The Edelfelt (エーデルフェルト, Ēderuferuto?) family is a magus lineage belonging to the Clock Tower of the Mage's Association.


Possessing a Finnish lineage, the family is renowned as being one of the best Gandr users in the world. They came into power in the Renaissance Era, and earned the nickname "hyena" for their shamelessly intervening in conflicts unrelated to them around the world, picking and choosing the most prized examples of magecraft from the ruins for themselves.[1] Possess a Sorcery Trait called Ore Scales that allows them to have two successors for their Magecraft at the same time. The exact mechanics of this Trait are unknown. A mercenary-like aristocratic family, they find great pleasure in battle as shown by the delighted expression that they make when fighting, which got them to be feared by others as "the most elegant hyenas above the ground".[2]

A pair of twin sisters from this family participated in the Third Heaven's Feel and, due the power of their Sorcery Trait, they were to summon two aspects of the same Heroic Spirit as two Servants under the Saber Class. Due to their bad relationship, the two split ways early into the conflict. The two used western mansions built in the same forest as the Einzbern castle as bases of operations, which were left to the Association after the Grail War. The older sister's mansion was in the old town, while the younger sister's was in Shinto. By the time of the Fifth Heaven's Feel, both mansions were in ruins and had the reputation of being haunted houses.

In the end, the younger sister was defeated by the Tohsaka's family head of that time while the older sister ran away from the country promising never to come back. These events are the cause of the Edelfelts' prejudice against Japanese people, which is especially strong against the Tohsaka family. Since it is known that the Servants of the Saber Class managed to reach the final match of all Holy Grail Wars, at least one of the sisters was the among the last contestants of the Third Heaven's Feel.

Luvia's father, the previous master of the family, retired early and was succeeded by his daughter.[1]



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