Encomium Moriae: In Praise of Folly - Returning Bridge Ichijō (愚神礼讃・一条戻橋
, Gushin Raisan - Ichijō Modoribashi
Enkomiumu Morie
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Ibaraki-douji in her swimsuit

Lancer Ibaraki Dōji's full power, beating up the target while ignoring their defenses and piercing through Bounded Fields.
In the events of Rashōmon... remembering the events that happened at the Ichijō Bridge, her blood stirs from the anger in her heart, and then she instantly breaks her target's magical defenses. It was said that in her life, she destroyed the memories of hatred with her strength, then took back her own arm that had been cut off.

In this work, Ibaraki Dōji lost to Watanabe no Tsuna at Rashōmon, thus losing over Ichijō Bridge.

When its True Name is released, she fires the full strength of her Heian Rocket Punch, which is, Sōgenbi just like when she was a Berserker.

Five spears manifest at the same time, forming "five huge fingers" that turn into a massive fist, and then she strikes with an uppercut.
Her enemies are launched high into the sky and shine brilliantly like fireworks in the summer night sky.
The huge five fingers are...

"Maybe these five spears are my own five fingers?"

It should be noted that the True Name "In Praise of Folly - Returning Bridge Ichijō" was thought up by Jeanne Alter  upon request.

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