Doris Lusendra (ドリス・ルセンドラ, Dorisu Rusendora?) is the "True" Master of True Rider in the True and False Holy Grail Wars of Fate/strange fake.



Doris is the youngest daughter of the Lusendra family, a clan from the far north who use reinforcement magecraft and are said to have discarded even the concept of humanity.[1][2]



Silhouette of Doris


Doris seems to be a playful individual, calling her Servant by the nickname Polyte, which comes from her true name Hippolyte.[3] This nickname embarrasses her Servant a little, but she does believe it to be better than Hippo.


Fate/strange fakeEdit

Doris apparently entered the United States of America illegally prior to the beginning of the Holy Grail War in Snowfield.[1] After summoning True Rider, she refused to cooperate with or even contact the group behind the war.[4]

Day 1 Edit

Doris ordered True Rider to return after she got involved in a battle between False Archer and True Archer.[4]

Day 2 Edit

When Doris and Rider are staying together in their underground base, Rider senses the Stymphalian Birds being summoned somewhere in the city, with Doris guessing that True Archer had probably summoned them. Doris though warns her not to go and attack him, with Rider agreeing to not go look for him.[3] Rider appologizes for acting on her own the other day. Doris tries to nickname her "Polyte". She finds this nickname embarrassing, but grudgingly accepts it when Doris tries to nickname her "Hippo".


Doris' clan has been said to be proficient in reinforcement magic, making her likely skilled in it as well. Having been selected to summon one of the "True" Servants, she is likely a very powerful mage.


Creation and ConceptEdit


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