Illyasviel von Einzbern, a Justeaze-late model Homunculus and the pinnacle of the Einzbern craft.

The Einzbern (アインツベルン, Aintsuberun?) family is an independent magus lineage who lives in a mountainous area near a certain river in Germany (probably Rhine River)[1] seeking the Third Magic.


The family was created by the disciples of the Magician of the Third Magic seeking to replicate their master's achievements.[2] Surprisingly for such an old lineage, they have no branch families.[3]

They at some point came to be in possession of the Das Rheingold, the great treasure obtained by Siegfried by slaying the dragon Fafnir.[4][5] Because of knowing the gold very well, they can coin vessels of the Holy Grail.[5]

About 1,000 years ago, the Einzberns started a quest to recover their lost miracle but eventually came to realize that they would never succeed by themselves and thus sought outside help. The result was the establishment of the Heaven's Feel ritual 200 years ago thanks to the help of the Makiri and the Tohsaka. They were the ones who built the Great Grail of Fuyuki and also the ones left in charge of producing a new vessel of the Holy Grail for each new Grail War.

By AD. 1300 at latest, all human Magi left the Einzberns besides the family's Tuners. Jubstacheit von Einzbern has since been producing output units for Souls, that is, Justeaze-model homunculi by himself, trying to collect data around the Third Magic.[2][6] From the Second Holy Grail War, he led the Einzberns as a family head, changing their goal from "seeking the Holy Grail" to "winning the Grail War".

Although some members can be dangerous when forced to fight, their single-minded specialization in Alchemy makes them ill-suited for battle. That is the reason why, up to the Third Heaven’s Feel, the Masters of the Einzbern were eliminated early in the battle. For the Fourth Heaven’s Feel, the family hired the services of an outsider, Kiritsugu Emiya, and presented him with the sheath of the holy sword which was excavated from Cornwall to serve as a catalyst to summon King Arthur. The whole family placed their expectations on him, but he ended up betraying them and destroying the Holy Grail.

In their homeland, it always is winter, though Illyasviel von Einzbern implies this climate is artificially made, saying she sees normal snow for the first time in Fuyuki.[7] Due to being not used to heat, they arranged for Holy Grail Wars to be held in winter.[8] Since their dwelling is in a snowy mountain, the family does not have the custom of raising flowers.[9] Although the cold condition in their homeland is also unsuitable to produce wine, they have possess a brewery in the castle to supply alcohol, which is an ingredient necessary for their Magecraft,[10] and Illyasviel mentions spirits made by the Einzberns exist.[11] Jubstacheit has a close relationship with the Talbot farm of early autumn Darjeeling and for years its tea has been only served to special guests.[12] The Einzbern castle at their homeland has a chapel to perform rituals[13] and there Kiritsugu summoned Saber.[14] The Einzbern family have a narrow view of Japan's culture.[15]

In the Apocrypha universe, they did not become discouraged by the fact that the Greater Grail was stolen in the Third Holy Grail War. Rather, they do not seem to have that kind of mentality in the first place (if they gave up, it would only be when even their greatest creation, Illyasviel, would fail to attain the Third Magic). They are doing everything they can with the belief that they might be able to reproduce that miracle and the Einzberns apparently were trying to make a new one. Accordingly, they have come to reluctantly have relationships with other magi despite their insular and unsociable nature, and the Musik family took advantage of their confused state of affairs in order to receive a portion of their homunculi craft. However, what the Einzberns taught was merely the equivalent of giving a toy to a child, so it was not much of a problem for them. The Musik family concealed the fact that they were part of the Yggdmillennia clan, but naturally the Einzberns know about it. However, the Greater Grail was formed by taking apart the only successful Justeaze-model homunculus, so the Einzbern agreed to cooperate with them in case they should manage to activate one.[16] The Einzberns are in the midst of struggling to make a new Greater Grail under the excuse “It was stolen, so we’ll just make a new Holy Grail”. Fortunately, in the “Apocrypha” world, Kiritsugu Emiya will not end up becoming involved with the Einzberns, so their greatest work Illyasviel will never be born. As long as she is not born, the Einzberns will never despair.[17]


Their Thaumaturgical Attribute is Flow and transfer of power that allowed them to specialize in Alchemy, especially in coining homunculi.[18] The Einzbern homunculi have their functions determined during the design stages and are born with bodies and minds optimized to perform their purposes.[19] The failures with somewhat better qualities are reused as maids and the worse ones get dumped into the forest or into a lake in the castle.[6] Even discarded homunculi are far stronger than an average magus.[20]

The Magecraft of the Einzbern family, which follows the Thaumaturgical School of Alchemy, is based on the creation and refinement of substances and the focus of their studies lies solely in the structural manipulation of precious metals. They know healing magecraft, but as alchemists this is used not for the sake of recovering the flesh of injured people, but rather to lessen the great burden felt by a subject who received an organ that was tempered with magical power and help his body get used with the newly transplanted organ.[21] Because with their Magecraft magical energy becomes easily dispersible, buildings that sealed off with soil or stone are the ones most desired by them to install a workshop.[22]


Other worlds


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    Q: Where does the main Einzbern family live? The “von” in the is supposed to be German, right?

    Q: Where does the main Einzbern family live? The “von” in the is supposed to be German, right?

    A: They live in Germany, in a mountain district near a certain river.



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    A factory originally created by the students of the magician who realized the third magic. Began in the year 1 AD.
    They attempted to reproduce their master’s miracle, but couldn’t do it themselves, so as an alternate plan they tried to recreate a specimen identical to their master and have it reproduce the magic.

    After nearly 900 years of effort, Justeaze—the homunculus who would come to be called the Winter Saint—was forged.
    She was a model that strayed from what the magi had intended, created completely by accident, but her abilities were equal to or above those of their master.
    The magi should have been elated about Justeaze, but they couldn’t be happy. After all, she was a mutation that was born regardless of their own techniques or skills.
    Even if that specimen was to reproduce the third magic, that conclusion would be harder for them to bear than 900 years of failure.

    The magi deperately attempted to create a homunculus that excelled Justeaze by their own techniques.
    The artificial intelligence created to act as the castle’s central management—the golem Jubstacheit—was the pinnacle of their craft, and became the father of all homunculi created at Einzbern.

    Justeaze succeeded at proving the third magic.
    However, it was not cost-effective. Justeaze’s use of the third magic was like careful knitting. It would take several years to save just one person, making the salvation of the entire human race virtually unattainable.
    In addition, while Justeaze herself did not age, her body was so frail it would take little to kill her, so she could not leave the castle.
    Since her intelligence and mentality were also unaging, she did not develop at all. From an outside perspective, it was as if she was repeating a single day for all eternity.
    If she were to leave the castle she would be freed from this “single day,” but the act of leaving the castle signified an easy death for Justeaze.

    In the end, they accepted that humans could create something that surpassed humans, but not something that could save humans.
    … Or perhaps they would not have failed if a miracle like Justeaze had not occurred.

    The magi despaired the limits of their abilities. Some abandoned the castle, while others took their own lives.
    The homunculi left at Einzbern were abandoned by their creators, but in their purity, they continued to operate the factory for the sake of the creators’ ideology—the salvation of humankind, the reproduction of a miracle.

    From then on, all homunculi created at Einzbern were based off of Justeaze.
    Jubstacheit created a humanoid terminal unit, and used it as the manager of Einzbern. Though by the end he operated even Acht (the eighth humanoid terminal), he did not possess a personality.
    He only included the necessary “humanity” to operate the castle and reproduce the third magic into each of his humanoid terminals, and made them act like humans.
    Jubstacheit is essentially an automaton that cannot progress, but continues operating in perpetuity. His way of existence is just like an old clock ticking away, being forgotten by people before running down.

    • The great grail
    Five hundred years after the magi departed from Einzbern, a model plan was devised for a wide-area operation device for the third magic using Justeaze.
    Einzbern had determined that reproducing Justeaze was impossible.
    Their plan of keeping Justeaze safe because she was a unique and valuable model switched to a plan to use that unique model to mass-produce miracles.
    (This was not Jubstacheit’s plan, but a consensus of opinion within Einzbern. Because the homunculi were pure, they chose the method with the greatest probability of success. In fact, Jubstacheit was the only intelligence that voted against this.)

    Justeaze could only use the third magic on one human over a period of decades. Therefore, using Justeaze as a frame, they would create a “greater” magic formula and save many humans at once.
    The plan was to disassemble her magic circuits and replace them with a magic formula, creating a humanoid universe—the great grail.

    But Einzbern alone could not start this project.
    They were no more than dolls. They had no way to live in the outside world, and they couldn’t handle the complexity of human society.
    To create the great grail and reproduce the third magic, they needed understanding and cooperative humans.

    Then, in the year 1800, a guest arrived at the winter castle that had continued to produce homunculi.
    Makiri Zolken. A magus who had devoted his life to eliminating all the evils of the world, the evils of humanity.
    (At this point, Zolken was mostly disillusioned. He knew it was about time to give up, but calling on Einzbern was his last hope. He met Justeaze, and felt a complicated mix of emotions—hope towards fulfilling his ambition, jealousy at her ability to use the third magic, and pity for Justeaze’s eternal youth causing her to “repeat the same day.”)

    With Makiri’s understanding and Tōsaka’s cooperation, Einzbern began to create the great grail.
    However, once they started, they determined that Justeaze alone was not enough.
    They could create a great grail. They could create its core. However, to operate it they would need vast amounts of magical energy, and a lesser grail to control it.
    Makiri and Tōsaka devised a ritual to collect magical energy using Justeaze’s ability to connect with the root: the grail war.
    Despite being unable to reproduce Justeaze, Einzbern created a lesser grail with similar abilities to hers.

    After 10 years, the project was finally complete.
    The grail war ritual was successful, and the great grail lit up.
    But its first operation ended in dismal failure.
    There was no flaw in the great grail itself.
    The problem lay in the craftsmen and magi who participated.
    Instead of using the precious magic reactor core for the sake of the whole planet, the magi killed each other out of a desire to use it for the sake of their own race or society.
    Einzbern had been unable to understand the thought processes of the humans who operated the great grail.

    • Irisviel and Illyasviel
    Einzbern learned from the failure of the grail war and changed their plans.
    Justeaze no longer existed.
    While preparing to restart the great grail, they returned to their original goal and focused on creating a perfect homunculus.

    As a result, they created Irisviel, a homunculus with the function of a lesser grail. They expanded on her further and Illyasviel, a homunculus that was the pinnacle of Einzbern’s technique, was born.

    • Tuners
    This is a digression, but separate from the winter castle is the tuners’ building (a small house), inhabited by a family of human magi, not homunculi.
    Since the homunculi cannot negotiate with human society, the tuners went into town in their place and barter for needed materials. Traders, essentially.
    Still, they are a talented magus family, and possess strong artistry. Humans without strong aesthetic sense could never take care of Einzbern, after all.
    The tuner family’s numbers dwindled along with Einzbern’s decline, and in the end only one remained.
    It seems he often worked in the castle as a butler, teaching the secluded, medieval-minded homunculi about the outside world.

    It’s unknown what kind of conclusion that tuner chose after Illya lost and Jubstacheit shut himself down.

    • In summary: so what is Einzbern?
    A factory in which homunculi continued operating towards the ideals and goals humans had given them, after the magi had left.
    Jubstacheit is something like the factory’s central management program. A monolith. Acht is his terminal.
    Even after their creators had given up and died, the homunculi in the winter castle devoted themselves to making their masters’ dream come true.

    What lies at the basis of the Einzbern factory and many discarded things is the purity of machines.
    Imagine a doll that can speak to its owner, but only a few phrases.
    “Hello,” “thank you,” “I’m sorry,” “good night”—“I love you.”
    These reactions delight the buyer, but it’s clear that they will soon be disappointed.

    “No matter what I say, the doll can only say predetermined phrases. It just keeps repeating that tired old ‘I love you.’ ”
    Realizing that the love the doll speaks of is a false emotion, the buyer will likely discard it eventually.
    But humans are the ones who see that as empty words and a manufactured fake.
    Even if it doesn’t have a “heart,” even if it’s only repeating the same words, there are no lies in the actions of machines.
    They innocently carry out the task they were given.
    “I love you.”
    Though abandoned, forgotten, and scorned as out-of-date dolls, they continue to carry out their mission, unchanged from the time they were designed.
    Machines do not lose their worth when a newer model appears.
    Their worth (life) ends when humans can no longer bear that purity.



     彼らは師の奇跡を再現しようと試みるも自分たちの手では叶わず、代案として師と同一の個体を作り、その個体 に魔法を再現させようとした。



     彼女はまったくの偶然で作られた、魔術師たちの思惑とは外れたモデルだったが、その性能は彼らの師と同様か 、それを上回るものだった。






     魔術師たちはユスティーツアを超えるホムンクルスを自らの技術体系で作りだそうと躍起になった 。

     城の中枢制御用に作られた人工知能 …… ゴーレム・ユーブスタクハイトは彼らの技術の結晶であり、アインツベルンで作られるホムンクルスたちすべて の父となった。



     ただしコストが悪い。ユスティーツァの第三魔法は丁寧な編み物に近い。人間一人を救済するのに数年をかける ようなもので、全人類の救済にはとても届かない。




     その知性、精神性も不老である為、まったく成長しない。客観的に見れば「同じ一日を永遠に繰り返している」 ようなもの。

     城の外に出れば彼女は「同じ一日」から解放されるが、城の外に出る事はユスティーツァにとって緩やかな死を 意味する。



     人の手で人間を超えるものは作れても、人の手で人間を救えるものは作れない、と彼らは受け入れ た。

     .....あるいは。ユスティーツァという奇跡さえ発生しなければ、彼らの挫折は訪れなかったのかもしれな いが。



     アインツベルンに残されたホムンクルスたちは創造主に捨てられたものの、その純粋さから彼らの 理念—



     以後、アインツベルンで作られるホムンクルスはすべてユスティーツァをベースにしたものとなる 。

     ユーブスタクハイトは人間型の端末筐体を製造し、これをアインツベルンの管理者として使用する。最終的には アハト(八代目の人型端末 )まで稼働するユーブスタクハイトだが、彼に人格は存在しない。

     あくまで〃城を動かすもの〃〃第三魔法を再現するもの〃として、その都度、必要な〃人間性〃を人型端末に植 え付け、人間のフリをさせている




     ユーブスタクハイトの本質は〃進歩できないかわりに、永久に稼働し続ける〃オートマトンである。そのあり方 はユツユツと時を刻み、自壊する前に人々の記憶から忘れ去られる古時計そのものだ。






     一機しかいない貴重なモデルなので保存してお、くという方針から、一機の貴重品を使って奇跡を量産化する、 という方針に切り替えた。

     (これはユーブスタクハイトの方針ではなくアインツペルンの総意。ホムンクルスたちは純粋なので、より可能 性のある方法を選んだ。むしろユーブスタクハイトは唯一、反対に票を投じた知性だった)



     なのでユスティーツァという機体を使って「より大きな」魔術式を作り、一度に多くの人間を救え ばいい。














     (ゾォルケンもこの段階でほぼ夢破れている状態。もう諦めるべきだと分かっていながら、最後の希望でアイン ツベルンを訪れた。そうしてユスティーツァに出会い、悲願達成への希望、第三魔法を可能とするユスティーツ ァへの羨望、不老の代償に『一日を永遠に繰り返す』ユスティーツァへの哀れみ等の複雑な感情に とらわれる )






     マキリと遠坂は魔力集め—根源と接続できるユスティーツァの特性を生かした儀式、聖杯戦争を立 案。

     アインツベルンはユスティーツァの再現といかずとも、彼女に近い性能を持った小聖杯を作成する 事になった。









     せっかくの魔術炉心を魔術師たちは惑星のために使うのではなく民族のため、己が社会のために使おうと殺し合 った。






     彼らは大聖杯の再稼働を進めながら、当初の目的に立ち返った。完成されたホムンクルスの製造に 注力した。


     その結果、小聖杯としての機能を持ったホムンクルス・アイリスフィールが作られ、さらにその発展—アインツ ベルンの全技術の最高水準であるホムンクルスであるイリヤスフィールが誕生した。





     彼らは人間社会とうまく交渉できないホムンクルスたちの代わりに町に出て必要な物資を交換してくる、いわば 商人だ。



     身も高い芸術性を持っている。優れた美術観を持つ人間でなければアインツベルンの面倒は見られ ないからだ。


     彼は人間社会にうとく中世の感覚のまま暮らしているホムンクルスたちに外の世界を教える執事として城で働く 事も多かったという。


     イリヤが失敗し、ユーブスタクハイトが自らの電源を落とした後、この調律師がどのような結末を選んだかは定 かではない。



     魔術師がいなくなった後、彼らに作られたホムンクルスたちが、人間の目指した理想と目的のために稼働し続け ている工場。


     ホムンクルスたちは創造主があきらめ死に絶えた後も、冬の城で主が夢見たものを叶えようと研鑽 していた。




     『ごきげんよう』 『ありがとう』 『ごめんなさい』 『おやすみなさい』—『あなたを愛しています』その反応に喜ぶ買い主だが、すぐに失望するのは 明白だ。






     人形が語っていたのは偽物の愛、偽物の感情だ青だと思い知り、買い主はいずれ人形を破棄するだ ろう。





     捨てられ、忘れ去られ、時代遅れの人形と蔑まれても、彼女たちは作られた時の制作意図から変わることなく使 命を果たし続ける。




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    The Tohsaka gave up on the Greater Grail, and now seek a new path in becoming one with the universe with Chinese Kenpou while learning magecraft. The twin-tail daughter of the family might also end up becoming the founder of a “completely new martial arts that combines magecraft and Chinse Kenpou” by the time she becomes a high school student. However, she never imagined that her younger sister who was adopted by distant relatives would come visit her in Japan after becoming a pro-wrestler with unimaginably nice proportions and forming a tag team with a drill-roll-haired girl…!
    The Einzberns are in the midst of struggling to make a new Greater Grail under the excuse “It was stolen, so we’ll just make a new Holy Grail”. Fortunately, in the “Apocrypha” world, a certain dead fish-eyed mercenary won’t end up becoming involved with the Einzberns, so their greatest work Illyasviel will never be born—therefore, as long as she isn’t born, the Einzberns will never despair… Is that really fortunate?


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    Family name or Representative
    Tohsaka Conversion -
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    Einzbern Flow and transfer of power Magic attribute that Einzbern magi are skilled in. They are specialized at the transmutation and creation of materials, that is, alchemy, using this attribute, and are highly skilled in the production of homunculi. Illya often uses magic, using the attribute of transferring, to move the consciousness of others to something else.
    Edelfelt Conversion Family from Finland. Like Tohsaka, prefer jewels magic, which uses the attribute of conversion.
    Barthomeloi Almighty Old line even in the Magic Association. One of the families of the rulers, the Lords. Embodiments of perfectionism and aristrocracy.
    Milyonecalion Prosperity One of the top magi in the magic world, known also by the name "Giver of All Sealing Designations" (or other way around?). Details are unknown.
    Jewel Killer Halting One of the remarkable magi in history, affiliated with the Sea of Estray, the mysterious prototype of the Magic Association.
    Hermes Silis Atlasia Future Magus from one of the divisions of the Magic Association, the Atlas Institute, the association for the magi and alchemists of Egypt.
  19. [v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Irisviel von Einzbern [Person's name], p.090

    Irisviel von Einzbern [Person's name]
    A homunculus modeled after Justizia Lizleihi.
    Although the Einzbern homunculi have their functions determined during the design process, Irisviel only developed the plan to conceive Illyasviel after she was created. Thus, as a special case, she was allowed to hold multiple “functions different from the plan”. That is, not only did she give birth, but she was also given the role of rearing Illyasviel. Although Justabcheit determined that this method would be more efficient than using a newly-constructed homunculus as a wet nurse, it was still a special case when it came to the Einzberns' standard. Anyhow, the result was that although a homunculus, Irisviel obtained the experiences of raising a child as a “mother” just like a human would, and it produced an effect on her character that even Acht could not predict.
    Even compared to other Einzbern homunculi, there had never been an example of one who had interacted with humans for as long as 9 years, or had such colorful and irregular mental activity. In other words, for the Einzbern, Irisviel was the first to receive the same treatment as a human, and the first to have emotions like a human. Because her physical and mental capabilities originally surpassed those of a human, those mental processes did not fail her after her exceptional growth, and she finally possessed self-awareness and emotions equal to those of a normal human.
    Even so, compared with the inherent knowledge and reason, the crystallization of the Einzbern's wisdom accumulated over millennia, that comes with the format of homunculus, her emotions and human experiences have only accumulated over a mere 9 years, which results in her having both the elegance of an upper-class lady and the innocent nature of a child, making her a troublesome princess.
    Some additional information: during the time when Zero’s plot was being set, apparently the setup of Angra Mainyu in Hollow wasn't well-known yet. How in the world the author came up with "that ending", even for us, couldn't be scarier.


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    Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern [Person's name]
    The Einzbern family head who became the foundation of the Great Holy Grail over 200 years ago.
    Just like Illya, she was not a proper human, but was instead a magic circuit born for the sole purpose of becoming the Great Holy Grail's core.
    In fact, Illya, who was born from the union of a Justeaze-type homunculus and a foreign magus, could be considered her latest model.
    As for Justeaze herself, she still exists within the center of the Great Holy Grail. The circuitry covering the surface of the crater in the cavern is actually her magic circuits, enlarged and multiplied.
    These magic circuits, almost a kilometer in diameter, are microcosm of the universe created from a single human body.

    直径にして一キロメートル近い大聖杯の魔術回路は、 一つの人体によって構成された小宇宙なのである。

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