Edward Teach (エドワード・ティーチ, Edowādo tīchi?), Class Name Rider (ライダー, Raidā?), is a Rider-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Better known as BlackbeardWP (黒髭WP, Kurohige?), Teach is possibly the most famous pirate in the world, the popular concept of a pirate was based upon this scoundrel.[2]


« Now, the great Blackbeard makes his passage! »

(Edward Teach)

It is uncertain whether Edward Teach is his real name, and his background from before becoming a pirate also has not been made clear yet. Immediately after the end of the Age of DiscoveryWP, the Golden Age of PiracyWP opened its curtains. If you plunder a ship that prosper with colonial trade, a huge fortune can be obtained; Edward Teach gave his first cry in such an age. He made his way in the world as a pirate and built a great fleet in the blink of an eye. The name of the vessel he embarks is "Queen Anne's Revenge". It has been said that not only common sailors, but even other pirates feared Blackbeard. There were fuses weaved within several places of that rich beard; those blazing eyes were like the goddess of hell itself; or so it was said. Even his subordinates feared him as an incarnation of the devil. He ruled the Caribbean sea, intoxicated himself with booze, booty, and wenches, and amassed a massive fortune.[2]

Immediately following the end of the great , the Caribbean Sea enters the completely unprecedented "Age of Pirates". Ruffians in great numbers started boarding ships and began plundering the vessels that flourished from colonial trade. In those days, it was better to plunder as a pirate than to earn income in normal ships, with one's own share also taken to account. There were much bigger things lay beyond, and many people dreamt of making a killing the quick and easy way, and so they make their name as pirates.

And then, one among them had established a legend as a pirate. Blackbeard-----Edward Teach. Although, it is not clear whether Edward Teach was his real name, nor is his lineage before becoming a pirate. What is certain is that he had once been employed under Benjamin Hornigold, who had been a powerful pirate at the time. Perhaps it was not within him to work under someone; soon, he withdrew from under Hornigold's flag to captaining and starting up his own pirate crew. And then at one point, after he had plundered the French ship La Concord, he furnished it with forty cannons and renamed it Queen Anne's Revenge. Having managed to obtain just about the most powerful ship in the Caribbean Sea, he had truly reached the golden age of his piracy. The alias Blackbeard was well-known in the Caribbean Sea. To speak nothing of ordinary sailors, even the other pirates and his own underlings had feared his atrocity. White fuses are weaved within his well-grown beard, his blazing and burning eyes are like that of a beast itself------it was said that it was only natural of him to be even extolled as the personification of the goddess of hell.

One night, he was drinking together with his underlings. But suddenly. Like they had thought a shooting has begin, unaware that the Devil looms above; the underling on the other side had had his kneecap blasted away. "Sometimes I gotta blow an underling down. Gotta keep ya scallywags shiverin' yer timbers that I'm yer captain." That cruelness of his had made his underlings believed that Blackbeard is the personification of the Devil himself. He was both cruel as well as eccentric, but as the many countries of the world established the countermeasures against pirates, it also looms as a threat for his actions. Although he had once retired from piracy due to the amnesty from the English monarch, he had completely, without any remorse, resumed it once again at a different location. In the end, the order to subjugate him was handed down. Receiving a surprise attack from the navy, Blackbeard together with barely twenty of his underlings boldly welcomed them in open fire. Even after being cut in 20 different places and shot 5 times, Blackbeard kept on fighting with raging expression; but in the middle of reloading his gun, he had finally used up all of his strength and been defeated.

According to the legend. Blackbeard had been taken down by beheading. His head was suspended on the bowsprit, but his body was thrown away to the sea. And thereupon, for three days and three nights his body had swum about the ship's surrounding in search of his head----- Blackbeard has no shortage for daring and brutal episodes such as that. But then, in what way and just how and where did he get the information; before anyone had realized it, he had changed into an oddball that speaks with hopeless otaku verbal tic. Furthermore, going by the flow of things from the start, with the otaku knowledge added he had only become completely unmanageable.


During ups and downs, Blackbeard's pirate fleet was gradually cornered. In 1718, having received a surprise attack from the army, Blackbeard and his few remaining subordinates made their resolve and met them in battle. It has been said that, even after receiving twelve sword cuts and five shots, he continued to fight with an expression of rage, but finally lost his strength and collapsed while reloading a gun.[2]



Blackbeard is now a splendid all-round otaku.[2] While he can be violent towards his subordinates without warning, he also possesses the bravery to savagely charge at a forest of swords and rain of bullets.[1]

Truly the one who comes to mind when it comes to pirates. Stealing, killing, plundering; the great pirate that had once put the Caribbean Sea under his control. Blackbeard does love his share of alcohol, gold, woman, and violence; but his traits as a pirate, too, are intense. The man befitting to be called a pirate-like pirate. He is thoroughly and severely harsh to adults, but he makes exception for children who admires him. He would not wield violence against them.

...is how Blackbeard is on the outside. But the fact is that he is, in a certain sense, someone at the deepest depth who is probably beyond redemption. Always fooling around, unchanging from when he was still alive. He does not kill people in anger; instead, he is capable of killing them while laughing or even killing them as he plays a trick on them. He is more about searching for pleasure instead of being cruel. If he could enjoy himself in any situation, then it's all good. He had had many women, but since each and every one of them are greedy women who's eyes aim for treasures, Teach himself does not think that that harem as something fulfilling in a real way. True love. Blackbeard, who had become a Servant, believes that such a thing only exists in the sea of internet.

He takes a "more or less" respectful attitude towards the master, but generally, he would immediately just ignore the Master's plan and begin to use the Holy Grail War for amusing himself to his heart's content. If one is not of the same nature as him, then he will not follow their instruction. If one does not possess the same alignment (fetish) as his, he would relatively be unable to get along with them.


Female Servants
"Everybody is a member of my hare-" (the rest of the sentence is plastered with blood, impossible to be discerned)
Male Servants
According to Tristan, Blackbeard is incapable of discerning the faces of men. This makes him a bad choice for identifying male Servants.
Francis Drake
"For me, she's my fated rival. If I'm Jonathan, BBA here is the D-Vampire. If I'm Joseph, BBA here is the Italian womanizer. If I'm mozarella cheese, BBA here is a round slice of tomato."
Bartholomew Roberts
Roberts considers Blackbeard troublesome and an embarrassment to other pirates.


Fate/Grand Order[]

Third Singularity: Okeanos[]

Blackbeard is given the Holy Grail by Hector. He uses it to summon Anne Bonny and Mary Read and Eric Bloodaxe to be part of his crew on the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Hector convinces him to steal the Grail that Francis Drake possesses, and to capture Eurayle. Before Chaldea’s arrival, he chased after Drake during a storm. She was able to escape though, despite the massive whirlpool. He also encountered Eurayle and develops obsessions with her. It is at this point that stealing Drake’s Grail is secondary to capturing Eurayle.

Still chasing Drake’s ship, the Golden Hind, he eventually encounters her and Chaldea after they left an island with Asterios and Euryale. He makes perverted comments at Drake and Euryale that leaves the former frozen and the latter disgusted. He also directs his perversions toward Mash, which creeps her out further after she gives him her name. Drake then breaks out her frozen state to start combat between her’s and Blackbeard’s ships. Blackbeard orders Eric to steal Drake’s Grail while he goes to capture Euryale. As the Golden Hind’s cannonballs bounce harmlessly off his ship, Blackbeards offers to let the group if they Drake hands over her Grail. After Eric is killed, the group retreat after Drake shoots down the ropes attaching the two ships. Anne blasts a hole in the ship, but Asterios carries it despite his injuries.[3]

Blackbeard’s and Drake’s ships eventually encounter each other once again as the latter’s ship chases after him in revenge. Blackbeard is surprised Drake is charging at his ship when Mary points out Euryale is standing on its bow. Euryale pelts his crew with her arrows; Blackbeard kills any who were hit. He orders Anne to stop the enemy, but Artemis appears and attacks his crew. After Orion destroys the ammo supply, Blackbeard attempts to retreat when the Golden Hind rams into his ship.[4] The group board his ship, and they defeat Anne and Mary followed by Blackbeard. He refuses to give up, which impresses Drake that he can still talk. He agrees with her that treasure have no rightful owners when Hector fatally wounds him and steals back the Grail. After Blackbeard fails to shoot him, Hector boards another ship with Euryale. While Blackbeard’s crew disappears without the Grail, Drake tries to tell him to die peacefully, but she gets increasingly agitated by his perversions. Blackbeard is glad to have her at his deathbed and that he wasn’t beheaded this time, and disappears laughing.[5]

Event: Saber Wars[]

Blackbeard appears with a silent Gilles de Rais, intending to take Mash and Artoria Lily as his wives. Speaking for Gilles, he says he is only interested in Mysterious Heroine X's ship parts. After being defeated and tied up, Blackbeard returns the ship parts that he and Gilles collected.  He then offers to train Artoria Lily, telling her to use her Noble Phantasm on him. Agreeing to his offer, Artoria Lily cuts Blackbeard free and launches Caliburn at him. However, her lack of aiming results in Blackbeard being hit twice in the crotch, prompting him to give up "training" her.

Valentine Event: Chocolate Lady's Commotion[]

Blackbeard is one of the Servants that took several Choco-Servants that suddenly manifested while the female Servants were making chocolate.

On his ship, Blackbeard is hit by an explosion. Because Ritsuka and William Shakespeare just arrived, he suspects it was one of therm. Shakespeare assures him that it wasn't them. The true culprit is quickly deduced to be Mephistopheles, who did so because Blackbeard said explode earlier. Shakespeare asks Blackbeard if he's hiding any chocolate on him, having noticed the smell. Ritsuka immediately sees through Blackbeard's attempts to act innocent. Blackbeard decides to fight for his freedom, with Mephistopheles joining.

After the fight, he calls upon Spartacus. He calls Valentine's Day the ultimate tyranny and says Spartacus is most motivated on this day. He feels it's wrong to put your emotions into desserts, though Ritsuka disagrees. Blackbeard responds by telling Spartacus that Ritsuka is an oppressor, prompting another fight.

Spartacus is defeated and disappears. Blackbeard is sad that he lost the Choco-Servants as he was going to mold them into several female Servants and have his way with them. He then prepares to leave, swearing to return. Mephistopheles gives him a bomb as a farewell gift. Blackbeard is happy at first until he realizes what he was given. The bomb then explodes, sending Blackbeard skyward. His last words are "Chocolate is...tyranny".

Summer Event: Chaldea Summer Memories[]

Blackbeard and several other of Ritsuka’s Servants are accidentally rayshifted to a remote island where they’re unable to contact Chaldea. He is rather annoyed that the others failed to notice him. Because they're both pirates, Mary asks him if he knows where they are. But she and Anne threaten to kill him when he acts perverted about her voice. Blackbeard suggests going out to sea to determine where they are. He refuses to go himself, though, not wanting his Noble Phantasm to give himself a ship. Mary and Anne give him a log and plank that drifted onto the beach, calling them his ship and oar. Blackbeard refuses to go out to sea with these until Mary promises to let him touch her body once if he does.

However, he can't find where they are, only learning it's nearly impossible to leave by ship. He eventually washes up back on the shore on the verge of death. He reports on what he discovered about the island's location but refuses to say more until he gets his reward from Mary. Mary touches her hand to his, thereby filling her end of their bargain. Blackbeard is angered by the deception and declares they shall know despair. He then reveals the island is impossible to leave, saying a harem lifestyle is inevitable. Angered he cannot participate despite working the hardest, Blackbeard disappears, cursing the others for trampling on his greatest wish.

Blackbeard eventually returns as a ghost, causing tremors as he rages at the unfairness of being unable to fulfill his perversions. Ritsuka, Mash, Anne, and Mary find him in a cave opened by a tremor. Blackbeard declares he'll kill them, claiming Mary hasn't fulfilled the end of her bargain. He is defeated but he claims he'll keep returning unless they reform their harem desert island lifestyle. Unable to stand the thought of seeing him again, Mary finishes Blackbeard off. Blackbeard disappears satisfied.

Event: Prisma Causeway[]

Blackbeard and the Phantom of the Opera overhear Ritsuka's conversation with Romani Archaman and learn they've been to a world of Magical Girls. The two confront Ritsuka in the hallway and demand to accompany them back to the First Lady's Reality Marble. Ritsuka ignores them and continues on their way.[6]

Later, joined by Gilles de Rais and Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, Blackbeard and the Phantom find their way into the Reality Marble. Sharing in their desire to be Magical Girls themselves (except for Diarmuid), the quartet form the Magical Gentlemen. When Ritsuka, Mash, and Chloe von Einzbern are summoned to the Reality Marble, they see Blackbeard and the Phantom wearing miniskirts on their regular outfits. Blackbeard and the Phantom tell them of their faction and its desires. Although she considers Blackbeard and Phantom’s desire to be with Magical Girls harmless, Chloe nonetheless attacks them for turning her first mission into a farce. She misses, however, even with Caladbolg III, forcing the pair to retreat.[7]

Ritsuka's party later confronts and defeats Blackbeard in the Land of Sea and Dragons.[8]

GUDAGUDA Meiji Restoration[]

He makes a brief appearance under the name Edward Perryeach. Oda Nobunaga sends him flying into the distance upon arriving in the Singularity.[9]

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

Blackbeard is one of the "Okeanos" Singularity Servants summoned to aid Ritsuka.

Summer Event: Dead Heat Summer Race![]

Disguising himself as a robot named Mister B, Blackbeard judges the racers on their personal beauty during the river portion of Ishtar's race. But only Frankenstein and Helena Blavatsky get a positive review from him while the rest have their beauty dismissed. Due to the river's nature, Frankenstein and Helena's teams are the only ones that get a speed boost. The rest, meanwhile, are slowed down. Blackbeard tries to chase after Frankenstein and Helena, but the other girls beat him up for his perversions, double standards, and dissing their beauty.

Summer Event: Servant Summer Festival![]

Blackbeard has come to Hawaii for ServantFes and reserved a room at the Shelton next door to Osakabehime’s. However, Bartholomew Roberts reserved the five-star place next door and told him to pretend not to know each other if they see one another at the convention. Infuriated by Bartholomew’s attitude, Blackbeard decided not to stay at the Shelton under the pretense that it’s too fancy for his taste.

He later greets Ritsuka’s party at the airport shortly after their arrival. But, having just slain a giant evil chicken, Ushiwakamaru mistakes him for another enemy and tries to kill him. He miraculously dodges her attack, then explains why he is in Hawaii. Mash asks him about the Foreigner, which is why she and the others came to Hawaii, but Blackbeard never heard of the term. He then shows how excited he is that ServantFes starts in six days and explains the Servants who aren’t taking part in the convention are enjoying a normal vacation. However, despite the potential danger of a Foreigner being present, all the Servants agreed that there will be no “real combat” until ServantFes is over, Blackbeard tells the group to ask BB why that is since she is the manager of this year’s ServantFes. BB explains she turned Hawaii into the Luluhawa Singularity so the convention can be bigger than ever and the Servants can cut loose without worrying about the Concealment of Mysteries. Once ServantFes is over, the Singularity will be dissolved and the islands will return to normal. She then reveals the best seller of ServantFes will be awarded with the Grail and tricks Jeanne Alter into forming the group into their own doujin club by mentioning Jeanne d’Arc’s club won last year’s convention. After BB registers their club, Blackbeard asks Jeanne Alter if she’s had any experience making doujins. Jeanne Alter answers she doesn’t, yet despite being a newbie, she is confident she will draw the best doujin ever. Blackbeard decides to provide the group with tips, but only if they defeat him first. After they do so, he directs them to the Shelton hotel where he reserved a suite.

Ritsuka’s party run into a couple nights later while on their way to a japanese restaurant they have a reservation for at 7. He takes a group photo with them and tries to con them out of 150 Gil Bucks for it. He gives up and apologizes, though, when Jeanne Alter draws one of her katanas. He is then suddenly blasted to the beach by Mysterious Heroine XX, who is at the intersection about a hundred meters away.

When Medb ends up winning ServantFes, BB reserves time back six days and creates a time loop as she wanted Ritsuka to win. Because of BB’s actions, Ritsuka’s party suddenly find themselves back at the airport. Blackbeard greets them and assumes they’ve come to Hawaii for ServantFes. Ritsuka immediately asks him how many days until ServantFes, to which Blackbeard excitedly answers six. His answer and perverted demeanor confirm to Ritsuka’s party that they’re not in a simulation. Blackbeard, however, is confused when Robin Hood questions how BB could reverse time outside the digital world, and terrified when Ushiwakamaru proposes beheading him to get the answers they seek. Jeanne Alter then demands he give them his hotel room, saying they have a doujin to make. Blackbeard almost chastises the group for thinking a bunch of amateurs could enter ServantFes when he realizes they’re serious and there is more to it than meets the eye. After he gives them his hotel room, Jeanne Alter asks why he chose the Shelton. Blackbeard tells the group to visit their neighbor after they check in, suspecting that Osakabehime will be a big help to them. He then leaves, asking them to save him a copy of their doujin.

In another loop, he runs into Ritsuka’s party after they finished hunting giant evil chickens for Boudica to cook. He is surprised to hear that they’re working on the last half of their doujin. But he also pities them because he knows Medb is going to be the best seller at ServantFes. The idea of Medb winning upsetts him so much that he kills one of his crew members for wanting to buy one of her photo books. He offers to help the group if they get a chance to ruin Medb’s beauty contest. He would later fulfill this promise when he is one of the many Servants asking Medb’s autograph as part of El-Melloi II’s plan to sabotage her popularity.

Halloween Event: The Mysterious Country of ONILAND!![]

Blackbeard is lost in Oniland’s house of mirror, along with supposedly Henry Jekyll. They run into Ritsuka’s party, Christopher Columbus, Mephistopheles, and the Phantom, who are also lost, and travel with them. Everyone goes their separate ways, though, when they come to a four-way intersection. Blackbeard and Jekyll travel together, but Blackbeard lost sight of Jekyll and was left all alone. Knowing you’re supposed to stay put when lost, Blackbeard stood still where he was. That is when he got stabbed in the back, letting out a scream.

Ritsuka’s party is the first to arrive on the scene and initially think Blackbeard is dead. Blackbeard corrects them and explains what happened after Sitonai heals him. Jekyll and Columbus’s party then arrive, having also heard Blackbeard’s scream, and receive an explanation. Ashamed of himself, Blackbeard takes a nap. Ritsuka’s party takes him back to Sitonai’s cabin with them after they kill Hyde, who was the Gold Servant in charge of the house of mirrors.

After he fully recovers, Blackbeard takes a stroll around Sitonai’s cabin and finds a lost and confused Antonio Salieri. He brings Salieri into the cabin, knowing Sitonai’s Bounded Field would prevent him from returning to Oniland. When Ritsuka’s party return from defeating the Ferris wheel’s Gold Servant, Salieri reveals to them that the Great Oni emerges from his lair to do a musical performance for the nightly parade.

Later, Blackbeard, Salieri, and Mochizuki Chiyome recruit every Servant in Oniland and join Ritsuka’s party in Chitose Mine to help defeat Haku.


A Man’s Battle[]

Blackbeard goes to an event called the pirate market with Ritsuka and Romani after expressing his desire to go there since it opened that day. After the group arrives at the pirate market, several pirates greet Blackbeard that he says he recruited in advance through the internet to conquer the pirate market. Then, after the others ask what the pirate market is, Blackbeard reveals he is after nude sketches of Drake. Blackbeard then attacks the other pirates at the market with the help of Ritsuka, Mash, and his new recruits. After Ritsuka and Mash buy the last set of nude sketches of Drake, they return to Blackbeard, who disappears because of his grievous wounds. However, after Mash lays the sketches, Blackbeard returns to express joy at having them, which causes the others to express their desire to go home.

Other Appearances[]

In Fate/strange Fake, Francesca considered giving Sigma the treasure of Blackbeard as a catalyst to summon him. She though decided against it, wanting to see what the Grail would pick for Sigma.[10]

Blackbeard appears in Fate/Requiem as a commentator for the Holy Grail Tournament. The audience dislikes him and boos him.[11]


His Riding skill has been lost due to "Voyager of the Storm".[1] Honor of Pirates (海賊の誉れ, Kaizoku no homare?) is a unique Skill derived from a pirate's peculiar sense of values. Low ranking Mental Pollution, Valor and Battle Continuation and others have been combined. While he can be violent towards his subordinates without warning, he also possesses the bravery to savagely charge at a forest of swords and rain of bullets.[1] His Noble Phantasm is Queen Anne's Revenge.

In his animation update he fight using a revolver, powder kegs and wick bombs. He also use a hook and a scimitar.

Class skills

Magic Resistance (E rank): Cannot cancel spells, but magic damage is reduced somewhat.

Riding (- rank): The Riding Skill has been lost due to his Voyager of the Storm Skill.

Personal skills

Voyager of the Storm (A rank): is the talent to sail vessels recognized as ships. Because the ability as a group leader is also necessary, this unique Skill also has the effects of both Charisma and Tactics. Blackbeard, the most feared pirate in the Caribbean, is an extremely superior sailor who wandered far and wide and terrified many.

Honor of Pirates (B rank): is a unique Skill derived from a pirate's peculiar sense of values. Low ranking Mental Pollution, Valor, Battle Continuation and others have been combined. While he can be violent towards his subordinates without warning, he also possesses the bravery to savagely charge at a forest of swords and rain of bullets.

Gentlemanly Love (C rank): No information available.

Noble Phantasm

Queen Anne's Revenge is the Noble Phantasm of Edward Teach, a vessel ship that Blackbeard actually boarded on. Originally, it was a French ship, but it was plundered by Blackbeard, named as "Queen's Anne Revenge", and became a pirate ship. It is a ghost ship in a literal sense of the word that specialized in completely plundering enemies.


Creation and Conception[]

Yuuichirou Higashide wrote his scenario in Fate/Grand Order.[1] B-suke is the character illustrator for Edward Teach.[1][2]


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    [v] Fate/Grand Order - Edward Teach (Rider) Profile [T]

    Edward Teach - Rider

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: B-suke
    Voice Actor: Tadahisa Saizen

    Strength: B+
    Endurance: A
    Agility: E
    Mana: D
    Luck: C
    Noble Phantasm: C

    Personal Skills
    Voyager of the Storm: A
    Honor of Pirates: B

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: E

    Noble Phantasm
    Queen Anne's Revenge: Revenge of the Queen Anne
    Rank: C++
    Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm

    Probably the most famous great pirate in the world, a great scoundrel that determined the image of pirates.
    Placing the Caribbean Sea under his control, he indulged in alcohol, women and violence and obtained a vast treasure.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 210cm・114kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Caribbean Sea
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil  Gender: Male
    The name of the vessel he embarks is "Queen Anne's Revenge".

    Level 2 Bond
    "Now, the great Blackbeard makes his passage!"
    Immediately after the end of the Age of Discovery, the age of pirates opened its curtains.
    If you plunder a ship that prosper with colonial trade, a huge fortune can be obtained; Edward Teach gave his first cry in such an age.

    Level 3 Bond
    It is not sure whatever Edward Teach is his real name, and his background from before becoming a pirate also has not been made clear yet.
    Anyway, he made his way in the world as a pirate and built a great fleet in the blink of an eye.

    Level 4 Bond
    It has been said that not only common sailors, but even other pirates feared Blackbeard. There were fuses weaved within several places of that rich beard; those blazing eyes were like the goddess of hell itself; or so it was said.
    Even his subordinates feared him as an incarnation of the devil.

    Level 5 Bond
    During ups and downs, Blackbeard's pirate fleet was gradually cornered. Having received a surprise attack from the army, Blackbeard and his few remaining subordinates made their resolve and met them in battle. It has been said that, even after receiving twelve sword cuts and five shots, he continued to fight with an expression of rage, but finally lost his strength and collapsed while reloading a gun.

    ..such Blackbeard is now a splendid all-round otaku. Really, thank you very much.

    エドワード・ティーチ - ライダー



    嵐の航海者 A
    海賊の誉れ B

    対魔力 E



    属性:混沌・悪  性別:男性





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Ernest Gravehill
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