EMIYA[Note 1] (エミヤ?), Class Name Archer (アーチャー, Āchā?), is the Archer-class Servant of Rin Tohsaka in the Fifth Holy Grail War of Fate/stay night. He is one of the Servants of Ritsuka Fujimaru of the Grand Orders conflicts of Fate/Grand Order.



Shirou Emiya making a contract with the World in the anime

He is not a proper Heroic Spirit in the sense of other heroes.[3] He is an alternate version of Shirou Emiya from an alternate timeline of Fate/stay night where he made a contract with the World (Alaya) and became the Heroic Spirit EMIYA. He acts as a Counter Guardian for the world as payment for the contract. He is summoned because he still has the jewel pendant that Rin used to save his life after Lancer stabbed his heart. The jewel he owns is the actual catalyst used for his summoning rather than the one that Rin still has at the time of his summoning. After the end of each of the three routes in Fate/stay night, the possibility for Shirou to become Archer still exists, but the chance of it happening is close to zero.[9]

The beginning conditions for Archer's Holy Grail War were mostly the same as that of the Fate/stay night universe, but it could be said that "something was missing." The following events of the war happened in a similar manner to the Fate scenario, having summoned Saber and continued fighting together with her until the end, but while he understood her, he didn't "save Saber's heart." After they destroyed the Grail and parted, he went on to cooperate with Rin and headed to London.[10] He eventually went on to work as a freelance magus to pursue his dream of becoming a hero of Justice. He stubbornly trained himself while pursuing his dream of saving mankind, but later fell into despair upon realizing that his abilities were insufficient in fulfilling his goal. Sometime in his twenties, he obtained his signature red overcoat, possibly as a gift from Ciel of the Church.[11] He at some point encountered and fought beings similar to Angra Mainyu, but he was forced to retreat when he was unable to act against them. He later gained some understanding of such beings as targets of the Counter Force upon entering the Throne of Heroes.[12]

He had to make a life changing decision. Confronted by a calamity which had the potential of killing one hundred people before him, he decided to "make a contract" with the World to become a hero capable of producing miracles and become a Heroic Spirit after his death.[13] He believed he could save both the lives of the dying people before him and save even more as a hero after his death. Although he desperately fought to end a war, he was in turn branded as the mastermind behind that war and subsequently executed because of the betrayal of his allies. Although he died of betrayal, he did not hate mankind. However, the "World" ironically gave him the duty as a Heroic Spirit "to slaughter all humans at a particular location when mankind is at the threshold of complete self destruction", a "Counter Guardian".[3]

His belief that he would continue to save many people as a Heroic Spirit did happen, but it was through being made to clean up after human actions and forced to take many lives to save humanity as a whole, instead of "saving everyone" - protecting humans without having to cause deaths of humans as he would have liked to. After seeing human self-destruction and forced to oppose his own ideals countless times, he began to deny himself and his ideal. Even knowing that the Throne of Heroes was isolated from time and space, Archer desperately came to believe that his only hope of release was to have himself summoned into an era where Shirou Emiya exists and kill his past self, hoping that the double paradox created by Shirou Emiya being killed before having a chance to make the contract with Alaya and that the killing was done by a Shirou Emiya who successfully made the contract with the world would create a time paradox great enough in magnitude that could potentially erase his existence as a Counter Guardian.


Shirou from the Fifth Grail War would grow about 20 cm as Archer. It is uncertain if his extreme height growth is caused by magecraft.[14] Compared to Shirou, Archer also has short hair with the exception of being white and swept backwards, gray eyes and tanned skin colour. His skin, hair and eye colors are different to his younger self due to the extensive use of projection magecraft that caused a rebound effect.[15]

His servant clothing, Red Plain Mystic Code (赤原礼装, Akahara Reisō?) is Archer's signature costume. He wears a black body armor made from a special material that has yet to be discovered by mankind as of the present time,[citation needed] which consisted of a black tight and sleeveless shirt with silver accents which outlined his muscles and a metal plate on his collar, and black pants that had two black straps on his thighs, and another two strapped around his shins separate from each other. He wears black metal plated shoes, which appear to be attached to his trousers. His signature red coat is a type of holy shroud,[16] which were actually two separate sleeves connected by a metal plate at the back which covered his arms and was cut off showing his upper torso and midriff, and had a separate red open skirt which ended above his shins with the top fashioned and tied with an agemaki knot, covered by a silver metal plate.

In Fate/hollow ataraxia, Archer is seen without his holy shroud as evidence that he isn't looking for a fight. In one of the loops, he also wears black bow gloves. His casual attire consisted of a plain black shirt, black trousers and heavy boots. When he went fishing, he wore his signature clothing without the holy shroud. Instead, he wore a red down vest jacket and a red cap hat.

In his past, Archer has been seen wearing a pale-coloured cloak in the Ufotable adaptation of Unlimited Blade Works.


His personality is very contradicting. While he is thoroughly cynical and nihilistic, he is at the same time devoted and protective, and even a little childish to the point that it makes him hard to hate. He does not lie, but he does keep secrets and tell half truths. He means well and is capable of being nice, but often ends up being sarcastic, especially so when he gives advice. He cannot approve of Shirou’s ideal of becoming a Hero of Justice due to his own experience, but at the same time he cannot deny it for the very same reasons.

Archer is a very bitter person not because of the events of his life, but because of his status as a Counter Guardian, a being that is forced to "clean up the messes humanity has made". Although he was constantly betrayed by those around him, he never held any grudges towards anyone. Even so, he despaired over the fact that he could never live up to his ideal of "saving everyone regardless of friend or enemy." The reason he chose to become a counter guardian was because he believed that he could save as many people as possible and in a way this was true, but the reality was that the Counter Force merely sent him to a point in time where it believed humanity was on the brink of collapse and had him kill any and every person it had deemed to be the perpetrators irrespective of the fact if they were good or evil. He believed that gaining power as a Counter Guardian would help him save everyone, but it was a mere continuation of his life's work where he had to sacrifice a minority for the good of the majority. In the end, he was even betrayed by the one ideal he believed in. Following his experiences with Shirou in Unlimited Blade Works, he takes a new approach, accepting that while his old ideals were immature they were not wrong either. Since then, he has mellowed out considerably, and in Chaldea he has a reputation for being overprotective.

Because of his employment as a Counter Guardian and his subsequent summons into all eras throughout history regardless of past or future, the record of the Heroic Spirit Emiya on the Throne has very fragmented memories. The only memory regarding the Holy Grail War he has is a hazy one of the moment when he first met Saber. He no longer feels beauty from the moment as he did during his life, but the moment itself is stored in his soul like a picture.[17]

He claims that his memory is confused to the incomplete nature of his summoning, but that is only half truthful. He is able to assess the situation and deduce his circumstances the night of his summoning, believing himself to have the opportunity to achieve his goal to kill Shirou. He had forgotten the name "Rin Tohsaka" over the period of his life, but remembers her the instant she introduces herself. Murmuring "――Rin. Ah, that's the name――" under his breath, it is a statement from his heart filled with "much endearment close to insanity."[15] He claims to no longer have Shirou's memory, but remembers the day Kiritsugu Emiya saved him and the feelings he felt upon seeing Kiritsugu's smile. He has a fond remembrance of the moment Saber was first summoned that he will always recall vividly "even if he should fall into the depths of hell."

He's not interested in video games but he is willing to play, once he gets started.[18]

Archer gains much joy and pride in housework, especially cooking much like Shirou himself, and helps to run Chaldea's cafeteria. He, however, denies that he enjoys doing them.


Rin Tohsaka
Archer was fairly close to the Rin from his timeline, though he did not recognize the Rin who summoned him as a Master until she revealed her name. Throughout the Unlimited Blade Works route, Archer intended to let Rin win the Grail War with Saber at her side, going so far as to "betray" Rin to achieve this (he does not do so willingly in the manga version). Archer is, deep down, a loyal Servant to Rin.
Ritsuka Fujimaru
Archer sees much of his younger self in Ritsuka, as they were both inexperienced Magi thrust into a situation they barely understood. He takes the role of a stern but fair mentor to Ritsuka, teaching them about the finer details of being a Master and tutoring them in magecraft to help them succeed in their battle to save humanity.
Cu Chulainn
Archer and Lancer have naturally clashing personalities, and are bound to fight whenever they meet.[2] Archer outright tells his Master in Fate/Grand Order to keep them off the same team. The two are more amicable in Fate/hollow ataraxia.
Shirou Emiya
Archer despises Shirou for his desire to become a "Hero of Justice," and initially wants to torment Shirou into losing faith in his ideals before killing him, regardless if doing so frees Archer from his job as a Counter Guardian. In all three routes, Archer eventually puts his faith in Shirou, hoping Shirou will make the right choices this time round. In Fate/hollow ataraxia and Today's Menu for Emiya Family, Archer is mostly competitive towards Shirou and usually avoids Shirou if possible.
Archer fondly remembers his first meeting with Saber and often references her in various series. In his own timeline, Archer had failed to "save Saber's heart."
Archer is unsurprisingly repulsed by how far his parallel self has fallen. At the same time, he can't help but be jealous of his dual-wielded guns because he thinks they would make him look "badass".
"So, you've finally lost your mind!"[2] Archer had always thought Rin had a knack for attracting misfortune, but he never expected her to become the vessel for a goddess. He assumes that Ishtar picked Rin as her vessel because of their shared stubbornness.
Sengo Muramasa
".........Hm. Not bad...."[2]


Fate/stay night[]

Archer in the Fate/stay night anime

In the prologue of Fate/stay Night, Rin intended to summon a strong Saber class servant without a catalyst. Unknowing to her, the jewel pendant was used as a catalyst which summoned the Heroic Spirit EMIYA. Rin's Pendant, a one-of-a-kind jewel kept by Emiya as a keepsake of his unknown savior over the years. Differing from normal, it is not the pendant Rin owns in the present that acts as the catalyst. Emiya is instead a case where he holds a catalyst with a connection to his summoner.

Archer crash landed in one of the mansion' rooms after the summoning process was completed. He is disappointed by her first impression of him, to which she questions what he is "supposed" to be. After the two of them confirm their relationship as Master and Servant, Archer begins to question Rin as a master. He judges her worth as a master, and even goes so far as to announce he will not follow her orders, regardless of their importance. Archer makes sarcastic remarks about Rin which aggravated her to use one of her command seals to force Archer submit to her. Afterwards, Archer scolds her for being so careless, and asks whether or not she knows the importance of Command Seals. Once their argument is settled, Archer agrees to stay with Rin. He blames Rin for his vague memories due to her incomplete summoning but also acknowledges her talents and skills.

Archer then tours Fuyuki City with Rin acting as his guide. As they venture through the city, Archer learns that Rin has no actual wish for the Holy Grail, other than her desire to win it.

One night, after informing Archer of a strange Bounded field around the school grounds, Rin goes to the school in an attempt to destroy it, only to encounter another servant, who she identifies as belonging to the Lancer-class. When Lancer tries to attack Rin, Archer intervenes. The two servants then engage in a fight. While Lancer tries to disarm Archer, he becomes quite agitated at Archer's ability to reequip his swords. During in their fight, Shirou Emiya was a pedestrian who witnessed the two Heroic Spirits battle for the first time. Before their fight can continue, they are disrupted by Shirou's presence. Lancer stops the fight and pursues Shirou, Archer and Rin follow him. Lancer pursues the student, and impales him before fleeing. Archer and Rin stumble upon the student's body. Rin orders Archer to track down Lancer, but he was unsuccessful. Rin uses the magic in her pendant to revive Shirou. Before the boy can regain consciousness, the pair flee.

Archer gave his own pendant back to Rin making her think that Archer returned to the scene to retrieve the pendant. Shortly after, Archer and Rin come to the conclusion that Lancer's master will gain knowledge of the boy's survival, and have Lancer finish him off. Deciding to protect the boy, the pair travel to the suburbs. However, before they can enter the grounds, they are attacked by a servant, who Rin identifies as belonging to the Saber-class.


Archer facing Berserker during Fate.

In Fate, Archer is badly wounded in his confrontation with Saber. He is forced to spent most of his time within his summoning circle to recover, preventing Rin from participating in the War. When Shirou gets kidnapped by Illya, Archer joins Rin and Saber in mounting a rescue effort. In order to buy the trio time to escape, Archer fights Berserker. He is subsequently killed, but not before killing Berserker six times (five in the anime) and reducing his stock of lives from God Hand.

In this route, Archer is only known as a nameless hero who gives Shirou an advice before his final fight.

Unlimited Blade Works[]

In Unlimited Blade Works, Archer is the servant protagonist and later a temporary secondary antagonist. Archer early in the story is shown to be both a powerful servant and a character shrouded in mystery. During the early part of the route, Archer also awakens Shirou's dormant magic circuits.

In this route, Shirou orders Saber not to attack Archer, accidentally using his Command Seal in the process. This allows Archer to join Rin on her visit to the Church and partake in the battle against Berserker and Illya.

During the battle, Archer shows great skill when he protected Rin from Illya and attacking Berserker with his Caladbolg, which he fired as an arrow to destructive effect. Rin initially thought it was an A-rank Noble Phantasm, in reality it was an A-rank Broken Phantasm.

When Caster lures Shirou to Ryuudou Temple, Archer intervenes and defeats Caster, who withdraws. It is during this time that Archer demonstrates that he is on par with Caster in devising strategies with them both being regarded as the best tacticians in the Holy Grail War. However, he doesn't share his well-planned strategies with Rin beforehand. Shirou and Archer soon get into a quarrel over Shirou's ideals, and Archer attacks him but is stopped by Saber and Assassin. Rin then uses a Command Seal to order Archer to never attack Shirou.

Multiple times throughout the route, Archer tries to kill Shirou Emiya or not assist in dangerous situations Shirou is caught in, in hopes of it resulting in his death.

Following Rider's death, Archer and Saber debate over how Rider was killed; while Saber claims she died in honor protecting her Master, Archer claims she was a weakling, once again creating a rift between him and the others.

After Saber is snatched away by Caster, Rin decides to rescue her so Saber can be returned to Shirou. Archer promptly betrays Rin and aligns with Caster because he claimed she had the highest chance of acquiring the Holy Grail.

Archer battles Lancer for a second time when the latter joins Shirou and Rin in their renewed effort to reclaim Saber. After his defeat, Archer retreats back into the Church and betrays Caster and her master and kills them both, revealing his true intentions. Archer's identity as an older version of Shirou is also revealed. Archer reveals he needed to be freed from his contract with Rin in order to accomplish his goal of killing Shirou. Archer then kidnaps Rin after she forms a contract with Saber, forcing a situation where Shirou must engage Archer.

During the battle it's revealed that due to Shirou and Archer being the same person, the more he engages with Archer the more Shirou absorbs Archer's skills and abilities. In addition, Shirou also witnesses Archer's memories, glimpsing into a supposed future that awaits him. Archer during his attacks, constantly critiques Shirou's ideals as hypocritical and borrowed, causing Shirou to waver in his resolve. Yet he firmly held onto his ideals, claiming they were beautiful and worth seeking after.

Though superior in strength, Archer loses the battle due to accepting Shirou's unwavering desire to remain a "Hero of Justice." Gilgamesh uses this opportunity to annihilate Archer, but thanks to the Archer-class skill, Independent Action, Archer remains alive and hidden up until the final battle. Despite everyone believing him to be dead, he saves Rin from the Holy Grail and eliminates a cornered and nearly defeated Gilgamesh who had lost to Shirou.

Rin appears before him desiring to form a contract with him. Archer tells her he does not want to and he believes it would not be possible. He then disappears for good with a smile on his face, confident that Rin will stop Shirou from taking a path that he will regret.

Within the anime adaption, an epilogue showcases Archer returning to his role as a Counter Guardian. He remembers his experience from the Fifth Holy Grail War. Although he is still left with regrets, he now proclaims that the path he has chosen was not wrong.

Heaven's Feel[]

Archer's image appearing before Shirou removes the Shroud.

In Heaven's Feel, Archer abandons his wish to kill Shirou, opting instead to fulfill his duties as a Counter Guardian to eliminate 'the Shadow'.

As in the Fate route, Archer is wounded by Saber and is absent from Saber's fight with Berserker. However, he and Rin later encounter Zouken Matou and Caster's re-animated corpse. Saber dispatches Caster while Archer attacks Zouken. The Shadow then appears and injures Shirou, allowing Zouken a chance to flee.

During Shirou's battle against Rider, Archer and Rin follow him to the school and witness the reveal that Rider's true Master is Sakura Matou, not Shinji. Enraged, Shinji spills a substance over Sakura that causes her to lose control and a boundary field to activate. Archer opts to kill Sakura before she can use the boundary field to cause any harm, but Rider is determined to protect her Master. As a fight breaks out, Rider is forced to use her Mystic Eyes, revealing her identity as Medusa, and begins to petrify Archer. Archer is saved when the sight of an injured Shirou drives Sakura to incapacitate herself.

During a battle with Saber Alter, Assassin and "the Shadow", Archer's core is critically damaged and he is mortally wounded. Since Shirou has discarded his heroic ideals to save Sakura, Archer chooses to have Kotomine graft his left arm onto Shirou, who lost his arm protecting Illya (following the way of the Counter Guardians, sacrificing one life to save another rather than losing both). Archer manages to resist disappearing throughout the entire journey to the Church up until the transplant is complete. Much of Archer's knowledge was subsequently transferred to Shirou, though the foreign arm began to invade his body as well.

Archer's final appearance in Heaven's Feel is a motivational image for Shirou, who is struggling with taking off the Shroud of Martin.

In Fate/stay night - Heaven's Feel I. presage flower, Archer saves Saber from being struck by Caster's Rule Breaker.

In Fate/stay night - Heaven's Feel II. lost butterfly, Archer briefly rescues Shirou and Illya during Saber Alter's fight with Berserker. He handles Shirou roughly, but handles Illya gently. During a fight with the Shadow, Archer utilizes Rho Aias but to no avail.


The Fate/stay night manga follows parts of both Fate and Unlimited Blade Works. He remains loyal to Rin instead of joining Caster of his own free will, and he displays the same antagonistic attitude towards Shirou. He is forced to join Caster once Kuzuki captures and holds Rin hostage. After freeing himself from her control, he proceeds with his plan to kill Shirou. He is stopped by Rin, who begs him not to kill his younger self and erase his existence as a Heroic Spirit, as she has respect for both Shirou and Archer. Eventually, Archer decides not to kill Shirou and continues his role as Rin's Servant, reforming their contract. Finally, during the group's rescue of Shirou from Illya's mansion, Archer sacrifices himself to stall Berserker in battle and take away half his stock of lives - but not before entrusting Rin to Shirou, giving him a few final words of encouragement before walking to the hero's end he'd always previously disdained, smiling to the very end.

Fate/hollow ataraxia[]

Rin and Archer facing the shadows in Fate/Hollow Ataraxia

When Rin went to the Mage's Association to attend a court, she asked Archer to protect Fuyuki City in her absence.

In the loops, Archer guards the bridge that connects Miyama and Shinto districts of Fuyuki city. Should Shirou try to cross the bridge at night time without meeting certain conditions first, he will be sniped off by Archer from the roof of the center building in Shinto district.

After Shirou/Avenger "relearns" his Projection magic, he and Saber challenge Archer. They fight from a long distance. Archer fired the Broken Phantasm Hrunting towards them while Saber flew towards Archer with Shirou's Command Spell. Saber defeated Archer while Shirou/Avenger deflected the Hrunting with Rho Aias. Defeating Archer grants Shirou/Avenger the access of Shinto at night patrols. After that, he began showing up in Fuyuki to be interacted with.

At the night of the final loop, Rin and Archer guard the Fuyuki Bridge from a horde of "monsters" to prevent them from chasing after Shirou/Avenger.

Fate/Unlimited Codes[]

In Fate/Unlimited Codes, he is known as the Wrought Iron Hero (錬鉄の英雄, Rentetsu no Eiyū?). In his arcade story, he monologues his situation about him being summoned in the Fuyuki Holy Grail War and how it was a miracle for him to achieve his goal to alter his past by ending Shirou and allowing Rin to win the Holy Grail War. He has to deceive his Master in order to do this.

Archer unexpectedly faces Shirou early and by the time he faces Shirou, Shirou figured out his identity and challenged Archer. Archer expected Saber to fight him personally, however Shirou decided to settle things between the two as the Hero of Justice. As the fight turns into a clash of their ideals, Archer responds to Shirou that an ideal amounts to nothing if there is no strength to back them up and is forced to cut him down. Although he wins, it is hinted that Archer didn't kill Shirou and continued the Holy Grail War against the other participants.

His last opponent is Gilgamesh, who asked if Archer requested assistance for death. However, Archer claims that he is doing something stupid by eliminating the villain who will burn the whole city. His original goal was to let Rin win, but he can't allow Gilgamesh to continue and Archer prevails in their fight. In his ending, many years have passed and Archer is fighting along with an adult Rin against an army of Golems. Archer turns out more cheerful and Rin finds him cooler than in their first encounter.

In Rin's ending, Rin sealed the Holy Grail and transformed Archer into a smaller scale of himself. She claims that she transformed Archer into this form because he didn't help her out in the war. Archer regrets that he didn't destroy the Holy Grail.

Fate/unlimited codes - Archer command list


  • Crane Wing Double Strike (鶴翼二連, Shiruyoku Niren?) -
    • Crane Wing Double Strike - Return (鶴翼二連・引, Shiruyoku Niren - Hiki?) -
  • Crane Wing Master Attack - Raid (鶴翼功究・襲, Shiruyoku Kōkyū - Shū?) -
  • Crane Wing Master Guard (鶴翼守究, Shiruyoku Shukyū?) -
    • Crane Wing Master Guard - Leveling (鶴翼守究・薙, Shiruyoku Shukyū - Tei?) -
    • Crane Wing Master Guard - Rising (鶴翼守究・昇, Shiruyoku Shukyū - Shō?) -
    • Crane Wing Master Guard - Thrust (鶴翼守究・突, Shiruyoku Shukyū - Totsu?) -
  • Projection (Sword←→Bow) (投影(剣←→弓持ち替え), Tōei (Ken←→Yumi Mochikae)?) -
  • Link Shoot (リンクシュート, Rinku Shūto?) -
  • Trap Shoot (トラップシュート, Torappu Shūto?) -
  • Rho Aias: The Seven Rings that Cover the Fiery Heavens (熾天覆う七つの円冠(ローアイアス), Shiten Ōu Nanatsu no Enkan(Rō Aiasu)?) - (in burst)
  • Blade Dance (ブレイドダンス, Bureido Dansu?) - (in UBW)


  • Unlimited Blade Works: Infinite Creation of Swords (無限の剣製(アンリミテッドブレイドワークス), Mugen no Kensei(Anrimiteddo Bureido Wākusu)?) -

Super Move:

  • Crane Wing Triple Strike (鶴翼三連, Shiruyoku Sanren?) -
  • Hrunting: Hound of the Red Plains (赤原猟犬(フルンディング), Sekigen Ryōken(Furundingu)?) -
  • Caladbolg II: The Fake Spiral Sword (偽・螺旋剣(カラドボルグ), Gi Rasenken(Karadoborugu)?) -
  • Unlimited Blade Works: Infinite Creation of Swords Chants (無限の剣製(アンリミテッドブレイドワークス)詠唱, Mugen no Kensei(Anrimiteddo Bureido Wākusu) Eishō?) -
  • Unlimited Blade Dance: Infinite Sword Dance (無限の剣舞(アンリミテッドブレイドダンス), Mugen no Kenbu(Anrimiteddo Bureido Dansu)?) -

Fate/tiger colosseum series[]


An alternate version of Archer in the Fate/EXTRA universe, although their life experiences were the same, this version made a contract with the Moon Cell rather than the World. This resulted in him becoming a nameless Heroic Spirit embodying the concept of a "hero of justice" rather than the Counter Guardian EMIYA.[19]

Through fluctuations in the Moon Cell, Fate/stay night version of Rin and Archer appear in Fate/EXTRA CCC. Should the two versions face each other, the Fate/stay night Archer is noted to be more cynical.

Fate/Grand Order[]

EMIYA mainly serves at Chaldea's cafeteria along with Minamoto-no-Raikou, Boudica, and Tamamo Cat, as well as looking after the children servants of Chaldea.

When EMIYA is around Servants from Fate/stay night, he acts in the capacity of EMIYA. When he is around Servants from the Fate/EX series, he acts in the capacity of Nameless.[20]

Singularity F: Fuyuki[]

First Order[]

In First Order Archer was one of the Servants summoned into the Holy Grail War being fought in Fuyuki, but after battling Saber Alter, he was blackened along with the other Servants. After being blackened, he acts as Saber Alter's guardian, patrolling the burning ruins of Fuyuki and attacking anyone he deems a threat with his bow.

During this time, he seems to have had several encounters with Caster, where they fought at long-range with neither being able to get the upper hand. When Caster teams up with the Chaldea team, he faces Archer on Mt. Miyama, finally ending their battle at the Miyama Temple with Caster being the victor.

GUDAGUDA Honnouji[]

EMIYA appears under the name Chousokabe Emichika. After hearing Shimuza Setanta's complaint about being grouped with him and Mouri Medinari, Chousokabe states that he wished could've refused to obey this time around. He then asks Mouri if she knows what is happening after she complains that the Holy Grail is being used for something weird again. He agrees with her plan for him to ambush Ritsuka's party when Shimuza lures them.

Shimuza succeeds in luring the group to the ambush spot, which Chousakabe assaults his arrows. After the ambush is successful, he asks Mouri what she plans to do with the group. However, when he says the given names of himself and his allies, Okita Souji becomes enraged and dons the Coat of Oaths. After Okita defeats him and his companions, Chousakabe states that this incident was stranger than expected.

Miss Almost Weekly Santa Alter[]

EMIYA goes on a fishing trip with Robin Hood as a continuation of their competition since both were equally matched at hunting in the woods. Unfortunately, their contest was interrupted when David, having stowed away earlier, inadvertently steered their ship into a storm in his attempt to meet the ladies of Southern Lands. EMIYA and Robin both blame David for their situation as the storm tears their ship apart. David further infuriates them by telling them to jump overboard and swim for shore, believing that the ship can withhold his weight alone. EMIYA agrees with Robin's decision to throw David overboard when he begins to recount the tale of Carneades.

Santa Alter suddenly lands on the ship. EMIYA remains silent when Robin asks him if he knows her when she mentions him regarding that a Servant should think of their Master's safety. However, he and the others fight Santa Alter when she decides to test David's claim of being the "Most Victorious King".

After being defeated, EMIYA asks Santa Alter why she came. She answers she came in response to a Dear Santa letter. This prompts EMIYA to accuse David of wanting jewels for his many wives, and chastise him for writing letters to Santa as an adult. But David asserts that it wasn't him as he sends his prayers only to God and finds the concept of Santa to be scary EMIYA realizes that Robin had sent the letter. He then refutes Santa Alter's claim that he's too overprotective unlike Robin's more subtle method of protecting his Master.

After Santa Alter leaves after giving Robin and David their presents, EMIYA notices that the storm has passed. He and Robin then both yell that David hasn't learned anything since Uriah incident when he asked who was talking about Carneades. EMIYA again agrees with Robin's decision to throw David overboard, but he contemplates David's request for them to form a team. However, they're interrupted by the arrival of Elizabeth Báthory, who came to perform a concert for them as Santa Alter's last gift to them.

Event: Saber Wars[]

EMIYA, Nero Claudius, and Tamamo-no-Mae interrupt Artoria Lily's training when they come to investigate the crash site of Mysterious Heroine X‘s ship. Seeing the ship, EMIYA initially believes Ritsuka's party to be aliens. On that basis, Nero tries to negotiate peace with them. But her attempts fail when X suddenly attacks her, forcing a fight between the two parties. After the fight, EMIYA offers to be Artoria Lily's training partner instead of Nero. X accepts and allows Nero to stay as well.

The group later discusses the possibility of Artoria Lily achieving her dream to become an ideal king because she is an "if" of King Arthur. EMIYA says Servants normally have no future but under certain conditions, they'll be released from their past and become humans of that era.

Charles Babbage, Nikola Tesla, and Sakata Kintoki later arrive to destroy X’s ship, having heard that it’s a source of evil. The group defeat them and wonder about X’s true objective.

X reveals she traveled from the future to save it. Tamamo wonders if Nero holding a world tour in the future is the cause. Nero is insulted, believing her concert would save the future. But X reveals it destroyed Space Rome, adding that it even caused Altera to flee. X then reveals that the future is in economic crisis due to the oversaturation of Sabers. Thus she came to the past to destroy the Saber class before that can happen. Nonetheless, she will spare Artoria Lily since they’re alike, unlike Nero. She is then shot by Ultra Heroine Z while protecting Nero. Z is a paradoxical version of X and fights the group. Eventually, with the others supporting her, Artoria Lily defeats Z.

Valentine Event: Chocolate Lady's Commotion[]

EMIYA is one of the Servants that took several Choco-Servants that suddenly manifested while the female Servants were making chocolate.

When Ritsuka and William Shakespeare confront him in Fuyuki, he tries to convince Ritsuka that receiving chocolate made by Servants is potentially dangerous. Seeing they aren't convinced, he calls upon Diarmuid Ua Duibhne to talk about the dangers of chocolate. Diarmuid recounts his receiving of chocolate in a certain Grail War ended with two people killing each other and him with stomach ulcers. Ritsuka remains convinced, so EMIYA and Diarmuid decide to use brute force.

After the fight, Shakespeare tells EMIYA that his idea was noble but tainted with evil thoughts. He explains that if Ritsuka were to receive no chocolate from anyone, EMIYA would give them chocolate. Knowing the feeling of not receiving anything all too well, EMIYA gives Ritsuka chocolate he made from leftover ingredients. He and Shakespeare then notice Julius Caesar. Caesar hints the mastermind behind this incident is a recent Servant, who he and Shakespeare both describe as a villain. He tells Ritsuka to chase after them but prompts EMIYA and Diarmuid to fight with him against Ritsuka after Ritsuka told him to stop eating chocolate. Afterward, EMIYA takes Caesar on a marathon run to fix the latter's unhealthy body.

Da Vinci and The 7 Counterfeit Heroic Spirits[]

EMIYA is in Ritsuka's room demonstrating his Projection Magecraft to them and Mash. He explains his projections are imitations that are neither better nor worse than the original. But if an imitation is made equal to the original, it'll be the "audience" who determines which is better. EMIYA calls the conception of improvement a necessity for humans to move into the future. He says imitations can be as valuable as the originals they're derived from. Imitations can be improved, so there are infinite possibilities. Ritsuka, Mash, and EMIYA then hears the emergency alarm off.

Entering the Command Room, they discover it wasn't Romani who sounded the alarm. They then hear a broadcast from Leonardo da Vinci telling Ritsuka and the Servants to come to her workshop combat-ready in one minute.

In Da Vinci's workshop, EMIYA tells her that the seven nosy Servants she suspected would come didn't since the broadcast from her workshop. Da Vinci then shows a copy of her Mona Lisa Craft Essence that EMIYA identifies as a counterfeit. Da Vinci explains she found it when investigating why her genuine Mona Lisa, which sold easily before, suddenly stopped selling. Deciding the counterfeiter is evil, she tasks Ritsuka and the others with finding and defeating them. She joins them, easily convincing Romani to let her. She catches EMIYA before he runs off.

Arriving in the Singularity, the group goes to a town to gather information. There they encounter Gaius Julius Caesar and Paracelsus von Hohenheim. Da Vinci orders the group to attack them, not believing in their claims of innocence. After being defeated, Caesar tells the group of a counterfeiting operation in town run by a Servant. Da Vinci wonders it’s one of the Renaissance artists.

In the counterfeiters’ workshop, Da Vinci orders the others to take all of its manuscripts, which are copies of her own. However, the group encounters counterfeit Alexander, who confirms their observations. But he refuses to give EMIYA more information, believing he’ll only be killed after it’s obtained. Well aware of the condition of his body, he explains he is required to be pure and innocent to bring “her“ peace. He refuses to reveal who “she“ is, and explains his role. Expressing the same confusion as the rest at his back story, considering it to be a very girly wish, he fights the group. He is defeated and disappears, revealing there are more counterfeit workshops.

The group later finds themselves in a snowy region surrounded by monsters. After they’re slain, Da Vinci has Romani analyze a homunculus. Romani confirms it's a counterfeit, which helps Da Vinci ascertain where the next counterfeit workshop is.

Arriving in the cave where the workshop is, the group is greeted by counterfeit Hector. He asks them to let him and explains what his role is. EMIYA calls the counterfeits' Master's skills inferior, but they come close to the real thing when combined with "her" passion. For that reason, the counterfeits cannot be ignored. After Hector is defeated and disappears, EMIYA notes how the counterfeiters always try to surpass the original. While he doesn't know who the counterfeits' Master is, he knows "her" feelings are real. Da Vinci then licks a counterfeit Mona Lisa, ascertaining from the paint's taste that their next stop is the beach.

Arriving at the beach, the group encounters counterfeit Siegfried, They defeat him, but Mash and EMIYA block an ambush by counterfeit Arash and Arjuna. After the Archer explain their respective role and Siegfried's, Arjuna offers not to attack if the group withdraws. Da Vinci considers it out of concern for Ritsuka’s safety despite being bothered by so many counterfeits being circulated. But Ritsuka convinces her otherwise, and the group fights Arash and Arjuna. After they’re defeated, Da Vinci speculates their Master resides at an art museum, but neither Archer confirms it before disappearing. Thanking Ritsuka for their help, she reveals the counterfeits’ Master is at the Louvre.

Inside the Louvre, the group encounters counterfeit Gilles de Rais. After Ritsuka refuses his request to leave “her“ be, the group defeat Gilles. They then wonder who the other counterfeit with “her“ is. Figuring “she“ is weaker at detecting Servant due to being a counterfeit, the group attempt to ambush “her“.

Bursting into the room where “she“ is, they see Jeanne Alter being uncomfortably embraced by counterfeit Brynhildr, who thinks she’s Sigurd. Jeanne Alter kicks Brynhildr away, only for her to crawl back. She explains Brynhild’s behavior inadvertently resulted from her wish for one of her seven followers to be a woman. Asking the group to ignore Brynhild, she states it’s impossible to destroy her forever as she now exists as a concept in response to their belief she was destroyed forever in Orleans. She confirms EMIYA’s observations that the chances of her being summoned again were infinitesimal because those responsible for her creation (Gilles and the Holy Grail) were defeated and captured. She then reveals she was able to summon herself back by inverting Jeanne d’Arc‘s wish not to have an altered self. Accepting she is a counterfeit of Jeanne, Jeanne Alter exclaims her desire to surpass the original as Da Vinci speculated. Suspecting people imagined Jeanne’s death would warrant her vengeance, she declares herself to be an aspect of Jeanne. She reveals her Servant class is Avenger. EMIYA tells her the fact that most of her followers are handsome means she has a subconscious desire to be the protagonist. Jeanne Alter denies and fights the group with Brynhildr.

After Brynhildr is defeated, Da Vinci convinces Jeanne Alter to become a Servant of Ritsuka. However, Jeanne Alter fights the group because they defeated her counterfeits. Da Vinci believes Jeanne Alter needs to do this to not hold a grudge against Ritsuka.

After Jeanne Alter is defeated, the group retrieves a fragment of the Grail she possessed. Da Vinci agrees with EMIYA that certain people need to be defeated before they can move forward. EMIYA decides he and Leonidas will design a training regiment for Da Vinci so she can be fit for the frontlines.

Christmas Event: The Second Generation is Alter[]

Inside Asterios' labyrinth, EMIYA makes a Christmas eve feast for himself, Nursery Rhyme, Jack the Ripper, and Asterios. After telling the girls to be careful with the noisemakers, he confesses how he wanted to avoid a repeat of last year by spending this year alone in a quiet labyrinth. Asterios apologizes, but EMIYA tells him not to worry as he got roped in too. He also tells him to embrace Christmas wholeheartedly, even if it is foreign to her. He then finishes cooking when Asterios senses someone nearby. After the girls run off to see who they assume to be Santa, EMIYA gets a confidential message from Chaldea. He and Asterios are thus made aware of Ritsuka's plan to help Jeanne Alter Santa Lily.

EMIYA confirms Alter Lily's suspicions that he didn't ask for a Christmas, saying he's too old for that and it's the parents who give presents in his country. Alter Lily runs away upon realizing her gift to Jack and Nursery, a hermitage, wouldn't be good for them. EMIYA asks Amakusa Shirou if he has a solution. Amakusa Shirou says they need to identify the problem first, understanding that Alter Lily is missing something. Alter Lily later departs to grant Jack and Nursery Rhyme's wish to see the sea with Amakusa Shirou's encouragement. EMIYA reacts to Amkusa Shirou's "evil" laughter by asking him why he's acting like a bad guy when they need to get ahead of Alter Lily's party. Amakusa Shirou admits he only wanted to end on a bad guy note is all.

EMIYA later meets up with Hassan of the Cursed Arm. Cursed Arm finds the situation ridiculous and questions why they have to interfere. EMIYA answers nothing can be done for Alter Lily if her heart doesn't change. He calls Alter Lily a paradox for trying to be a wish granter while not understanding what it means to grant wishes. To be Santa is to have your wish granted by granting others' wishes. But Alter Lily lacks that, so if left alone, she will lose her reason to live and maybe lose her identity. Worse, she is a version of Jeanne d'Arc no one believes in nor is aware of as she is a fake created by the Holy Grail. Jeanne Alter barely became a Servant after many trials, so her being in a Lily state makes her materialization even less stable. It was for that reason Artoria Alter passed the role of Santa to Alter Lily. EMIYA can only hope Alter Lily understands the burden she carries in her short journey to the sea.

Cursed Arm interrupts Alter Lily's party's journey to the sea and introduces EMIYA as the true Santa, Santam. Keeping himself hidden, EMIYA asks what is Santa. Alter Lily answers Santa is the granter of wishes, someone who brings joy by bringing gifts. EMIYA answers Santas are faceless watchmen who work in the shadows. He then unveils himself, but Alter Lily, Jack, and Nursery Rhyme immediately see through his disguise. This shocks EMIYA since they couldn't figure out Santa Mask's identity. Ignoring that, EMIYA tells Alter Lily he has come to correct her mistaken view of Santa. Telling her that she is no true Santa if she hesitates or abandons this journey, he challenges her to combat to see she truly believes herself to be Santa. Though she doubts herself, Alter Lily decides to fight, declaring herself to be Santa since she was entrusted with Santa Alter's sack. After he is defeated, EMIYA tells Alter Lily to move forward, never forgetting she is a true Santa. He leaves, telling her not to forget her duties as Santa.

Afterward, he joins his fellow co-conspirators as they watch Alter Lily look at the sea with her newfound friends. EMIYA helps Mash realize Ritsuka was the mastermind by saying it had to be someone who understands Servants the most and the one Jeanne Alter trusts wholeheartedly, even in her Lily form. However, no one told Mash about the plan since she cannot lie. EMIYA tells Ritsuka to apologize to Mash. Alter Lily then comes to talk with Ritsuka, so everyone except Ritsuka hides.

GUDAGUDA Meiji Restoration[]

EMIYA appears under the name Sanada Emimaru as one of the Servants summoned by Andras to serve Oda Nobukatsu. He creates fortifications for when he and the others defend the Sun Fortress against Ritsuka’s party while Nobukatsu sacrifices Chacha to Andras. The Heroic Spirit fused with him is telling him to protect the castle. Ritsuka’s party defeats himand Andras’ other Servants. As he disappears, Emimaru pleads with the group to hurry and save Chacha, saying the Heroic Spirit fused with him wants that as well. He then disappears after relaying the Heroic Spirit's words blaming Oda Nobunaga for his life becoming hell.[21]

Subspecies Singularity: SE.RA.PH[]

EMIYA enters Ritsuka's room reprimanding Nero Claudius and Tamamo-no-Mae for bothering Ritsuka while also offering to continue training Ritsuka in magecraft fundamentals. Nero and Tamao agrees his crafty nature is why he's kept his position as Ritsuka's tutor. EMIYA doesn't know what they're talking about, saying he's making up fro the lack of morals and education in other Servants. They all then hear Mash over the intercom announcing Chaldea will receive their regular report from Seraphix. Nero asks what Seraphix is, to which Tamamo and EMIYA explain it's an offshore oil rig once owned by the Animusphere family that provides Chaldea with resources. Tamamo gets an ominous feeling from the name Seraphix, but she nonetheless agrees to accompany Ritsuka there. Everyone then goes to the command room.[22]

Chaldea attempts to contact the facility, but they receive no audio or visual, despite both feeds being active. They receive an SOS message (sent by a staff member with BB's help), saying everyone is being digitized. The connection with Seraphix is then abruptly cut, so Leonardo da Vinci authorizes the use of Sheba to observe Seraphix. However, Seraphix seemingly no longer exists, with no signs of a Singularity. Chaldea soon receives a video message from BB. She reveals Seraphix no longer exists in the current time period, and tells Chaldea to check the Mariana Trench in 2030 A.D. The staff confirm Seraphix's location, revealing its currently 200 meters below the surface along with the existence of a Singularity. BB tells Chaldea to save Seraphix's staff before the oil rig sinks down to 10,000 meters while also dealing with the Singularity manifesting there. Da Vinci explains rayshifting to the future is impossible, but quickly realizes BB can verify Ritsuka and others' existence since 2030 is BB's present. BB warns Seraphix will reach the bottom of the trench in a few hours, at which point it'll be destroyed by the water pressure. Ritsuka, Nero Claudius, Tamamo-no-Mae, and EMIYA then rayshift to Seraphix. However BB supposedly hacks the rayshift to separate the group to random locations in the facility (in truth, it was Kiara who was responsible for the separation).[22]

Tamamo, Nero, and EMIYA are captured by BB/GO and made into her Sentinels. They're eventually freed from her influence by Ritsuka.[23] Everyone then goes to the central area after a series of adventures which EMIYA claims couldn't be shown due to "time constraints". Confronting BB/GO, EMIYA disgrees with Tamamo's expectation that he should like her that he played a part in the Kiara incident because of EMIYA Alter. He states he wants nothing whatsover to do with him. He dismisses EMIYA Alter looking badass as something anyone could do if they had two guns, which he admits he also wants. The group then defeat BB/GO, and return to Chaldea after she yields her Spirit Origin to BB in order to let BB merge with her.[24]

Event: Oni Pagoda Festival[]

EMIYA, Tawara Touta, Boudica, and Parvati all accept Shuten-douji's request to prepare a welcome party for Tomoe Gozen on the 80th floor of the Oni Pagoda. Taking the time it'd take for Ritsuka's party to reach the floor into account, they finish cooking by the time the group arrive. Tomoe declines to partake when EMIYA reveals it is a welcoming party for her as requested by Shuten. Except for Caesar and Cleopatra, he suspects everyone in the tower, even the tower itself, wanted Tomoe to have a good and memorable time. Tomoe realizes none of the guards demonstrated any animosity toward her, nor any loyalty to Shuten. She believes each one agreed to help Shuten for their own reasons. But dismantling the tower before it turns into a Singularity is the highest priority for her right now, everything else is secondary. Offended that their cooking will be wasted, EMIYA and the others force Ritsuka's party to fight. After defeating them, Tomoe apologizes and promises she'll partake after her task is done. EMIYA suspects the next welcoming party will be at Chaldea's dining hall and says he'll make something for Tomoe. Tomoe thanks him and he leaves.

GUDAGUDA: Strange Tales of the Imperial Holy Grail[]

EMIYA goes to the Singularity to determine the source of the posters he saw in the cafeteria and ends up becoming one of Chacha’s Seven Imperial Spears.[25] Under the name Fukushima Eminori, he is the second Spear that Ritsuka’s party defeats.[26]


In his first interlude, Requirements of a Master (マスターの条件?), EMIYA, Ritsuka, and Mash go to Fuyuki, which he suspects turned into its present due to the Masters there letting their Servant run wild without the interference of the Mage's Association and the Holy Church. After telling Ritsuka to control their Servants with their Command Spells, he goes to explain the different attributes of the Heroic Spirits. However, his lesson is interrupted by the appearance of monsters, which the group are soon able to defeat. Afterwards, EMIYA goes on to explain the differences between different Servant classes, but he interrupted once again by monsters. After killing the monsters, he tells Ritsuka that Masters and Servants should work together on equal terms. However, a group of Amazons appear targeting EMIYA, but they are soon defeated by him and the others. EMIYA then says that they should return to Chaldea, realizing that Ritsuka didn't need his lectures since they already have wonderful Servant with them like Mash. He tells Ritsuka that they have a long journey ahead of them, and that they'll learn better through experience, not words. He continues to tell Ritsuka to go at their own pace, but he soon asked by Mash why he's being nice to both of them. EMIYA answers that he wants others known that his Masters succeed, saying that a true Servant increase their reputation by helping their Master grow.[27]

In his second interlude, Unlimited Blade Works (無限の剣製?), EMIYA, Ritsuka and Mash travel to the cavern of the Greater Grail in Fuyuki due to him sensing a presence within. He then tells Ritsuka that he purposely seal away his Noble Phantasm until they were strong enough as a Master, not wanting Ritsuka to rely too much on Noble Phantasms. After he tells Ritsuka to defeat the Servant that guards the Greater Grail as proof of their growth, Mash realizes that he is talking about Heracles, but monster appear to attack the group. After killing the monsters, the group encounters the corrupted Hercales, and proceed to him after EMIYA warns of his multiple lives. After the group defeats the corrupted Heracles, EMIYA congratulates Ritsuka on no longer being a novice.[28]

Carnival Phantasm[]

Archer in Carnival phantasm

Archer makes a regular appearance in Carnival Phantasm. Like in Fate/Stay Night, he is Rin's Servant and often follows her orders. However, he acts more light-hearted and comical than his usual self.

In episode 5, Archer is shown to have a weakness against Boomelancer, a Noble Phantasm of Berserker that involves throwing Lancer at Archer, sending the latter flying into the distance.

Today's Menu for Emiya Family[]

Archer makes his debut in the series during the second half of the show, though his face becomes obscured or partially shown when the episode centers around Shirou.

Archer first appears in Episode 7, interrupting a volleyball match between Rider and Rin vs Shirou and Saber. He and Lancer choose to play against Shirou and Saber, easily overwhelming the pair by taking the game to its logical extreme. Archer also makes a rather obvious attempt to kill Shirou during the match, but misses each time.

Archer appears briefly in Episode 8, after Shirou's tendency to clean dust in the Tohsaka mansion reminds Rin of him.

Archer is the central character of Episode 11. He is asked by Rin to wait for her and Sakura at the park at 12 o'clock so he could carry their shopping bags, but Lancer unexpectedly shows up and talks Archer into becoming a cook for the cafe Lancer is working at. Archer ends up serving food for Caster, Kuzuki and Saber. Afterwards, Archer discovers he has missed the deadline but was already caught cooking by Rin, who praises Archer for his work.

All Around Type-Moon[]

Archer appears in three chapters of the manga series All Around Type-Moon, mainly as a customer of Ahnenerbe. In chapter four, he is talked into sewing an apron for Neko-Arc by Lancer. In another chapter, he tries (and fails) to teach Rin how to use a laptop, which she somehow uses to conjure Servants directly from the Moon Cell. He appears at the end of another chapter and has a very brief encounter with Kiritsugu Emiya, who merely walks by him much to his surprise.

Capsule Servant[]

Rin & Celebloomers ending.

Other appearances[]

In Type-Moon's April Fools' Day 2009, moon.cinemas.jp is a fake movie theater site listing a number of parody films. He was featured in Dog Fate -DooGSDAY- (いぬふぇいと ―DooGSDAY―, Inu Feito ― DooGSDAY ―?).

In April Fools' Day 2010, Tmitter is a fake online social networking, a parody of TwitterWP. His online user account is @Archer_tm41.

In Type-Moon's April Fools' Day 2015, Archer is part of the Imperial Roma enforcer. His Tmitter user account is @tmtt15_archer.



In life, EMIYA made a pact with the "World" to become a hero capable of producing miracles.[1] In exchange, he became a Counter Guardian after death, a defensive apparatus brought forth by mankind's collective unconsciousness of "ought to perpetuate" tasked with preventing humanity’s self destruction by killing a few to save the majority.[3] Because his basis differs from that of the other Heroic Spirits, he cannot be called a legitimate Heroic Spirit. Although his existence has been established as a knight of the bow, in his lifetime he was a magus, not a bowman. His standard weapon being a bow appears to not due to his own strength as a Heroic Spirit amounting to that much, but as a result of his combat style eventually settling down with sniping from afar.[2][3] Though Archer possesses weak parameters, he is a powerful Servant regardless of this fact. So he is deemed as a heroic spirit that's unconventionally strong. This is mainly due to the fact that Archer can compensate for his weaknesses by refining what little talents he has. Never focusing on trying to strengthen what he's weak at but rather by advancing his best abilities to their absolute limit. Nevertheless, the basic abilities of the Archer Class usually tend to be low, so they instead compensate with their Skills and Noble Phantasms. EMIYA is no exception, as shown when he engages in combat with unidentified Noble Phantasms.[15]

Being from the future, he does not have any blessings provided by fame.[1] Thus, he cannot be recognized by those with knowledge from the Throne of Heroes. This makes him a confusing existence for the other Servants, displaying his projection that turns normally important Noble Phantasms into items that can be discarded and destroyed on a whim, varied abilities that would normally mark the identity of a Servant, and contradictory abilities that do not match any known hero. Cú Chulainn believes there should be no Archer with a shield capable of blocking Gae Bolg, and Heracles thinks that being defeated in six different ways, all abilities of the highest class, without learning of the enemy's identity is very strange.


Class Skills[]

  • Magic Resistance (D Rank): Although EMIYA was a magus during his life and possesses unusual Projection sorcery, his affinity with “sorcery” is much worse compared to Heroic Spirits of ancient times who saw sorceries and True Magic as commonplace. The level of his Magic Resistance is a result of this. EMIYA’s Magic Resistance is weak.[1] Its rank is D, in other words,[1] spells more than one bar will annul this resistance. The benefit this skill provides him is just equivalent to an anti-magic amulet.[1][2] Thus, even spells greater than two steps can be lethal to him if hit. This level of resistance can be easily overcome by a relatively strong magus, and depending on the situation, EMIYA may even have to pay attention to the attack of Masters. This puts him at a disadvantage against Caster class servants such as Medea, who has powerful sorceries at her disposal.[1]
  • Independent Action (B Rank): Normally if a Servant loses his Master, he will disappear within hours if he cannot replenish the mana required to remain in this world.[1] The amount of time each Heroic Spirit has before disappearing varies,[1] however, those with this skill possess the ability to act independently for a period even if magic energy supply from the Master is severed.[2] At B rank, even if EMIYA loses his Master he is able to stay materialized for a period of 2 days.[1][2] However, this is the ideal value achieved by maximally conserving mana and avoiding battle and Noble Phantasm usage.[1] Furthermore, even if EMIYA’s spiritual core sustained lethal damage, he would still be able to survive for a short period of time. As shown in the Unlimited Blade Works route, EMIYA's ability to survive is extremely great.[1] Archer is able to switch Masters, and after Medea’s death, he continued to operate independently. He was able to project his Reality Marble to fight Artoria, wait for a day with Rin as a prisoner, fight Shirou while projecting his Reality Marble a second time, sustain fatal injuries from Gilgamesh's arrows, observe the battle between Shirou and Gilgamesh in spiritual form, protect Shirou with Rho Aias, save Rin and Shinji from the mud, and then finally eliminate Gilgamesh to save Shirou. His final attack is a regular arrow instead of a Noble Phantasm, and due to his gradual fading after the attack, it shows the final limits of his materialization.[1] Even after sustaining a lethal injury, he is able to survive long enough in the Heaven's Feel scenario to allow for his arm to be transplanted due to the ability.

Personal Skills[]

  • Clairvoyance (C Rank): The visual ability, also called Hawkeye,[1] that improves both static visual acuity and kinetic vision.[2] It affects the accuracy of bows, allows him to execute his "ultra long-range sniping" precisely even against targets moving at high speeds as long as they are within a four kilometer range. With accuracy transcending the realm of men, it is an ability often used for scouting that is able to fully survey the town simply upon looking down from a high location.[1] Utilizing the "must-have ability" of the Archer class,[1] such strikes greatly differ from his regular arrows, and they are a means to certainly kill the opponent. Differing from his former Japanese shooting method, nocking the arrow in the palm of the left hand, Archer utilizes the traditional European method of nocking the arrow over the back of the left hand.[29] He is skilled enough to mark two enemies and fire a single arrow with the intention of striking both, surpassing the normal rules being unable to alter its course. On a higher rank, even x-ray vision and future sight becomes possible, but rank C does not reach such a level.[2]
  • Mind's Eye (True) (B Rank): A danger-avoidance ability that calmly grasps of the enemy’s strength as well as his own situation during predicament and deduces the available means of survival on that situation.[1][2][3] As long as there is even a 1% chance of comeback, it draws in the chance to put said strategy into motion.[2][3] Although closely similar to the Skill Instinct,[3] this is not a result of talent, but an overwhelming amount of combat experience.[1] A weapon wielded by none other than a mortal,[1] gained through tenacious training.[1][2][3]
    Although EMIYA could fight on par with Cu Chulainn in their first battle, that was only because Lancer was being restrained by a Command Spell at the time. During their rematch, Archer no longer had any chance of victory in hand-to-hand combat, due to Lancer attacking him using all his might. Being the fastest Heroic Spirit in the Fifth Holy Grail War, Lancer's thrusts break Archer's defense each time, who could no longer discern the lance coming at him. Although each of Lancer's thrusts would have been a fatal blow, EMIYA was able to block his full-force assault thanks to having already experienced them in their previous battle.[30] It was thanks to this skill that EMIYA was able to successfully counter Cú Chulainn’s thrusts that were invisible to the eye.[1] Archer battles such opponents by leaving fatal openings, dodging them and risking instant death instead of slowly being cut up, which would ensure his loss as the fight drags out. Through battle, he is able to think of at least thirty ways to "show an opening", and this allows him to match Lancer's onslaught without being overwhelmed. Although he should not be a match because he should only be able to put up a true fight as a long-range archer and holds no prospect for victory in close combat, he is able to nullify Lancer's full force strikes, leaving Lancer perplexed at the situation and noting Archer's mysterious strength.
    Although superior to Shirou Emiya even at less than a tenth of his full power, the circumstances of their battle lead to Archer being unable to see through Shirou's "passion-infused strike which puts 'ideal' on the line",[1] and he ultimately is struck by it. He does not to answer as to why he did not block an attack he should have been able to easily block, and it is possible he does not know the answer.
  • Magecraft (C- Rank): This skill represents the acquisition of orthodox magic. The category of its strong point is unknown.[2] The sorceries EMIYA learned during his lifetime are without a doubt unremarkable. Even before becoming a Heroic Spirit, he exercised “reinforcement”, a Magic Spell quite able to perform a “structural analysis”, to find the location of an item’s fault and proceed with repair. However, this was just the preliminary step of what he would later master over time, Projection. This form of sorcery wielded by EMIYA is quite special, as it is able to duplicate weapons, including all the components, to near perfection. In addition, during duplication, he can even read the wielder’s skills, which allows him to gain all kinds of Noble Phantasms and combat skills.[1]
  • Projection Magecraft (C -> conditionally A+): A magic that reproduces tools by his image for but several minutes. The pair of swords that Archer favored, Kanshou and Bakuya, was something created by means of projection magic as well. Its rank rapidly increases only when the projection subject is categorized as a “sword”. Due this special trait of "can prepare counterfeits many times over", EMIYA destroys the projected Noble Phantasms. By having them explode, the destructive power is momentarily raised.[2][3]

Noble Phantasm[]


The reason EMIYA can match other Servants or even exceed them despite not having a Noble Phantasm to call his own is his Reality MarbleUnlimited Blade Works”, which includes “all the elements necessary to shape swords”. This Bounded Field can copy weapons that are seen only once, and store them within. Most of these objects are Noble Phantasms of Heroic Spirits copied through Projection Magecraft, each possessing deadly powers. By the time he participates in the Fifth Holy Grail War, the weapons stored had exceeded thousands.[1] Emiya can freely take out and utilise the weapons according to the situation, however, they are all one rank lower than the originals.[2][3] He can also assault the enemy by firing many “arrows” at once like Gilgamesh’s Gate of Babylon.[1] Although Gilgamesh has a great advantage over other Heroic Spirits due to being “war itself”, and even Artoria would likely lose against him since her attributes aren't fit to fight him,[31] this method of attack allowed Shirou to counter Gilgamesh’s Gate of Babylon by generating an equal amount of arrows.

Most notable Noble Phantasms contained within Unlimited Blade Works:

  • Kanshou and Bakuya: The famous swords of Chinese legend. The Yin-Yang, Female-Male paired swords based on the Yin-Yang Doctrine. EMIYA’s favorite melee weapons.[1] Although EMIYA has very low Magic Resistance, when holding both Kanshou and Bakuya, his resistance to magic is improved to the point of being capable of deflecting even Medea's A-ranked spells, thanks to the spells of warding he has crafted over them. However, those attacks would still pose fatal danger should they strike him directly. The swords also boost the wielder's physical resistance.
  • Caladbolg II: The legendary sword Caladbolg of the Ulster Cycle, projected and modified by EMIYA. Although it is not very useful as a sword, EMIYA modified it into an arrow, transforming it an A rank Broken Phantasm.[1] Although this projection could have killed Heracles had it struck him directly, Heracles was capable of destroying it mid-air by countering with all his might.[32] In the anime version, he couldn't react to EMIYA's surprise attack since he had just sustained a severe injury from Artoria, losing one of his lives in the process.[33]
  • Excalibur: Under normal circumstances, Divine Constructs such as Ea and Excalibur are non-replicable, although there might be some degraded Noble Phantasms with similar performance in stock.[34] However, due to the close relationship EMIYA had with Artoria in his past life, he can project Excalibur. Although a weapon of such rank cannot be perfectly reproduced, he can get it close. Even in this case, projecting it would kill him.[30]


Due to lacking an actual Noble Phantasm, Archer's basic abilities are below those of other Servants. His main strength lies within his versatility and adaptability, shown through his exceptional use of tactics and battle experience making his combat style very distinct from those of other Servants.[1] His strength does not come from natural talent like Rin or Saber, but instead from single-minded refining of what little talent he had in life. He had nothing at first, and through improving himself for reason that he was not extraordinary, his techniques trained by his will alone reached the point where it is obvious to Shirou that he should be naturally considered strong. He is not fixated on the exact method of winning, opening many possibilities not available to those who fight with chivalry and codes of honor.[35]

In addition, he is able to capitalise on his ability to repeatedly project: use Noble Phantasms as disposable arrows, and then unleash the magical energy stored within – the tactic called “Broken Phantasm”.[1] This is a trump card available only to Archer, since utilizing Broken Phantasms requires for the destruction of a Noble Phantasm, so it is not something able to be utilized by a normal Servant without sacrificing their strength.

He wears a cloak and mantle set that are first rate Conceptual Weapons made from the Holy Shroud of a saint. It does not oppose enemies, but instead the external environment.[16] In combat, Archer is proven to easily best Caster and True Assassin. Caster believed he wouldn't be able to scratch her within her own domain. But he quickly proved her wrong as he used two attacks capable of killing her, one of which he warned her to dodge. While in a fair fight with True Assassin he nearly killed him having almost sliced his body in half. Which he did all the while protecting Illya and Shirou. He deflected every one of True Assassin's attacks even the ones aimed at Shirou and was able to match True Assassin's speed with ease.

Close combat[]

Though he is of the Archer class, which originally focuses on long range combat, he is highly accomplished in melee combat with swordplay and due to his wish to conceal his trump card, he mainly focuses on melee tactics, primarily utilizing Kanshou and Bakuya when engaging other Servants.[1] Being his preferred close range weapons, his usage of them has allowed him to develop a style of fighting perfectly suited to him. Though he can fight with a single blade, he generally wields them both at once. The advantage of projection allows for him to replace swords if they are destroyed or if he is disarmed. He has no trouble projecting twenty-eight pairs during a strenuous clash consisting of over a hundred strikes and constantly being disarmed.

If EMIYA fought Sasaki Kojirou in a straight out death match, he would win. However, Assassin is an oddity that fights under different battle conditions from the other Servants. While many Servants are offensive, Assassin is defensive. At a Servant-killing battlefield like Ryuudou Temple and with Medea's anti-sorcery defensive barrier, sorcery and Noble Phantasm power is decreased significantly. As a result, unless he uses a powerful Noble Phantasm, Sasaki won't take a fatal wound, which will reduce the battle between the two to the difference in their levels of swordsmanship. With Archer having his sniping sealed off to him due to the terrain effect, Archer would be at a clear disadvantage.[36]

Archer facing Berserker in close quarters.

Although Illya believes that there should only be one or two Servants able to match Heracles, the most famous of all the Heroic Spirits, EMIYA was able to equally match him, and succeeded in killing him 6 times in a row. Each time, using a different method to deliver another fatal blow. Heracles also deemed him a rare great enemy, and wished to have been summoned as a regular servant, to match sword techniques with Archer to his hearts content. In order for Heracles to have fully recovered after that fight, he would have needed to rest for three days.[37]

EMIYA's ultimate tactic is known as the Triple-Linked Crane Wings, an attack performed by exploiting Kanshou an Bakuya's full capabilities. A method of assault that involves multiple projected pairs in succession to completely seal the opponent, a stance that guarantees a sure kill. This Noble Phantasm allowed Shirou Emiya to defeat Saber Alter in a sword fight.[38]

Ranged combat[]

Archer's bow

Being an Archer, EMIYA can't display his full might unless he's shooting from a long range.[30] By assaulting melee Servants with this type of long range attack, Emiya is able to turn the odds to his favour.[1] Archer utilizes a bow that he projects when he does make use of projectiles, which, along with his armor, is made from a special material that has yet to be discovered by mankind as of the present time.[citation needed] Archer's Bow (アーチャーの弓, Āchā no Yumi?) is a matte black, western-style straight bow, with a simple design that was constructed to be resistant enough to fire Noble Phantasms. It is a completely original weapon, a projection whose structure and composition is not directly taken from another hero's bow. He often uses regular arrows for quick and accurate attacks that cost less magical energy than Noble Phantasms. Their accuracy is spot-on, and their power is still great enough to bring down houses with a small barrage released in quick succession. Releasing over a dozen arrows at once, they are accurately fired at the opponent whether as a sneak attack or support for another. He is capable of performing Broken Phantasm shots from various distances, from hundreds of meters away up to four kilometers away from the target.

The compatibility between Medusa and him isn't very good, and if the two were to fight, they'd definitely both choose a low-risk and high-return type of warfare. Due to EMIYA surpassing Medusa in skill, at medium range, his bow would give him a great advantage, however, her Mystic Eyes would be able to petrify it, rendering it useless. If EMIYA resorts to activating Unlimited Blade Works, Medusa will just use be destroy instantly. At long range his fire won't work against Bellerophon, what determines the outcome of the fight is whether Rho Aias on its own is able block Bellerophon and buy him enough time to pull out Harpe and maybe have a chance at victory.[35]

Archer preparing to fire Hrunting

In a fight between Artoria and EMIYA, Artoria wouldn't doubt to use Excalibur under any condition whatsoever. Archer on the other hand, would fight using a strategy of victory. The highlight wouldn't just be their different battle styles, but the difference between their personalities. However, even with Unlimited Blade Works, it's questionable whether EMIYA could hold Saber back in single combat. Even one definite hit from sniping or one blast of her Holy Sword would be enough to determine the outcome of their fight. As such, who would have the upper hand between the two might really depend on the wit of their Masters rather than their own.[39] In their actual fight in Hollow Ataraxia, Archer initiated by snipping her with Hrunting from four kilometers away. Even though his shots can reach speeds of Mach 10, Saber deflected it without problem. However, EMIYA can shoot multiple times in a row, adding more magical energy to charge the shot each time. The second shot has a charging interval of twenty seconds, and the time increases after he places more power into it. Shirou estimates that by the fifth shot, her knees would give in, and that the sixth would prove fatal. Although they could put up a fight with her Noble Phantasm, it would endanger the surrounding buildings. Therefore, they would need to close the gap between them in the interval it takes him to charge his next shot. Doing so with Saber's insufficient amount of mana at the time should normally be impossible, however, Shirou was able to temporarily strengthen her with his last Command Spell, whose magical energy is great enough to fill even Saber's enormous circuit allowing for the legendary King of Knights to be reborn. Shirou commanding her to fly fills her with energy and allows her to directly fly towards Archer on top of a building four kilometers away. Using all of the energy of the Command Spell on the one action allows her to increase the distance she can jump, effectively reducing the distance to zero in an instant. She is able to match the speed of Hrunting, allowing her to kill Archer in the same instant it reaches Shirou.[40]

Forms and Alternate Versions[]


Blackened EMIYA

EMIYA is blackened in Fate/Grand Order: First Order after his defeat at the hands of Saber Alter in Singularity F. He primarily snipes from afar, guarding Saber Alter and the cavern holding the Greater Grail before later engaging against Chaldea`s forces and Caster.

A version of blackened Archer appears in TYPE-MOON ACE VOL. 11 with his left eye completely blackened, the red garments absent and his shirt extending down to his knees like a waist-cape. This Archer continuously wears a smile on his face, even as his body slowly disintegrates into nothing. Like the anime version that appeared in First Order, this Archer primarily uses a bow.


The scene "Decisive Battle" in Fate/hollow ataraxia shows Archer remembering the very first scene of the Prologue of Fate/stay night with Shirou Emiya summoning Saber, and though it was meant to show that the Prologue scene was from Archer's perspective, Kinoko Nasu was surprised when nobody made the connection.[41]



  1. The family name Emiya is rendered in kanji (衛宮), while EMIYA's name is rendered in katakana (エミヤ). Due to the inability to replicate this difference in English, the name of EMIYA is either capitalized or italicized at times to indicate the difference.


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    Weight: 78kg
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    STR: D
    CON: C
    AGI: C
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    LCK: E
    Noble Phantasm: ??

    Life as a Human
    This is Emiya Shirou after becoming a Heroic Spirit in the future. He stubbornly trained himself after the Holy Grail War, and pursued the dream of becoming a superhero. However, he soon fell into despair as he realised that his own power was insufficient to save mankind. Before the dying people, Emiya made a pact with the” World” and become a hero that can produce miracles, yet he died a tragic death because of the betrayal of his allies. Although he died of betrayal, he did not hate mankind. However, the “World” ironically gave him the duty as a Heroic Spirit “to slaughter all humans at a particular location when mankind is at the threshold of complete self destruction” --- a “Counter Guardian”.

    Since Emiya is a Heroic Spirit from the future, he does not have any blessings provided by fame. In addition, he does not have Noble Phantasms, as a result his basic abilities are below other Servants. However, his exceptional use of tactics and battle experience makes his combat style very distinct from other Servants. The Archer class originally focuses on long range combat, but Emiya loves melee combat and wishes to conceal his trump card, thus he focuses on melee tactics with Kansho and Bakuya when engaging other Servants.
    The reason an Emiya with no Noble Phantasms is able to match other Servants or even exceed them is the Reality Marble “Unlimited Blade Works”, which includes “all the elements necessary to shape swords”. This Boundary Field can copy weapons that are seen only once, and store them within. In the Fifth Holy Grail War, the weapons stored had exceeded thousands. Emiya can freely take out and utilise the weapons according to the situation, and he can also assault the enemy by firing many Noble Phantasms from the Boundary Field like arrows in the same way as Gilgamesh’s “Gate of Babylon”.
    Emiya’s trump card is firing copied Noble Phantasms as arrows – “Broken Phantasm”. On impact, the magical force will explode, generating overwhelming destructive power. By assaulting melee Servants with this type of long range attack, Emiya is able to turn the odds to his favour.

    Class Abilities

    Magic Resistance: D
    Emiya’s Magic Resistance is weak. Its rank is D, in other words, spells more than one bar will annul this resistance. The benefit it provides is equivalent to an anti-magic amulet. This level of resistance can be easily overcome by a relatively strong magus.
    Although Emiya was a magus during his life and possesses unusual Projection sorcery, his affinity with “sorcery” is much worse compared to Heroic Spirits of ancient times who saw sorceries and True Magics as commonplace. The level of Magic Resistance is a result of this.
    For Emiya who possesses low Magic Resistance, it is easy to picture the kind of effects great sorceries and ritual spells can have on him. Even spells greater than two steps can be lethal to him if hit. Because of this, Emiya is at a disadvantage against Caster, who has powerful sorceries at her disposal. Depending on the situation, Emiya may even have to pay attention to the attack of Masters who are magi.

    Independent Action: B
    Normally if a Servant loses his Master, he will disappear within hours if he cannot replenish the mana required to remain in this world. The amount of time each Heroic Spirit has before disappearing varies, but Emiya can remain in this world for 2 days due to Rank B Independent Action. However, this is the ideal value achieved by maximally conserving mana and avoiding battle and Noble Phantasm usage.
    In UBW route, Emiya’s Master switched from Rin to Medea, and after Medea’s death, he continued to operate independently and battled Emiya Shirou. Through all these events, one is able to recognise Emiya’s ability to survive alone. In addition, even if Emiya’s spiritual core sustained lethal damage, he can still survive for a short period. This ability is the reason why Emiya is able to secretly observe Shirou and gang’s battle as a spiritual body after being defeated by Shirou. In addition, after the battle between Shirou and Gilgamesh had concluded at Ryudo Temple, Emiya appeared in front of Gilgamesh as he attempted to pull Shirou into the darkness. He shot an arrow between the eyes of Gilgamesh and sent him alone into the darkness. The arrow shot at that time was a regular arrow, and from the fact that Emiya gradually began to disappear after this attack, this is probably the limit of Emiya’s materialisation.

    Personal Skills

    Clairvoyance: C
    The visual ability that is also called “Eagle Eye”. This is a must-have ability of the Archer Class. It is also frequently used during scouting. Simply looking from a high location is sufficient to fully survey the town and search for enemies. In addition, Clairvoyance will affect the accuracy of bows. Also worth mentioning is that, as Emiya readies his bow, he will be able to precisely snipe even enemies moving at high speeds as long as they are within a 4km range.
    Archer, who possesses Clairvoyance, is able to execute “ultra long-range sniping” with accuracy transcending the realm of men.

    Thaumaturgy: C-
    During his life time, the sorceries learned by Emiya are unremarkable. Before becoming a Heroic Spirit, even “reinforcement” was quite difficult. However, the “projection” sorcery he wields is quite special, as it is able to duplicate weapons, including all the components, to near perfection. In addition, during duplication, he can even read the wielder’s skills, which allows him to gain all kinds of Noble Phantasms and combat skills.
    During his life time, Emiya used the preliminary step of projection – “structural analysis”, to find the location of an item’s fault and proceed with repair.

    Eye of the Mind (True): B
    A danger-avoidance ability that utilises the intelligence collected up to the current time as the basis, in order to predict the opponent’s activity and change the current situation. This is not a result of talent, but an overwhelming amount of combat experience. A weapon wielded by none other than a mortal, gained through tenacious training. Using Eye of the Mind, Emiya was able to successfully counter Cú Chulainn’s thrusts that were invisible to the eye.
    Even with Rank B Eye of the Mind (True), Emiya was unable to see through Emiya Shirou’s passion-infused strike which put “ideal” on the line.

    Noble Phantasm

    Unlimited Blade Works
    Rank: E~A++
    Type: ???
    Range: ???
    Maximum Targets: ???
    The “Innate Bound Field” wielded by Emiya. It is his ability as a Heroic Spirit with no Noble Phantasms. The inside of the reality marble is a world like a steel mill, filled with weapons, flames, and giant gears. The uncountable swords plunge into the ground and were preserved thus. The majority of the weapons persevered in the reality marble are Noble Phantasms of Heroic Spirits copied through projection sorcery, each possessing deadly powers. Although the majority of the weapons are swords, the Noble Phantasm that provides absolute defence against projectiles, “Rho Aias”, is also said to be copied and stored in the reality marble. Also, the ability of the replicated Noble Phantasm suffers one rank down compared to the original.
    Not only can Emiya freely access the weapon stored inside Unlimited Blade Works, he can also modify the weapons to his wish like Caladabolg II. In addition, he is able to capitalise on his ability to repeatedly project: use Noble Phantasms as disposable arrows, and then unleash the magical energy stored within – the tactic called “Broken Phantasm”.

    Rho Aias
    The shield used by the hero of Trojan War, Aias. The Boundary Field Noble Phantasm that provides absolute defence against projectile weapons.

    Kansho and Bakuya
    The famous swords of Chinese legend. The Yin-Yang, Female-Male paired swords based on the Yin-Yang Doctrine. Emiya’s favourite melee weapons.

    Caladbolg II
    The legendary sword “Caladbolg” of the Ulster Cycle, projected and modified by Emiya. Not very useful as a sword, but rather used as an arrow for “Broken Phantasm”

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    EMIYA - Archer

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Takeuchi Takashi
    Voice Actor: Suwabe Junichi

    Strength: D
    Endurance: C
    Agility: C
    Mana: B
    Luck: E
    Noble Phantasm: -

    Personal Skills
    Clairvoyance C
    Eye of the Mind (True) B
    Magecraft C-

    Class Skills
    Independent Action B
    Magic Resistance D

    Noble Phantasm
    Unlimited Blade Works: Infinite Sword Creation
    Rank: E~A→E~A++
    Type: ????

    Because his basis differs from that of the other Heroic Spirits, he cannot be called a legitimate Heroic Spirit. This Heroic Spirit is a something called a Guardian; something like a defensive apparatus brought forth by mankind's collective unconsciousness of "ought to perpetuate".
    The way of being of such defense is called the Counter Force of humanity. In short, a faceless representative of justice elected by the nameless people.

    Level 1 Bond
    Although his existence has been established as a knight of the bow, in his lifetime he was a magus, not a bowman. A counterfeiter (Faker) who makes use of projection magecraft to counterfeit many famous swords, magic swords.
    It is believed that the reason why his standard armament was a bow is because he is not all that strong as a Heroic Spirit and, in the end, his combat style settled down for sniping.

    Level 2 Bond

    • Eye of the Mind (True): B

    Insight cultivated from training and learning. The “logic of battle” to calmly grasp one’s situation and the abilities of the enemy and find out a means of escape when in a dilemma. If the possibility of a reversal is even 1%, a chance can be pulled out by putting this strategy into practice.
    Something falsely similar to the Skill Instinct.

    Level 3 Bond
    A realist who perform his work in an indifferent manner.
    Cynical and pessimistic. Yet, he is far from an workaholic, and he is also a playboy who utters nihilistic jokes at appropriate times.
    Someone who approves rational tactics, social justices, but because his starting point is the ideal of "wishing to save all people", there is a part of him that simply cannot remain cool-headed.

    Level 4 Bond
    "Infinite Sword Creation"
    Rank: E~A++  Type: ??
    Unlimited Blade Works.
    A unique magecraft called Reality Marble.
    For a given time, reality is overwritten by the mental world and all the weapons which the conjurer has confirmed by sight, all weapons employed at that place are instantly reproduced and stocked.
    However, these reproduced weapons fall by one Rank.

    Level 5 Bond

    • Projection Magecraft: C (conditionally A+)

    A magecraft that reproduces tools for a few minutes by means of images.
    The paired swords which Archer habitually uses, Kanshou・Bakuya, are also things produced by projection magecraft.
    Only when the target of projection falls under the category of "sword", the Rank rapidly jumps up.
    Due this special trait of "can prepare counterfeits many times over", EMIYA destroys the projected Noble Phantasms. By having them explode, the destructive power is momentarily raised.

    Height/Weight: 187cm・78kg
    Source: Fate/stay night
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: True Neutral  Gender: Male
    "A confrontation with yourself?
    Stop, stop. There is nothing decent about that."

    エミヤ - アーチャー



    千里眼 C
    心眼(真) B
    魔術 C-

    対魔力 D
    単独行動 B

    ランク: E~A→E~A++





    ランク:E~A++  種別:????


    出典:Fate/stay night
    属性:中立・中庸  性別:男性

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    Affiliation: Rin Tohsaka's Servant
    True Identity: EMIYA
    Gender: Male
    Height: 187cm
    Weight: 78kg
    Image Color: Red
    Talents: Fiddle with junks, all kinds of housework
    Likes: All kinds of housework (he denies it)
    Dislike: Hero of Justice
    Worst enemy: Rin Tohsaka, Sakura Matou, Illya
    Origin: Japan

    Nasu Kinoko & Takeuchi Takashi • Character Discussion

    >The catalyst for Archer's birth

    Nasu: Archer has to be one of the most obvious and transparent characters possible.

    Takeuchi: He earned some serious popularity among the fans, enough to get him third place in a popularity contest. The top three positions are usually reserved for the heroines.

    Nasu: That was really hard to believe.

    Takeuchi: None of the characters in old "Fate" really held the same position as Archer, so it's safe to say he truly is a "stay night" original.

    Nasu: I guess you could say his personality and behaviour were transplanted from the male Saber in the original Fate". Archer's theme is pretty stereotypical, and I think we used him to supplement some of the nihilism that was lacking in "stay night" as a result of male Saber's exclusion. It was also great to have Archer and Rin together. That particular pairing was really easy to write.

    >Regarding Archer's character design

    Takeuchi: I knew from the beginning that Archer and Shirou were technically the same person, so I just aimed to design a character of ambiguous nationality but with a distinct Japanese style.

    Nasu: I asked Takeuchi to make sure Archer's true identity wasn't obvious, but also to avoid making him look totally different. We gave him white hair and a slightly darker skin tone, but their personalities have similarities... and their eyebrows are exactly the same.

    Takeuchi: Koyama commented on the eyebrows,, but it was a while after the game was released. I was like, "It took you this long to notice!?" (laughs)

    Nasu: It's one of those details that tends to escape notice until someone points it out.

    Takeuchi: I don't know how anyone can miss such weird-looking eyebrows... but I guess if even the development staff didn't notice it right away, I did a good job. Good job, me!

    Nasu: Yes, yes... You did a good job with that subtlety. Here, have a gold star. I think the red coat was another detail that I specifically requested?

    Takeuchi: Yeah, that's right. But it's not really a coat, is it? As I recall, we decided to use the term "overcoat" because we couldn't very well call it a red waistcloth.

    Nasu: So this is what passes for an overcoat in the future? (laughs)

    Takeuchi: The future is an awesome place! I wonder if the swords were the secret to Archer's popularity. I feel like the Kanshou and Bakuya designs turned out really well.

    Nasu: Somehow, Archer looks more natural holding Kanshou and Bakuya than he does wielding a bow.

    Takeuchi: I think going with a Chinese-style weapon was the right choice. I feel like Archer might not have turned out as well if we had chosen a Western sword or Japanese katana for him. Kanshou and Bakuya offer such a subtle balance. Koyama deserves all the credit for that one. I also think they strike a good balance between a realistic and manga style.

    >The message Archer carries as a character

    Nasu: I feel like I said everything I wanted to say with Archer in the main game storyline.

    Takeuchi: Maybe that explains his popularity. Honestly, I sometimes wonder why and how he got so popular.

    Nasu: Hmm... sex appeal?

    Takeuchi: But he's popular with the male playerbase as well.

    Nasu: Ha! It's easy to gain a male following if you're all cool and nihilistic like Archer. Curse people who find fulfillment in their lives!

    Takeuchi: Uh... I don't think Archer necessarily found fulfillment in his life... but I guess his words and actions carry a certain weight with them, and I imagine that made him very easy to like.

    Nasu: He took on the much needed role of admonishing our troublesome main character, so it was inevitable that he would eventually become a hated character or an obstacle that would have to be overcome. It's one of those conflicts from which only one will walk away. I think this role made him very attractive as well.

    Takeuchi: I guess.

    Nasu: I heard that some of our more intuitive players figured out Archer's true identity in Saber's route.

    Takeuchi: Seriously!?

    Nasu: I was surprised too, when I heard. I mean, it's true we did have two or three well-hidden clues tucked away in there, so it doesn't seem entirely infeasible. Of course, we had put those clues there so that the player might recall them during Rin's route and slowly figure it out from there... I don't think any of us expected players to figure it out during Saber's route.

    Takeuchi: I think Archer earned some serious points though with his battle against Berserker. He really secured his place as a character who can "speak volumes with his back turned". We only incorporated that scene because it was necessary with regard to the storyline, but looking back at it now, I realise that a great scene it really was. I don't think anyone expected that dialogue in that moment... it was all so perfect. Archer really is a great character.

    Nasu: He's technically a pretty oblivious character who is really awkward at life, but his nihilistic side was powerfully emphasised in the main storyline of "Fate". I suppose you could say he has a leg up on Shirou out of sheer life experience.

    >Archer's thoughts and feelings on being summoned by Rin

    Nasu: I'd like to leave that particular point up to the player's imagination, so I won't discuss it in detail here. Something I can talk about is how we managed to incorporate two things into "Fate" that we didn't get around to doing in "Tsukihime". The first was a route that was played from the victim's point of view, and the other was to portray a duel against the ideal version of oneself. The thing about battling an "ideal version of oneself" is that this concept itself is open for interpretation. The "ideal self" could be a rival, someone totally different like Kotomine, or literally oneself. After much deliberation, we decided we'd go with the "vs. self" concept for "Fate". Gil was the Archer in old "Fate", but we chose to promote Gil to a boss role and put future Shirou in the Archer position this time. In this way, we were able to facilitate Shirou's "battle vs. himself". The "victim's route" was established by Satsuki's route, and we also supplemented that theme with Sakura's route.


    Character Data 005

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    Because the number of magic circuits a person has is fixed at birth, magi lineages do what they can to improve themselves and create an heir with even one more magic circuit.
    Once the magic circuits have been opened for the first time, the practitioner can switch them on and off at will.
    Each practitioner visualizes the flipping of this switch in their own particular way. For Shirou, the image is that of a gun's firing hammer, while for Rin it is stabbing a heart with a knife.
    This image tends to be related to how the circuits were opened for the very first time, so there even those who can only open their circuits through sexual arousal or self-harm.
    By the way, Shirou's number of magic circuits is an unexpectedly high 27.
    Rin, on the other hand, has 40 main circuits, while her sub-circuits are 30 each.


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    Q: During the last part of Sakura’s route, Shirou was saved by the tiny bit of residual mana in Rin Tohsaka’s pendant. Also, it seems like Rin knew about the difference in residual mana between the thing he got back from Archer and the thing he was holding, so could Sakura’s route be the one in which Shirou becomes a Heroic Spirit after all? Or could you tell us the route(s) in which Shirou doesn’t become a Heroic Spirit?

    A: I’ll just say now that he doesn’t become a Heroic Spirit in any of the routes, but the possibility is still present in all of them as well. Basically, the probability of it happening is almost zero.

  10. [[Unlimited_Blade_Works_Animation_Material_II v]] Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] Animation Material II - Kinoko and Takashi Q & A [T]
    Q: What was the Fifth Grail War that Heroic Spirit Emiya experienced in his lifetime like? Was the Archer summoned there also Emiya?

    Q: What was the Fifth Grail War that Heroic Spirit Emiya experienced in his lifetime like? Was the Archer summoned there also Emiya? <grog>

    Nasu Kinoko: It was a world where the conditions at the beginning of the war were mostly the same, but something was missing. Shirou summoned Saber and fought until the end, didn't save Saber's heart but understood her, and they destroyed the grail together and parted... that's the image I have.
    Takeuchi Takashi: Ahh, so something like a Fate route Good End we didn't make in the game?!
    Nasu: Yeah, probably. After that, it is believed he cooperates with Rin who survived, and heads to London.

    英霊エミヤが生前経験した第五次聖 杯戦争ってどんな内容だったんで しょうか。その時召喚されていたアー チャーもエミヤでしたか?<grog>

    奈:聖杯戦争開始時の条件がほぼ同 じではあるものの、何かが欠けてい た世界。士郎はセイバーを召喚して 戦い抜き、セイバーの心を救えない もののセイバーを理解し、共に聖杯 を破壊して別れた......ようなイメー ジ。
    武:ああ、ゲーム版では作らなかっ たFateルートのグッドみたいなも のか!
    奈:うん、たぶんそう。その後、生き 残った凛と協力関係になり、ロンド ンに旅立ったと思われる。
    武:こういう所で、同じ物語を繰り 返すというゲームならでは設定が根 幹にあるということを再確認させられるね。

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    Q: When and where did Archer (Emiya Shirou) acquire his red overcoat (a holy shroud)?

    Q: When and where did Archer (Emiya Shirou) acquire his red overcoat (a holy shroud)? Or, was the shroud he used in Sakura’s route an original one?

    A: When he began working as a freelance magus in his twenties, he received it from a certain curry-loving member of the clergy... now that would make a nice story, it would.



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    Q: In Sakura’s Route, Archer seemed to already know the existence of the likes of Angra Mainyu, did he have experience in battling this type of enemies in other eras?

    Q: In Sakura’s Route, Archer seemed to already know the existence of the likes of Angra Mainyu, did he have experience in battling this type of enemies in other eras?

    A: He fought such things when he was alive, but had to retreat because there was nothing he could do. Also, after reaching the Throne of Heroes, he had an understanding of the target of the Counter Force.



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    Q: Around what age did Archer (Emiya Shirou) form a contract with the World as a Guardian?

    Q: Around what age did Archer (Emiya Shirou) form a contract with the World as a Guardian?

    A: From his late twenties to early thirties.



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    Q: Kotomine grew 8cm in the ten years between Zero and Stay Night. Shirou is also confirmed to grow about 20cm in the future. Is there a relationship between extreme height growth post-growth-spurt and the use of magecraft?

    Q: Kotomine grew 8cm in the ten years between Zero and Stay Night. Shirou is also confirmed to grow about 20cm in the future. Is there a relationship between extreme height growth post-growth-spurt and the use of magecraft?

    A: Honestly, I don't know either.

    Q:言峰はZeroからstay nightの10年間で身長が8cm伸び、士郎もまた将来的に20cmくらい身長が伸びることが確定しています。成長が過ぎてからの極端な身長の伸びと魔術の使用には何らかの相関性があるのでしょうか?


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    Archer [Servant]
    Heroic Spirit of the bow. The basic abilities of these Servants tended to be low, but they compensated with Skills and Noble Phantasms.
    The Archer in this story was no exception, he engaged in combat with unidentified Noble Phantasms.
    A thoroughly cynical pragmatist... but even so, he had an oddly childish personality that no one could hate.
    His real identity was ???. He was such an important character in the story, you could call him the shadow protagonist. Half of Fate could be called his story.
    At the beginning of the game, Archer claimed his memory was confused due to incomplete summon. This was half-truth.
    On the night of the summoning, Archer assessed the situation and deduced the current circumstances. He believed that he would have the opportunity to achieve his goal.
    At the instant Rin introduced herself, Archer believed the girl who summoned him was "Tohsaka Rin" (not due to his memory being confused, but the name Tohsaka Rin being worn off).
    At that moment, Archer recalled like a jolt of lightning:

    "-------Rin. Ah, that's the name------"

    Archer murmured this under his breath at that time. It was truly from his heart and filled with much endearment close to insanity.
    ... There were much foreshadowing in the story besides this instance, but they were all limited except for the post-Saber vs. Berserker narration.
    Due to the rebound of some magecraft, his skin turned dark... something like that.

    その正体は■■■。影の主役とも言える重要な役ど ころで、「Fate」の半分はこの男の物語と言える。
    ゲーム開始時、不完全な召喚のせいで記憶が曖昧 だった、というのは半分ホン卜で半分ウソ。
    召喚された夜、凛が眠った後に現状を把握し、今の 状況を推測、推理し、自分がようやく目的を可能とす る機会を得た、と確信した。
    その時、雷光の速度でアーチャーは思い出した訳で ある。



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    The crimson cloak [Armament]
    A set of cloak and mantle.
    The clothes that symbolized Archer.
    They were actually first grade Conceptual Weapons.
    Made from the burial cloth of a saint, they offered protection against the external world rather than enemies.


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    Q: In the Fifth Holy Grail War that Archer was retracing, were the inner dealings of the Matou clan or Sakura’s circumstances known? If he had known, how did Sakura look through Archer’s eyes in this particular Holy Grail War?

    Q: In the Fifth Holy Grail War that Archer was retracing, were the inner dealings of the Matou clan or Sakura’s circumstances known? If he had known, how did Sakura look through Archer’s eyes in this particular Holy Grail War? <Black Pawn>

    Nasu: That Archer only has “memories of Saber” when it concerns the Holy Grail War. When he was summoned, seeing his summoned before him, he started to acknowledge things around Rin as “his own things.” The inner dealings of the Matou clan is something he didn’t know before turning into a Servant, and Sakura’s current circumstances were something he deduced after being summoned for the Holy Grail War. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that he would assist Sakura. Archer is Archer. It’s not the guy.
    Takeuchi: He remembers just Saber… you’re talking about the opening scene in the original game.
    Nasu: It’s not that he clearly remembers details. His memories are vague, and at the point where he was assigned as a guardian, his memories are all blended together chaotically regardless of past or future. So, he no longer has the sensation of “what he feels is beautiful” anymore. Just think the “first contact with Saber” was something engraved into his soul as an Art Graph. Also, how that young man met Saber and how he was involved is something completely different from that in stay night.

    ? <Black Pawn>


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    Q: ゲームをプレイさせたらいちばん上手そうなキャラは?という質問に。


    A: Saber:



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    Archer [Servant]
    Archer is one of the main Servants that the protagonist contract.
    Enveloped in his red cloak, he is a young man in his mid-20s.
    Despite belonging to the archer class, he is a tough-as-steel Heroic Spirit and usually engages in close quarters combat. He is sometimes referred to as Koucha, or even Red Archer in order to avoid being confused with the Archer who wears green clothing.
    Archer usually uses the personal pronoun 私 (watashi), but depending on the situation he lets オレ (ore) slip out from time to time.

    Having been introduced in Type-Moon works countless times, he is a very familiar Servant.
    He is a cool-headed cynic, but he is also helpful and caring. Due to his character he is said to be a Servant who is also suitable to serve as a butler. Archer’s origin differs from that of other Heroic Spirits, and he cannot be considered a legitimate Heroic Spirit.
    Archer is a guardian. He was born into the world as a kind of defense mechanism which arose from the collective unconscious desire of mankind for continued existence.
    He was essentially unconsciously elected by the masses to be their faceless representative.
    He carries out his mission as a guardian following a simple rule, “If some evil appears that threatens to speed up the collapse of mankind, I will eliminate it and all accessories.”
    He crushes threats to mankind that the masses don’t even know or realize exist. He is, so to speak, a repairman of the ages. If there were ever a time without Archer’s deterrent power at work, destruction would rapidly spread and mankind would soon find itself facing an inevitable “END.”
    Please refer to the EXTRA game contents to find out why this Heroic Spirit became one of mankind’s guardians.

    Archer is a calm, collected professional, and he never lets his personal feelings interfere. He is always making a stern face, however this is probably due to his lack of freedom.
    Although he takes up his role as a knightly bow wielder, he was originally an old world Magus.
    He uses Projection Magic, which is the ability to replicate an object just by imagining it for a few minutes. He is a faker that can reproduce many famous swords.
    The reason his main weapon is a bow is thought to be because he isn’t that strong of a Heroic Spirit, so he settled on ranged combat as his ultimate combat style.
    In EXTRA Archer is almost the same entity as the Archer in Fate/stay night (although not the same person), but their true names are different. Please refer to Archer’s Special My Room in EXTRA to find out why his true name is just a regular noun, and not a normal human name.
    Unlike Cas-Ko, Archer’s Special My Room is very simple to access. You can activate all his flags by talking to him in between rounds, Hakuno-san.


    In CCC Archer appears as a half-naked perv— I mean… he is stylishly donning a red leather jacket. In CCC he is somewhat of a scoundrel, but nonetheless still reliable. Even when he is on the far side of the Moon he coolly and wildly grasps the situation and helps out the amnesic protagonist. Sometimes he can be quite the nagging instructor.
    In CCC his rival is Melt Lilith.
    If you choose both the female protagonist and the Servant Archer, the contents of Melt Lilith related events change completely. Also Archer is the only Servant whose END differs from the rest. The Servants based on Saber feature “The Future that begins in the Present,” while Archer features “The Present that begins in the Future.” Why the ending theme differs can surely be understood by those of you who have fought to the end alongside Archer. I’m sure you understand without me putting it into words.

    赤い外套に身を包んだ、 二十代中盤の青年。

    この英霊は守護者と呼ぱれるもので、人類の “存続するぺき” 無意識が生み出した防衛装置のようなもの。
    『人類の滅亡を加速させる害悪が現れた場合、 これを成立させる要素をすペて消去する』といった目的で守護者は現れ、仕事をこなす。


    投影魔術……道具をイメージで数分だけ複製する魔術......を用い、多くの名剣、 魔剣を模造する贋作者(フエイカー)
    stay night のアーチャーとほぽ同一 存在(同一人物ではない)だが、英霊どしての真名は異なる。


    なぜそうであるのかはアーチャーと戦い抜いた “貴方” なら、言葉にせずとも理解できている筈だ。

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    The bow projected and used by Archer. It is a matte black straight bow, with a simple design.
    Unlike Shirou’s bow, Archer’s is Western-style, not Japanese. Accordingly, Archer does not use the Japanese shooting method of nocking the arrow in the palm of the left hand, but rather the traditional European method of nocking the arrow over the back of the left hand.

    アーチャーが投影し、使用していた弓。つやのない黒に彩られた、単一曲がり形のシンプルなデザインとなって いる。
    士郎の弓とは異なり,和弓ではなく洋弓に近い形となっている。そのためアーチャーの射法は矢を左手の平側に つがえる日本式ではなく、左手の甲の方に矢をつがえる中世以降のヨーロッパ式となっている。

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    Q: Berserker took no damage from Archer's A-rank Noble Phantasm "Broken Phantasm" (Caladbolg), is it ineffective due to Berserk's Noble Phantasm, or was he simply able to withstand it naturally? <Not Mr. Shanoa>

    Nasu: Oh, that. In the original work it was like "Even though up until then none of the attacks had been worth dodging, this one would have been fatal, so Berserker counters → the resulting explosion from the Noble Phantasm is devastating." Yet in the anime version it was handled as "Berserker could not respond to it due to a severe injury from Saber → losing one of his lives, and regenerates," which may be something to think about. In all he lost 2 lives because of it.
    Takeuchi: Oh, so that's why God Hand in the anime version needed 3 days to recover!

    アーチャーのAランク宝具並の「壊れた幻想」を受けても無傷だったバーサーカーですが、宝具による効果で無効化したのではなく、素の耐久力で耐え切ったのでしょうか? <シャノアールさん他>


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    Q: What is the limit of replication in UBW?

    Q: What is the limit of replication in UBW? The highest level of NP (sword types) is probably Ea, but while it might be impossible for Shirou, could Archer make it? Also, under the meaning of weapons, to what extent can he make modern weapons? Must it be only blade types or can he make guns and mobile weapons?

    A: Divine constructs like Ea and Excalibur are non-replicable. There might be some degraded NPs with similar performance in stock though. Also, since sword is becoming his origin, the weapons that he has stored are fundamentally limited to close combat.

    Q:"無限の剣製(アンリミテッドブレイドワークス)"における複製の限界はどのあたりでしょうか? 宝具(剣系)の最上位はおそらく乖離剣(エア)だと思いますが、士郎では無理でもアーチャーなら複製可能でしょうか? そして武器という意味では、現代兵器はどの程度まで複製可能でしょうか?刀剣類までなのか、銃や機動兵器なども可能なのでしょうか?


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     Archer vs Rider
    Editorial department (Prediction)
    At long range his fire won't work against Bellerophon.
    At medium range the bow is really handy, and Rider who's inferior in skill only has her Mystic Eyes.
    But if Archer's bow starts to get petrified, he can activate Unlimited Blade Works.
    In which case Rider will just use Bellerophon and destroy him instantly.
    He can't shoot them down but Rho Aias can buy him time enough to pull out Harpe and maybe have a chance at victory.

    Nasu-san CHECK!
    You would think Archer would have the advantage, but Rider actually has the edge at long range? Just like that question, their compatibility is not very good. Since both aren't fixated on the methods of winning, they'd definitely both choose a low-risk and high-return type of warfare.
    Even if Archer takes out a Saber-class holy sword, he doesn't have enough magical energy to draw on to maximize it, so it'd be hard to for him to attack Bellerophon. What determines victory or defeat is whether Aias on its own would be enough to block Bellerophon perhaps...?


    一考するとアーチャー有利なのですが、ロングレンジではライダー有利? と言われてい

  36. [v] Dengeki Hime 02/2006, Type-Moon Double Maniax - [Fate] Dream Battle - Archer vs. Assassin

    Nasu-san CHECK! If it's a straight out death match, then Archer will win. But Assassin is an oddity that fights under different battle conditions from the other Servants. While many Servants are offensive, Assassin is defensive. At a Servant-killing battlefield like Ryuudou Temple and with Caster's anti-sorcery defensive barrier, sorcery and Noble Phantasm power is decreased significantly. As a result, if it's not a powerful Noble Phantasm, then he won't take a fatal wound. Which means that the battle between the two is clearly swordsmanship. With Archer having his sniping sealed off to him due to the terrain effect, could Archer actually lose...?



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  41. The BAMBOO BROOM DIARY - November 17, 2005
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