Emotional Engine - Full Drive: The Pillow Book - Annotated (枕草子・春曙抄
, Makura no Sōshi - Shunjoshō
Emōshonaru Enjin - Furu Doraibu
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Sei Shōnagon. Neither onmyōji abilities nor martial arts. Rather, this Noble Phantasm is the end result of her just writing away. Letting herself overflow with emotion and creation, the Noble Phantasm is the materialization of the world she created within “The Pillow Book” brought into reality.

In other words, a Reality Marble.

The world rewritten by her holds this feeling at its core “The view of something nostalgic that I saw once upon a time.”. From this, the souls of enemies that become trapped within the Reality Marble will slowly be eaten away at. Sadness, nostalgia, sympathy... The overwhelming burst of emotions makes their hearts fall into chaos if they are to forget about the battle for even a glancing moment. Even if they were to be released from the girl who is in full control of this domain, they would suffer a devastating(ridiculous) attack without even attempting to dodge it.

Furthermore, “The Pillow Book: Annotated” is the title of an annotation of the original “The Pillow Book” brought to life by the writer Kigin Kitamura during the Edo period. Though this may be, her own work filled with her thoughts and feelings overcame the passing of time. Becoming loved by generations to come, this ended up being an unexpected lucky thing for her. The title of the annotation became a symbol connecting the past to the future. As the title for the annotation extracted one of her most important lines “Haru-wa akebono” she manifested her Noble Phantasm as “The Pillow Book: Annotated” since this perfectly expressed it.

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