Doctor Heartless (ドクター・ハートレス?) is the former head of the Faculty of Modern Magecraft of the Clock Tower. He is the Master of Faker in Lord El-Melloi II Case Files.[1][2][3]



The previous head of the Faculty of Modern Magecraft, and Lord El-Melloi II's predecessor. His heart was stolen by fairies, hence the alias 'Doctor Heartless'.[1][2] It is believed that he is the adopted sibling of Hishiri Adashino, but secretly she is his half-sister through their father.

Heartless was approached by Marisbury Animusphere to investigate the Fuyuki Holy Grail War: to that end, seven years prior to the events of the Mystic Eyes Collection Train incident, he controlled Karabo Frampton into committing a series of "murders" where users of Mystic Eyes were decapitated. The heads were saved and kept "alive" in a sense that their Mystic Eyes remained usable, and Heartless used them in his investigations.[1][2]

He discovered that the Greater Grail of Fuyuki was corrupted, rendering any wish made by the winner fundamentally twisted. Marisbury abandoned his plans for the Holy Grail War (and subsequently his daughter) when presented with these results, but Heartless' own interest was piqued, as the ritual's function of summoning Servants remained true.[1][2]


A man of unknown age, fiery red hair and white skin.[1]


Heartless always shows a congenial smile in his face and acts friendly towards anyone, but at the same time he has an inhuman disposition as if he lacks any kind of real emotion.


Lord El-Melloi II Case FilesEdit

Several years before the series start, he was doing research on the Holy Grail War on behalf of ‎Marisbury Animusphere.[1][2]


As a human that had his heart stolen by fairies, even if he was the only head of a faculty that wasn't one of the 12 Lords he is a Mystery feared by the Clock Tower. His knowledge and skills go beyond Modern Magecraft, being also an adept at conventional and advanced techniques from the Botany and Zoology faculties. He also possesses a foundation in western alchemy, with which he handles mineralogy, spiritual evocation, metamorphism, and Modern Magecraft at a high level.

His element was originally Earth, but passing through the fairylands caused it to be altered.[4]

As his nickname shows, he literally doesn't have a heart inside his chest, but a fissure that connects to a different space akin to an Imaginary Number Space. By using the incantation "Turn around, my heart" (「裏返れ、僕の心臓」, Uragaere, boku no shinzō?) he can perform instantaneous spatial movement with the side effect of a pain similar to having his heart torn apart. He weaponizes it to teleport a Child of Ainnash to attack the train.

He also has a pair of Mystic Eyes, originally with the ability to find things called the Mystic Eyes of Finding, later turned into the "Mystic Eyes of Usurpation" (簒奪の魔眼, Sandatsu no Magan?) that can usurp at will the vision of any eyes,[3] regardless if it's from a human or a Divine Spirit.

He was capable of creating the Extra Servant Class Faker by having reproduced the framework of the Holy Grail War with an imitation Holy Grail as an imitation Master with imitation Command Spells.

When his role during the events of the Rail Zeppelin case was revealed, it also simultaneously shows he was posing as Caules Forvedge Yggdmillennia the entire time, demonstrating he has powers something akin to this.


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