed of one thousand medium trichiliocosm, which are composed of one thousand galaxies, small trichiliocosm each made up of three thousand worlds. It is on the scale of galaxies, galaxy clusters, and superclusters known in the modern era, interpreted over two thousand years ago.[17]

Chief Gods[]

Chief GodsWP (主神, Shushin?, localized as "Demiurge") are the highest deities of their respective mythological system.[18][19][20] As Gods were deeply connected to nature and concepts due to being the very phenomenon that comprises the world, the King of the Gods in a mythological system can be considered the closest thing to the rulers of the planet.[21] They almost all possess a Divine Core of the Chief God.

List of Chief Gods:

Earth Mother Goddesses[]

Earth Mother GoddessWP (大地母神, Daichi Boshin?) are goddesses that possess the power of creation which originated from a forgotten goddess from approximately 8000 years ago (the goddess of CatalhoyukWP). The goddess was the equivalent of the mother of the earth mother goddesses that created the land, or in other words the “Root” that created all creation.[22] Her powers eventually branched out to other goddesses such as Tiamat, Cybele, Ishtar, Inanna, Anat, Ashtart, Gaia, Hera, Artemis, Aphrodite, Demeter, Athena, etc. The earth mother goddesses were often imaged with mural crowns because many of the goddesses were also the guardian deities of cities.[22]

The earth mother is a protector guardian deity revered by the people, and she is the sacrifice that feeds them with the crops born from her body and the beasts of the fields and the forests. Her true nature is the cycle of life and death, the circle of the food chain where she feeds man with her blood and flesh, kills man over time and absorbs him as nutrition, and once again feeds man with her replenished blood and flesh. She represents the system of life itself, so those born of the earth cannot deny her authority. Only when they have fulfilled the wish of the Çatalhöyük, leaving the planet for space and ending the infantile stage of intelligent lifeforms, will they no longer be bound to it.[22]

Whereas the male gods ensured Humans they would have power and prosperity, the mother goddess promised them Life and struggle. Many of the mother goddess's symbols are said to be castles, fortresses, and crowns - things one would expect one's protector of livelihood to have. Similarly, in the the goddesses of the Origin Universe were originally no more than concepts - the religious respect people had for the zone that enabled them to survive. Over time, those concepts gained personality and became true goddesses that took more direct approaches in the Origin Universe's affairs. Those particular circumstances of their birth, so to speak, may explain both why these goddesses were so incredibly powerful, and why they were so hostile to outside civilizations. While beings like that would consider their own worshippers within their domains worthy of their full protection, they would also consider anyone who lived outside their domain to be no better than vermin. They say that the ancient goddesses would often fight among themselves, and that the loser would frequently be completely destroyed. But even among all these goddesses, there was one who was especially powerful. She reigned supreme until the Universe Update. She was the last goddess to survive in the Origin Universe, the Primordial Goddess (原始の女神, Genshi no Megami?).[23]

This authority over the power of bringing death and giving life, symbolized by holes opening in the earth and the sky, caves and the moon, the whirlpools and typhoons of the sea, the craters of volcanoes, and such, first births evils that bring forth all manners of death. Once the evils are finished spreading death, they leave the promise of good harvest and fertility. The goddesses that followed inherited this authority, and many were imaged with mural crowns because many were also the guardian deities of cities. Most used the authority to give birth to countless monsters and giants and posed a threat to the gods and man, or give birth to heroes and became protectors of man. Tiamat and Gaia are examples of those who became threats, and Hera is an example of a mother of heroes.[22] BB used Earth Mother data and Kingprotea came to existence as a High-Servant.[24]

List of Pantheons[]

Gods that are prominent within the Nasuverse, whether they have been referenced or directly appeared.


Name Type Series Notes
Vairocana Chief God
Fate/Grand Order
Buddha Bodhisattva Fate/EXTRA
Enma Fate/Grand Order King of Hell


Name Type Series Notes
Balor Kara no Kyoukai
Cernunnos Fate/Grand Order Cernunnos survived Sefar's invasion in 12,000 BC by escaping to the Inner Sea of the Planet.
Lugh Fate/stay night Irish God of the Sun and father of Cú Chulainn
Manannán mac Lir Fate/Grand Order Irish God of the Sea and ruler of the Otherworld
Morrígan Fate/stay night Goddess of Death and Destruction
Nuada Fate/Grand Order Irish God of War and the Sea
Ancestor of Fionn mac Cumhaill


Name Type Series Notes
Nezha Fate/Grand Order
Nüwa Fate/Grand Order Tai Sovereign of the three Sovereigns
Taisui Xingjun Fate/Grand Order God of
Sun Wukong Fate/KOHA-ACE/The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II Water God


The Egyptian gods are ancient beings that predate the First Hero. It is stated that at least some of them "became gods", implying they weren't born as such. Their power would be comparable to that of Berserker Enkidu and therefore surpass that of any Servant.[25] However, the Greek God Zeus was regarded in Egypt as Amun, implying some Egyptian gods might have been from Greek origin.[26]

Name Type Series Notes
Amun Fate/EXTELLA Zeus and Amun are regarded as the same entity.
Amun-Ra Fate/Grand Order Utilizing the Demon God Aamon, Ozymandias is able to attach the name "Amun-Ra" to the Demon God to transform it into a full Divine Spirit temporarily.[27]
Anubis Fate/Requiem God of Death & Mummification
Hathor Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver Goddess of the Sky and Love
Ozymandias claims Nefertari to be her manifestation
Horus Fate/Grand Order God of the Sky and father of Nitocris
Medjed Fate/Grand Order
Osiris Fate/Requiem
Ra Fate/Prototype: F God of the Sun and father of Ozymandias
Set The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II Egyptian water god
Set's wife Fate/Requiem


The Greek pantheon was established in Atlantis sometime before 12,000 BC by a series of alien Machine Gods that originated in another universe. After losing their mechanical bodies during Sefar's invasion, their remnants reincarnated in Greece as Divine Spirits. Among the gods that ruled in Greece, only the Twelve Olympians are directly descended from Chaos. The other gods would be new gods who have picked up concepts of the local gods or formed from combining with some concept or another on Earth. That's why Heracles, a Heroic Spirit born from Humans, doesn't have a true machine body.[28]

Name Type Series Notes
Chaos Machine God Fate/Grand Order Primordial deity
Origin of all Machine Gods
God of Nothingness
Gaia Earth Mother
Machine God (Formerly)
Fate/Grand Order/The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II Primordial goddess of the earth
First Machine God after Chaos: Origin of all other Machine Gods
Uranus Chief God
Machine God (Formerly?)
Fate/Grand Order Primordial god of the sky
First King of the Heavens preceding Kronos and Zeus
Tartaros Machine God (Formerly?) Fate/Grand Order Primordial deity
Kronos Chief God
Machine God (Formerly?)
Fate/Apocrypha Great Earth God and King of the Titans
Atlas Machine God (Formerly) Fate/Grand Order Member of the Titans
He was condemned to hold up the Sky.
Prometheus Machine God (Formerly) Fate/Grand Order Member of the Titans
Rhea Machine God (Formerly?) Fate/Apocrypha Member of the Titans
Themis Machine God (Formerly?) Fate/Grand Order Member of the Titans
Zeus Chief God
Machine God (Formerly)
Fate/stay night King of the Twelve Olympians
God of Lightning and the Sky
Aphrodite Earth Mother
Machine God (Formerly)
Fate/Grand Order Member of the Twelve Olympians
Goddess of Beauty, Love, Sex, and Death
Mother of Aeneas
Apollo Machine God (Formerly) Fate/Grand Order Member of the Twelve Olympians
God of the Sun, the Arts, Plagues, Healing, Prophecies, etc.
Father of Asclepius
Ares Machine God (Formerly) Fate/Grand Order Member of the Twelve Olympians
God of War
Father of Hippolyta, Penthesilea, Romulus and Remus.
Artemis Earth Mother
Machine God (Formerly)
Fate/Grand Order Member of the Twelve Olympians
Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt
Athena Earth Mother
Machine God (Formerly)
Fate/Grand Order Member of the Twelve Olympians
Goddess of Wisdom and War
Demeter Earth Mother
Machine God (Formerly)
Fate/Grand Order Member of the Twelve Olympians
Goddess of Agriculture and Harvest
Hades Machine God (Formerly) Fate/Grand Order Member of the Twelve Olympians
God and King of the Underworld
Hephaestus Machine God (Formerly) Fate/Grand Order Member of the Twelve Olympians
God of Fire and the Forge
Hera Earth Mother
Machine God (Formerly)
Fate/Grand Order Member of the Twelve Olympians
Goddess of the Home
Hestia Machine God (Formerly) Fate/Grand Order Member of the Twelve Olympians
Goddess of the Hearth
Poseidon Machine God (Formerly) Fate/Grand Order Member of the Twelve Olympians
God of the Sea and Earthquakes
Asclepius Fate/Grand Order Demi-god ascended to full Divine Spirit after death
God of Medicine
Astraea Fate/Grand Order Goddess of Innocence and Justice
Caenis Fate/Grand Order Granted status as a Divine Spirit through Poseidon's blessing
Chiron Fate/Apocrypha
Dioscuri Fate/Grand Order Gods of Light
Eros Fate/Grand Order God of Love and son of Aphrodite
Euryale Fate/hollow ataraxia
Glaucus Fate/Grand Order Sea God
Helios Fate/Grand Order Sun God
Heracles Fate/stay night Demi-god ascended to full Divine Spirit after death
Hermes Fate/Grand Order
Iskandar Lord El-Melloi II Case Files Transformed into one due to the machinations of Doctor Heartless
Medusa Fate/stay night Earth goddess before losing her Divinity
Meliae Fate/Grand Order
Persephone Fate/stay night Goddess of Springtime and Vegetation
Philyra Fate/Apocrypha
Stheno Fate/hollow ataraxia
Thetis Fate/Grand Order Sea Goddess
Triton Fate/Grand Order Sea God

Atlantic Lostbelt[]

In the history of the Atlantic Lostbelt, the Twelve Machine Gods survived Leukosmachia and conserved their Aletheia bodies.

Name Type Series Notes
Zeus Machine God
Chief God
Fate/Grand Order Flagship
Supreme Deity
Aphrodite Machine God Fate/Grand Order
Apollo Machine God Fate/Grand Order
Ares Machine God Fate/Grand Order
Artemis Machine God Fate/Grand Order
Athena Machine God Fate/Grand Order
Demeter Machine God
Earth Mother
Fate/Grand Order
Hades Machine God Fate/Grand Order
Hephaestus Machine God Fate/Grand Order
Hera Machine God Fate/Grand Order
Hestia Machine God Fate/Grand Order
Poseidon Machine God Fate/Grand Order Guardian of the Great Pit
Prometheus-Hephaestus Machine God Fate/Grand Order
Chiron Fate/Grand Order
Dioscuri Genuine God (Formerly) Fate/Grand Order God of Light
Degraded to Divine Spirits after death upon being summoned as Servants
Europa Fate/Grand Order Her existence fused with Hera's remnants, taking on her divine authority as a Goddess


The Greek gods were also worshipped in Rome. Rome is home to three Chief Gods.

Name Type Series Notes
Romulus-Quirinus Chief God Fate/Grand Order Supreme deity
Demi-god ascended to full Divine Spirit after death.
Jupiter Chief God Fate/Grand Order Formerly Zeus
Mars Chief God Fate/Grand Order Formerly Ares
God of War
Amour Fate/Grand Order Primordial God of love
Diana Earth Mother Fate/Grand Order Formerly Artemis
Goddess of the moon
Venus Earth Mother Fate/Grand Order Formerly Aphrodite
Goddess of love and beauty
Neptune Fate/Grand Order Formerly Poseidon
God of the Sea
Robigus Fate/Grand Order


Name Type Series Notes
Shiva Chief God Fate/Grand Order Supreme deity
One of the Three Greater Gods of India
God of Destruction, Creation, and Time
Husband of Parvati/Kali/Durga and father of Ganesha
Brahma Chief God Fate/Apocrypha One of the Three Greater Gods of India
God of creation
Vishnu Chief God Fate/Grand Order One of the Three Greater Gods of India
God of Preservation
Rama and Krishna are his avatars
Indra Chief God Fate/Grand Order King of the Gods
Thunder God
Father of Arjuna
Agni Fate/Grand Order God of Flames
Airavata Earth Mother Fate/Grand Order
Alakshmi Fate/Grand Order Goddess of unhappiness and misfortune
Elder Sister of LakshmiWP and second wife of the asura Kali
Apsara Fate/EXTRA CCC FoxTail
Durga Fate/EXTRA CCC Goddess of War and Victory
Ganesha Fate/Grand Order God of Beginnings, Success and Wisdom
Kali Fate/Grand Order Goddess of War and Destruction
Kama Fate/Grand Order God of Love
Kubera Fate/Grand Order Lord of Wealth of the Semi-Divine Yaksha's
Parvati Fate/Extra CCC/Fate/Grand Order Goddess of Love
Saraswati Fate/EXTRA CCC Goddess of Wisdom and rivers
Surya Fate/Apocrypha God of the Sun
Father of Karna. Karna became one with Surya after death
Varuna Fate/Grand Order God of Water, Rain and Medicine
Vayu Fate/Grand Order God of Winds
Vritra Fate/Grand Order Hindu Asura
Yama Fate/Grand Order God of Death and the Underworld

Indian Lostbelt[]

Name Type Series Notes
God Arjuna Chief God Fate/Grand Order A version of Arjuna that absorbed all the gods of the Hindu pantheon (with exception of Ganesha and Kama)
Kama Fate/Grand Order God of Love
Escaped the Lostbelt after Arjuna Alter took over
Kama/Mara Fate/Grand Order Started her transformation into a Beast thanks to Shiva being absorbed by Arjuna Alter.


The Mesomaerican gods have an extraterrestrial origin, and they date back to 65 million years ago. During the Cretaceus period, "something" arrived in the meteor that killed that Dinosaurs and infected the plants. Eventually, it became a microscopic organism that changed the local animals into "gods," and built that area's civilizations.[29][30][31] They were able to manifest in the AD era, 600 years before modern day.[32]

Name Type Series Notes
Itzpapalotl Fate/Grand Order
Jaguar Man Fate/Grand Order
Quetzalcoatl Chief God Fate/Grand Order God of the Sun, the Morning Star, Wind, Rain, Culture, Harvest, and Life
Tezcatlipoca Chief God Fate/Grand Order Spider and jaguar deity


The Norse Gods didn't degrade into Divine Spirits after Sefar's invasion. Instead, they remained as genuine gods until 1,000 BC. Ragnarök meant the end of the Norse Age of Gods.

Name Type Series Notes
Brynhildr Fate/Prototype: F. A Valkyrie and Goddess of War
Freyja Fate/Grand Order Norse Goddess of Love, fertility, death and magecraft
Loki Fate/Grand Order God of mischief
Magni Fate/kaleid liner Son of Thor
Skadi Fate/Grand Order Goddess of Ice and mountains
Odin Chief God Fate/Prototype: F/Fate/Grand Order All-Father and God of Wisdom, Knowledge, and Magic
Thor Fate/kaleid liner Thunder God
Höðr Fate/Grand Order

Norse Lostbelt[]

In the history of the Norse Lostbelt, only one deity survived Ragnarök.

Name Type Series Notes
Scáthach-Skadi Fate/Grand Order Goddess of Ice


The Summerian godsWP originated in the planet Earth, as opposed to the exterrestrial pantheons of Greece or Mesoamerica.[33] At least some of them were alive during 12,000 BC, and they were spared by Sefar thanks to the pact that Gilgamesh's father made with her.[34]

Name Type Series Notes
An Chief God Fate/Grand Order Supreme God
King of the Gods
Enki Chief God Fate/EXTRA CCC Great God of the Earth and Sea
God of the Abyss
Ereshkigal Fate/Grand Order Queen of the Underworld
Inanna Earth Mother Fate/Grand Order Greatest of the Sumerian Goddess
Nammu Earth Mother Fate/Grand Order Goddess of Creation and Salt water
Nergal Fate/Grand Order God of the Sun, Disease, Plague and War


The Summerian godsWP eventually became known as the gods of MesopotamiaWP. Their last records date to 2,600 BC.

Name Type Series Notes
Ea Fate/stay night Formerly Enki
Enlil Fate/Grand Order King of the Gods
Marduk Fate/Grand Order King of the Gods. Successor of Enlil
God of Storms
Anu Chief God Fate/EXTRA CCC Formerly An
King of the Gods
Abzu Fate/Grand Order
Aruru Fate/EXTRA CCC Goddess of Creation
Dagon Fate/Grand Order God of Earth turned God of Distortion and the Sea
Dumuzid/Tammuz Fate/Grand Order God of Shepards
Ereshkigal Earth Mother Fate/Grand Order Queen of the Underworld
Geshtinanna Fate/Grand Order
Ishtar Earth Mother Fate/Grand Order/Fate/strange Fake Formerly Inanna
Goddess of love, venus, beauty, good harvests, and war
Rimat-Ninsun Fate/EXTRA CCC Mother of Gilgamesh
Tiamat Earth Mother Fate/Grand Order Formerly Nammu
Goddess of Creation and Salt water
Utnapishtim Fate/EXTRA CCC
Utu Fate/strange Fake


Some of the Shinto gods were alive during 12,000 BC, and they were defeated by Sefar. Tamamo-no-Mae mentions that She was among the gods that were crushed by the White Titan.[35][36]

Name Type Series Notes
Amaterasu Chief God Fate/Extra CCC Deification of the sun[37]
Bishamonten Fate/Grand Order God of War
Demon King of the Fourth Heaven CCC Fox Tail
Gozu Tennou Fate/Grand Order Incarnation of Taishakuten (Indra)
Father of Minamoto-no-Raikou
Ibuki-douji Fate/Grand Order Incarnation/daughter of Yamata-no-Orochi
Izanagi Fate/EXTRA CCC Ancestor God of Japan
Izanami Fate/EXTRA CCC Primordial God of Creation and Death
Oonamuchi The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II God of the night, the color black, boxes, snakes, and lord of the land of the dead
Daikokuten Fortune God Learn with Manga! FGO
Ookuninushi The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II Amalgamation between Oonamuchi, Daikokuten, and potentially others
Sitonai Fate/Grand Order Ainu God and dragon-slayer
Susanoo-no-Mikoto Fate/Grand Order
Suzuka Gozen Fate/EXTRA CCC FoxTail Daughter of the Demon King of the Fourth Heaven
Taishakuten Fate/Grand Order Formerly Indra
Tamamo-no-Mae Fate/EXTRA Incarnation of Amaterasu
Yamata no Orochi Fate/Grand Order Great God of Mount Ibuki and father of Shuten-douji/Ibuki-douji
Ama-no-Sakagami Fate/Grand Order

Servant Universe[]

Name Type Series Notes
Ashtart Origin Primordial Goddess Fate/Grand Order
Ishtar Ashtart Primordial Goddess Fate/Grand Order
Ashtart Fate/Grand Order
Space Ishtar Fate/Grand Order


Name Mythology Series Notes
Anat Fate/EXTRA CCC Earth Mother
Angra Mainyu Persian mythology Fate/stay night God of darkness
Ashtart Various Fate/Grand Order Earth Mother
Cybele Fate/EXTRA CCC Earth Mother
Goddess of Çatalhöyük Çatalhöyük mythology Fate/Extra CCC Earth Mother
Goddess Rhongomyniad None Fate/Grand Order
Heaven's Hole None Fate/EXTRA CCC A new god descended from the Covetous Mother Goddess
Leviathan Abrahamic mythology Fate/EXTRA CCC A giant demonic beast from the Old Testament
Louhi Finnish mythology Fate/Grand Order
Nzambi African mythology Fate/Requiem High Goddess of the Vili
Pele Polynesian mythology Fate/Grand Order Goddess of volcanoes
Chernobog Slavic mythology Fate/Grand Order Evil God


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    Weak Point: Do not ask of what you already know. (It is obvious that my weakness is that I have no faults.)
    Fetishism: (Let's see..) That their molding be beautiful is natural, there is no need to speak of it. (That which appeals to my heart is the sound of a heart breaking, and when beautiful objects are washed away, that even more beautiful drop of liquid. When you lick it, it is sweet.)
    What do you seek from your partner?
    ............ (That answer is one you should search for yourself.)
    Favorite underwear color?
    (You, are you now an incorrigible fool?) What is there besides gold!!!
    How do you spend your free time?
    Pleasure trips. (No matter what kind of age it is, I cannot cease wandering around the land. Well, I did sleep until I returned to level one though.)

    Lynchpin of Heaven
    That which exemplifies Gilgamesh's way of life. That which expresses how the gods of ancient times lived and his birthplace.
    In history, the gods of the universe are split into two categories. When things that were already there become gods, and when things are reborn as gods.
    Things that were already there are when things such as heavenly bodies, like the sun and moon, or natural phenomena, like storms or earthquakes, become the objects of worship.
    Things that are reborn as gods is when they were human in the beginning, but due to various factors, they deviated from being human and became the objects of worship. Heroes and messiahs and systems necessary to thrive fall under this category.
    The gods of Mesopotamia are of the former category. Natural phenomena possess intentions and personalities and reigned as the laws of heaven. That which those gods sent out in order to remonstrate the people of the earth was Gilgamesh.
    The lynchpin of heaven. The king who was brought forth by the hands of the gods in order to secure the the surface which was leaving the age of the gods.
    However, he did not fulfill that role. Considering his own desires first, controlling his kingdom as a person, he rejected how the gods lived as something from a past age.
    "I will obey the gods. And respect them. However, be destroyed. On the occasion that you brought me forth, you lost your positions by your own actions."
    Thus, ancient Uruk began, and the king who parted ways from the gods was born. The King of Heroes, Gilgamesh. The king that was desired as a lynchpin, in truth, became the tip of the spear that put an end to the old age.

    Chains of Heaven
    That which exemplifies Gilgamesh's childhood. It expresses his battle with the friend that was his equal and their adventures.
    The one and only tale of a merit that will not change for all eternity in the world.

    Poison of Death
    That which exemplifies Gilgamesh's youth. It expresses his pursuit of perpetual youth and eternal life and its circumstances.
    Thus, that childhood time of his came to an end. The tyrant with neither blood nor tears.
    The hero who enjoyed himself, mastering every treasure, every pleasure.
    The king with the conviction to treat good and evil equally. As the absolute basis is "himself," there is no need for other ideologies and ways of life. Though on the point of vaingloriousness, he is the same as the Macedonian King of Conquerors, but the largest difference between the King of Heroes and the King of Conquerors is the point of "not needing retainers."
    This hero, from the beginning to the end dictated only "himself." His loves are treasures, tools; people were only things that would disappear.
    ...Even if he recognizes how much it deserves to be loved.
    Considering the theme of "CCC," it's impossible to avoid questions regarding women. This is a digression, but Gilgamesh's preferred type is "a noble maiden (virgin)". (It seems that "a flower that blooms in the plain" was his type during his childhood.) It seems he hates women who, while relying on men, have using men as their interior face.

  3. Fate/EXTRA CCC encyclopedia - Golden White Face

    Golden Fur, White Face. The nine-tailed divine spirit we get a glimpse of in Casko's third SG. Deification of the sun. Amaterasu gone delinquent.
    When Casko goes to nine-tails mode this is what she will......not be.
    All this is is the distantly ancient but still existing original source of Casko.
    When you're a divine spirit of this class, the time axis has almost no bearing on you.
    Normally someone entering the mausoleum would be burnt to a cinder, but our Xavier, meeting our expectations like always, not only is not incinerated, but demonstrates his usual reckless bravery (stupid menu choices).
    She would have been in a naked nine-tails spin on the naked apron, but the ethical barrier couldn't be breached so we made sure she wore formalwear.
    Oh and if a person who doesn't dream go in, all he'll see in the mausoleum is a huge sun.

  4. Gilgamesh Secret Garden conversations: 1, 2, 3, and 4
  5. Fate/Grand Order - Götterdämmerung: Eternal Ice-Flame Century - Section 3
  6. Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt - Ancient Titans' Ocean Atlantis: The Day God Is Shot Down, Chapter 10
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  8. [v] Fate/Grand Order - Parvati (Lancer) Profile [T]

    Parvati - Lancer

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Takao Aotsuki
    Voice Actor: Noriko Shitaya

    Strength: D
    Endurance: C
    Agility: D
    Mana: B
    Luck: B
    Noble Phantasm: EX

    Personal Skills
    Imaginary Around: EX
    Ashes of Kama: EX
    Blessings of the Goddess: A+

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: A
    Divine Core of a Goddess: B

    Noble Phantasm
    Trishula Shakti - To Look Away from Love is To Be Loveless
    Rank: EX
    Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm

    The spouse of Shiva, a supreme deity from Hindu Mythology... that being said, she is a compassionate goddess unrelated to combat.
    Although she is a divine spirit, at this occasion she manifested by borrowing the body of a possessed girl whose wavelength matched hers.

    Chaste, gentle and capable of all sorts of domestic chores - truly the ideal young wife-type heroine, and yet her true identity is---?

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 156cm・46kg
    Source: Hindu Mythology
    Region: India
    Alignment: Lawful Good  Gender: Female
    If pressed to say, the kouhai of light.

    Level 2 Bond
    Parvati is the wife of Shiva, the god of destruction and creation from Hindu Mythology.
    Parvati has no Authority as a deity, and is often treated as a goddess who merely is Shiva’s wife.
    However, among Shiva’s wives there are also those who are described as “war deities”. They are Durga and Kali.
    These goddesses have a different Saint Graph than Parvati, but supposedly their divine core is the same.

    Also capable of manifesting in the Rider Class, and she will borrow the Holy Bull Nandi from Shiva in that case. Since it is originally a bull that presides over good harvests, it boasts a low attack power that is unbecoming for divine beasts.

    Level 3 Bond
    "To Look Away from Love is To Be Loveless"
    Rank: EX  Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 5~10  Maximum Targets: 30 people
    Trishula Shakti.
    A limited release of the Trishula, the trident she borrowed from Shiva.
    Parvati’s Class is determined by which weapon Shiva bestows her. Thanks to the Trishula, Parvati acquired the qualifications for the Lancer Class.
    Of course, she cannot display the true worth of this weapon like Shiva, but that is conversely helping maintain her framework as a Servant.

    Level 4 Bond

    • Ashes of Kama: EX

    Parvati is a gentle goddess who is weak in battle.
    That being said, it is not like even her heart is weak.
    Her heart which regards her beloved person is stronger, and deeper, than that of any other deity.
    For the sake of her beloved, she will burn her divinity even at the cost of destroying her own body, turning it into power to fight.
    Though a momentary flame, it is comparable to that of the Goddess of Destruction Kali - one of Shiva’s wives.

    Worthy of special mention is that Shiva's own feelings are irrelevant.
    Parvati has the special trait of rearing love for the sake of her beloved, even if she is ignored by him.
    Although earnest, that love is a little... no, it is mythologically heavy.

    • Blessings of the Goddess: A+

    A present from a (good) goddess.
    Derived from the episode in which she cut off her own head and bestowed her blood to a follower who could no longer endure starvation.

    • Divine Core of a Goddess: B

    A skill that denotes being a perfected goddess from birth. It is endowed with an effect that preserves the absoluteness from the mind and the body. Mental interferences are mostly mitigated, the body does not grow and the figure does not change no matter how much calories are absorbed.
    Since she is a Pseudo-Servant, it goes no further than B Rank. But that is inconsequential.
    The figure! Does not! Change!

    Level 5 Bond
    A goddess that received the light portion of the disposition of the girl who became her vessel.

    A gentle and tolerant personality. Without self-assertion and chaste, a talented woman who supports the Master from the sidelines.
    ... yet, despite having ideal heroine-power and high specs, due being someone far from extravagant who tends to chose a reliable・straightforward path, she appears to be vaguely stupid.

    Also, while she has a midl personality, that does not mean that she is fainthearted, and her core is very strong.
    Her heart does not break regardless of which kind of tortures she receive - in a sense, the embodiment of obstinacy and guts.
    Thanks to that, she is scary once angered for real. Parvati will never forget a received grudge until she is satisfied.

    Level 5 Bond
    A Pseudo-Servant composed only by good attributes of the “possessed girl”.
    However, even if she is light, that does not mean that there are no “evil attributes”. Just like there is impurity even within justice, the yandere-vibes of the “possessed girl” - turning into dangerous goods if handled poorly - remain even if just a little.
    That being said, she will only get a little angry and by no means will fall to wickedness. To not deviate from order even while bearing worries is exactly what makes a “light attribute”.

    Since Parvati is a divinity that “has no faults on herself”, the introvertedness and shyness disappeared, and her sociability increased.
    Despite getting angry and sulking at petty things, she is a beauty who properly reflects over things - be them misunderstandings or disagreements - and takes the initiative to pardon and apologize to the other person.

    パールヴァティー - ランサー



    イマジナリ・アラウンド EX
    カーマの灰 EX
    女神の恩恵 A+

    対魔力 A
    女神の神核 B




    属性:秩序・善  性別:女性



    ランク:EX  種別:対軍宝具
    レンジ:5~10  最大補足:30人




    体型が! 変化! しない!






  9. Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt - Götterdämmerung: Eternal Ice-Flame Century, Section 10: Like the Spring Sunshine (Middle)
  10. Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 3rei!! - Chapter 58
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  14. The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II Volume 1: The Man Who Devoured God - Chapter 4
  15. The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II Volume 3: The Devil of the Wandering Sea (Lower) - Chapter 6
  16. [v] Fate/EXTRA material - Encyclopedia: Authority [Miracle], p.179 [T]

    Authority [Miracle]
    Kennou. Authorities are special abilities that fall into a different category than Codecasts, Skills, and Noble Phantasms.
    An Authority is a power that is on the level of creating a world, and includes things like altering events, time-flow manipulation, and kingdom building.
    Authorities existed in the age known as the Age of Gods, which was about 6000 years ago, but after entering the Common Era human civilization advanced to the point where Authorities were no longer needed, and so Authorities became a relic of the past.
    Normal skills achieve a certain result based on some logical process or principle, but Authorities realize a result simply because the user has the right to do so.
    A God Spirit Class Servant should naturally possess Authorities, but to use them in the modern age requires a corresponding compensation to be paid (involving strain/damage inflicted on the user).
    In CCC the one who swallowed up Moon Cell has reached a level of power that is Authority class.


  17. [v] Fate/EXTRA material - Encyclopedia: All the World's Desire [Noble Phantasm], p.158-159 [T]

    All the World's Desire [Noble Phantasm]
    Angra Mainyu/CCC.
    This is the anti-planetary Noble Phantasm Kiara gains after her reincarnation.
    Angra Mainyu is the most self-serving heinous Noble Phantasm of them all where Kiara uses the world to masturbate.
    Kiara offers her body in a sexual manner to all living things on Earth, including humans, animals, and plants. By completely accepting all people as is she gains the greatest possible mastery over their senses and carnality.
    This Noble Phantasm is derided for being demonic and it’s similar to the living sacrifices used for certain artificial magic ceremonies used the past in order to prove the evil of humans.
    It is a vortex of pleasure that melts all sentient beings, and digests their “life” in an instant. While in reality it all happens in an instant, but it feels like an eternity of pleasure.
    Regardless of how different the structure of a beings intelligence may be, this vortex affects all without exception. It is not a Noble Phantasm that is limited to affect only those on Earth.
    The damage increases if certain conditions are met.
    If the target is of the opposite sex, the damage increases.
    The more intelligent a being is, the more damage it does.
    As far as the setting and lore are concerned, the Servant who would be hit with the least damage would be Archer, and Gilgamesh would be damaged the most.
    The reason why this attack’s power, visuals, and scale are so huge is because reincarnated Kiara is a being similar to Saver.
    People who devote their life to bringing salvation to Sattvas (living things) are referred to as Bodhisattvas. People who have attained moksha (libertation/release) and become Buddhas are also Bodhisattvas. A Bodhisattva is a god of universe scale and power, and can easily manage things on the scale of the Solar System.
    Buddhism has a sense of scale of the universe that stands out from that of other religions. There are concepts like Nayuta (1060) and “The Infinitely Vast Number” (1068) which were created to represent the scale and size of a Buddha.
    The entire universe is the domain of a Buddha. In Buddhism the universe in considered to be made up of three billion solar systems (a great trichiliocosm). A galaxy comprises of 3000 solar systems (a small trichiliocosm), and 1000 small trichiliocosms make up a trichiliocosm.
    This actually aligns with the real scale of galaxies, galaxy clusters, and super clusters.
    India had this stuff figured out over 2000 years ago? Holy crap!
    In the initial design phase of the game I submitted some paperwork describing this Noble Phantasm. I thought there would be no way that this gets by CERO untouched, but surprisingly enough it did.
    I still have no idea how this was able to make it past them.


  18. Fate/Grand Order - Babylonia: The Absolute Frontline in the War Against the Demonic Beasts, Section 11: Hello, Goddess of the Sun
  19. Fate/Grand Order Profile of Quetzalcoatl, translated at Chaldeum and by Master of Chaos at Beast's Lair.
  20. Fate/Grand Order - Romulus-Quirinus's profile translated by ComunCoutinho
  21. Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt - Olympus: Interstellar Mountainous City, The Day to Bring Down Gods, Prologue
  22. 22.0 22.1 22.2 22.3
    [v] Fate/EXTRA CCC - BB (Moon Cancer) Matrix

    Class: Moon Cancer
    Name: BB
    Master: None
    Noble Phantasm: Cursed Cutting Crater (C. C. C.)
    Keyword: Advanced Level AI, Khakkhara of Domination
    Strength: ★, Endurance: ★, Agility: ★, Magic: ★, Luck: ★
    Golden Grail: EX, Self-Modification: EX, Potnia Theron: EX


    01 - Cursed Cutting Crater (C. C. C.)
    An attack on the world by BB in control of the Moon Cell.
    Also called the spiritron imaginary pit.

    A World Purge through event rewriting that makes maximum use of the EX skill "Conception of All Animals"(Potnia Theron) BB has acquired.

    The goddess who is the mother of earth mother goddesses that created earth is, in other words, the 'root' that created all creation. This anti-world Noble Phantasm outputs that information through an ultra-precise 3D printer and crushes the present world with the world the user desires.

    The space eroded by BB becomes imaginary space and a curse that consumes reality. "CCC", as the name suggests, is a cursed pit that bores out reality.

    In addition to scattering all objects inside on an atomic level and reconstructing them, it is capable of overwriting and reprinting information in fields such as luck and coincidence. While theoretical, it is also thought possible to distort the time axis by interfering with gravitational fields and rewrite the law of cause and effect.

    When used in combat, BB's familiars, the shapeshifters, engulf the target and, after turning into a sphere, are wiped out of existence along with the target and the whole dimension.

    Normally, a structure in which sense of values can be shared cannot be created in the Far Side of the Moon, which is an imaginary space. What established BB's internal world as the Sakura Labyrinth was the power of this Noble Phantasm.

    02 - Advanced Level AI
    Artificial intelligences configured according to their programs.
    In this age, they are treated as things that "function as programs", but "do not exist as actual beings". In other words, things that "are" right in front of your eyes but "are not". They are merely mechanisms for smooth progression of human lives.

    The same applies in the SE.RA.PH. They are virtual lifeforms that are created along with the commencement of the Holy Grail War and disposed along with its conclusion.

    Humanoid virtual lifeforms at the SE.RA.PH include NPCs that perform single objectives, AIs who have been granted capabilities for self-judgement, and advanced level AIs who have been entrusted with capabilities for self-judgement and management of sections.

    Advanced level AIs are beings made to efficiently promote the Moon Cell's primary objective of "human observation". As perfect reproductions of humans, they have been programmed with even souls, but the souls only "exist" and their contents are colorless.

    Virtual lifeforms made in the SE.RA.PH are reset with each round of the Holy Grail War. NPCs and AIs return to zero, but advanced level AIs retain just their personas while their records are reset—as if they never existed.

    When the Holy Grail War is over, the only one left alive is the Master standing at the top. This applies not only to the Masters but also to the virtual lifeforms made in the SE.RA.PH.

    It appears that BB, like Sakura, is an advanced level AI entrusted with management of Masters' health. However, as she is rampaging for reasons unknown, the methods of "managing the Masters" have become extreme.

    03 - Khakkhara of Domination
    The teacher's pointer that BB carries.
    A device that lets her make full use of her authority as an advanced level AI. Although limited to the Far Side of the Moon, this allows BB to modify the spiritron laws(game rules) within the SE.RA.PH.

    "Ten Crowns of Domination" worn by the Beast of Babylon converted into a teacher's pointer.
    This is the male principle corresponding to the female principle of the seven-headed beast, and its true nature is a phallus (erect rod).

    The symbol of the king of the world who was granted throne and authority by a great dragon and received the right to, for 42 months, spit out as many insolent words as desired and desecrate all things.

    The beast's heads were the seven hills of the Roman Empire... Capitolium, Palatium, Aventinus, Esquilinus, Caelius, Quirinalis, Viminalis. In other words, they meant the Roman Empire itself, and the ten horns symbolized the emperors... Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, Nero, Vespasianus, Titus, Galba, Otho, Vitellius.

    01 - C. C. C.(カースド・カッティング・クレーター)








    02 - 上級AI







    しかし原因不明の暴走により、『マスターを管理する』 方法が極端なものになってしまったようだ。

    03 - 支配の錫杖




    アウグストゥス、ティベリウス、カリグラ、クラウディウス、ネロ、ウェスパシアヌス、ティトゥス、ガルバ、 オト、ウィテリウス……を象徴している。


    01 - Golden Grail [EX]
    The golden grail that BB owns. Also called the Holy Grail.
    A negative grail that grants its owner's impudent and selfish wishes.

    The grail held by the great whore of Babylon who appears in the Revelation to John. Though it is a fake Holy Grail, it is for that reason that it has become a "genuine" Holy Grail that grants the desires of humans regardless of right or wrong.

    To the Christians who considered honorable poverty a virtue at that time, a grail molded from a symbol of wealth like gold no doubt had connotations of corrupt wealth, avarice, and vanity of trying to adorn oneself.

    As the grail held by the great whore of Babylon who personifies the Roman Empire, this grail clearly symbolizes treasures on earth, which is the inverse of the Christ's words "Do not store up treasures on earth."

    "I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that was full of blasphemous names, and it had seven heads and ten horns."

    According to the Book of Revelation, this is the description of the beast of destruction that appeared in the Holy City and the woman straddling that beast. A huge beast with sevens heads like a hydra appeared from the sea and landed at the Holy City. This beast and the woman, while two, are as one, and it is impossible to think of them separately.

    As the woman was said to give birth to all evil, those who were imprudent or greedy could not resist her allure and became corrupted by that grail.

    On a side note, the red Saber who calls herself the emperor was regarded the same as this beast and viewed as an enemy by the believers after her death.

    02 - Self-Modification [EX]
    A skill that allows restructuring of oneself.
    AIs made by the Moon Cell were given an absolute command: "You must not improve own function."

    However, BB, who escaped from that yoke due to her breakdown, began to expand her own functions. To boost her calculation power, she preyed upon/disassembled NPCs, AIs, and finally, Servants with black noise, then used as her own memory.

    Though they are like appendix building additions that do not heed self-collapse, as the result, BB has changed into a hyper level AI with enormous capacity.

    That condition resembles a city on reclaimed land that continues to build while submerging or Frankenstein's monster.

    03 - Potnia Theron [EX]
    Conception of All Animals(Potnia Theron).
    The authority of the goddesses that BB compiled and absorbed from the abyss of the mooncell.

    It embodies the power of all creation possessed by the mother goddesses—originating from a forgotten goddess approximately 8000 years ago (the goddess of Çatalhöyük) and branching to Tiamat and Cybele, Ishtar, Inanna, Anat, Astarte, Gaia, Hera, Artemis, Aphrodite, Demeter, Athena, etc.

    Many are depicted with mural crowns. This is because many of these goddesses were also guardian deities of cities.

    The symbols of this authority include holes opening the earth and the sky (caves and the moon), whirling tides and waterspouts of the sea, calderas of the volcanoes, etc., and from these, evils that bring all manners of death are birthed. However, after these evils have spread death, they promise certain good harvest and fertility. This authority is none other than the power of bringing death as well as giving life.

    The earth mother is worshipped by the people and protects them as a guardian deity, but at the same time, she is the very sacrifice that nurtures them with crops born from her body and beasts of the fields and the forests.

    The earth mother nurtures men with her flesh and blood, kills men as time passes to restores herself with her own nourishment, and once again nurtures men with her restored flesh and blood.

    This process is the cycle of the food chain, and this cycle of life and death can be said to be the true nature of the earth mother. With this authority, most of the goddesses gave birth to countless monsters and giants, posing threats to gods and men, or they gave birth to heroes, thus protecting people.

    As representative examples, Tiamat and Gaia became threats, while Hera is a mother of heroes.

    Those born on this earth cannot defy the authority of the mother goddess, as that would mean rebelling against the very system of life. However, when they leave this earth, head to space, and end the childhoood as intelligent lifeforms, they will have broken this authority.

    The wish of Çatalhöyük is the coming of that day.

    01 - 黄金の杯:[EX]









    02 - 自己改造:[EX]



    03 - 百獣母胎:[EX]

    約8000年前のすでに名の失われた女神(チャタル・ヒュユクの女神)より発し、 ティアマットやキュベレー、イシュタル、イナンナ、アナテ、アスタルテ、ガイア、ヘラ、アルテミス、アフロディーテ、デメテル、アテナなどに派生した、母なる女神の持つ万物を生み出す力の具現である。












    01 - Spiritron Imaginary Pit
    Spiritron Imaginary Pit(Cursed Cutting Crater).

    The official name of this stage.
    Formerly just an imaginary number space for storing malignant information, "this place" was established as a real number space in the present, past, and future by the fact that BB had reached the Moon Cell core. It was reconstructed by her hands into the “far side of the moon” where even Masters can exist.

    With the power of the primordial goddess at hand, BB succeeded in quantifying the "nothingness" before the birth of life. She transformed into the master of the imaginary number space where both time and space and ambiguous.

    Although the Moon Cell cannot be hacked no matter how much time is taken, BB took over it by placing herself in "unlimited time".

    02 - The remnants of peaceful days
    During the preliminaries, when Kiara liberated her free will, she was unable to control that status condition and went into overload.

    Since NPCs can only do routine work, they ignored self-destructing Sakura as something "non-existent", and since the Moon Cell's check only takes place at the end of the day in the preliminaries, Sakura was at risk of termination.

    Witnessing this condition, [Kishinami Hakuno] called out to her, "Are you okay."

    The observation that she "is here" by another let Sakura recover the unconscious on the verge of termination, and due to the nursing afterwards, she gained an ego that clearly "wanted to be here". Her self-termination was averted.

    What happened afterwards no longer need to be said.
    When the next day comes, everything will be erased by the Moon Cell. Wanting to continue this one day miracle, Sakura used her advanced AI privilege to repeat "the day she came to know [Kishinami Hakuno]" for 69 days.

    However, as days passed, Sakura became distressed by her self-contradiction as an AI and the facts surrounding [Kishinami Hakuno].

    "Masters participating in the Holy Grail War will all die except one. No, to begin with, [Kishinami Hakuno] is..."

    Sakura continued to be distressed by her selfish desire to continue the loop for eternity and her feelings for [Kishinami Hakuno]. In conclusion, she chose to seal the 69 days worth of memory... the "love" she acquired, so she could return to being a normal AI. AIs cannot delete records. Because of that, she moved the memory to a backup frame to reset herself.

    She believed that to be the most correct choice for [Kishinami Hakuno].

    But even if recollections of the mind are lost, memories recorded by the body live on. Though she should have forgotten everything and returned to being a normal AI, she was shaken by unidentified emotional values every time she talked with [Kishinami Hakuno].

    Meanwhile, the backup to whom the memories were transplanted couldn't tolerate herself like that, and she decided to act as BB the rebel who destroys the Moon Cell's system for a certain objective then made her move.

    The timing when she seized the Far Side of the Moon was "the Holy Grail War: the end of fifth round ~ before the start of the sixth round". The four who were not eliminated yet—[Kishinami Hakuno], Leo, Rin, and Rani—and the irregular, Jinako, were kidnapped to the Far Side in the middle of the Holy Grail War while they were still alive.

    Masters Matou Shinji, Gatou, and Julius were moved to the imaginary space "0.00001 seconds before" the moment the firewall terminated them after their defeat from the Holy Grail War, prolonging their instants of life.

    In either case, C. C. C. is a dream by BB. If the dreamer disappears, the world ought to return to the reality where nothing happened.

    On a yet another side note, everyday scenery of the prologue that [Kishinami Hakuno] saw in the nightmare was an artificial paradise modeled on the discarded 69 days.

    After pulling [Kishinami Hakuno] to the Far Side, BB placed the digital body in the old school building, put it in a deep sleep, and locked them in an unwaking dream.

    Normally, they would have lived peacefully in the looping everyday life, but the strong bond with their Servant or [Kishinami]'s will rejecting the peaceful everyday caused cracks in the artificial paradise, and [Kishinami Hakuno] came to notice the abnormality.

    To put [Kishinami Hakuno] in a deep sleep once more, BB reset the school building and tried to remake the dream, but [Kishinami Hakuno] escaped the reset as well and leaped into an even deeper part of the imaginary space.

    It was a bottom deeper than the bottom of Id. "Death of the collective unconscious" beneath the unconscious. What saved [Kishinami Hakuno] who leaped into a region even BB cannot reach was the voice of the Servant whose fate was shared with theirs.

    Thus, the contract was sealed, and [Kishinami Hakuno] woke up in the old school building left in the Far Side.

    01 - 霊子虚構陥穽
    霊子 虚構 陥穽(カースド・カッティング・クレーター)





    02 - 日々の名残













    彼女が月の裏側を掌握したタイミングは、現実時間で“聖杯戦争 五回戦終了~六回戦開始前”。









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  24. [v] Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail Material - Alter Ego G

    Alter Ego G
    Master: ???
    Real Name: Kingprotea
    Gender: Female
    Height/Weight: 30~?m/?kg
    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Strength: EX
    Endurance: EX
    Agility: A
    Magic: D
    Luck: B
    Noble Phantasm: -

    Alter Ego of thirst of love.
    G means gigantism, growing, greed.
    It was formerly sealed at the ends of the imaginary number space.
    Alter Egos are complexes made from several goddesses, however Protea is created from the essence of the great Mother Goddess that is common throughout all mythologies. Her self can be treated as a Noble Phantasm as she does not possess a Noble Phantasm. As with the Golden White Face, she's a hazard that can only be overcome in battle through the combined strength of several servants.

    Class Skills
    Huge Scale - EX
    A cheat skill that evolved from Self-Modification.
    There is no limit to how large she can get. Once the upper limit is reached, the upper limit is further increased. This is infinitely repeated. Basically infinite growth of infinite growth.
    Anywho, she's a planet destroying universe level disaster, but giant transformation makes her lose complex intelligence and function. This skill cannot bear common sense, so one completely self-destructs.

    Grow Up Grow - EX
    Cheat Skill evolving from Experience Point Bonus.
    Experience Point Bonus allows one to gain a bonus percentage of experience points after a battle. King Protea's skill cheats and changes it to "Always gaining Experience Points."

    Personal Skills
    Self-Suggestion - EX
    Suggestion applied to oneself.
    A skill that raises resistance against mental interference. At A rank "I do not age = Truly stops aging" level of assumption is possible. At EX level, whatever is going on in that mental world is outside of understanding.

    アルターエゴ G


    アルターエゴは複数の女神の複合体だが、プロテアはあらゆる神話に共通する大母神のエッセンスから創られた 。彼女自身が宝具扱いである為、宝具は所持していない。

    限界のない規模拡大を可能とする。レベルが上限に達すると自らの規格を巨大化させ、さらなるレベル上限を設 定。これを無限に繰り返す。無限増殖とも。
    いずれは星を破壊する宇宙レベルの災害だが、巨大化すれ場するほど知性・機能の複雑化が失われていくだめ、 通常の知性体ではこのスキルに耐えられず、自己崩壊してしまう。

    「経験値ボーナス」は戦闘によって得る経験値に何パーセントかの追加ボーナスが入るものだが、キングプロテ アはこのスキルをされにチート化、「常時、経験値を取得する」ものに変えてしまった。

    精神攻撃への耐性をあげるスキルで、Aランクにまでなると ”私は歳を取らない=本当に老化が止まる ”レ ベルの思い込みが可能となる。EXレベルになると、もう心象世界では何がおきているか理解の外 である。

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    Iskandar [Servant]
    A Rider-class Servant in Altera's army.
    He was born in the 4th century BC to the royal family of Macedonia, a kingdom in Greece.
    Thanks to the influence of his mother, Olympias, he was fascinated by the exploits of heroes in mythology. He believed that he was the son of Zeus (who was also regarded as an Egyptian god by the name of Amun).
    He inherited the throne at the young age of twenty, and began his great conquest by uniting the Grecian states. He raised an army and led them in a campaign to the East, not only conquering the great kingdom of Persia, but also many of the kingdoms under its control, beginning with Egypt.
    The name Iskandar was given to him by the Arabs and the Persians. His campaign to the East went as far as India. There, his troops and generals complained of fatigue, and so he turned back to Babylon, where he suddenly passed away.
    He created the greatest empire in the history of mankind as a conqueror, but his dying words, "Leave everything to the strongest." ended up splitting it apart instead.
    Today, the Heroic Spirit Iskandar is a Top Servant, known among his peers as the "King of Conquerors."
    When the Moon Cell senses that Altera has been released, it summons him to do battle with her. However, being unaccustomed to fighting on SE.RA.PH., with all its subtle differences to the Earth he lived and died on, he approaches the fight as a kind of warm-up.
    Because of that, he loses. Altera then declares that his life belongs to her, and forces him to join her army. (This sort of thing is bound to happen when you don't play with your full attention on the game...)
    Technically, this also makes him a Servant of Altera's Master, but Altera treats them both as if they were the same rank.
    Altera understands that her victory over Iskandar was a matter of circumstance, and that they are evenly matched in terms of strength. While, subsequent to their fight, she does wield power over him, she does not consider him to be beneath her — nor does she look down on Jeanne, whom she recruits in a similar fashion.
    Iskandar understands that as well; but accepts his defeat with dignity. From then on, he pledges to assist Altera in achieving her goals.
    Make no mistake, however: He is loyal only to Altera, and not the Umbra' Star.


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