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Dragon Kind (竜種, Ryūshu?) are considered the pinnacle of the Phantasmal Species. They have members in all three classes of Magical Beasts, and they are considered to be the greatest species within each corresponding class. Due to their being Monstrous, Phantasmal, and Divine class dragons, they have been involved with mankind since before the Age of Gods, and left many legends in the field of thaumaturgy due to having freely intermixed with humans in the past.


Dragons are creatures that generate magical energy merely by breathing, their lungs acting as spiritual worlds, and they possess traits from other types of monsters. It is possible for a human to have the blood of a dragon, whether induced artificially like King Arthur or from having Mixed-Blood like Elizabeth Bathory. Simply having their blood within them grants humans high level Magic Resistance able to easily dispel magecraft from the Age of Gods, and King Arthur has a Magic Core that far surpasses the Magic Circuits of humans. Dragons and humans are generally incompatible with each other, but, while dragons are creatures that devour humans by simply existing, conflicts between them are for the most part caused by humans taking action first in order to gain something. Those who attack humans first would generally be looked down upon.[1]

Dragons each have an attribute, and their strongest weapon, Dragon's Breath (ドラゴンブレス, Doragon Buresu?), capitalizes upon it by using their breath to spread it excessively over the wide area of effect as a torrent of mana. Red dragons carry flame, blue dragons carry thunder, black dragons carry acid, and Elizabeth Bathory carries soundwaves. There are also white dragons, gold dragons, silver dragons and green dragons, however it is unknown what kinds of breaths they can produce. The damage value, according to a certain rulebook, is the same as the constitution value of the dragon. Due to having a constitution value which transcends that of humans by far, it is not unreasonable to think of a single dragon being able to destroy a whole country when equally spreading the damage from its breath throughout a whole army.[2]

There are different types, the western dragons being considered demons and the strongest of the Phantasmal Species, and Chinese Dragons (龍, Ryū?) being treated as divine existences and invincible beings that do not even need to fight. The Chinese dragons do contain a rough spot, a Reverse Scale (逆鱗, Gyaku Uroko?) below their chins, that when touched, causes them to rage and devastate the earth with their rampaging power. It shows that even such perfect existences also display a deplorable side.[2]

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Bašmu (バシュム, Bashumu?, Bashmu) is a large poisonous horned snake with two forelegs. It is one of the eleven demons birthed by the monster of Babylonia legend, Tiamat. It is a species of Divine Beast, the top of all Phantasmal Species.[3]

Semiramis can summon them within her Hanging Gardens of Babylon, through her Sikera Ušum Noble Phantasm. But even Semiramis wouldn’t be able to summon something so powerful in that rushed situation, so she only summoned its top-half.[3]

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The Colchis dragon (コルキスの竜, Korukisu no Ryū?) appears in the Greek Mythology of Jason. The Colchis dragon itself is noted to be weak enough that it would not make much of a difference against Heroic Spirits of high caliber.[4] Argon Coin has the ability to summon the Colchis dragon but Medea does not have the capability to utilize it as she lacks the necessary spells to summon any Phantasmal Beasts.

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FGO Final Battle CE

The Dragon that appeared in the second part of the epic poem of "Beowulf" Part two portrays an aged Beowulf unfolding a mortal combat with the dragon, fifty years after. It has been said that the dragon who fought the aged Beowulf would amass treasures and spit out fire. It could be said that its existence is like an archetype of the dragons that appear in fantasy stories.[5]


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Mušḫuššu ( ムシュフシュ, Mushufushu?), also known as the terrifying snake, is one of Tiamat's eleven offspring.


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Ušumgallu (ウシュムガル, Ushumugaru?), also known as wicked water snake, is one of Tiamat's eleven offspring.


Dragon (ドラゴン, Doragon?) and Great Dragon (グレートドラゴン, Gurēto Doragon?) appear as Lancer and Rider class enemies in Fate/Grand Order. They drop Ascension Items such as Dragon's Reverse Scale (竜の逆鱗, Ryū no Gyaku Uroko?).


  • Wyverns (ワイバーン, Waibān?) are a subspecies of dragon. Compared to their normal dragon brethren, wyverns are smaller and lack frontal claws. Variations include Wyvern Dread (ワイバーンドレッド, Waibān Doreddo?) and Wyvern Evil (ワイバーンエビル, Waibān Ebiru?).


  • Nrvnqsr Chaos has a dragon within his Reality Marble.
  • King Arthur was made into the incarnation of a dragon by Merlin by infusing her with the blood of a dragon, and one is shown in Realta Nua as a representation of her Magic Circuits and is visible standing near her Magic Core.
  • Due to the legend in which Lancelot slew a dragon, Arondight deals additional damage to Heroic Spirits who have "dragon" attributes.
  • There is a legend in Fuyuki about a dragon that lived in the Miongawa river and taught martial arts to the monks of Ryuudou Temple as a hobby.
  • Elizabeth Bathory takes on dragon attributes due to her Mixed Blood and the Innocent Monster skill.
  • Medea can create familiars by using dragon's teeth and utilizing her Item Construction to create Dragon Tooth Warriors.
  • Saint George also known as "the Dragon-slaying Saint" has defeated numerous dragons in his legends.
  • Vortigern drank the blood of a dragon, lost his humanity, and became the very will and avatar of Britain to fight against King Arthur.
  • Saber of Black slew a Fafnir dragon and bathed in its blood, strengthing his skin and providing him a dragon's Magic Core. Balmung, the sword he used to slay Fafnir, deals additional damage to servants with "dragon" attributes.
  • Sigurd slew a Fafnir dragon and devoured its heart, granting him glasses of wisdom and providing him a dragon's Magic Core. Gram, the sword he used to slay the dragon, deals additional damage to servants with "dragon" attributes.


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