Edin Shugra Quasar: A Crown Shining in the Primordial Universe (原始宇宙に輝く王冠
, Genshi Uchū ni Kagayaku Ōkan
Edin Shugura Kuēsā
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Space Ishtar. Summoning the ancient temple Bel Maanna as the "goddess' proof" in the primordial universe, a temple comprised from high-dimensional souls───opening the Spiritual Core of the Milky Way Galaxy, transforming it into energy that burns space as an invasive Anti-Planet Noble Phantasm. S Ishtar isn't "always on the boat" like Ishtar. S Ishtar invokes the temple (Baal's temple built by Anat) with a majestic figure and offensive...but it is said that...


Additionally, Edin is empty grassland in Sumer Akkadian. The origin of Eden from the Old Testament. Shugra is the crown in Edin. Given to Ishtar when she entered Edin. Quasar is a modern celestial term. It means Quasi-Stellar. It is said to be the "brightest celestial body" in space because it emits strong light far from Earth.[1]


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