Durindana (ドゥリンダナ, Durindana?) is the Noble Phantasm of Hector. Durindana is Durandal in Italian.[1]

It is a golden bladed sword/spear able to change its form by controlling the length of its hilt, though Hector prefers to use it as a throwing spear. The spear was praised throughout the world; said spear was extolled as piercing through anything in the world.[2] In the Trojan War, Hector's spear only ever had its throws stopped by Aias the Great's shield.[3] Durindana managed to penetrate Rho Aias' sixth layer of ox hide and the seventh layer remained unbroken.[4][5] Anything with defensive capabilities short of Rho Aias stands no chance against it. After the spear function is lost, it became the Peerless Sword "Durandal: Ultimate Unbroken Hallow" (不毀の極聖ドゥリンダナ・スバーダ, Fuki no GokushōDyurandaru?), the sword of Roland.[2]

While Hector can't use both sword and spear forms at the same time, he constantly carries both forms of the weapon, no matter if he is summoned as a Saber or as a Lancer.[1]

Durindana SpadaEdit

Durindana Spada: Ultimate Unbroken Sword (不毀の極剣ドゥリンダナ・スバーダ, Fuki no KyokkenDurindana Supāda?) is Durindana with its hilt in its shortened state. Namely, Hector is the original owner of this Noble Phantasm. Roland owns what was known as the "Ultimate Unbroken Hallow". Because there are no holy relics in the handle, it is limited as a simple Noble Phantasm that just does a large amount of damage.[1]

Durindana PilumEdit

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« Time to get serious..."
"Target confirmed. Angle set."
"Durindana!! Fly away!! »


Durindana Pilum: Ultimate Unbroken Spear (不毀の極槍ドゥリンダナ・ピルム, Fuki no KyokusōDurindana Pirumu?) is the throwing spear (Pilum) that Hector was said have used that apparently pierced everything. It is nothing but him extending the handle of the sword so it functions as a projectile. To defend against this spear, one must prepare "Rho Aias", its rivaling defensive Noble Phantasm. Also, strictly speaking, both True Names of his Noble Phantasms are "Durindana". Even if the second half is omitted, this Noble Phantasm can still start up.[1]

In the Okeanos Singularity of Fate/Grand Order, he uses this to attack Asterios and Heracles while the two are struggling with each other, but was unable to immediately retrieve it as Asterios jumps into the sea with the spear still impaled in his body.


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