Divinity (神性, Shinsei?) is the measure of whether one has Divine Spirit aptitude or not. At high levels, one is treated as a mixed race of a Divine Spirit - a demi-god. Those who have A Rank Divinity or above have reached the Throne of Gods, although they are still just short of being a true god due to lacking a Divine Core (神核, Kamikaku?). The level declines when the Heroic Spirit's own rank as a Monster or Demonic Beast rises; it can also decrease due to one's dislike for the gods.

This Skill has an effect which reduces special defensive values called "purge defense" in proportion to the Divinity's Rank. It can break through Skills such as Protection of the Faith and Enlightenment of the Sacred Fig.[1][2]

Rank User(s)
EX Arjuna (Alter)
He possesses the highest level of divinity. He lacks any humanity in return.
A++ Tamamo-no-Mae (Swimsuit)
She achieves this rank by metamorphosing into a goddess.[3]
A+ Ashwatthama
He is said to have half the body of the highest Indian god, the avatar of destruction, Shiva.[4]
A Tamamo-no-Mae
A Divided Spirit of a certain Divine Spirit... Of course, she has a top rank of Divinity. This current level is the result of repeatedly putting seals on her Divinity.[5]
Suzuka Gozen
Suzuka Gozen possesses high Divine Spirit aptitude from being the daughter of the Demon King of the Fourth Heaven.[6]
Heracles (Berserker)
Being a mixed-race child of the King of Gods, Zeus, and a human, and becoming a god after death, Heracles naturally possessed the highest level of the Divinity Skill.[1]
The son of Surya, the Sun God. After death, he unified with Surya, making Karna one who possesses the highest Divine Spirit aptitude. This Divine Spirit aptitude is for the times when he fights sun deity-lineage Heroic Spirits with Divinity B Rank and lower. High defensive power is shown against them.[7]
Rama, the Hero-Saint who surpasses many legendary heroes, is one of the avatars of Vishnu, one of the Three Greater Gods of India.[8]
Jaguar Man
Jaguar Man possesses this Skill at a high rank because although she is purely a Divided Spirit, the Skill is extremely compatible with humans that were possessed by the Jaguar.[9]
Valkyrie are the daughters of the Almighty God Odin and their existence can even be called as Demigods; they possess an extremely high aptitude as a Divine Spirit.[10]
He (grudgingly) possesses high divinity as a son of Apollo.[11]
Suzuka Gozen (Santa)
"Going around giving presents to everyone and all this charity stuff totally upped my godness, no?", she says all excited, but because her original Divinity was already high, the rank stays the same it was in her Saber version.
B+ Nitocris (Swimsuit), Abigail Williams (Swimsuit), Van Gogh
No information available
B Gilgamesh (Archer), Gilgamesh (Caster), Gilgamesh (Fate/EXTRA CCC), Child-Gil
Gilgamesh's original value as a 2/3 demigod. He possesses the highest level of Divinity among many of the Heroic Spirits. However, Gilgamesh despises the gods because they killed his friend Enkidu, unleashed the Bull of Heaven onto the earth, and caused him much trouble. As a result, his Divinity decreased from its original rank of A+.[1]
Cú Chulainn (Lancer), Cú Chulainn (Prototype), Cú Chulainn (Caster), Sétanta
Cú Chulainn is a demigod whose father was an almighty god who possessed every skill: Lugh, the god who governed over the sun and a member of the Danann divine family, and his mother was DeichtineWP, younger sister of King ConchobarWP.[1]
Ozymandias, Nitocris
At the same time that a ruler is one that controls the people and reigns over the land, a pharaoh is also someone who reaches the gods. A pharaoh has his divinity change in accordance with factors such as the era, etc., but Ozymandias is regarded as a child of the Sun God RaWP, as well as one of its incarnations, while Nitocris is regarded as a child of the Sky God HorusWP, and also as one of its incarnations.[12]
Arjuna is the son of the Thunder God Indra.[13]
Hippolyta, Penthesilea
As a queen who was also one of Artemis' virgins and the daughter of the War God, AresWP, she is clad in a thick divine aura. But she does not have A Rank in this Skill to reach the throne of a god after death.[14]
Altera is not related to a Divine Spirit by blood; however, Europe was overrun on what was considered to be the Authority of God. The target of this fear was given the name, "Scourge of God". Because of this, Altera, who became a Heroic Spirit on Earth, has a high ranking Divine Spirit aptitude.[15]
Sigurd's ancestor was Odin, Allfather and King of the Aesir.[16]
Abigail Williams
Having become the “Gate” for a higher-order existence lurking in outer space, Abigail is tinged with a strong divinity. An immeasurable threat that can even rewrite the image of the world. But as compensation, that Insanity cannot be removed.[17]
Katsushika Hokusai
Having become the herald of a higher being from space, she has obtained a strong rank of divinity.

There exists an unimaginable danger sealed inside Hokusai's body. In exchange for this, her father took the form of a strange octopus.

She has divinity as a (self-proclaimed) Divided Spirit of the Hindu Divine Spirit Ganesha.

However, its rank stop at B to the human vessel Jinako Carigiri.

Yang Guifei, Jacques de Molay (Female)
No information available
B- Oryou
Oryou-san’s Skill of being very tough.

No blade can penetrate her fair skin. Her seducingly long hair is similarly so tough that it scrapes off the ground below her.

C Cú Chulainn (Alter)
Cú Chulainn, a son of Sun God LughWP, has a high Divine Spirit aptitude, but his Divinity is ranked down from his usual rank due to being Altered.
As a Servant who was revered as a saint in the medieval era, the strength of his nature as a Divine Spirit is equivalent in rank to the deities of minor cults and the forgotten gods of yore. Incidentally, the name "Georgius" was originally related in sense to the tilling of the earth in ancient farming communities - rooted in the reverence of the Middle Eastern God of Harvest, Ba'alWP.[7]
As a fellow traveller in the Messiah’s journey, and as the saint who suppressed the evil dragon Tarasque, the child of Leviathan, Martha became a subject of worship and reverence.[18]
Semiramis was the daughter of the Syrian fish-goddess DerketoWP and a mortal.[19]
Despite the absence of clear evidence, according to many stories, it is said that he is the son of Zeus, the King of Gods.[20]
Achilles is the child of Sea Goddess ThetisWP and human hero PeleusWP.[19]
An existence born between the Great Earth God (Cronus) and a Fairy. Just before his death, the body declined into a human body, and as a result, suffered a large Rank-Down from his original rank.[19]
Sakata Kintoki (Rider)
His disposition as Raijin's child has been emphasized upon being summoned as a Rider. At the same time, the aspect of him being the child of Yamauba has also been emphasized.[21]
Minamoto-no-Raikou, Minamoto-no-Raikou (Swimsuit)
Raikou was born as the heaven-sent child of Gozu Tennou, so she possesses the Divinity Skill.
She is a child of Kuzuryuu/Yamata no Orochi. Because she falls under the Oni Kind, the rank has dropped.[22]
She was worshiped as the indigenous god of the land of Himeji.
Katsushika Hokusai (Swimsuit)
No information available.
C- Osakabehime (Swimsuit)
No information available.
D Sakata Kintoki
Divine Spirit aptitude that comes from origins as a thunder deity's son. Because his mother was a man-eating mountain witch, the rank is low. It will rarely activate as resistance in regards to the attack of Heroic Spirits that possess thunder deity-lineage roots and legends.[7]
Though the Servant was originally a mere shepherd in life, David, as an ancestor of Christ, do qualify weakly as a being of divine nature—perhaps equivalent in rank to Joseph of NazarethWP. He possesses some defense against the action of conceptual relics and Noble Phantasms based in the Divinity of Christ (though not those based in the Divinity of God) - for example, "holy shrouds", "the stakes of the Crucifixion", and "the Lancea Longini"; possibly even "the Holy Grail".[7]
Fionn mac Cumhaill
A descendant of the War God Nuada, Fionn has Divine Spirit aptitude even if the rank is low.[23]
Gaius Julius Caesar
Descended from the goddess Venus and deified after he died, Caesar has Divine Spirit aptitude even if the rank is low.[24]
To own a Divine Spirit aptitude. The Pharaohs of the Ptolemaic Dynasty has a thin connection with the gods in comparison to the legendary Pharaohs like King Ozymandias of before. However, Cleopatra is regarded as the “incarnation of the Goddess Isis” because of her exceptional beauty, so she acquires the Divinity Skill.
Xuanzang Sanzang
Xuanzang is endowed with the Divinity Skill as she is destined to reach the Buddahood of the Buddha of Glorious Sandalwood.[25]
Miyamoto Musashi (Swimsuit)
"Musashi-chan, could it be, you are eating the food offerings to The Buddha?"

"Ehehe- *embarrassed grin with 100% stupidity*"

E Alexander
Alexander is said to be the son of the King of Gods Zeus, but as a boy, he does not have such a high degree of Divinity. He will recognize himself as a son of Zeus as he grows up so that his Divinity will become higher.
Brynhildr, Brynhildr (Swimsuit)
Although there is once a high aptitude as a Divine Spirit, it is currently quite low. She was once a member of the shieldmaiden group, the Valkyries, and the daughter of the Great God Odin, but the latter has deprived her of most of her Divinity.[26]
Erice Utsumi
No information available.
E- Medusa
Medusa was once a beautiful goddess, so she originally has very high Divinity. However, because she later became a monster, she is an unusual being possessing the "monstrous" attribute that is antithetical to normal Heroic Spirits. Thanks to this, Medusa manifests as both a goddess with Riding, and a monster possessing Mystic Eyes, Monstrous Strength and so forth. Nonetheless, her aptitude as a goddess Divine Spirit is mostly degraded. However, her Divinity has not been completely eliminated, and it appears that she still has it.[1]
François Prelati
Prelati shares the blood of a deityWP, but as that deity is banished, his rank is low. It is barely manifested at Rank E due to the combination of traditions that link Prelati with BeelzebubWP.[27]
Son of the thunder god Thor and the giant JárnsaxaWP, Magni's Divinity was originally equivalent to A~B rank, but it was degraded after the twilight of the gods.[28]
? Goddess Rhongomyniad
Artoria Pendragon was originally a legend born on this Earth, but through the sacred lance, she became one that sits in the heavens. After transforming into a goddess, her levels of divinity became such, that any Servant would cower before her. A normal servant cannot stand against the power of her Authority.
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