El Nahat (エル・ナハト?), also known as Refraction (屈折, Kussetsu?), is the twenty-fourth of The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors. He is currently sealed by the Holy Church, utilized by the Burial Agency as a special weapon against Dead Apostle Ancestors.



El Nahat's background is unknown. Described as "cooperating" with the Burial Agency, he was captured and sealed by the Holy Church, utilized as their "ultimate anti-Dead Apostle trump card."[1][2]



El Nahat's body is currently destroyed, left only as a "summoning terminal."[3]


El Nahat has yet to appear in any work.


Referred to as an "annoying dopple," El Nahat is said to be a strange Dead Apostle like Stanrobe Calhin, Night of Wallachia, and Gransurg Blackmore.[3] He is a "peculiar vampire embodying refraction." He possesses a unique ability to erase an opponent in one-on-one combat with almost certainty, but it comes at the cost of his body being destroyed with every use. It takes him several decades to revived, so he was sealed by the church thanks to that.[1]

The Holy Church treats him as an artifact called the Scripture of the Stomach World (胃界教典, I-kai Kyōten?), the "ultimate anti-Dead Apostle trump card" held by the Burial Agency.[1] Sealed in a room of mirrors, the First or Second of the Burial Agency are allowed to take him out, said to be invincible when utilizing him.[3] They only bring him out on rare occasions.[1]


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