Entries from Character material and the Prelude stories. Credits to food English translations for the Tsukihime II Prologue Dictionary.


Ado Edem[]

[v] Character Material - Ado Edem, p.030-031

Introduction - Knight Arm Slash Emperor

The Knight Arm that Ado Edem possesses. The sword that consumes planets.

It is a simple Knight Arm that is able to grow according to the size of its opponent.

The seed that Edem holds in his hand sprouts and grows at the speed of his thoughts.

However, with regards to this sword’s use of True Ether (Grain), it requires huge quantities to manifest itself, and needs an enormous convertible energy source.

As the sword grows larger, it chips away at the earth to do so.
This method of gaining energy by eroding the earth is similar to that of the old world. Edem’s Knight Arm can be called the embodiment of human nature, as it destroys the world in order to protect humans.

Before it takes form, the Knight Arm stays in a seed-like state, and when Edem awakens it by driving it into the earth, it grows like a plant.

Pictured is its usual battle state. The blue aura-like part is not the Grain released by the blade, but the sky split open by the blade. Splitting apart the “red sky” of the wasteland world and displaying its true state is the dignity of Slash Emperor.

Explanation - Ado Edem

The Ether Liner who manifests the Knight Arm, Slash Emperor.

He was an Ether Liner who did not stand out much during the war with the A-rays, but suddenly rose to prominence when the Aristoteles invaded.

He used Slash Emperor to slash through “The Black Aristoteles” (Type:Jupiter) in a single blow.

Later, because the power of his Knight Arm was too great, the A-Rays, Liners, and many Ether Liners united to imprison him in the Witch Swift Umbrella, a disposal area created in the Great Rift.

…As the war with the Aristoteles approached a close, he was seen as humanity’s trump card and thrown into the conflict, and was able to destroy “The Cross” (Type:Saturn), the fortress-like Aristoteles that had been attacked uselessly for a long time. His fate afterwards is unknown.

Explanation 02: Witch Swift Umbrella

A castle built in the Great Rift.

Its name originates from its scaffolding, which looks similar to a large, upside-down, open umbrella.

The original form of the Millenium Castle Brunestud from Tsukihime. A prison resembling a castle, with many walls and layers of gates linked with thousands of chains.

Even standing up from the throne would require enough power to destroy the entire castle.

Additionally, it is said that in order to reach the throne, one must pass through 78 “magic doors” that a normal Ether Liner would be unable to destroy.

Explanation 03: The Great Rift

Of the Six Sisters who lead the A-Rays, the youngest sister created this great crevice that split the earth in two.

It was not intentionally created by the Six Sisters. Instead, as Ether Liners slew the youngest Sister, her death struggle rent a crack in the earth.

By the way, even though “Magic” has been lost in the Land of Steel, the Six Sisters were indeed “Real Magic Users”.

Explanation 04: Ether Liners

The people who evolved into a new type of human in order to survive on and adapt to this wasteland are called Liners. Among them are also those who maintain their human shape but continue to evolve.

From birth, they have an extra organ outside of their body, and in time this uses Grain to manifest matter.  These are known as Knight Arms, and those who can use this Knight Arm are called Ether Liners.

Source: Source/(over count 1999) (From Tsukihime Dokuhon)

A story that describes the extermination of humanity, and the war between the new humans and the planets. Its genre is science fiction.

It recounts fairy tales of the war between the new humans, who adapted to the environment, and the A-Rays, who came from the artificially created next-generation ecosystems.

On the planet that was doomed to death, political strife developed between the two races, to the point where the mysterious beings, the Aristoteles, rushed over from the universe with the intent of completely wiping out all life---

In any case, ultimately it is a hopeless story.

Arika Ishizue[]

[v] Character Material - Arika Ishizue, p.047

Introduction - Arika Ishizue

A demon user who is always listless, and self-tormenting, yet positive.
Has chronic memory defects. A protagonist who isn't in the centre of things. A weak being who can't live unless he's alone.
He'll approve of most things, but shows disapproval towards the act of dividing one thing into two.
After his arm was eaten, he lost the psychological reaction of "intimidation", so he goes wandering into situations that anyone could tell are dangerous.
Basically, he has the stereotypical protagonist disposition that causes him to wind up involved in trouble that he doesn't need to be concerned with.
In every chapter, he is the key to the beginning of the incidents.
After he's been used we're finished with him, so let's put him back in the pocket and forget about him-----

Source - DDD

Protagonist of DDD. Not the protagonist of every chapter.
Aiming for a pleasant sulkiness, he still lives day-to-day while spewing insults.
His basic concept is the same as Avenger, one of the main characters of Fate/hollow ataraxia, but they aim in completely opposite directions. If Angra is a person who aims outward, then Arika aims inward.

Aoko Aozaki[]

[v] Character Material - Aozaki Aoko, p.008-009

Introduction - Aoko Aozaki

A currently living Magician.

Aloof and clumsy, yet free spirited, somehow managing to come together in this 16 year old girl.
She takes her life as a mage simply, while loving her life as a respectable, strong young woman.
By day she is a boarding schooler, a genius who doesn't seem to realise things that are perfectly natural.
She's only just begun learning sorcery, and so her abilities are way below par.
By night, she's growing up at her own pace under the guidance of her friend and accomplice, Alice Kuonji.
At 16, entrusted with the pulse of the city's spirit, she begins to confront the foreign invaders showing up every now and then.
She's busy every day, but she seems to be enjoying herself with no complaints.
It could be a perfectly natural reason, or something like it.
She isn't afraid at all of her grandfather, who is labelled a monster, and only thinks of the great mage who called up Magic as "a terrible old man who's lived for a long time through questionable means".
Until a certain time, her style was based purely on sorcery, but after a new boarder stumbled in, she got in a number of fights, and from there on she changed to a more close-combat style of sorcery.

Barthomeloi Lorelei[]

[v] Character Material - Barthomeloi Lorelei, p.016-017
Source/ the dark six (tentative)

Leader of the Magecraft Association's Aylesbury Investigation Committee....

Since she takes aristocratism to an extreme she will not cooperate with other magi, so she is a leader and also a isolated troublesome person. Because she had a unique education, she is not interested and has low tolerance to homely things.

The person herself says “A person’s special characteristic is worth more than her personality,” as her principle, so she possess an interest in humans with powerful special abilities (talent).

Her personality is aristocratism through and through, however, she believes in only her precious kin, therefore other nobles and the like are inconsequential.

As far as Lorelei is concerned the ruling class and the working class is equal. It is worthy of noting it would seem this is not an individual ability that she was born with but one she was granted.

The appearance of an archetypical Ojou-sama character who has thrown away her humanity. Currently considering if she will be one of the main heroines or not.</poem>


[v] Character Material - Brainwashing-Detective, p.026-027

A famous detective who resolves difficult cases beyond the reach of normal deduction, also referred to as "the Locked-Room Detective" -- piercing to the very heart of incidents with her dark, blue eyes. She resides in a place called Tohno City, which exists in a world of despair wherein the very concept of maids has been destroyed. Silently judging the world with an emotionless countenance, she is a cold, logical preserver of the law whose case resolution rate is 100% -- and feared both by the perpetrators and victims of crimes. It could be said that she is a bizarre individual who pursues justice with a crazed intensity, whose odd manner of verbalized deduction -- saying things like "motive from alibi" or "deductive perfection" -- is nevertheless strangely compelling.

Similar but different from a Magical Girl, the nature of her existence within the night-shadowed metropolis is more accurately that of a "Dark Hero." Her main skills are psychological modification, narrative correction, and confession enforcement. Per her cool character, when her ability "Locked-Room Detective" is active, her sitting posture takes on an air appropriate to that of an "absolute dictator of logic." She continues her involvement in criminal investigation because she has judged it the most efficient method of locating her beloved long-lost twin. Incidentally, her true identity is unknown.

For the sake of finding her sister, she patrols the streets of Tohno City tonight as well.

Special Ability: "Locked-Room Detective"

The name of Brainwashing-Detective's ability does not refer to specialization in locked-room mysteries. Rather, in the condition that she and one suspect of her choice are confined to a locked room alone, a bizarre phenomenon occurs whereby -- within minutes -- the suspect is induced to make a full confession to the crime, and confirms themselves as the perpetrator. Though her method to her deductive reasoning is presumably amazing and brilliant, none besides herself and the suspect of her choice bear witness to it.

Cap Girl[]

[v] Character Material - SISTER&CHINESE HONEY: Cap Girl, p.047

Cap Girl
Class: First-year, class B.
Affiliated to: Super Aikido Club, Unexplored Cuisine Research Society
Likes: Club activities, Old Kung-fu movies
Dislikes: Discussing about love, seniors.
Favorite foods: Chinese dumplings, Bright-red Mapo that she ate someday, somewhere
Dislikes: Supplements, Bright-red Sandwich that she ate someday, somewhere
Hobbies: Baseball, Soccer, Kung-fu
Aspirations: Open a shop of delicious chinese food
Respected/worthy people for her: Master Panda
Blood type: O
Birthday: May 4.

Source: Spinning Type-Moon



Four Great Demon Beasts[]

[v] Character Material - Four Great Demon Beasts, p.058-065

Introduction - Four Great Demon Beasts

Four Demon - The Great Beast.

The familiars that serve as limbs for Merem Solomon, the Dead Apostle who is both one of the 27 Ancestors and the Burial Agency.

It is said that each one is equal to a single Ancestor.

Each one of the Four Great Demon Beasts is a Divine Beast class fantasy creature, but they were all creatures that Merem “literally” imagined.

They don’t belong to any species on earth, but they pay homage to many organisms throughout the world.

Source: Source/Tsukihime Dokuhon “talk”, “the dark six”

Boss-class monsters that obey the Dead Apostle Merem Solomon. The Demon of the Right Leg appeared in Talk. Well, it kind of got owned, but that’s because the Living Forest and the Whale Dog had just the worst compatibility.

The fact that they don’t have names is because of the rule that “you can’t give demons a name so easily”. Merem wants to give them cool names, but it seems that if he did, they would become truly free, so he can’t.

Explanation - Demon of the Left Hand

Class: King of Rats

User requirements: Manifestation of admiration towards others and the wish to transform.

Design reference: His little friends living above the ceiling of the temple.

The hero and idol of the rat world.

A demon with absolutely zero fighting power, but the transformation ability to completely imitate the appearance of any human.

In human society, he holds the status of priest. In the past, as the third most beautiful rat in the world, he has a lot of support among narrow communities living in narrow spaces like underground, above ceilings, in gutters, and behind furniture.

“Left Hand” itself likes its priest self, and spends his days working relaxedly for Merem, humans and rats.

“…That’s weird. Hey, did I design you to like humans?”

“I will be an ally of humans as long as there is pizza.”

Is a conversation this cheese lover has had with Merem.

Also, every time the rats ask him,

“Hey, hey, what part of you is a “Great” Demon Beast?”

He apologetically tries to think of a response.

Explanation 02 - Memorandum

The representative of Merem, who can’t grow any older from his boy form. While he can transform into many types of people, he normally likes to take the form of a kind old priest.

When faced with high-level exorcism, this appearance becomes undone and he reverts to his original form.

Just a note so that you don’t misunderstand, but the power to transform into any human is a power of the “Left Hand” and not Merem. What Merem created was an existence able to freely change into a human, but the one actually execute that is the “Left Hand” only. Meremu himself wants to become an adult, and wants arms and legs, but he cannot himself transform.

Again, although the Four Great Demon Beasts are basically Merem’s limbs, they are actually just providing him with limbs.

If Merem disappears, the Demon Beasts won’t disappear until they are destroyed, but if they disappear, Merem will lose his limbs and have to reimagine them.

To the Demon Beasts, Merem is their creator, but he is not someone absolutely necessary. But since they will be reimagined if they’re destroyed as long as Merem is still alive, they seem to hold some loyalty towards him.

Explanation 03 - Demon of the Right Leg

Class: King of the Earth

User Wish: Manifestation of divine punishment and huge tsunami

Design reference: The animal sculptures and stuffed animals decorating the temple, and also the temple itself

The black dog of destruction. The bell of the end. The dog of gods. The whale dog.

The demon of conquest and destruction that Merem prefers to drag along with him. It doesn't have any specific powers, but just having a huge body close to 200 meters in length is enough to qualify it as a "demon".

Supposedly, Merem actually wanted a cuter dog, but it seems that his art skills are a little biased. The demon beasts that make up his "legs" do not act independently in a human fashion, but take action directly according to his orders. Perhaps it's because Merem loves dogs, but apparently his "Right Leg" listens to him more than the "Left Leg".

Explanation 04 - Memorandum

Just like other demons, the Four Great Demon Beasts are separate beings from Merem.

Although they are demons conceived by Merem’s imagination, once he draws an image out it begins to walk away from him. While they listen to Merem, their creator, he cannot manipulate their ways or feelings.

Basically, while humans can make as many revisions as they want when something is still in their head, once it’s put into form (ex: statue, drawing) and let into the world, it can no longer be changed.

Indeed. The only things left in the author’s hands after he lets it into the world are the ownership rights.

Explanation 05 - Demon of the Right Arm

Class: Clever Daughter

User wish: Manifestation of bayonets and war… is the official front for the manifestation of doll moe. Otherwise known as The Angel-Tricking Demon.

Design reference: Goddess statue in the temple, funeral

A huge, anthromorphized pile of trash, Sword-chan.

A living gear statue around 10 meters tall.

Among the four beasts, the only one actively undergoing model (fashion) changes. Fundamentally a downer-type, super-lazy goddess.

Usually hides its face with a mask. Rarely takes it off. Also a mobile temple, with stairs and an entrance in the stomach region.

As an idol, only possesses a minimum amount of intelligence, and is not very adaptable. As an example, it has around the computational power of a Family BASIC. A problem child that has trouble deleting commands after they’ve been given. Kind of like a printer that doesn’t stop printing even after the cancel button has been pressed!

It’s a demon that symbolizes weaponry, but this is on principle limited to “weapons that it can possess”.  The design changes slightly to keep up with weapons development, but it settled on this model about 100 years ago.

Explanation 06 - Memorandum

The demon beast doesn’t appear much, maybe because Merem is being stingy. If we were talking Ultra Seven, it would be Windam. A character with few appearances despite its popularity.

Going off topic, but in the initial planning phase we thought of it as a V2 rocket anthromorphism.

Aim at the target and shoot, and with it transform into human shape and hack it to pieces. That was some kind of rocket-like intelligence mode we planned, but we thought that if it’s a demon then it should fully anthromorphize, so its acting style was changed. Also, keep it a secret, but personally I wanted to see Mr. PFALZ’s mech girl.

Explanation 07 - Demon of the Right Leg

Class: King of the Sky

User wish: Manifestation of wandering and liberation. One who aims for the stars.

Design references: The floor style in the temple. Talking with birds.

An amalgamation of many different animals. The king of beasts that swims in the sky. A huge demon on the same scale as the “Right Leg”. Its tiled skin stores many different animals. Though it has aspects of a sky fortress, but perhaps because of the fate of those who fly, it will be destroyed if its wings touch the ground.

The most beautiful of the demons that Merem imagined. The “Right Leg” specializes in annihilation warfare, but this one specializes in one-on-one combat against a super high-class enemy. …Well, generally it just deals critical injuries, then crashes and disperses.

Merem treats it as a weapon with a too-high cost.

Explanation 08 - Memorandum

The Four Great Demon Beasts ---- treated by Merem Solomon as “odd entities” even among the 27 Ancestors, who pride themselves as being odd to begin with.

It’s probably like having anime characters in elaborately drawn landscape paintings.

While Reality Marbles repaint reality with one’s own imagined world, Merem’s Four Great Demon Beasts might be revenge against reality, from a fairy-tale world abandoned by the people.

The Four Demons are the child called Merem’s doodles that have been given form. Therefore, when they appear, the landscape’s reality starts to crack.

In order to demonstrate this unbalance, we requested their designs from someone with a completely different perspective, the gothic artist Mr. PFALZ.

…The result goes without saying. The back of the giant beast that is “Right Leg” sinking in the city. The author definitely dreamed of this black prairie lined with lion statues, where the two protagonists clash. Screw that, I wanna write it.




[v] Character Material - Godo, p.029

Introduction - Godo

His real name has been erased. Generally known as Gun God or God Imitator. One of the few old-generation “humans” surviving in this wasteland.

Humans – strong as living creatures, yet weak as existences – were almost completely eliminated on doomsday. The survivors, being unable to adapt to the Grain permeating the atmosphere, were soon to follow.

During these last days, the surviving humans created the artificial paradise.

Although this artificial paradise was quickly destroyed by The Black Aristoteles, Godo was unlucky enough to receive environmental adaptation treatment, and thus his life was saved. He became the world’s last surviving human and continued to live.

But, even if he was a survivor, his future was short.

For Godo, his current life was akin to living on the moon. Without the help of machines and medicines, he would not even be able to breathe properly, and the food that he puts in his mouth is like poison.

Because his prospects were so bleak, or perhaps because he had already faced death many times, his worldview became very self-torturing but not quite pessimistic (“resignation” could be a good way to describe it), and he lived leisurely passing by the days.

In the past, wanting revenge, he excavated Black Barrel from the sealed region of Atlasia, and participated in the battle to prevent Type:Venus’ descent. Afterwards, in order to escape further conflicts, he concealed his whereabouts.

According to rumors, he participated in a certain city’s fight to repel Type:Saturn, and died there.

Although he is the weakest, he is a sniper able to withstand the poison of the strongest.

Explanation - Black Barrel

A black gun. It is a weapon that can destroy the Fifth Theoretical Element, and is constructed from the Fifth True Element.

It is called a conceptual weapon of natural life by the Six Sisters.

The bullets can ignore the abilities of anything that uses Grain and cause direct damage.

It is similar to a cancer cell directly invading a body.

One of the reasons that humans have degraded as is that they have no way to utilize the Grain in the air. As soon as they breathe it in, they die.

The moment that this new energy source, Grain, rejected them, humans became the weakest of all life forms, but Black Barrel could be called the one weapon that reverses that specific weak point.

It has many uses, and by changing its fittings it can be made to act as a sniper rifle.

It normally takes the form of a rifle with a curved stock.

At the time of its excavation, it seems that there was an original and also a replica. The gun that Godo always uses is the original.

Source: notes. (From Tsukihime Dokuhon)

The leading role of a story from the Land of Steel, an episode that cut out the events concerning an angel.

As the weakest individual but possessing a means of deposing the strongest, a really protagonist-like individual.

Afterwards, this person’s style was succeeded by Shiki from Tsukihime…maybe, or maybe not.

Introduction - ゴドー

Explanation - ブラックバレル
この銃によって放たれた弾丸は、真エーテルによっ して活動するモノなら、いかなる能力値をも無視して を与える魔の一撃となる。
人間が霊長から転落した理由の一つに、大気に満ち たジンを扱えず、吸い込めば死に至るという事がある。
汎用性が高く、各種オプションを換装する事で狙撃 銃としても使用可能。

出典/notes. (月姫読本に収録)

Gransurg Blackmore[]

[v] Character Material - Gransurg Blackmore, p.054-055

Introduction - Gransurg Blackmore

The Black Wing Lord.

One of the 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors, who makes his home in Austria.

Real name unknown. His birthplace and name have both been lost for many years. Gransurg and Blackmore are both simply aliases that originated from his circumstances.

A social, great vampire who has many household members and shows up at every large-scale ritual without fail. …Unfortunately, he is only ever shunned by other Ancestors.

Humans who are bitten and have their blood sucked by a vampire become vampires themselves. But in Blackmore’s case, humans who have blood sucked by him morph into monsters with bird heads and wings.

The other Ancestors belittle Blackmore he doesn’t maintain a human form and because his bird-man chimera underlings lack elegance.

(Although in Blackmore’s opinion, the moment the other Apostles chose a human form, they lost all their elegance.)

The title of Black Wing Lord was a sarcastic one, supposed to contrast with White Wing Lord, the title of the current king of the Apostles.

A black-winged beastmaster who resembled yet didn’t resemble the first noble white-winged sovereign ---- that would be how Blackmore was treated in the world of the 27 Ancestors.

On the other hand, as he is a Dead Apostle whose abilities and history equal those of the White Wing Lord, only the very top of the 27 Ancestors can get away with making sarcastic comments to his face.

Explanation - Lifetime

During his lifetime, he was a magus who worshiped birds as sacred.

He adored the form and inner anatomy of birds, sang praises of them as the true kings of this planet, and lived for the purpose of creating a world (sky) that was easier for them to live in.

In the world of magi, birds are treated as “the carriers of souls”. Setting his biased thinking aside, Gransurg, who made birds the foundation of his thaumaturgy, was an excellent soul carrier.

But. That bias caught the attention of the Crimson Moon. He challenged Gransurg to a battle for fun and defeated him.

Gransurg, who was an average magus and had no special blood or outstanding factors was killed immediately ---- or he would have, if not for a coincidence that saved him at the very last moment.

The Crimson Moon let the coincidence be and let Gransurg go. Instead of using him as a blood pack (Dead Apostle), he ordered Gransurg to live as his personal magus from then on.

As a human, Gransurg honored the dignity of the defeated, and pledged his mind and body to the Crimson Moon, swearing allegiance to him. He decided to walk the path of the Dead Apostle himself.

He became a vampire at the conclusion of his thaumaturgy. “If I am to serve my master, I shall take on a form befitting me.” Thus, he transformed his form into that of a bird.

During the time when he served the Crimson Moon, he was more like a familiar than he was a Dead Apostle, and worked a lot for the sake of the Crimson Moon.

Explanation - Nevermore

He still served under the Crimson Moon after the 27 Ancestors separated from the True Ancestors, but after the Crimson Moon was dispersed by Zelretch, he became an independent Apostle.

He attacked the castle of Apostle 16 fair and square, annihilating his clan and taking on the name of Blackmore. From the beginning, when the Crimson Moon was alive, he was already recognized as “one of the 27”, but once the other Ancestors acknowledged this name succession, Blackmore finally settled into a title befitting his abilities.

The Reality Marble he used during this raid was Nevermore.

A curtain of death wings covers the universe, swallowing up the moon and the stars. It is a “world of death” of absolute darkness.

“Be careful.

The birds that dance in this night of mine, are only unforgiving to the dead----”

Declaring this, Blackmore destroyed a single Ancestor and his entire faction.

Not a single drop of blood was shed. The walls, the garden, and even the curtains were completely untouched. But the vampires, numbering over a hundred, were all dead.

Source: Source/the dark six (alias)

A character on the Dead Apostle side in Tsukihime 2 (in Nasu’s head).

A bird gentleman, vampire Gatchaman.

Just as Merem is a reasonable vampire on the side of both the Dead Apostles and Church, he is a reasonable vampire on the side of both Dead Apostles and magi.

As opposed to his pride as an Ancestor, he fights in order to protect the Crimson Moon’s dignity.

Though this trickster is a supporting character, his abilities rank as top-class among the set of monsters appearing in Tsukihime 2.



Lord El-Melloi II[]

[v] Character Material - Lord El-Melloi II, p.040-041

Introduction - Lord El-Melloi II

Professor Charisma.
Master V.
Great Big Ben Londonstar.
The man that female students named as the #1 man they'd like to get laid by, and so on.
A famous lecturer in the Clock Tower with many nicknames.
He doesn't have any problems in declaring he's an archmagus, but he's hopelessly average as a magus.
But, his skill as a lecturer dominates the rest, and is the best person at detecting the hidden talent of others and training it.
There are no magi that were his students that hadn't obtained the rank of Grand, and it's even been said that if he gathered his students together, the power chart in the Clock Tower would change.

But he himself isn't the ambitious sort and has said,
"What a load of codswallop. Why should I, stuck at the 4th tier I still be, have to bloody look after other people?"
Well, so, in that sense, he doesn't really want to get involved with his students.
Back when he was an apprentice, he'd been the very embodiment of the "narcissist that doesn't doubt he's a genius", but an incident some ten years ago had led him to change his attitude, and since then, the result of persistent effort for a spoiled brat led him to be called the professor.

As far as being a talent production, his works are regarded as the greatest masterpieces of their time, but El-Melloi II doesn't really seem to care about that, probably because he's more interested in being a successful magus himself.
So anyhow, as a lecturer, he has zip interest in his mega popularity.
...Rather, he's irritated by that fact and so has for several years has been walking inside the institute with a constantly cranky look to him. Or so they say.

Speaking of which, El-Melloi II isn't his real name but a name given to him by the current head of the Archibald house.

Source: ???
The custodian (sponsor) of Rin after she went to study in London. The condition being "I will not give you one ounce of instruction. Eh well, I will at least send letters of recommendation to the other departments".
He really hates Japan and Japanese, but his sole pleasures are Japanese games. A petit bourgeois that you really can't hate.
And so, while being internally excited, he tried to bring this up to the complete game dunce Rin,
"Maybe you might..... You know, you should be familiar with that town. That place right between Ueno and Asakusa...."
Only to be given an instant answer from Rin that not only did she have no interest in Akihabara, but she had no interest in even Nihonbashi.
And so he got pissed off instead.
"Fuck! You're the worst Japanese in the world."

The person that took down the Fuyuki Holy Grail war.

Introduction - ロード・エルメロイⅡ世

Explanation -

Explanation 02 -


Merem Solomon[]

[v] Character material - Merem Solomon, p.056-057

Introduction - Merem Solomon

The Fifth of the Burial Agency. Number 20 of the 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors. In Ciel’s opinion, an annoying senior. Collects treasures from all ages and places.

The reason he affiliates with the Burial Agency is supposedly in order to get closer to the sealed treasures of the Church.

Originally, he was a divine child (planet terminal) that could manifest peoples’ wishes and communicate with animals. His arms and legs were torn off and worshiped in order to prevent him from ever leaving the village.

The reason his limbs were cut off is because of the religious belief that a divine child must not take on a mortal’s form, and also qutie simply to prevent such a convenient tool from escaping.

(His circumstances resemble those of a certain Angra Mainyu, but Merem actually is a divine child.)

Merem would have simply lived the rest of his life as the villagers’ plaything, but was noticed by the Crimson Moon, who was coincidentally passing by.

The Crimson Moon, who thought that “the power to put into shape the wishes of the people” was quite amusing, declared to the villagers that he would slaughter them all at dawn. “If you want to live, then use your wishes to try and kill me,” he said, and the game began.

The villagers’ wishes, “We don’t want to die”, were truly ugly but strong.

Without thinking of the burden on Merem, who manifested them into reality, the villagers kept on imagining “convenient divine beasts” to challenge the Crimson Moon.

Of course, those kinds of beings could never win against the Crimson Moon.

There was no end to the villagers’ wishes, but with only a little time left before daybreak, Merem reached his limit and died. The remaining villagers died, cursing Merem and the Crimson Moon.

…After that.

When the sun rose above the horizon, the Crimson Moon gave the dead Merem a big fat kiss, and revived him as a Dead Apostle.

“How amusing. You may live as you see fit. You have drawn many pictures of what could replace your arms and legs, correct? The wishes of those others were ugly, but yours were masterpieces.

―――Idols like that would be adequate to bear the burden of being your limbs.”

Entranced by the Crimson Moon’s words, Merem imagined four idols from the religious temple that the villagers built, gave them the power to be his limbs, and stood on the ground like a person for the first time.

Afterwards, he held a kind of adoration towards the Crimson Moon, and became a Dead Apostle who swore his allegiance only to the Crimson Moon --- Brunestud.

After the 27 Ancestors’ separation from the True Ancestors and the Crimson Moon’s demise, it was assumed that he went into reclusion, but for some reason he began to affiliate with their enemy, the Holy Church .

Introduction: Demonition

Merem’s special power. A first-ranked spiritual evocation power.

It is able to embody others’ wishes, but interestingly enough, not his own. Merem possesses a truly strong power, but can’t do anything by himself. In all senses, he’s like a demon himself.

While it resembles the manifestation of fantasies, Merem’s demon summoning takes the wishes of people as a model, and makes something similar after applying his own dreams.

The demons’ powers are warped by peoples’ images, but the mold itself is done by Merem’s image of it. Also, the magnitude of their power changes based on Merem’s prana input.

Given Merem’s personality, he’s not good at manifesting realistic or calculating demons.

In the end, he’s just a Peter Pan living in a fantasy world. The drawings he’s good at and the fantasies that he wants to draw are “the type of demons that you’d see in a fairy tale”.

Source: Tsukihime Dokuhon “talk”

He appears in a small episode several years after Tsukihime.

A one-man monster battle. He’s related to King Solomon in name only.

Although it’s just a plan, he’s planned to appear in “the dark six”. …Really, I wonder what kind of story it’ll become…


出典/月姫、Tsukihime Dokuhon “talk”

Miyako Arima[]

[v] Character material - Miyako Arima, p.072-073

Introduction - Miyako Arima


Source: Tsukihime, Melty Blood




[v] Character material - Mordred, p.042-043

Note: All references to gender are neutral in the original text.

Introduction - Mordred
"You must never remove that helmet."

The child of Artoria's sister, Morgan.
A masked knight that came to Camelot with only the recommendation of Morgan and by presenting his awesome swordsmanship became one of the knights of the round table. He was given his sword despite his unknown origins because of his abilities and his straightforward mental chivalry.

In Fate, actually a clone created by Morgan from Artoria. A homunculus, but also a rather complete son of Artoria. Morgan used sorcery to enchant Artoria, who had become a pseudo male, extracted sperm and developed it in her own ovary.

"My son, you have the right to inherit the throne, but for now, hide your status and obey the King. And one day....you will defeat the King and take his place." He bore that obsession of his mother, but before that ambition, was Mordred's adoration of King Arthur.

Being a homunculus, his speed of growth was faster than a human being, and his life span far shorter. Feeling shame at his twisted birth, he was unconsciously jealous of normal people and due to the special innocence that children have, worshiped King Arthur, the "perfect king".

While hiding his dislike of others, he protected the way of the knights in such a way that could only be found in picture books and worked hard daily in being the ideal knight.

But, even that innocence was shattered by Morgan.
Not having the slightest feelings of rebellion on him, he was spurred on by Morgan who told him the truth of his birth.

That Mordred was a child born between Artoria and Morgan.

That King Arthur didn't know that Mordred was his own child and that even if he did, he would never accept such a filthy child.

While shocked by this, he was at the same time wrapped in joy.

Despite not being a proper human, he was a child having the same blood as the King. No, as the son of a king that was superior, he should be proud of the fact that he was not human. In name, reality, mind, and body, he was fit to be the successor of the King.

Mordred approached the King with delight. This was because to Mordred, who had no father, King Arthur was the very form of godlike "father".

However, Artoria rejected Mordred very clearly.

"I see. Even if you were born my sister's plotting, you were certainly born from me. However, I will not recognize you as my son nor will I give you the throne."

Arthur hated his sister Morgan. How could the son of that person be accepted.
"It makes sense.... I finally understand why my title was the weakest."

Despite how hard he tries. Even if he excels over anyone, the moment he was born from Morgan, the King would look down on him as a forever as a dirtied child.

Because of the love he had up until then had been so great, the hate of the rejected Mordred burned.

As a result, the distrust of the Round Table towards King Arthur spread and the reigns of power of Camelot were seized once Arthur departed for the Rome expedition.

He would become the leader of the rebellion representing the national discontent towards King Arthur, after finally returning after a long and tiresome battle.

Mordred raged, claiming that he hated King Arthur, that he was fit for the throne, but the truth was that he only wanted to be accepted by Artoria. He only wanted to be called "son" by the King.

The final fight.

With both armies dying, the two faced each other on a hill of swords.

"Look around you King Arthur. Your country has ended. Which ever one of us emerges the victor, it matters not. As you see before you, everything is gone. You should have known it would come to this. Had you given to me the crown, this would not have happened. Did you hate me, the son of Morgan, that much?!"

King Arthur emotionlessly replied back.
"Not once did I despise you.

There was only one reason I would not give you the throne.

You didn't have the capacity of a King."

Mordred ran forward, driven on by passion.

Defeated in single combat, Mordred collapsed while still impaled by a spear.

"Never remove it before other people."
Freed from that mask his mother forced on him, and with a face identical to Artoria exposed, he said,


He reached out to touch the King with his blood-soaked hands at least once, but not even that wish was granted as he fell.

Mr. Dawn[]

[v] Character Material - Mr. Dawn, p.034-035

Introduction - Mr. Dawn
Exorcist from the Holy Church. Driver of a 30-ton-class trailer.

Visits the rural town of Aylesbury together with one other exorcist, but Dawn himself does not possess demon exorcism power, and his main role is considered as the transport of the other exorcist who "easily loses their way."

Dawn has neither attack nor self-defence abilities, so his exorcism work is chiefly carried out by the "other exorcist" that he transports.

He has a sharp expression, but he has a gentle personality and good manners.

He has the appearance of a schoolteacher rather than an exorcist.

Although, it seems according to him, he does not have the capability to teach, and it would be happier for everyone to live a carefree life on their own.

A quiet pacifist. While agreeing to head into the battleground of Aylesbury, he does not carry any weapons for self-defence.

He is weak to blood and violence, and even to horror movies. Because he will freeze out of panic the moment he witnesses the scene of a heretic's massacre, the other Executors fear him as "the far and away #1 man you don't want to go on a mission with."

Explanation - Memorandum
Burial Agency Rank 5 (Provisional). The deadbeat of the Burial Agency.

(Once he is supplemented with a partner, they will both be officially Rank 5 together)

Originally head of the 5th department of development at V&V Industry.

He was an elite among elites as an engineer, but he resigned from V&V on the occasion of a certain incident, and was scouted by Narbareck, the head of the Burial Agency, upon appraisal of his achievement in resolving the incident.

Be that as it may, he's a little below average as a believer. He has enough faith to keep a Bible in the drawer, and that hasn't changed even since the incident.

He is a precious type of Excorcist, and at the present time, it's believed that there are no Exorcists that could replace him under certain conditions.

The Holy Mother's prophecy revealed that he will perform three demon exorcisms in his career.

Source: the dark six (alias)
A character from the Holy Church in Tsukihime 2, a game in Kinoko's brain.

As an Executor he has no sacrament or superpower, and no magical training, so he plays an active role as one who understands the ordinary person's side.

A worldly man worked hard by people of the Church side: "since you won’t participate in deadly battles, then die doing odd jobs."

Mainly serves as a transporter and supplier of weapons.

Mr. Dawn

Introduction - ミスター・ダウン
聖堂教会のエクソシスト。30トンのトレーラー を移動手段にするドライバー。
もう一人の悪魔祓い師と共に田舎町・アルズベリに 訪れるが、ダウン本人には悪魔祓いの力はなく、主な 役割は“道から外れやすい"もう一人の悪魔祓い師の 輸送とされる。
ダウンには攻撃手段も自衛手段もないので、悪離蔵 いの仕事はもっぱら輸送している"もう一人の悪魔祓 い師”が行っている。
剣のある顔つきだが、私和で人当たりのいい性格。 エクソシストというよりは学校の教師といった風貌。 もっとも本人曰く、人にものを教える資格がない、 だそうで、一人でのんびり生きる方が誰にとっても幸 福な事らしい。
静かな平和主義者。アルズペリという戦場に赴く事 を承諾しながら、自衛の為ですら銃器は持たない。
血や暴力に弱く、ホラームービーにも弱い。異端者 による殺現場を見ると途端にパニクって足を引っ張 る事から、代行者たちには、一緒に任務につきたくな い男ぶっちぎりで第一位と恐れられている。

Explanation - 覚書
埋葬機関第六位(暫定)。埋葬機関の穀潰し。 (相棒が補充された後は、二人合わせては正式に六位 となる)
元、V&Vインダストリィ第六開発部主任。 技術屋としてはエリート中のエリートだったが、あ る事件をきっかけにV&Vを退社、事件解決の功績を 買われて埋葬機関局長ナルバレックにスカウトされる。
といっても信徒としての在り方は平均よりやや下と いったところ。聖書を机の引き出しに寝かせておく程 度の信心で、それは事件後からも変わっていない。
貴重なタイプのエクソシストで、今のところ、ある 条件下において彼の代わりになるエクソシストはいな いとされている。
聖母の予言において、生涯で三度悪魔祓いをする、 と啓示された。
教会においてただ一人、成体となった悪魔裁きを成 った男。

Source - 出典/the dark six(仮名)
きのこの脳内ゲーム・月姫2における聖堂教会側の キャラクター。
代行者としての秘境・異能も、脳術的な素もない 為、一般人サイドの理解者として活躍する。
教会側の人物たちからは「殺し合いに参加しないの だから雑用係として死ね」とこき使われる苦労人。


[v] Character Material - ORT, p.070-071

Introduction - ORT
Details unknown. Apparently landed in South America before the Common Era. As an attack-type lifeform, boasts power on a level far beyond anything else. The former 5th Ancestor attempted to capture it and was killed in seconds. Afterwards, treated as an Ancestor when it was discovered to have vampiric like properties.
Alien entity some 40 meters tall covered with outer skin that is harder, more flexible, more temperature resistant, and sharper than any other substance on the surface.
Said that as long as the battleground is earth, it has no weakness.
In addition to the ridiculously high attack parameters of the main body, it also possesses a special ability similar to Reality Marbles - Crystal Valley.

Explanation - Crystal Valley
Invasion by a horrifying but beautiful landscape.
While some magi and the 27 Ancestors control internal worlds called "Reality Marbles", the one that ORT has is on a completely different level.
ORT is a "visitor from another planet".
By just him (?) being there, the Earth is changing to the environment he lived in. That is, the rewriting of physical laws, a leaking of his "alien order/system".
If man is that which destroys the planet, then ORT is an invader that paints the earth world into an alien planet.
Well, thankfully ORT's a good-for-nothing spider that doesn't intend to hurt the planet...but....well, it might just be because he's (?) not interested in invading
But alas, of course nobody would understand the circumstances of ORTy, so bigshots from a lotta agencies try messing with (him) thinking that they'd better do something about Mr. Dangerous Lifeform as soon as possible......and end up getting annihilated instead.

Explanation 02 - Memorandum
Base concept being "hopeless despair". If this was an RPG, ORTy would be the hidden boss that's stronger than the last boss. "WTF man, did you losers bother to think about game balance omgwtflolz?" No, no, it's your fault for messing with him (?).
ORT just can't learn the culture of earth, but it's thought that he(?) has the ability to partially simulate the creatures he preys on. But since this is just a simulation, even if he (?) said something humanish, that'd just be a repeat of something else. If you're searching for romance, it's your personal business.
Oh, and ORT thinks that the Earth life form that had the strongest flavor to it (in an ORTish sort of way) was the former 5th Apostle.
Just movement by ORT will cause the trees around him to crystallize, forming a crystal valley (spider web).
(Design details)

Source: ???
Ultimate One of Mercury(?).
One of the pals of the Ultimate Ones appearing in Notes...but is more like one of those clumsy girls you see on anime in that it landed on Earth just one step earlier (around 5000 years) by accident. It's thought that he's closed himself off in his Crystal Valley until the promised time.
...Actually, might not really be the strongest life form that received Earth's SOS sign.
Can't be killed by Eyes of Instant Death. Doesn't have the concept of death so you'll have to destroy it physically.

Introduction - オルト

Explanation - 水晶渓谷

Explanation 02 - 覚書

ちなみに直死の魔眼ではコイツは殺せません。 死の概念がないので物理的に破壊するしかないのである。

Touko Aozakai[]

[v] Character Material - Aozaki Touko, p.024-025

Introduction - Touko Aozaki

Explanation - Touko Aozaki's Circumstances

Explanation 02 - After

Source: Kara no Kyoukai, Mahoutsukai no Yoru (Unpublished)

Introduction - 蒼崎橙子

Explanation - 蒼崎橙子の事情

Explanation 02 - この後



[v] Character Material - V/V, p.028

Introduction - Girl

A projection. An illusion of an angel.

Plays the guitar. Plays it horribly.

Appeared in the apartment of the impoverished Godo, thinking to help out, but ended up being a huge troublemaker.

Basically, she won’t do anything.

Her special ability is a questionable healing effect. Her signature move is draining Godo’s wages. Her hobby is “human appreciation” of the people gathered underneath the World Tree.

In other words, everyone thinks “I shouldn’t fall in love with something virtual”, but those virtual things were created in order for us to fall in love with.

Explanation - The City of the World Tree

A base that was originally set up to monitor the corpse of Type:Venus.

The people who were first dispatched to this land were like people who had been exiled, but ever since they confirmed that the corpse could sustain life, they slowly expanded to become a city.

During the fight when Type:Uranus and Type:Neptune were shot down, most of the World Tree’s leaves were lost.

Explanation 02 - Heaven’s Corpse (Type:Venus)

The Ultimate One of Venus.

A carnivorous plant about 1 kilometer in length. Its form is similar to that of a fish with a pair of giant trees growing on its back, but as it is hidden in the sea of clouds no one has records ascertaining this.

Type:Venus flew to Earth after the other Aristoteles launched their attack, and for a long time it simply drifted around inside the sea of clouds.

After staying harmless for a while, it finished its task of exploring and selecting the ideal seed bed, and finally began its descent.

Its real form is rooted into the earth, and its countless spores (Angel-type Predacious Terminals) spread and seeded themselves into the environment. If it were to reach the earth while alive, it would signify the end of all species on Earth.

…Because it is a parasitic Aristoteles, it could even “absorb” the concept of Liners.

Source: notes. (From Tsukihime Dokuhon)

A spirited, earnest, airheaded XXXXXXX who is in love with love.

The command that she was input with was “Earth Predation”, but the answer she came up with was “I love everyone living here”. She was really a hopeless individual.

Aah. Thou art the incurable disease known as love.

Introduction - 少女
稼ぎの少ないゴドーのアパートメントに現れ、お手 伝いと称して居候する遠距離トラブル型スタンドちゃ基本的に、いるだけで何もしてくれません。
特殊能力は微妙な癒し効果。得意技はゴドーの給料 を食いつぶすこと。趣味は大樹の下に集まった人々の 人生鑑賞。
やっぱバーチャルに恋しちゃダメだよなあ、とみん な思いつつも、やっぱりバーチャルってのは恋する為 に作られるんだ、というお話。

Explanation - 世界樹の街
タイプ・ヴィーナスの死骸を監視する為に作られた 基地。
当時はこの土地に配属される者は島流し同然であっ たが、亡骸が地上を緑化させている事が判明し、徐々 に街として成長していった。
タイプ・ウラヌス&ネプチューン射出作戦において、 大樹の葉はその大部分を失う事になる。

Explanation 02 - 天の亡骸(タイプ・ヴィーナス)
金星のアルテミットワン。 全長約千メートルほどの動食植物。一対の巨大な大 樹を背にした魚のようなフォルムらしいが、雲海の中 に隠れていた為、正確に記録した者はいない。
他のアリストテレスたちの侵攻にやや遅れるかたち で地球に飛来、長く雲海の中を漂っていた
しばらく無害であったが理想的な苗床を探査・選定 を終了し、ついに降下を開始する。
その正体は大地に根を生やし、何億という胞子(天 使型の捕食端末)をまき散らす侵略型環境育生林麻植 物。生きたまま地表に下ろした時点で、現生態系の終 誘を意味する。
・・・・・寄生型であった為に人間種の概念をも"摂取 してしまったアリストテレス。

Source - 出典/notes. (月姫読本に収録)
入力されたコマンドは地球捕食、けど発生した答え は地上の生き物みんな大好き、というどうしようもな いものであった。


Burial Agency[]

[v] Character material - Prelude II: Burial Agency [Organization], p.038

Burial Agency [Organization]
A branch of the Holy Church. A group of Executor responsible for the inquisition of heretics.
They were not Exorcists who repelled Demons, but executioners of the Demonic.
They never worked with Demon hunting organizations of any nations, and its members frequently operated alone.
The Burial Agency favoured raw power above all. If an individual possessed powers that could vanquish difficult foes of the Church, he/she would be welcomed without any consideration of his status. The Agency consisted of eight members. This included seven members led by Chief Narbareck, as well as one reserve member.

埋葬機関 [組織名]

Dead Apostles[]

[v] Character material - Prelude I: Dead Apostles [Term], p.018

Dead Apostles [Term]
Creatures that made up the majority of the Blood Suckers. Considered to be the prototypical Vampires.
They were originally the emergency rations of the True Ancestors. The Dead Apostles served as living blood bags when True Ancestors could not curb their vampiric impulses.
These creatures whose blood was drained by True Ancestors and bound as servants were called Dead Apostles.
Within the ranks of Dead Apostles, there were those who were unrelated to True Ancestors. They were the ones who acquired immortality (as Vampires) at the end of their quest for magic. They also joined the secret society of Dead Apostles. Although their origins differ, they were still considered Blood Suckers.

死徒 [用語]

Dead Apostle Louvre[]

[v] Character material - Prelude I: Dead Apostle Louvre [Person's name • Dead Apostle], p.019

Dead Apostle Louvre [Person's name • Dead Apostle]
Dead Apostle of the Lake. Even among the Dead Apostles, his lineage was an ancient one. Because Louvre was created by the True Ancestor as a form of amusement, namely to appreciate the "beauty" of mankind, he did not possess any exceptional powers.
A few centuries ago, he was pursued by the Executor of the Church to a lake and subsequently destroyed, but somehow he miraculously survived.
Since then, he became dedicated in enlarging his "coven" which he previously did not care about. Currently he was the subordinate of White Wing, who led the largest faction of Dead Apostles.

死徒ルヴァレ [人名/使徒]


[v] Character material - Prelude I: Death [???], p.023

DEATH [???]
Assassin. One who could slice the unbreakable like butter, and dismember the indestructible Dead Apostles. As the name suggested, a shadow who was like a Death God.
Like the Avenger, he was deemed an elusive calamity in the world of Dead Apostles.
.... running around doing errands with no pay, what a hard working guy.

DEATH [???]


[v] Character material - Prelude I: Enhance [Person's name • Dead Apostle], p.022

Enhance [Person's name • Dead Apostle]
Avenger. A member of the Twenty Seven Dead Apostle Ancestors. Number Eighteen.
He was given the title Blade (Enhance Sword) by those despised him. A Vampire who recently joined the ranks of Ancestors.
It was not unusual for Dead Apostles to wage wars against each other, and the purpose was to wrestle for power within the organization.
Usually the subordinates fought for the right to inherit the title of an Ancestor. Fighting against the other Ancestors was almost unheard of.
Enhance broke this rule, as he actively hunted for the other Ancestors.

エンハウンス [人名/死徒]

Holy Church[]

[v] Character material - Prelude II: The Holy Church [Organization], p.036

The Holy Church [Organization]
The organization that ran contrary to the "universal tolerance" of the religion.
Preaching the word of God, they absolutely did not tolerate anything against the doctrine. Although on the surface they denied the existence of "heretics", within the ranks there existed some who rejected heretics with unmatched fervor. They turned "heretic hunting" into a profession, and a immense department was established for this purpose.
"Executors" were individuals with the power to vanquish Demons. They physically eliminated things that did not exist in the Lord's teachings. On the other hand, Exorcists were individuals in the clergy who tolerated the existence of Demons, but merely temporarily repelled them.

聖堂教会 [組織名]

Mages' Association[]

[v] Character material - Prelude I: The Mages' Association [Organization], p.021

The Mages' Association [Organization]
A self-preservation agency formed by practitioners of magecraft, regardless of nationality or race (of course, in name only).
Its directive was to control, conceal, and further develop magecraft.
The Association had the martial power to protect itself from those who threaten its existence. It also possessed facilities for the further development of magecraft. The Association enforced a set of laws that prevented the criminal use of magecraft.
At the moment, the centre of the Association resided in London.

魔術協会 [組織名]

Pepper Powder[]

[v] Character material - Prelude II: Pepper Powder [Spice], p.037

Pepper Powder [Spice]
Hua Jiao Fen.
The product of grinding cooked peppers with mortar and pestle. It was the spice that represented Chinese cuisine. It was said the pepper powder of Sichuan was exceptionally hot, spicy, and aromatic. It could burn through your tongue.
Needless to say, it was an essential ingredient of Mapo Tofu.

花椒粉 [調味料]


[v] Character material - Prelude III: Princess [Ruler of virtue • Colloquial term], p.069

Princess [Ruler of virtue • Colloquial term]
Loved gold colour, despised black.
The Princess that the Priest (Merem) spoke about, of course it was that person. The kid only talked about her, it seemed that he never grew up.
On the one hand, the Princess was not very good at dealing with the Priest, making his friendly gestures seemed unacknowledged. On the other hand, the Black Princess loved the Priest very much. She loved him so much that she was hesitating whether or not to just eat him.

姫君 [名称/俗称]


[v] Character material - Prelude II: Sister [Term • Person name], p.039

Sister [Term • Person name]
The Executor who arrived at Aylesbury before the party of Mr. Dawn. She had a friendly smile and the communication skills to quickly adapt to any environment. The most virtuous member of the Burial Agency.
In terms of diplomacy and intelligence, she was considered number one in the Agency. However, she really took the Agency's motto "Endure all trials, consume all humiliations" to heart, and showed off her dazzling dance steps in her laced-up boots at every opportunity.
...However, her performances were really sloppy.

シスター [用語/人物名]


[v] Character material - Prelude III: Temple [Term], p.066

Temple [Term]
A previously isolated world.
It was a prison, but for Merem it was also a place of comfort like the womb. After acquiring his freedom, he peered at the outside world through this place.
In the past, many of his "wishes" in his imaginations were born from the theme of the Temple.
The only thing he loved and longed for from the outside world was the Crimson Moon, as a result, since then he purposefully avoided imagining things with Moon themes.

聖堂 [用語]

The Twenty Seven Dead Apostle Ancestors[]

[v] Character material - Prelude I: The Twenty Seven Dead Apostle Ancestors [Term], p.020

The Twenty Seven Dead Apostle Ancestors [Term]
The twenty seven ancestors, the greatest beings among the Dead Apostles. More than half of them had been sealed by the Church.
Among the most ancient Dead Apostles, some of the Ancestors had been slain. The reason that the Twenty Seven seats still existed was that the subordinates of the slain Ancestors inherited their seats.
The sealed Ancestors were locked within sarcophagi by the Holy Church. Since they could not be completely destroyed, they were essentially permanently imprisoned. The covens of the sealed Ancestors still existed today. They were working hard either attempting to save the Ancestors or destroy them.

死徒二十七祖 [用語]

White Wing[]

[v] Character material - Prelude III: White Wing [Person's name • Dead Apostle], p.067

White Wing [Person's name • Dead Apostle]
Trhvmn Ortenrosse.
The eldest Dead Apostle. A member of the Twenty Seven Dead Apostle Ancestors. Number seventeen.
A Blood Sucker evolved from a magus. He was the first follower of Crimson Moon.
The classic Vampire, currently ruling as the Lord of Dead Apostles. He supposedly represented the Twenty Seven Dead Apostle Ancestors, but acted as their voice in name only.
White Wing was the Dead Apostle formulated the game of True Ancestor Hunting, and the cause of Nero Chaos' death in the Far East.
He despised the True Ancestors who reigned, with the only exception being the absolute True Ancestor Brunestud, to whom he demonstrated respect ----

白翼公 [人名/死徒]

Van Fem[]

[v] Character material - Prelude III: Van Fem [Person's name • Dead Apostle], p.068

Van Fem [Person's name • Dead Apostle]
Valery Fernand Vandelstam.
A member of the Twenty Seven Dead Apostle Ancestors, number fourteen. Demon Lord of Financial Sector. He was a puppet master who materialized seven golems that people referred to as "fortresses".
Van Fem had an intense interest in human society. He was an eccentric Vampire who attempted to increase his influence through non-Vampire method after the First World War.
Rumour had it that recently he constructed buildings in the celebrity town Monaco, and every week he would visit casion boats where he challenged other visitors.

ヴァン=フェム [人名/死徒]