Fate/Zero material entries, ALL OVER/Zero, entries from the novels, and questions from a French interview with Gen Urobuchi. Credits to food and tsukikan English translation for the ALL OVER/Zero.

Character Profiles[]


[v] Fate/Zero material - Characters: Alexander, p.046-049, 086

Height: 212cm
Weight: 130kg
Blood type: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Image color: Scarlet
Talents: Pulling arguments out of his ass, leadership
Things he likes: Adventure, novelty
Things he hates: Idea of completion, benefits of what he already has
Worst enemy: His mother

Comment for Alexander
Takeuchi: We are the King of Conquerors! Because he can be said to be the ultimate key person in F/Z, a lot of time and energy went into his design. He has a detailed and complex design, so he became a very difficult character to draw.
Urobuchi: If 5th Rider is a racing car, then 4th Rider is a heavy tank, Which one would you choose to take a ride on?
Takeuchi: Actually, the heavy tank-ness of the Gordius Wheel is cool. But it can't enter a sewer at all.
Urobuchi: At one point, that Noble Phantasm was designed to have the ability to change its size at will by substituting its parts and transforming. Even then, though, the sewers would be too narrow.

Takeuchi's comment
Without the mantle, you get an extremely intimate feeling from him. The King of Conquerors in the style of commoners. [Takeuchi]

Takeuchi's comment
Rider: Bwahahaha Cast it all off!!
Waver: Why even me...
Maybe it would be better to put him in a loincloth. [Takeuchi]

Takeuchi's comment
Initial designs. I'm pretty pleased with the guy in the center with the three feelers. [Takeuchi]

Takeuchi's comment

Takeuchi's comment

Comment for Alexander

Takeuchi's comment

Takeuchi's comment

Aoi Tohsaka[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Characters: Aoi Tohsaka, p.040-041, 087

Aoi Tohsaka

Height: 160 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Blood type: O
Birthday: September 5
Three sizes: B78/W57/H82
Image color: Light yellow-green
Talents: Smoothing a situation over
Things she likes: Mysterious things, nighttime strolls
Things she hates: Swimming
Worst enemy: None

Comment for Aoi
Takeuchi: She has the feeling of a well-raised young lady who became a mother. She was supposed to be a different type of "ideal mother" than Iri.
Urobuchi: Iri is the fun mama while Aoi is the peaceful mama, huh? But I imagine Aoi is better at using that hidden power that mothers have.
Takeuchi: You also get a strong feeling of "That husband of mine, never taking care of himself" from her. Personally, I have the image that while she looks like Rin at a glance, her behavior is like that of Sakura.
Urobuchi:WoooW, that's a really high level fusion!

Takeuchi's comment


Comment for Aoi

Takeuchi's comment

Diarmuid Ua Duibhne[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Characters: Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, p.054-057

Diarmuid Ua Duibhne

Height: 184 cm
Weight: 85 kg
Blood type: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Image color: Kayneth, Sola-Ui
Talents: Outdoor cooking, welcoming guests
Things he likes: Friendship, codes of honor
Things he hates: Smitten maidens, extremely jealous men
Worst enemy:Kayneth, Sola-Ui

Takeuchi's comment
His charm point is his droopy eyes and button of a mouth. [Takeuchi]

Comment for Diarmuid
Takeuchi: At the time and place where I finished reading the first volume, as I thought "Uh-huh, like this", I was able to create the character's form. His clothing definitely has the manner of an English Rocker (a greaser).
Urobuchi: For me, who has an ironclad rule that beautiful people=evil or stupid, he is a really rare character for me. But I really thought that if a man is too beautifully formed, then his life would truly become miserable.
Takeuchi: Everything is best in moderation. He comes from the same Celtic mythology as Cu Chulainn, so his costume design follows the same lines.
Urobuchi: Celtic bodies! For some reason, as it moves from the time of the Gods to the time of Mankind, simplicity is consequently lost and parts increase; what a wild thought!

Misc text:
Sola-Ui: Lord Derry...
Kayneth: Sola-ui? Sola-Ui!

Takeuchi's comment
For no reason whatsoever, there are a large percentage of messy hairdos in Zero. [Takeuchi]


Takeuchi's comment

Comment for Diarmuid

Takeuchi's comment


[v] Fate/Zero material - Characters: Gilgamesh, p.042-043

Height: 182 cm 
Weight: 68 kg
Blood type: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Image color: Gold
Talents: Wealth
Things he likes: Himself, Power
Things he hates: Himself, Snakes
Worst enemy: None

Takeuchi's comment

Comment for Gilgamesh


Takeuchi's comment

Comment for Gilgamesh

Gilles de Rais[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Characters: Gilles de Rais, p.058-061

Gilles de Rais

Height: 196 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Blood type: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Image color: Muddy black
Talents: Plotting events, producing things
Things he likes: Boyish girls, feminine boys
Things he hates: Politics, accounting
Worst enemy: Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, Lancelot

Urobuchi's comment
A smiling face! This smile is truly Gilles at his height! [Gen Urobuchi]

Comment for Gilles de Rais
Takeuchi: He is a fairly troubled character Drawing this character with such strong peculiarities is fun.
Urobuchi: Already, he's more in the style of a creature than a Caster. He used to be such a good-looking guy... but what's really terrifying is his occult knowledge.
Takeuchi: I don't think he's that good-looking, but he does have an awfully pretty expression (laugh). Because he's a knight, his body build is also pretty good, so he has the possibility of being summoned as a class other than Caster, huh?
Urobuchi: Well, his summoning as a Caster is already against the rules. Though he ended up becoming a general, his most awesome asses wasn't his martial might but his money, right~?

Takeuchi's comment
Because he is a knight, his body build is pretty good. [Takeuchi]

Takeuchi's comment
Gilles in the past. He must have wet his eyebrowless, round and cute eyes as he was adoring Jeanne. [Takeuchi]


Urobuchi's comment

Comment for Gilgamesh

Takeuchi's comment

Takeuchi's comment


[v] Fate/Zero material - Characters: Hassan, p.072-073, 83


Height: ~
Weight: ~
Blood type: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Image color: Several
Talents: Several
Things she likes: Gossip, discussion
Things she hates: In-fighting
Worst enemy: Gilgamesh

Takeuchi's comment
More like a Theif than an Assassin, huh? [Takeuchi]

Misc text:
As he changes personalities, the mask also changes.
True face with mask off

Urobuchi's comment
The picture of her true face that I saw after the second volume was published. If I had only seen that sooner, Assassin's appearances would have unmistakably increased exponentially! [Urobuchi]

Comment for Hassan
Takeuchi: As expected, the most delicious girl is female Assassin, but if she just had a beautiful form, it would overlap with Maiya's, so I aimed to make her like a Terasawa Girl.
Urobuchi: Yeah, I love this better. Secretly, the muscles on her two arms and abdomen are also moe.
Takeuchi: "If you take off the mask, there's no true face underneath"; it should be something like that, but, of course, they were nothing but empty words.
Urobuchi: That's right. Isao Sasaki also said "I want a slice of romance!"

Takeuchi's comment
Assassin's large family. [Takeuchi]

Takeuchi's comment

Urobuchi's comment

Comment for Hassan

Takeuchi's comment

Irisviel von Einzbern[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Characters: Irisviel von Einzbern, p.030-033

Irisviel von Einzbern

Height: 158cm
Weight: 52kg
Blood type: Unknown
Birthday: February 1
Image color: Silver
Three sizes: B85/W56/H84
Talents: Forging Magecraft
Things she likes: Her husband and daughter
Things she hates: Frugality, traffic safety
Worst enemy: Kirei Kotomine

Urobuchi's comment
In a certain way, the rough draft that gave the character her direction in the series. Tights! And then boots! [Gen Urobuchi]

Comment for Irisviel
Takeuchi: Mama heroine. I was thinking of a concept that would try to express the combination of the two sides of mother and maiden, but her causal clothing was too adorable, so I regret it just a little.
Urobuchi: No, rather, that gap is the very best! The world's mother should all be more adorable! Like parent-teacher conferences! Or field day!
Takeuchi: I also kind of wanted to use the contents of the working of her wires a little more. During her villain turn at the end, allowing Iri to develop into a different character might have been fun.
Urobuchi:Black Iri, well, in terms of the truth, is more like "Angri" with the appearance of Iri, so she's something completely different. For some reason, I thought of her being in the same costume as Black Sakura.

Takeuchi's comment
Using her wires. It's a legendarily hot method of attack. [Takeuchi]

Takeuchi's comment
Iri's initial design. It was discarded for being called too cute. In truth, I put into her motifs of heroines from the manga I drew in the past. [Takeuchi]

Urobuchi's comment

Comment for Irisviel

Takeuchi's comment

Takeuchi's comment

Kariya Matou[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Characters: Matou Kariya, p.064-065, 082

Kariya Matou
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Blood type: AB
Birthday: March 22
Image color: Dark green
Talents: Creative writing
Things he likes: Small trips, photography
Things he hates: Extravagant things
Worst enemy: Zouken Matou, Tokiomi Tohsaka

Urobuchi's comment
After he ran away from the Matou, he had no choice but to earn a meager living by working as a freelance report writer, or at least that's my headcanon. [Gen Urobuchi]

Comment for Kariya
Takeuchi: Because I only thought of this design as the first volume began publication, major changes were made. You'll see the initial design in the following pages. It was good in terms of the result. I'm fairly pleased with it.
Urobuchi: Looking back on it, the design that called for him to wear the hood of his parka low over his eyes wrecks this jut a little bit. We should have shown this amazing face straight on more.
Takeuchi: I am not drawing his face from before the Crest Worms twisted it, but I think it is a face without much individuality. From my point of view, the normality that you can see both in his regular and twisted face is Kariya Matou's nature.
Urobuchi: As for that, he seems to have a face like the protagonist of those early games that went "Please enter your name."

Takeuchi's comment
Kariya's early design. It was a design concept that made him give off a villainous first impression. [Takeuchi]
Frozen in a pained expression. Should his teeth be bared?

Urobuchi's comment

Comment for Kariya

Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Characters: Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald, p.050-051, 085

Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald

Height: 181 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Blood type: B
Birthday: April 11
Image color: Brass
Talents: Drawing, sculptures, crafts
Things he likes: Himself
Things he hates: Idiots
Worst enemy: Kiritsugu Emiya

Urobuchi's comment
While seeming simple, the coat with stiffly structured decorations shows individualism. [Gen Urobuchi]

Comment for Kayneth
Takeuchi: I got a clear image for him from Urobuchi-san, so he was a character designed without much difficulty. I had way too much fun drawing his expressions when he's breaking down. In a way, he's a very human character.
Urobuchi: He is the epitome of how someone who believes themselves to be entitled from birth will never by happy. He's a person whose intellectual side I wanted to show a little bit more.
Takeuchi: You'd think he's only there to be defeated, huh? Speaking of that, I was one of those people too.
Urobuchi: In truth, his role was to be defeated, but. Because he's that sort of character, I have a strange affection for him.

Takeuchi's comment

Urobuchi's comment

Comment for Kayneth

Takeuchi's comment

King Arthur[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Characters: King Arthur, p.034-037

King Arthur
Height: 154 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Blood type: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Three sizes: B73/W53/H76
Image color: Blue
Talents: Competing
Things he likes: Detailed operations and legitimate actions
Things he hates: Sketchy strategy, Sneaky behavior
Worst enemy: Kiritsugu Emiya, Gilgamesh

Comment for Saber

Takeuchi's comment

Comment for Saber

Takeuchi's comment

[v] Fate/Zero material - Characters: Kiritsugu & Saber, p.085

Takeuchi's comment

Takeuchi's comment

Kirei Kotomine[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Characters: Kotomine Kirei, p.070-071

Takeuchi's comment

Comment for Kirei

Takeuchi's comment

Comment for Kirei

Kiritsugu Emiya[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Characters: Kiritsugu Emiya, p.028-029

Kiritsugu Emiya
Height: 175cm
Weight: 67kg
Blood type: AB
Birthday: November 11
Image color: Grey
Talents: Shooting, jobs involving destruction
Things he likes: Efficiency
Things he hates: Familial affections
Worst enemy: Saber

Takeuchi's comment
Kiritsugu as a child. He looks like the protagonist of a shonen manga. [Takeuchi]

Comment for Kiritsugu
Takeuchi:Tentatively, the protagonist of Fate/Zero... but even so, in terms of artwork, his presence was small. The two times he appeared on the cover, one shot only showed him from the back, the other had him in silhouette.
Urobuchi: Because he abstains from the flashiness of the Heroic Spirits. Rather, the best solution was to make him so unnoticeable. After all, a character who spreads justice should speak with their backs!
Takeuchi:Despite being so shady, his first person pronoun is "boku", so it makes him sound rather moe.
Urobuchi: That's the charm of Nasu's initial design. Urobuchi could not come up with that sort of self-address.

Comment for Kiritsugu


[v] Fate/Zero material - Characters: Lancelot, p.066-069

Height: 191 cm
Weight: 81 kg
Blood type: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Image color: Dark blue
Talents: Martial Arts, Horseback Riding
Things he likes: Etiquette and tradition
Things he hates: Talking about his true intentions
Worst enemy: Iskander (Alexander)

Koyama's comment
I accepted an order that said to make him look like a dark hero and settled on giving him a massive outer appearance. It runs counter to expectations, but if you look at it closely, you should see that it is assembled from parts that are similar to Saber's armor. It is so complex that it would be hard to make a video game sprite, huh? If you could do it, make it 3-D from now on. Make it look gloriously three dimensional and whatnot. [Koyama]

Koyama's comment
The order was for a bucket with a slit in it, but right now only the slit remains. From the head alone, it is a rather simple silhouette, but it still carries an impression of the armor. In the discarded designs, there was also a phase where the design was more eye-like. [Koyama]

Koyama's comment
Initially, I imagined him as a character that had a great gap between his thin, weak-looking appearance and amazing power and speed. The black deign was tacked on later, but fit unexpectedly smoothly. Remember. the tentacles lie flat. [Koyama]

Initial design
I was taught the heel looks like it's floating a little.

Comment for Lancelot
Takeuchi: Koyama was responsible for the armor's design. Because he drew it in a very complex form, I thought it was something like "This sort of design picture must be pretty valuable." I did not think he would develop so much from the original instruction of "Bucket Helmet"! (laugh)
Urobuchi: That was a pretty irresponsible order, hu-uh? I kept pondering how the heck I would make a bucket helmet look cool!? I surely really wanted it to be a "slit-like eyepiece", in the end. And then, the current form.
Takeuchi: I finished the design for the face with no trouble at all. I kept on thinking "This guy is so unlucky!" while drawing him.
Urobuchi:I thought Lance would be more beautiful as a handsome man with a shady past than an unrestrained playboy.

Misc text:
In old times
Lancelot: Milord does not understand the hearts of others.
Arthur: Take it

Takeuchi's comment
Lancelot during the era of the Knights of the Round Table. I think you wouldn't know it because the picture was trimmed, but on the jacket of the PS2 Fate soundtrack, Lancelot is actually standing across from Bedivere. His expression, like he's being punished for doing something wrong, makes me tear up. [Takeuchi]

Misc text:
My lord...

Takeuchi's comment
As Berserker. He's as different from his living form as an ibis is from an amoeba. [Takeuchi]


Koyama's comment

Koyama's comment

Koyama's comment

Comment for Lancelot

Takeuchi's comment

Takeuchi's comment

Maiya Hisau[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Characters: Hisau Maiya, p.074-075

Maiya Hisau
Height: 161cm
Weight: 49kg
Blood type: A
Birthday: July 7
Three sizes: 75/58/77
Image color: Iron black
Talents: Anything to do with combat
Things she likes: Western sweets
Things she hates: Makeup, fashion choices
Worst enemy: Kirei Kotomine

Takeuchi's comment
Until I did a full body illustration for her, I never noticed that her hairstyle completely overlaps with Waver's. (sweatdrop) [Takeuchi]

Comment for Maiya
Takeuchi: I am afraid that I have not drawn Miss Maiya very much. She has a slender and flexible image. She gives me an empty, ephemeral impression from which I cannot feel a strong sense of self, but this seems to be the correct interpretation.
Urobuchi: I requested a fighting maiden with vector pants look that wasn't Bazett, but I fairly like the costume that shows no particular ethnicity.
Takeuchi: You get a feel of "Where is she actually from", huh? I wanted her to have a just slightly happier ending/
Urobuchi: She herself was resolved to disappear unrewarded and alone, so dying in Kiritsugu's arms was most likely as joy beyond her wildest dreams.

Takeuchi's comment

Comment for Maiya

Rin Tohsaka[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Characters: Tohsaka Rin, p.078-079

Comment for Rin
Takeuchi: Regarding child Rin, I made a big mistake. I miscalculated her birthday. I'll take this opportunity to correct it, Rin's is 2/3, Sakura's is 3/2 (sweats)
Urobuchi: There was probably something at the time of Rin's birth that caused fear that she would die prematurely. So Tokiomi panicked and he and Aoi-san went for one more se(rest omitted)

Comment for Rin

Risei Kotomine[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Characters: Kotomine Risei, p.076-077

Risei Kotomine

Height: 179cm
Weight: 88kg
Blood type: B
Birthday: December 29
Image color: Oxidized silver
Talents: Preaching, Chinese Martial Arts
Things he likes: Faith, abstinence
Things he hates: Hedonists
Worst enemy: Ryuunosuke Uryuu

Comment for Risei
Takeuchi: Drawing muscles is fun. He's Kotomine's honored father, so his eyebrows and his mussed mullet are in the same style. Is it a Kotomine clan Sorcery Trait?
Urobuchi: For some reason, he seems like an old soldier who would not be out of place even if he time slipped to the Warring States Era. This guy would absolutely look better in something like a samurai costume than in a priest's cassock
Takeuchi: That's right. For some reason, he feels like a genuine Japanese person, but... No, even with his perfectly cleft chin.
Urobuchi: Because it looks like something from Ninja Scroll, characters with cleft chins are completely okay!


Comment for Risei

Ryuunosuke Uryuu[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Characters: Uryuu Ryuunosuke, p.062-063

Ryuunosuke Uryuu

Height: 174cm
Weight: 65kg
Blood type: B
Birthday: January 31
Image color: Purple
Talents: Destroying evidence, "witty, causal talk"
Things he likes: Boredom
Things he hates: Familial affection
Worst enemy: None

Comment for Ryuunosuke
Takeuchi: In truth, during the first volume when he was designed, the character was not grasped very well. I did not change his design but his expressions are wildly different from how they were drawn initially. His expressions are vivid, but for some reason, his eyes always seem flat.
Urobuchi: That's because he, in this case, is largely an inflation of the evil seaweed-head prevalent in the writing. At first, I thought of him as a person who carried a more toned-down madness as compared to Gilles, but now... huh?
Takeuchi: In some way, he plays the part of disciple who Gilles guides. I was thinking of putting a leopard print in the larger areas of the design like the shirt or pants, but in the end, thanks to Urobuchi-san's instructions, I put them down on his shoes.
Urobuchi: His key characteristic is that he wants to seize just one point to its very limit; he has this beautifully simple mind.


Comment for Ryuunosuke

Sakura Matou[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Characters: Matou Sakura, p.080-081

Comment for Sakura

Comment for Sakura

Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Characters: Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri, p.052-053, 084

Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri
Height: 165cm
Weight: 52kg
Blood type: O
Birthday: August 19
Image color: Violet
Three Sizes: B88/W56/H84
Talents: Criticizing others' cooking, complaining to customer service
Things she likes: Shopping
Things she hates: Sorting and organization, cooking and laundry
Worst enemy: Maiya Hisau

Comment for Sola-Ui
Takeuchi: A girl who was said to have a strong nose bridge, so I designed it as straight. I remember Urobuchi-san saying "Isn't she too cute?" (laugh)
Urobuchi: Yeah, she's way too cute. Thanks to that, Nasu-san came down with a strange disease.
Takeuchi: Actually, I wanted to make her a little more lively. It was a little disappointing when he put an end to it like that.
Urobuchi:Looking back at how thin the third volume was, I wonder right now if it would have been better to stretch out the scenes with her deal and team-up with Lancer.

Takeuchi's comment
Sola's early costume design. I always wanted to do something different so I simplified it a lot, but in the end it became the usual blouse and ribbon design.

Takeuchi's comment
As opposed to the various misfortunes of the Lancer team in the main work, they would fit beautifully in a comedy.


Comment for Sola-Ui

Tokiomi Tohsaka[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Characters: Tohsaka Tokiomi, p.038-039

Tokiomi Tohsaka
Height: 177cm
Weight: 68kg
Blood type: O
Birthday: June 16
Image color: Deep crimson
Talents: Chess
Things he likes: Tea time
Things he hates: Attacks that are against the rules, unforeseen events
Worst enemy: Irisviel

Urobuchi's Comment
The goatee is the charm point. He surely spends a long time grooming it every day. [Gen Urobuchi]

Comment for Tokiomi
Takeuchi: He was a character whose image changed 180 degrees from what I hat thought in the early stages. However, now he has become a character who can't be pictured any other way
Urobuchi: Since Rin inherited her kindness from her father, I was given some hesitation about killing off his character, and so I ventured to put him in the position of the bad guy. However, by personal standard, he's a traditional person without a single thing wrong about him.
Takeuchi: The Azoth Dagger that took Tokiomi's life. During the episode when Rin received that, only the people who view the story from a position like that of a god can feel something akin to the sense of inconsistency in life.
Urobuchi: As he watched over Rin pour magic into it as it were valuable, Kirei was most likely coldly smirking.


Urobuchi's Comment

Comment for Tokiomi

Waver Velvet[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Characters: Waver Velvet, p.044-045

Weight: 50kg
Blood type: B
Birthday: October 3
Image color: Warm grey
Talents: Conjecture, arranging the main points
Things he likes: All sorts of puzzles, detective fiction
Things he hates: Physical strength
Worst enemy: Himself

Misc text:
Ooh... Timid face
W...What ju...!
Incompetent numbskull - gah The hell is that?
Grin - What sorta Servant will it be...

Comment for Waver
Takeuchi: Because I decided on his image clearly, he was a character that took almost no trouble to design. It must be because I wanted to draw him a lot.
Urobuchi: Perhaps because he's the character with the most vivid expressions. I too want to write about a character like this one sooner or later.
Takeuchi: He has a design that makes him look incompetent, but it probably turn out for the best. At the epilogue, I was really in tears. The part about the young man who lost his childish leader.
Urobuchi: Maybe if Suneo parted with Jaian, he too would have become an honorable, mature man!?

Comment for Waver


Admirable Tactics IV[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Admirable Tactics IV [Other], p.090

Admirable Tactics [Other]
The fourth entry in a super-popular series of war games set during World War II, where players control the Axis powers and fight against the Allies. The subtitle is "The Melancholy of Dr. Porsche".
Since the game systems had already reached the limits of complexity and difficulty in the previous installment, this newest version simply added more nations, stages, and maps. And with new units like the Focke-Wulf Triebflügel, the V-3 cannon, and a clone of the Führer himself, it surpassed the realm of war games and became a chaotic melting pot that defies description. Even now, it enjoys a small but intensely dedicated fanbase.


Aoi Tohsaka[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Tohsaka Aoi [Person's name], p.100-101

Aoi Tohsaka [Person's name]
Tohsaka Tokiomi's wife, and Rin and Sakura's mother. Her maiden name is Zenjou.
Though the Zenjou family had a magus ancestor many generations ago, now they are simple commoners with no connection to the magical world at all. Nevertheless, the blood flowing through their veins contains a very unique trait, which was noticed and pursued by Tohsaka Tokiomi. As a result of accepting this courtship, Aoi gave birth to two sisters with absolutely preposterous magical potential.
Unlike her daughter Rin, Aoi fully understood that Tokiomi possessed an inhuman sense of values, but she still blindly loved her husband anyway. Maybe she, too, bore some distortion within herself, just like Tokiomi did. If that's the case, she probably wouldn't have been able to build a happy home even if she had married Kariya…
By the way, the activation of Tokiomi's "Tohsaka family goof-up trait" only occurs in serious, life-threatening situations. In his normal family life at home, he was an utterly perfect superman, in the same way Rin would eventually be a perfect honors student at Homurahara Academy in Fate/stay night. I hear that both Aoi and Rin were huge fans of his "cool dad" style.


Byakuya Matou[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Matou Byakuya [Person's name], p.104-105

Byakuya Matou [Person's name]
The father of Matou Shinji, our glorious wakame.
As a magus, he was inferior to his little brother Kariya, but because Kariya refused to continue learning magecraft and ran away, he had no choice but to become the next Matou family head.
But for Byakuya that was not necessarily a disaster, as Zouken had long ago given up on Byakuya and had taught him barely anything, and at most let him take charge of low-importance, miscellaneous tasks. Instead, the matter of succession was completely placed onto his adoptive daughter, Sakura.
Regardless of the fact that he was head in name only, or of his hatred towards magecraft, the Matou assets as a trade for a comfortable and carefree life was not too bad of a deal – or so Byakuya thought, as in the end he suffered much stress, and spent his days drinking to run from it.
During the fourth volume, he finally made his appearance & exited in a flash. Originally, the scene should have ended with “Kiritsugu visited the Matou house while searching for Irisviel, but it was useless.”. But because the author thought that “there isn’t enough violence today”, Byakuya, who would never have appeared in the first place, was sacrificed by going on stage. What a sorrow


Calico M950[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Calico M950 [Armament], p.093

Calico M950 [Armament]
One of the weapons Emiya Kiritsugu prepared for the Holy Grail War. You didn't really think he'd enter something like a survival game with just a sniper rifle and the Contender, did you?
The distinguishing feature of the Calico is its special top-mounted helical magazine that can hold 50 rounds, but no matter how much I think about it the extra weight and change in the center of gravity while firing means it would be better to use a normal submachine gun, even if you have to reload more often. But oh, well, Kiritsugu is a magical mystery gunman, so I guess it's fine.
Of course, in the final battle when he used it to pin down Kirei, he was able to buy himself five seconds where a normal submachine gun only would have gotten three. That extra two second advantage is a testament to the superiority of the helical magazine! …Okay, so it's not that much of a difference.
By the way, my intention was to make Kiritsugu as much of a heretical gunman as he is a heretical magus, so I purposefully chose his equipment based on coolness factor rather than practicality. Please, please, please don't think that the weapons that show up in Fate/Zero are the standard for actual professional soldiers.


Child Assassin[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Child Assassin [Other], p.100

Child Assassin [Other]
A plot in the 2nd or 3rd volume that went unused. This conceived character was one among the hundred-faced Hassans, an unfortunate loli that would lighten up the story. A young girl lacking conversational skills, memories, and the awareness that she was a part of Hassan Sabbah. That personality of this past Hassan would surface when she was captured by the enemy in order to protect her secret. When Rider and Waver attacked Gilles’ workshop, she alone separated herself from the Hassans who were beheaded, leading Waver to mistakenly think “This is one of the children who Ryuunosuke kidnapped, and who fell victim to memory loss” and take her under his wing. Although Iskandar knew that she was a Servant, because of Waver’s chivalry allowed the Mackenzies to take in yet another false household member. In the third volume, because Kirei (who knew of her existence) used his command spell, she regained her memories as Hassan, and went through a dramatic farewell tragedy. Waver again climbed another step on the path to becoming an adult…although it was conceived like this, it would make people even more confused about who was Zero’s main protagonist! Because of this judgment it was cut, leaving only the already-written workshop raiding scene.


Diarmuid Ua Duibhne[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Diarmuid Ua Duibhne [Servant], p.100

Diarmuid Ua Duibhne [Servant]
The Lancer class Servant of the Fourth Holy Grail War, summoned by Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald. A hero of the Fianna, spoken of in Irish mythology. The story of his tragic love affair with Grainne would later become the model for the story of Lancelot and Guinevere. It's no wonder that the Berserker of the Fourth Holy Grail War has such bad compatibility with him!
In battle, he wields two Noble Phantasms: the Crimson Rose of Exorcism (Gae Dearg) which temporarily nullifies the effects of magical energy, and the Yellow Rose of Mortality (Gae Buidhe) which inflicts cursed wounds that cannot be healed by any means.
His basic parameters are not particularly high, but he excels at using battle tactics designed to trip up enemies stronger than himself. In particular, he is the natural enemy of those Heroic Spirits which rely on the powers of their Noble Phantasms to fight. Depending on his strategy, it's even possible that he could have won the entire Fourth Holy Grail War (or suffer a humiliating defeat at the hands of Assassin).
Out of all the Servants in the fourth war, he had the second-worst compatibility with his Master. Though, if his very first opponent had been anybody besides Saber, he might have been able to fight in a way more in line with his Master's expectations. For you see, it was Saber's serene beauty and grace which kindled the flames of chivalry within his heart. Also, while he was summoned as a Lancer this time, and therefore carried the twin demonic spears Gae Dearg and Gae Buidhe, his legends also speak of a pair of demonic swords: Moralltach and Beagalltach. So, there was actually a decent chance he could have been summoned as a Saber. Or rather, that's probably what Kayneth was hoping for…



[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Gilgamesh [Servant], p.094

Gilgamesh [Servant]
The Archer class Servant of the Fourth Holy Grail War. Though he was summoned by Tohsaka Tokiomi, he ended up deserting his master and re-contracting with Kotomine Kirei. He is the strongest character in both Fate/stay night and Fate/Zero.
In the boy-meets-girl story of the original Fate/stay night he was forced to yield to the universal law of "love conquers all", but in Fate/Zero he's free to show off his overwhelming, cheat-like strength without restraint. He could have ended the war in a single night if he truly desired to do so. But then, careless pride is the king's prerogative, and getting serious over something as frivolous as a wish-granter would be unbecoming. So, taking that into account, it sort of balances out the huge disparity in firepower… I guess?
Also, the reason that he was able to splendidly escape after being swallowed by Angra Mainyu at the end of Fate/Zero despite succumbing to the same thing in the Sakura route of Fate/stay night is because in the latter he was distracted by the presence of a naked girl.
…Just kidding! Actually, it was due to the difference in power between the "mud", which was cut off from its source, and the "shadow" which was connected directly to it.

第四次聖杯戦争におけるアーチャーのサーヴァント。遠坂時臣によって召喚されるが、後にマスターを見放し、言峰綺礼と再契約を果たす。本編及びZeroを通じての最強キャラ。詳しくは元祖マテリアル本を参照。ボーイミーツガールなFate本編に於いては「必ず最後に愛は勝つ」な宇宙の法則に膝を屈するが、Zeroにおいてはそのチート的最強を遺憾なく発揮する。これで真面目に聖杯を追い求めてくれたなら本当に聖杯戦争は一夜で終了していただろうが、油断慢心は王気の一部。たかが願望機ごときにマジになるなど大人気ないという王の沽券は断じて譲れないものである。そういった短所も鑑みれば、いちおう戦力のバランスは成り立っていたともいえる……のか? Zeroのラストで見事にアンリマユへの吸収を脱しておきながら、本編の桜ルートであのような末路を辿ったのは、女子が見ている前でネイキッドかますのが気が引けたから――ではなく、本体と切り離された状態だった「泥」と、本体に繋がったままの「影」との威力の差によるものであろう。

Gilles de Rais[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Gilles de Rais [Servant], p.097-098

Gilles de Rais [Servant]
A nobleman from 15th Century France. As a leader in the French army, he fought alongside Jeanne d'Arc to put an end to the Hundred Years War, and was hailed as a hero who saved his country. But soon after he returned to his territory, he began kidnapping, raping, and killing young boys one after another, eventually coming to be feared as the villain "Bluebeard".
However, it was all-too-common in that era for nobles to disregard the human rights of commoners and treat the populations of their territories as disposable livestock. So, under normal circumstances even killing them en masse shouldn't have been treated as anything more serious than animal abuse. But unfortunately for Gilles, he had an enormous amount of land holdings at the time, far exceeding those held by the Duke of Brittany, and enough to be regarded as a threat by the king himself. On top of that, due to his mind-boggling wastefulness in his private life, his public finances were almost entirely depleted, and there were apprehensions that he may try to sell his land to enemy nations. As a result, he was condemned and executed for his crimes as a pretext for seizing control of his assets.
As for Gilles' relation to sorcery, he turned to alchemy in an attempt to relieve his financial difficulties, and eventually strayed down a dark path that led him to try summoning a demon. But while it's certainly true that he participated in the ceremony, the actual magus was his friend François Prelati – Gilles himself was nothing more than a patron. As such, he is not a Heroic Spirit that qualifies for the Caster class. Or rather, he is not even a proper Heroic Spirit at all. The fact that Ryuunosuke's bogus ritual ended up actually completing a summoning sorcery was, honestly, more or less a total fluke. In that sense, the "Caster" Gilles de Rais is just as much of an irregular Servant as the "Assassin" Sasaki Kojirou.


Glen Mackenzie[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Glen Mackenzie [Person's name], p.094

Glen Mackenzie [Person's name]
A 72 year old man from Australia. Thanks to hypnosis, Waver was able to use him for free room and board during the Fourth Holy Grail War.
In his younger days he was a hotshot businessman, and moved his family to Japan as part of his job. However, he ended up being so taken with Fuyuki that he decided to live there permanently. He retired from his company and started up his own independent import-export business.
But though his management ability was solid, he had no great ambitions as a trader. He worked for forty long years, avoiding pitfalls and bankruptcy, and passed the company on to a successor as soon as he had enough money saved. Now he passes his days in quiet tranquility, working part-time as a teacher at an English conversation school.
His son Chris had been in elementary school when they moved, and while he enjoyed life in Japan he also felt a strong attraction to his roots and wanted his son to be educated in Australia. In the end, Chris' family moved back to Toronto soon after the birth of their child and gradually fell out of contact with Glen and his wife, until eventually they barely ever heard from each other at all.



[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Glock [Armament], p.095

Glock [Armament]
The sidearm that Hisau Maiya carries with her. Although it doesn’t have a model number, in the author’s head it is surely Model 19.
It’s hard to imagine that Kiritsugu prepared this gun for her, so most likely Maiya picked it herself.



[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Guinevere [Person's name], p.094

Guinevere [Person's name]
The daughter of King Leodegrance. She married Artoria to bring about the outward appearance of a kingdom in Britain. Though she respected and admired Artoria, and tried her best to imitate her way of life, in the end she was simply too much of a "normal woman" to keep up.
I dare say she was a glasses-wearing girl at heart. You know, the stereotypical kind that's actually really hot when she takes them off.
In accordance with the culture of the time, she was taught from a young age to avoid self-reflection, and so had very little sense of herself as a woman, or even that there was a difference between the sexes. She truly thought that the relationship between a king and queen was something formed solely from ideals. She never could have imagined that a different sort of attraction between people could exist at all. But, that all changed when she met Sir Lancelot.
From that day on she was cast into turmoil, torn between the "tsun" of her conviction and the "dere" of her soul, until finally both she and Lancelot were driven into a predicament from which there was no escape. Such was the fate of a tsundere who risked her life in troubled times. Geez, Camelot was hell, huh? Bahahaha!


Holy Grail Discussion[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Holy Grail Discussion [Other], p.099

Holy Grail Discussion [Other]
The three-way confrontation between Saber, Gil, and Alexander in volume 2. A serious discussion under the guise of a drinking party. Well, it might not have looked that way to bystanders, but the three of them were all definitely being serious in their own way.
I'd actually been planning this scene ever since the very first draft proposal, trying to think of the best way to handle it. After all, if I'd just had them all duke it out with their ridiculously destructive Noble Phantasms, they'd kill each other long before they ever reached an understanding through battle.
…But now that I think about it, it just ended up turning into a social mixer to kick off Gil and Saber's relationship, didn't it?


Hundred-Faced Hassan[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Hundred-Faced Hassan [Servant], p.103

Hundred-Faced Hassan [Servant]
The Assassin Heroic Spirit who participated in the Fourth Holy Grail War. One of the "Old Man of the Mountain" amongst the generations of Hassan-i Sabbah.
He was an exception in Hassans, as he did not undergo the body modification called "Zabaniya". Instead, he took advantage of his affliction of Multiple Personality Disorder and acted as an assassin without a true identity.
When summoned as a spiritual entity and emerged as a Servant, segments of his compartmentalized soul each materialized as an individual. However, due to the potential of the spirit being only that of one person, the abilities of the Assassins produced by the division were extremely low, reaching the nadir of the capabilities of Servants.
In addition, each personality has his strengths and weaknesses. Among them, there are impatient glory-hounds who ignore orders like fools, and individuals who are terrible at ambushes despite being assassins. However, if one can comprehend their characteristics and apply their skills in the right situations, the Hundred-Faced Hassan can be a very dangerous Servant. Unfortunately, because his Master had no intention of winning the war, he was damned to the fate of a voyeur.
The Hundred-Faced Hassan was summoned by Kotomine Kirei when he was still a lackey of Tokiomi Tohsaka, thus he was truly a servant of a servant. Even so, he still harboured a wish that he hoped the Grail could grant (by the way, it was "to have a perfect and unified personality"). He even plotted to hijack the Holy Grail before Kirei and Tokiomi, had the war have gone in their favour. However, in the end he did not even have a chance to show his rebellious side before becoming the first Servant eliminated from the war.


Illyasviel von Einzbern[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Illyasviel von Einzbern [Person's name], p.091

Illyasviel von Einzbern [Person's name]
The daughter of Irisviel and Kiritsugu, and one of the heroines of the future Fifth Holy Grail War – this isn’t a lie! Illya’s route exists in everyone’s hearts!
The original story of Fate had events hinting at this, but in Zero her shocking age issue is very quickly revealed.
Incidentally, the reason Saber didn’t speak her feelings during the Fifth War was because she had never asked Iri about her daughter’s name, and Illya’s appearance seemed far too young for her to be Iri’s daughter (after 10 years, the child that used to sit on Kiritsugu’s shoulders should already have developed a voluptuous body, that was the reasoning). So, she viewed Illya as an Einzbern homunculus completely unrelated to Iri – it’s definitely not a lame excuse.


Irisviel von Einzbern[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Irisviel von Einzbern [Person's name], p.090

Irisviel von Einzbern [Person's name]
A homunculus modeled after Justizia Lizleihi.
Although the Einzbern homunculi have their functions determined during the design process, Irisviel only developed the plan to conceive Illyasviel after she was created. Thus, as a special case, she was allowed to hold multiple “functions different from the plan”. That is, not only did she give birth, but she was also given the role of rearing Illyasviel. Although Justabcheit determined that this method would be more efficient than using a newly-constructed homunculus as a wet nurse, it was still a special case when it came to the Einzberns' standard. Anyhow, the result was that although a homunculus, Irisviel obtained the experiences of raising a child as a “mother” just like a human would, and it produced an effect on her character that even Acht could not predict.
Even compared to other Einzbern homunculi, there had never been an example of one who had interacted with humans for as long as 9 years, or had such colorful and irregular mental activity. In other words, for the Einzbern, Irisviel was the first to receive the same treatment as a human, and the first to have emotions like a human. Because her physical and mental capabilities originally surpassed those of a human, those mental processes did not fail her after her exceptional growth, and she finally possessed self-awareness and emotions equal to those of a normal human.
Even so, compared with the inherent knowledge and reason, the crystallization of the Einzbern's wisdom accumulated over millennia, that comes with the format of homunculus, her emotions and human experiences have only accumulated over a mere 9 years, which results in her having both the elegance of an upper-class lady and the innocent nature of a child, making her a troublesome princess.
Some additional information: during the time when Zero’s plot was being set, apparently the setup of Angra Mainyu in Hollow wasn't well-known yet. How in the world the author came up with "that ending", even for us, couldn't be scarier.



[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Iskandar [Servant], p.090-091

Iskandar [Servant]
The Rider class Servant of the Fourth Holy Grail War.
He was originally supposed to be summoned by Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald, but instead formed a contract with Waver Velvet, who stole the catalyst Kayneth had prepared before the war began.
Going in, the original author entrusted me with just three pieces of information regarding Alexander: his true name, the Noble Phantasm called "Army of the King", and the fact that there must be a development where Saber comes to reconsider her own kingship through her conflict with him and Gilgamesh.
So, starting from there I figured the most important thing was that he be a totally different sort of king from both Saber and Gilgamesh. That's why I decided to come up with his general appearance and personality first, and only research his actual history afterward, all the while looking for ways to twist and distort things along the vector I had already imagined for him. But then, the more I read about him, the more I realized Alexander the Great's actual life was like something out of Shounen Jump. I barely had to change anything about him at all!
With the way he faced formidable foes with the utmost respect and behaved more like an adventurer than a statesman, I can't help but imagine him as a character in one of Hara Tetsuo's manga. Actually, now that I think about it, It'd be great if Hara Tetsuo made an Alexander the Great themed manga for real! I'm being serious.
His love of the Iliad ran so deep that he once totally disregarded strategy in favor of sightseeing around the city of Troy. He might have been the first celebrity otaku in human history.


Kariya Matou[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Matou Kariya [Person's name], p.103-104

Kariya Matou [Person's name]
The little brother of Matou Shinji's father, Byakuya.
The gutsiest, most rebellious person in the history of the Matou family – against that monstrous old man, just standing up to him and running away was a heroic act of valor. Of course, from Zouken's point of view, no matter how much better Kariya's magic circuits were than his older brother's, they weren't worth the effort it would take to break his will and train him into a proper family head. In fact, at that point he had probably already decided that he had no choice but to bet everything on Byakuya conceiving an heir that would turn everything around. Unfortunately, in the end his longshot gamble backfired spectacularly, and instead of a miracle that would save his lineage, he got Shinji.
By the way, even Kariya's childhood friendship with Aoi was set up by Zouken, who had become aware of the Zenjou family's excellent hereditary trait long before the Tohsaka. However, due to Kariya turning his back on sorcery and getting cockblocked by Tokiomi, the old man's plans once more came to nothing.
…Well, Kariya bringing his beloved Aoi back to some horrid worm pit was never going to happen in the first place. Maybe if the Matou sorcery was a little more normal, he would have been willing to obediently accept his inheritance and become Tokiomi's rival for Aoi's affections.
For a makeshift magus, Kariya's suitability as a Master was exceptional. The fact that he was able to endure the maddened Lancelot's outrageous magical energy consumption for as long as he did is a feat truly deserving of praise. While he might have been better off if Zouken hadn't punished him by forcing him to summon a Berserker, well… I hate to say it, but the only reason Lancelot was able to fight Gilgamesh as well as he did was due to the parameter boost from being maddened. And given the single-minded devotion with which Kariya was pursuing Tokiomi, there's no way you could expect him to have the prudence to avoid that powerhouse team and survive to the very end. When all's said and done, as long as he carried the Matou spirit of putting grudges before everything else, he was probably doomed to failure no matter what.


Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald [Person's name], p.095

Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald [Person's name]
Kayneth demonstrated genius level talent during his time as a student. He was the youngest lecturer to grace the podium of the Department of Evocation in its history. His skills were not only in research, but also politics. Due to his great lineage, he had extensive connections. He was expected to form the greatest faction in the Clock Tower.
He did not participate in the Holy Grail War due to necessity or duress, it was merely to add a splash of "martial prowess" to his life's story. That was it. Although he did not severely underestimate the Three Founding Houses, he did boast that Lord El-Melloi could overwhelm them by skills alone.
The reason Kayneth brought many dangerous Mystic Code had nothing to do with research, but for entertainment value. Kayneth had talents not only in Spirit Evocation, but also in many fields of magecraft. He was really a man of many talents like Gennai Hiraga or Cao Cao.
Kayneth even considered the Heroic Spirits ---- Servants, to be part of his stock of Mystic Codes. Because he never acknowledged the humanity of Servants, he did not understand Diarmuid's loyalty even until the very end. As a result, he effectively lost through self-destruction.
However, Diarmuid was not choosey of his Master, he would acknowledge anyone who would accept his loyalty. As a result, he did not understand Kayneth as a person either. If Diarmuid really appreciated Kayneth's talents and experience, then Kayneth would have treated him with a much softer attitude.
To Kayneth, unable to bond with his Servant was the second most unfortunate event at the worst. The most unfortunate event by far was encountering Emiya Kiritsugu. Although as a mage, Kayneth won by an enormous margin, as a killer, he was miles behind Kiritsugu. It was inevitable that Kayneth would lose in a melee such as the Holy Grail War. Because of Kayneth's sudden death, his many valuable research accumulated in the Clock Tower was unorganized and left unattended. Although they were almost lost, the most useless formal student suddenly appeared to save the day. He had an unusual talent of "could not put magecraft to practice, but ingenious in the reinterpretation of theories and classification of systems". This student eventually compiled a tome named "Lord Kayneth's Encyclopedia of Arcane Secrets", which laid the foundation for the flourishing of House El-Melloi and its descendants.
By the way, in the Fourth Holy Grail War, the following strategy would insure the absolute victory of Team Lancer:

  • Kayneth must not let his Servant recognize such things as honour on the battle field or knights' pride. He must let Diarmuid realize that the Holy Grail War was merely dirty chores that needed to be done.
  • In order to fulfill the previous item, Kayneth must avoid any contact between Diarmuid and Saber with his best effort.
  • In combat, Kayneth must prioritize securing an exit. In a battle, missions would be considered accomplished if Diarmuid scored one hit with Gae Buidhe. Repeat this tactic, and exhaust all hostile teams.
  • Capitalize on Team Berserker. Team Berserker was a powerful enemy against all other teams, but Lancer had an advantage due to compatibility. It would be optimal to let Berserker destroy the other teams and reach the finale. He could then be defeated at that point.

• サーブァントに戦場の誉れとか騎士の誇りだとかを意識させない。聖杯戦争は汚れ仕事の処理業務だと常に諦観させておく。
• 前述の条件を満たすために、セィバーとの接触は極力避けること。
• 戦闘においては常に退路の碓保を最優先し、ゲイボウを一撃当てたら目的達成とみなし撤退する。これを繰り返し、各敵対チームの消耗を待つ。
• バーサーカーチームを活用する。他サーヴァントに対しては強敵でありながらランサーだけが相性関係で優位に立てる相手なので、可能であればバーサーカーを最終局面まで生存させて他チームの殲滅を任せ、しかる後に討ち取るのが望ましい。

Kirei Kotomine[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Kotomine Kirei [Person's name], p.096

Kirei Kotomine [Person's name]
Fate/Zero's other protagonist. When I saw the young Kirei next to Kiritsugu in the material book that came with first print editions of Fate/stay night, with his short hair and earrings, well, my heart turned somersaults in my chest. It's part of what inspired me to write Fate/Zero in the first place.
To write him, I just got rid of the older Kirei's state of enlightenment and composure, and replaced them with hesitation and inner turmoil. In Zero, when he engages in self-introspection his memories of the past are distorted, especially in regards to his wife. Accordingly, the more philosophic self-analysis from Fate/stay night is probably a better reflection of his true inner self.
In the first draft, I was a bit too cognizant of his height from the original story, and kept indiscriminately using words like "gigantic", "hulking", and "towering" to describe him. As a result, I was called in by Type Moon and chastised for misrepresenting Kirei's image, and his height ended up casually being changed.
Originally he was taught baji quan by his father, Risei, as a form of spiritual improvement, but through his blood-drenched experiences as an executor it was gradually sublimed into a warped version specialized at destroying the human body. Needless to say, the fact that he was so far off from his father's ideal form of kung fu was probably just one more thing he could not forgive himself for during his youth.


Kiritsugu Emiya[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Emiya Kiritsugu [Person's name], p.092-093

Kiritsugu Emiya [Person's name]
The protagonist of Fate/Zero's prologue and epilogue, more or less.
He is the epitome of pragmatism, willing to do anything to achieve his goals. He is an idealist that dreams of world peace, but his method of attaining it is that of a cold and ruthless realist. He loves humanity, but he would not hesitate for a second to kill any single person. But though he lacks both hesitation and doubt, he cannot throw away his sadness.
Essentially, he's a magical 007, who treats sorcery as a mere tool and has no qualms using modern technology when it's more effective to do so. I really wanted to have him go on a rampage in a fully-loaded spy car, but I guess if you think about it Saber's V-Max sort of filled that role.
Though a young boy once looked up to him as a "superhero", he himself lost that admiration at an early stage, eventually coming to curse the very concept of justice itself. The only thing that kept him going was a desire that the sacrifices he had already made not be in vain. Thanks to this pessimistic attitude, his rank as a "superhero" is far inferior to the Heroic Spirit that shares his last name. Perhaps if he had a little more of the evil charisma of a last boss he would have been successful, but at the end of the day what he really wanted was just to pass away the days with his family in tranquil serenity.
Just like an eroge protagonist, he emitted a mysterious radiation that attracted women to him, but sadly everyone ensnared by it inevitably met a terrible end.
The only woman capable of smashing through this curse was the legendary Tiger of Fuyuki. Wow, Fuji-nee, you're so amazing!
If you count backwards from when he died, it turns out that his most active time on the battlefield was actually in his late teens. But hey, that's not so strange, you know.
Just look at Yagashira Dai or Sagara Sousuke. There are lots of heroes like that in this world.



[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Kotone [Person's name], p.095-096

Kotone [Person's name]
Rin’s classmate, who was kidnapped by Gilles and Uryuu, umm…a girl with a muddled fate.
During the first draft, the name “Satsuki” was picked without thinking, the author forgot about Sacchin’s real name up until the original author’s punishment – he even forgot the fact that Sacchin had a real name.
Yumizuka Satsuki fans all over the world, we must respectfully apologize.
Kinoko: “Fujibuchi, be a little more considerate…”
Gen: “If she (the target of the teasing) is not called Satsuki, she’s not moe.”
Somehow this conversation happened but didn’t happen.


Maiya Hisau[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Hisau Maiya [Person's name], p.102-103

Maiya Hisau [Person's name]
Assistant of Kiritsugu Emiya. Mistress - it is the word whether to define on her.
Because she spent her childhood in an environment deprived of humanity, Maiya, who lacks a sense of self, considers that her entire being belongs to Kiritsugu Emiya. Asking whether she loves Kiritsugu is like asking whether the innards love the brain. The question itself is meaningless.
Also, to Kiritsugu, allowing his wife to sacrifice herself and complete the Grail is a betrayal towards her love, no matter what others say. However, it is necessary that he does not hesitate in this betrayal. To Kiritsugu, his sexual relationship with Maiya is a rehearsal before this betrayal, a form of self-abuse to steel his nerves while walking down this path. This is probably the sorriest excuse to have an affair, but Maiya deemed it okay. It is essentially a negative spiral downward without an end.
In terms of skills in magcraft, Maiya is only slightly better than Kokutou Azaka. However, she is a professional killer who can wield even the crudest weapons to deadly effect. In this sense, she is enough to be called a user of 'deadly magecraft'.


Mercedes-Benz 300SL[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Mercedes-Benz 300SL [Other], p.105

Mercedes-Benz 300SL [Other]
A toy that Kiritsugu bought for his wife to educate her about modern science. Although the choice was a bit classical in terms of education, part of the reason was Irisviel’s own taste. Since it was Kiritsugu’s custom model, you would expect it to have options like machine guns or missiles or passenger-seat ejection or a gasoline atomizer, but there probably aren’t any.
After the Fourth War ended it was stored in the Einzbern mansion situated in the forests near the outskirts of Fuyuki, and happily became Illya’s toy. Incidentally, it is famous for being Japan’s Ishihara Yujiro’s favorite car.


Natalia Kaminski[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Natalia Kaminski [Person's name], p.102

Natalia Kaminski [Person's name]
A lone-wolf magus hunter. She had no affiliation with the Association, and made her living by swooping in ahead of the Association's enforcers, poaching their prey, and then reselling the spoils at an inflated price.
Despite their rather grandiose official title of "sealing designation enforcers", genuine sealing designations are actually extremely rare, and most enforcers would consider themselves lucky if they got a chance to pursue such "big game" even once in a decade. Especially in the case of outside freelancers, they spend most of their time hunting heretical magi that have simply deviated from the Association's norms.
In the distant past, Natalia's ancestors crossbred with succubi, and while she doesn't have eternal youth or regenerative abilities, she does boast inhuman reflexes and coordination, as well as the special ability to boost her magical energy stores by consuming semen.
Although she is a money-grubber willing to do anything to make a quick buck, on top of being a wild hedonist that has never been a dollar ahead in her life, she somehow ended up as the morally questionable guardian of an impressionable youth. And while she sexually harassed the young Kiritsugu on numerous occasions, she never once drank his semen. The reason being that she had really fallen in love with him, if only a little – though like a good older sister she locked away these girlish thoughts and never revealed them to anybody.
By the way, her heart-rending and gruesome end was inspired by the movie Snakes on a Plane, which I saw with Nasu Kinoko.


Norikata Emiya[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Emiya Norikata [Person's name], p.093

Norikata Emiya [Person's name]
Kiritsugu’s father. His family thaumaturgy involved time manipulation inside the body or possibly small cause-and-effect, and he was a genius who in only the fourth generation, a relatively shallow generation, rose to the rank of gaining a Sealing Designation.
Spent more than 20 years hiding from the pursuit of the Magic Association, and finally hid himself on a small southern island. Though Norikata’s wife died at the hands of the Magic Association’s hunters, Kiritsugu, who had just been born at the time, has no memory of the incident.
Accelerating or slowing the flow of time inside a Reality Marble free from the world’s interference is the thaumaturgy of the Emiya family. But after investigating it thoroughly, Norikata found that, in a Bounded Field that was minimized until resistance was almost zero, the flow of time could be accelerated without limit, and reaching the Root would be possible, right before observing the universe’s end. Although the theory itself was very promising, finishing the experiment would still require several hundreds of years. In order to resolve the issue of life span, he decided to explore the methods of becoming a Dead Apostle.
The tragedy that arose as a result was the story narrated at the beginning of Volume 4 of Zero.


Rin Tohsaka[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Tohsaka Rin [Person's name], p.101-102

Rin Tohsaka [Person's name]
The eldest daughter of Tohsaka Tokiomi. The younger years of one of the heroines of Fate.
10 years ago, Rin’s understanding of the Holy Grail War was about equal to that of Shirou’s during the Fifth War. That is, it seemed like she understood but she really did not.
In the eyes of young Rin, her father Tokiomi was a great magus who must be respected and loved, but as for the coldheartedness that accompanied the ideal, that was a negative aspect of his personality that she failed to understand.
If Tokiomi had survived until the time when Rin could have really understood her father’s personality, it would certainly have deeply affected the development of her own personality. Whether she would oppose that inhumanity and leave the path of thaumaturgy, or whether she would become a “perfect and coldhearted” witch like her father – no matter which one, this parallel world, for Rin, would certainly be one far away from happiness.


Risei Kotomine[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Kotomine Risei [Person's name], p.096

Risei Kotomine [Person's name]
Kotomine Kirei's father. A priest in the Holy Church's Assembly of the Eighth Sacrament.
When the Church first interfered with the ritual in Fuyuki during the Third Holy Grail War, he was charged with the role of supervisor. While there, he became friends with the then-current head of the Tohsaka family (Tokiomi's father), and has maintained deep ties with the Tohsaka ever since.
As a monk, he tried to reach enlightenment through asceticism, and he treated his task of recovering holy relics from around the world as a pilgrim's ordeal. He is a master of baji quan, and as the person responsible for teaching it to Kirei, his skill far outstrips his son's. As for precisely what kind of monster he is, well, just look at his burly, Mas Oyama-like physique and let your imagination run wild. His original design concept was "an older Steven Seagal".
However, Risei trained his fists solely for the sake of self-discipline and his search for truth. As he was never an "executor", he has no knowledge of killing arts that focus on the act of battle itself. Consequently, when it comes to things like trading blows with Dead Apostles, his son Kirei is much more accomplished. And of course, he isn't a magus, so superhuman magical martial arts like Kirei's are totally out of the question too.
Nevertheless, Kirei was probably acutely aware that as far as "orthodox baji quan" goes, his father was a better fighter than he was. What the old man had sought after all his life had been a realm beyond mere "killing arts", and through his long and outstanding career he had finally reached it.
It's too bad that he was unceremoniously removed from the stage by a single bullet before this inspiring history could even be hinted at in the story proper.
He must have been quite a sight back when he was young, during the Third Holy Grail War. Yes, definitely.


Ryuunosuke Uryuu[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Uryuu Ryuunosuke [Person's name], p.092

Ryuunosuke Uryuu [Person's name]
The Master of Caster in the Fourth Holy Grail War.
Cheerful and openhearted. Despite easily reading the subtleties of other people's emotions, he doesn't care for minor details and is always positive and upbeat. He is a pleasant young man who doesn't shrink back from failure, and whose natural sense of adventure and curiosity push him to enjoy life to the fullest. Unfortunately, his only interests are torture, murder, and disposing of bodies.
This proclivity wasn't caused by a childhood trauma that warped his personality, or anything like that. He was simply born evil, just like Kotomine Kirei. However, unlike Kirei he was never indoctrinated by a preexisting system of morality, and so was never burdened by any sort of hesitation or doubt when it came to embracing his desires.
Though he had already killed 42 people before he summoned Caster, he had never been considered as a suspect even once – the police investigation was a total dead end, failing to turn up the evidence required to even open a case against him. Despite being a totally unmethodical pleasure killer, his ability to destroy evidence and hamper criminal investigations is almost transcendent. If he had decided to work as a professional assassin it's quite likely that he would have quickly become a legend within the industry. However, he's the type of person that draws a strict line between business and pleasure, so the idea of making money off of killing rubs him the wrong way. He never even stole anything from any of his victims, instead choosing to support himself by working normal, unassuming part time jobs.
He is fond of animals, and loves going to safari parks and watching nature documentaries on TV. However, it seems he can only appreciate violence when the target is a human. While he may admire sharks and other predators, he has never once desired to be one himself, because as far as he's concerned the most skillful hunter of humans is another human.



[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Saber [Servant], p.099

Saber [Servant]
A symbol-like existence. Without her, Fate wouldn't be Fate. However, in Fate/Zero her kingly shell is still intact, and she plays the role of a hero instead of a heroine.
Over the course of Zero she experienced neglect play and tentacle play, was stalked, slandered, leered at, and preached at by drunks, and to top it all off the scoundrel who ambushed her at the very end turned out to be a former ally. It's no exaggeration to say that the entirety of Zero is built on her suffering. Still, all of that was for the sake of enjoying Shirou's delicious cooking ten years down the line. Or at least, that's the excuse I gave to the Saber Maid figure that silently watched over my furious writing every day. If it had been the plain clothes version, I definitely wouldn't have been able to finish the story.
Even just seeing one in a store window was enough to make me drop to my knees, ashamed of my own ugliness, and yell to the heavens, "What kind of man am I, bullying such a pure and beautiful young girl like this!?"
By the way, about Saber's suit. When I first imagined it, for some reason I just naturally assumed it would be a tuxedo. But after the art actually came in, I ended up settling on the current not-too-mannish traditional suit.
Thinking about it now, making her patrol around a rustic suburban city like Fuyuki in full party dress would have been extraordinarily embarrassing for her, so it was probably the right call.


Sakura Tohsaka[]

[v] Fate/Zero material- Encyclopedia: Tohsaka Sakura [Person's name], p.101

Sakura Tohsaka [Person's name]
When she first appeared in the story of Zero, she was already Matou Sakura, but it’s hard to get an opportunity to use this name. With this name she really seems like a brave and fierce Tooyama Sakura(WP)
Although she only appeared twice (during the prologue and in the middle), once you think about it, a~~~ll that time she was suffering in a worm hell that violates child pornography laws. In Zero, this girl’s misery index may actually have been the highest. When the author was in the middle of writing, and when Character Material published young Sakura’s cute appearance, thinking that “aah, right now I’m writing about a world that does its best to brutally mistreat this kind of girl” was a huge mental burden. You’re terrible, Takeuchi-san! Let’s torment her more!
In the scene with her and Kariya’s death, the first draft of the plot was really too inhumane. After the author of the original work scolded him with “What color is your blood, anyways!?” it became one of the few scenes that the author stopped. So in the end, Sakura’s monologue was very mild and calm. …It was like that. No, really.



[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Shirley [Person's name], p.097

Shirley [Person's name]
A native of Alimango Island, where Emiya Norikata chose to sequester himself away from the outside world. Though the educational environment she grew up in was extremely poor – she did not even attend elementary school, and only learned reading and writing from the local priest – it was enough to stimulate her ample intellectual curiosity, and by the time she was 13 years old she had already received a master's degree through correspondence courses alone. Of course, this talent did not go unnoticed by Emiya Norikata. He brought her on as his assistant, putting her in charge of handling all the miscellaneous daily tasks in the Emiya household.
While she did receive some training from Norikata, it was not at the level of being taken on as his disciple. He simply taught her the basics of the basics, and nothing more. And really, even calling it that much is a stretch. All he actually did was interact with her without bothering to hide his true nature as a magus. Nevertheless, Shirley's innate thirst for knowledge allowed her to absorb Norikata's words at an astonishing pace, and he expected great things from her in the future. However, as the old saying goes, "Curiosity killed the cat." In the end, her inquisitive mind brought about a tragedy.
She was the young Kiritsugu's very first love. It seems that the reason he ended up pampering the kendo girl he met in his later years so much was because she reminded him so much of Shirley.


Sir Lancelot[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Sir Lancelot [Servant], p.096-097

Sir Lancelot [Servant]
The "Knight of the Lake", famed as the strongest of the Knights of the Round Table.
His illicit love affair with Queen Guinevere drove Camelot down the road to ruin, tarnishing his legacy in the legends of King Arthur.
As he often fell into madness due to troubles involving Guinevere, he has a particular compatibility with the Berserker class. In a lot of ways, he's just a guy who pushed himself too hard.
He was born with numerous abilities and aptitudes that take him beyond the realm of "high-spec" right into "completely overpowered", and none of them were any help at all in solving his problems. But while I could sort of sympathize with him, at the same time I couldn't help but feel a little bit of black joy that so many terrible things happened to such a handsome and talented person. But then the girls in class just looked at me in disdain, like, "Eww, so jealous, gross!" while screaming in shrill voices about how cool Lance-sama is, and… ahem. Sorry, I'm getting off track here.
Anyway, if he and King Arthur had just been able to have an all-out brawl to satisfaction on a sandy beach under the evening sun, so many tragedies might have been avoided. Well, there's no guarantee, of course, but the fact remains that whatever else happened that was the one thing that Lancelot's nature never let him do. He even tried going insane to change that part about himself, but just ended up causing the way-too-serious Artoria to misunderstand a lot of things instead. Really, it makes me wonder if his origin is "being a nuisance" or something.


Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri [Person's name], p.099

Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri [Person's name]
Daughter of the noble Nuada-Re bloodline, which boasts considerable behind-the-scenes influence within the Association, and Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald's fiancé.
Generally, families of magi make it a rule to only pass down their secrets to a single successor, while keeping any other children they may have ignorant of even the existence of sorcery itself. However, at the time Sola-Ui was born, the Nuada-Re family was embroiled in a tumultuous power struggle, and there was a very real fear that their legitimate heir could be assassinated. As a result, they enacted a plan to train both the older brother and the younger sister in the rudiments of sorcery, so that either one could inherit the family crest.
In the end, though, the conflict died out before anything happened to either child, and Sola-Ui's older brother was given the crest and the title of successor.
Sola-Ui, on the other hand, was no longer of any use to her family, and her very existence was disavowed. She became a mere tool to be given away in a political marriage, where her excellent physical capacity for sorcery and childhood training would allow her to serve as an assistant for some first-rate magus.
However, Sola-Ui did not harbor any resentment toward this treatment. To be perfectly frank, she didn't even understand what "likes" and "dislikes" were in the first place. While it's certainly true that she always selfishly toyed with those around her, that was simply because it was ingrained in her from a very young age that acting in a way that would preserve her value as a noble was the secret to success in life. Sola-Ui herself had never truly wanted or hoped for something even once since being born.
Consequently, she didn't care one bit whether the attraction caused by Diarmuid's mystic face was real love or not. For her, the simple sensation of passion boiling up from the depths of her heart was her greatest treasure, and she had she had no intention of giving it up after she had finally obtained it. Because, passion is the very thing that gives life value.
…When Nasu Kinoko heard all of that, he started writhing around muttering something that sounded a lot like "It's a perfect moe bull's-eye…!"


Super Bajiquan[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Super Bajiquan [Others], p.098

Super Bajiquan [Others]
Since Fate Zero was the story of Emiya Kiritsugu and Kotomine Kirei, the final climactic battle of course would be a duel between the two. Based on earlier design decisions, Kiritsugu would wield fire arms, employ magecrafts such as Innate Time Control, and be equipped with Avalon considering later developments. However, speaking of Kirei's arsenal, there were only the Black Keys. This gave me quite a bit of a headache.
But wait, there was Bajiquan. Only Bajiquan was left. Still, how should I write it?
In the Second Volume of Zero, I had to write Kirei's fight scene. I went back to square one: first I re-read The Smiling, Proud Wanderer, then I attempted to brainwash myself with Bruce Lee, Jet Lee and and Tony Jaa for inspiration. Finally, I had achieved an understanding and reached the realm of "amazing kungfu, truly amazing kungfu". What was left was merely finishing writing the scene in one go before I calmed down. Thus the VS. Iri and Maiya scene was born.
Also worth mentioning, in order to write the final battle at Fuyuki City Hall, I added the 36th Chamber of Shaolin and Storm Rider to my reference/brainwashing materials list.
Because of all this, if you poke fun of the fact that Kirei's Bajiquan was kind of random, I would just ignore you and keep humming the ending theme of Space Warrior Baldios.


Steyr AUG[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Steyr AUG [Armament], p.098

Steyr AUG [Armament]
The assault rifle used by Hisau Maiya. It seems it's one of the better weapons prepared by Kiritsugu.
As the first successful example of a bullpup rifle, it must have seemed almost bizarre when it was first released.
The fact that it consistently outperformed subsequent bullpup rifles, and is even used as the official weapon of many militaries to this day is, quite frankly, amazing. One of its primary features is its easy-to-disassemble modular construction. However, thanks to the popularity of scenes like the one from Day of the Jackal where the assassin assembles their weapon on the spot, it's often mistaken for a sniper rifle in movies. Well, it does have a sort of "secret weapon" look to it, so I guess I understand.
…Ah, wait, now that I think about it didn't Maiya try to snipe at Kayneth's hotel from the neighboring building?

ブルバップラィフルの開祖的存在であり、発表当初はどう見てもゲテモノとしか思えない代物として扱われてきたが、後発のブルバップ銃より高い詳価を受けつつ今なお各国の軍用正式採用銃として活躍しているのは本当に凄い。分解の容易なモジュール構造も特徴のひとつだが、そこが映画業界では「暗殺者が狙撃現場でライフルを組み立てる」という元祖ジャッカル的シチュエーションの 演出に良しとされたのか、銀幕ではやたらと段し屋御用達の「スナイパーライフル」として誤解されがら。まぁ絵面として秘密兵器っぽいハッタリが炸裂する外観の銃だし、気持ちは解らなくもないが。

Taiga Fujimura[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Fujimura Taiga [Person's name], p.103

Taiga Fujimura [Person's name]
The secret heroine of Fate/Zero. One fateful winter day, a cask of extremely high-quality wine was stolen from the liquor store run by the family of one of her classmates. In response, she took up her Tora-Shinai and gallantly dashed out into the nighttime Fuyuki, where bizarre murderers and urban guerrillas ran rampant. Despite the danger, she actually accomplished quite a lot, with her list of heroic deeds ranging from catching an underwear thief to saving a lost puppy. And due to the butterfly effect, her furious charge through town also prevented a devastating earthquake, enshrined a sea god, and even caused a huge asteroid on a collision course with Fuyuki to vanish without a trace. But though she averted disaster after disaster at a frightening pace, sadly, this epic saga can only be deciphered by reading between the lines with spiritual vision.


Tokiomi Tohsaka[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Tohsaka Tokiomi [Person's name], p.101

Tokiomi Tohsaka [Person's name]
The fifth Tohsaka family head. Had everything gone according to plan, he would have been the man to finish the Holy Grail War once and for all.
He started making preparations for the Fourth Holy Grail War long before it ever began. But although he had set up everything perfectly in his favor, he was tragically killed by his trusted ally, Kotomine Kirei. Well, seeing as how the one who tempted Kirei into defecting in the first place was Gilgamesh, in a sense you could say Tokiomi died due to a lack of compatibility with his Servant.
Tokiomi and his predecessor made a conscious effort to commercialize their spiritual lands, and the unnatural economic success of every business situated there naturally led to exorbitant rental fees, which were collected by the Tohsaka. Of course, as far as Tokiomi was concerned, the fact that the "harvests of all the tenant farmers tilling the Tohsaka land" were protected from bad luck and natural disasters by the Tohsaka's careful management of the ley lines, meant that taxing them like this was his natural right. Truly, it was a 20th century feudal system made possible through sorcery.
Although, even among the Second Owners of other lands, very few have ever seen monetary returns like those made by the Tohsaka.
After Tokiomi's death, these assets were passed on to Aoi, and after Aoi's death they were passed on once more to Rin. Or at least, they should have been, but thanks to her legal guardian Kirei's naïve honesty and crude management, most of the valuable property was lost to other people. Then again, as a priest who values honest poverty, he probably thought it would be good for her from an educational standpoint. Just another thing for Rin to wallop him for, I guess.


Thompson Center Arms Contender Custom[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Thompson Center Arms Contender Custom [Armament], p.102

Thompson Center Arms Contender Custom [Armament]
The customized firearm that Emiya Kiritsugu uses as a mystic code. It is a single-shot pistol originally developed for use in hunting and competitions. The barrel can be easily switched out, allowing it to be used with a large variety of bullet calibers. By fitting it with a handmade barrel forged using magical processes, and using special bullets that contain his own powdered ribs, Kiritsugu has transformed it into a deadly anti-magus weapon. Well, that's the short version; for a significantly more long winded explanation please refer to volume 2.
Incidentally, this gun was actually what made me want to write a story like Fate/Zero in the first place. In a way, you could say it was the start of everything. Or more specifically, it was Lance Henriksen's performance in Hard Target. I guess what I'm trying to say is, thank you so much, Mr. John Woo. Stranglehold was really fun. Will there be flying doves in Red Wall, too?


Walther WA2000[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Walther WA2000 [Armament], p.105

Walther WA2000 [Armament]
The sniper rifle used by Emiya Kiritsugu in the Holy Grail War. Despite being relatively compact due to its bullpup design, it is an extremely heavy and hard to use weapon. On top of that, Kiritsugu's is decked out with a preposterous night vision system. The night vision scopes that existed during the time period of the Fourth Holy Grail War were a long way off from where they are today, and were often bulkier and heavier than the guns they were attached to. Also, one of the gun's major flaws was its prohibitive cost, which is one of the reasons it never saw widespread use, but thanks to the Einzbern's considerable funds that was no problem at all. And besides, it was probably less expensive than running telephone lines all the way out to a castle in the middle of nowhere.


Waver Velvet[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Waver Velvet [Person's name], p.091

Waver Velvet [Person's name]
Third generation magus of the Velvet household. Though to put that in perspective, the first generation was his grandmother, who was the lover of a certain magus and picked up the very basics of magecraft from their pillow talk. The second generation, Waver’s mother, only dabbled as a way to honor her mother’s memory. Waver was the first member of his family to seriously follow the path of magecraft, which is why his circuit count and crest quality are both the lowest of the low.
Though his mother found the Association’s hierarchical system annoying and disapproved of her son seeking out tutelage from a proper mentor, Waver himself was strongly drawn to magecraft. As soon as both his parents died of illness, he gave away all of his family’s possessions, scraped together enough to cover tuition, and entered the Clock Tower without a penny to his name. ――As a result, nothing but hardship and failure awaited him, and he resorted to gambling everything on the Holy Grail War.
Though he doesn’t possess the prerequisites to actually practice magecraft, his power of observation and insight give him remarkable talent as a researcher. In fact, had he insisted that “Magecraft is a subculture!” and started a business as a critic, he could have taken the world by storm. But of course, he would have been obliterated by the Association, so his inborn talents took another form.
To use running as metaphor, though his leg strength is just the absolute worst, he is capable of imagining the perfect running form. While he can never be an athlete, his talent shines as a coach.
In the initial setting stage of Zero, before the writing started, he was a Nobita-like “King of Cowards”, an oasis of zero. By the end, his character had grown to the point you might mistake him as the protagonist.


Vessel of the Holy Grail[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Vessel of the Holy Grail [Other], p.098

Vessel of the Holy Grail [Other]
The substitute prepared to facilitate the descent of the Holy Grail. In the first three Grail Wars it was merely an object, but in the fourth war the Einzberns sought to gain an advantage in the struggle for possession of the vessel by implanting it with a will of its own and a sense of identification with the Einzbern family.
Although Irisviel's homunculus body is unmistakably organic, the inorganic Holy Grail was broken down and fused with her organs.
While it's certainly true that making the vessel required to win the war a member of their own faction is a reprehensible act of cheating, technically their only obligation is to "deliver a vessel to Fuyuki", which they did. Besides, it's a war. Is there really that big of a difference between stealing somebody's possessions and killing them then taking the body?



[v] Fate/Zero material- Encyclopedia: Vimana [Noble Phantasm], p.091

Vimana [Noble Phantasm]
The King’s soul resides in golden armor. Vimana was flown in the sky for the first time in the third volume – His Majesty the King of Heroes’ mobile air weapon. It uses solar energy, produced from a solar crystal that burns mercury as fuel, to move – a high-tech Indian Noble Phantasm that would make even Area 51 pale-faced. Even though in ancient Indian mythology, it also had weapons ranging from ancient machine guns to ancient nuclear warheads, these surely have already been gathered in the treasury of the King of Heroes.


Volumen Hydrargyrum[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Volumen Hydrargyrum [Magecraft], p.092

Volumen Hydrargyrum [Magecraft]
One of the mystic codes employed by Lord El-Melloi. Essentially, it is a mass of magically-infused mercury that has been filled with a large variety of movement patterns and programmed to respond appropriately depending on the situation. I guess you could call it a kind of battle golem? Out of all of Kayneth's armaments, it has the greatest capacity for physical destruction. He had prepared many other mystic codes designed for battles with curses and conjurations, but the vast majority of them were lost when his hotel was blown up by Kiritsugu.
Though it wouldn't be wrong to call it an almighty weapon due to its versatility, in the end it is still just an automaton, and once you see through its movement patterns it's fairly easy to handle. Also, since the magical energy required to operate it is directly proportional to the complexity of its shape, it is necessary to keep it in its basic form as much as possible – switching to a more complex form drastically reduces its reaction speed and power. The final "sea urchin" transformation used in the battle against Kiritsugu was a form that combined both raw defensive ability and cunning, but accordingly the drain on Kayneth's magical energy was immense.
By the way, after the war ended Lord El-Melloi II may or may not have reprogrammed this mystic code and employed it as a multi-purpose maid golem. Though it has enough intellectual capacity to perform simple household chores, it seems there's a troublesome bug that pops up every now and then that causes it to rampage around insisting that it's a killer robot from the future. Maybe it was shown a detrimental movie just when it was on the verge of completing its education in good taste…?



[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: YAMAHA V‐MAX [Other], p.105

The motorcycle that Emiya Kiritsugu prepared for his Servant. Since it underwent excessive tuning without any regard for usability, a normal person trying to ride it would just end up killing themselves. Maiya must have brought it into town on a truck, then pushed it from the front gate to the courtyard.
The president of Nitro+, Digitarou, was responsible for picking out and configuring the vehicle model.
By the way, at one point during the consultation stage, Mr. Takeuchi had just gotten back from seeing the new Ghost Rider movie and wouldn't stop going on about how awesome it would be if Saber's motorcycle could transform too, but, uh… honestly it seemed like it would be a lot of trouble. I was really glad I managed to get out of writing that one!


Zouken Matou[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Encyclopedia: Matou Zouken [Person's name], p.104

Zouken Matou [Person's name]
As far as the Matou family's sacrifices in the Fourth Holy Grail War go, for the small price of a ruined home defense barrier and a grievous injury to Byakuya's wrist, they were able to get their hands on fragments of the Holy Grail. Too cheap, too cheap! Grandfather is laughing.
Though Zouken allowed Kariya to participate in the Grail War, he mostly did it just to punish him – if Kariya had actually won, he probably wouldn't even know how to react.
Originally, Zouken had been content to turn a blind eye to Kariya's transgressions as long as he was living the wretched, fearful life of a runaway, but his extremely un-Matou-like willingness to heroically sacrifice himself bought him the old man's ire. Probably, it was the warped pride of a living, rotten corpse at work. Like, "When did my own flesh and blood get so damn impudent!?" or something to that effect.
By the way, Zouken thought that Kariya had died when all the crest worms were killed by Berserker's rampage.
The reason that Kariya, finally free, was able to return to the Matou mansion and reach Sakura's side without any issues, was because Zouken had rushed off to the scene of the fire to see if he could find anything worth salvaging.
In fact, they must have literally just missed each other. It seems Kariya has a talent for seizing odd strokes of good luck at the height of misfortune.


Servant Status[]


[v] Fate/Zero material - Servant Status: Saber, p.012-013

Class: Saber
Master: Kiritsugu Emiya
True Name: King Arthur
Gender: Female
Height/Weight: 154cm/42kg
Alignment: Lawful Good

Strength: B
Endurance: A
Agility: A
Mana: A
Luck: D
Noble Phantasm: A++

Class Skills
Magic Resistance: A
Cancels all magecraft below A. In reality, no magi of today can harm Saber.

Riding: A
Able to freely manipulate all beasts and vehicles, save mythical beasts and divine beasts.

Personal Skills
Instinct: A
The ability to always "feel" the best course for oneself during combat. This heightened sixth sense is now close to precognition. It reduces by half any obstacles to vision and hearing.

Mana Burst: A
This transfers magical energy into one's weapon and body, and by releasing the magical energy instantaneously, it increases one's ability.

Charisma: B
Natural ability to command an army. Charisma is a rare talent, and B-rank is enough to lead a country.

Noble Phantasm
Invisible Air: Bounded Field of the Wind King
Rank: C
Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
Range: 1~2
Maximum number of targets: 1 person
An invisible sword. Simple, but displays tremendous effect in hand-to-hand combat. A Noble Phantasm guarded by strong magecraft, it does not mean the sword itself is transparent.

Excalibur: Sword of Promised Victory
Rank: A++
Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
Range: 2~3
Maximum number of targets: 1 person
A sword of light. A weapon not made by man, but a god-made equipment forged by stars. A Noble Phantasm at the top of the category of holy swords. A holy sword which transforms the owner's magical energy into "light", increasing its momentum due to the convergence and acceleration, and enable the use of magecraft of divine levels.

Avalon: The Everdistant Utopia
Rank: EX
Type: Barrier Noble Phantasm
Defense target: 1 person
The power of the sheath of Excalibur. Expanding the sheath, it shuts out all physical interference by placing the owner in the land of the fairies.

CLASS セイバー











[v] Fate/Zero material - Servant Status: Archer, p.014-015

Class: Archer
Master: Tokiomi Tohsaka
True Name: Gilgamesh
Gender: Male
Height/Weight: 182cm/68kg
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Strength: B
Endurance: B
Agility: B
Mana: A
Luck: A
Noble Phantasm: EX

Class Skills
Magic Resistance: C

Independent Action: A

Personal Skills
Golden Rule: A

Charisma: A+

Divinity: B

Noble Phantasm
The Gate of Babylon: King's Treasure
Rank: E~A++
Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
Range: -

Enuma Elish: The Star of Creation that Split Heaven and Earth
Rank: EX
Type: Anti-World Noble Phantasm
Range: 1 ~ 99
Maximum number of targets:1000 people

CLASS アーチャー










[v] Fate/Zero material - Servant Status: Lancer, p.016-017

Class: Lancer
Master: Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald
True Name: Diarmuid Ua Duibhne
Gender: Male
Height/Weight: 184cm/85kg
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Strength: B
Endurance: C
Agility: A+
Mana: D
Luck: E
Noble Phantasm: B

Class Skills
Magic Resistance: B
Personal Skills
Eye of the Mind (True): B

Love Spot: C

Noble Phantasm
Gáe Dearg: Crimson Rose of Exorcism
Rank: B
Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
Range: 2~4
Maximum number of targets: 1 Person

Gae Buidhe: Yellow Rose of Mortality
Rank: B
Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
Range: 2~3
Maximum number of targets: 1 Person

CLASS ランサー








[v] Fate/Zero material - Servant Status: Rider, p.018-019

Class: Rider
Master: Waver Velvet
True Name: Alexander
Gender: Male
Height/Weight: 212cm/130kg
Alignment: Neutral good

Strength: B
Endurance: A
Agility: D
Mana: C
Luck: A+
Noble Phantasm: A++

Class Skills
Magic Resistance: D
Cancel Single-Action spells. Magic Resistance of the same degree of an amulet that rejects magical energy.

Riding: A+
The skill of riding animals and vehicles. Creatures on the level of Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast can be used as mounts. However, that does not apply to members of the Dragon Kind.

Personal Skills
Charisma: A
Natural talent to command an army. Can be said to have achieved the greatest popularity as a human being

Military Tactics: B
Tactical knowledge used not for one-on-one combat situations, but for battles where many are mobilized. Bonus modifiers are provided during use of one's own Anti-Army Noble Phantasm or when dealing against an enemy Anti-Army Noble Phantasm.

Divinity: C
Despite the absence of clear evidence, according to many stories it is said he is the son of Zeus, the greatest of gods.

Noble Phantasm
Via Expungito: Distant Trampling Domination
Rank: A+
Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
Range: 2~50
Maximum number of targets: 100 persons
The trampling attack performed with Noble Phantasm "Gordius Wheel." The damage is decided twice, first by the hooves, then the wheels of the chariot. Along with all physical damage, there is also the effects of lightnings, the manifestation of Zeus. Should the target fail its STR check, additional damage will be dealt.

Ionioi Hetairoi: Army of the King
Rank: EX
Type: Anti Army Noble Phantasm
Range: 1~99
Maximum number of targets: 1000 people
Having sworn loyalty to Alexander even after their deaths, his personal guards who had turned into spirits, manifest into Servants together with the ruler. The summoned ones are Servants without Masters, however each have the rank E- equivalent of the "Independent Action" skill, allowing materialization possible for a maximum of 30 turns.

CLASS ライダー



騎乗: A+







[v] Fate/Zero material - Servant Status Caster: p.020-021

Class: Caster
Master: Ryuunosuke Uryuu
True Name: Gille de Rais
Gender: Male
Height/Weight: 196cm/70kg
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Strength: D
Endurance: E
Agility: D
Mana: C
Luck: E
Noble Phantasm: A+

Class Skills
Territory Creation: B

Item Construction: -

Personal Skills
Mental Pollution: A

Eye for Art: E-

Noble Phantasm
Prelati's Spellbook: Text of the Sunken Spiraled City
Rank: A+
Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
Range: 1~10
Maximum number of targets:100 People

CLASS キャスター








[v] Fate/Zero material - Servant Status: Assassin, p.022-023

Class: Assassin
Master: Kirei Kotomine
True Name: Hassan-i Sabbah
Gender: -
Height/Weight: -
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Strength: C
Endurance: D
Agility: A
Mana: C
Luck: E
Noble Phantasm: B

Class Skills
Presence Concealment: A+

Personal Skills
Librarian of Stored Knowledge: C

Expert of Many Specializations: A+

Noble Phantasm
Zabaniya:Delusional Illusion
Rank: B+
Type: Anti-Unit (Self) Noble Phantasm
Range: -

CLASS アサシン







[v] Fate/Zero material - Servant Status: Berserker, p.024-025

Class: Berserker
Master: Kariya Matou
True Name: Lancelot
Gender: Male
Height/Weight: 191cm/81kg
Alignment: Lawful Mad

Strength: A
Endurance: A
Agility: A+
Mana: C
Luck: B
Noble Phantasm: A

Class Skills
Mad Enhancement: C
Rank up for all parameters except Luck and Mana, but in exchange, Berserker can no longer think and speak properly.

Personal Skills
Magic Resistance: E
Possesses an amulet ring that rejects magical energy with a Magic Resistance value of D Rank, but it is ranked down due to Mad Enhancement.

Protection of the Fairies: A
It is a blessing from Elementals; the capacity to increase one's Luck in dangerous situations. Activation is limited to battlefields, where it is possible to perform feats of arms.

Eternal Arms Mastership: A+
Mastership of combat arts has reached the point of being said to be unrivaled in one's era. By complete merging of mind, body and technique, it is possible to make use of full fighting skills even when under the influence of any sort of mental hindrance.

Noble Phantasm
Knight of Owner: A Knight Does Not Die with Empty Hands
Rank: A++
Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
Range: 1
Maximum number of targets: 30 People

For Someone's Glory: Not For One's Own Glory
Rank: B
Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
Range: 0
Maximum number of targets:1 Person

Arondight: The Unfading Light of the Lake
Rank: A++
Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
Range: 1~2
Maximum number of targets: 1 Person

CLASS バーサーカー











[v] Fate/Zero material - Weapons: Arondight, p.125



Gae Dearg Gae Buidhe[]

Fate/Zero material - Weapons: Gae Dearg Gae Buidhe, p.122-123

Gae Dearg Gae Buidhe

ゲイ・ジャルグ ゲイ・ボウ

God Bull[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Weapons: God Bull, p.110

God Bull


Gordius Wheel[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Weapons: Gordius Wheel, p.108-109

Gordius Wheel


Prelati's Spellbook[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Weapons: Prelati's Spellbook, p.126

Prelati's Spellbook



[v] Fate/Zero material - Weapons: Vimana, p.120-121




[v] Fate/Zero material - Weapons: V-MAX, p.116-119



Talk about Fate/Zero[]

Summary talk[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Talk about Fate/Zero: Fate/Zero Summary talk, p.130-135

Fate/Zero Summary talk
Kinoko Nasu X Gen Urobuchi
Moderated by: Takashi Takeuchi

Unused story
Urobuchi: I was having too much trouble thinking of a Caster, so I asked if I could use a Chinese Xian or something. That's how I learned the "Western only" rule.
Nasu: Plus Xian would be too strong.

フェイト/ゼロ 総括対談


About Berserker Side[]

[v] Fate/Zero material - Talk about Fate/Zero: About Berserker Side, p.141-143

About Berserker Side
Nasu: But, I was moved to tears by that last conversation with Lancelot. Nobody was at fault… Nobody was to blame!
Urobuchi: I think that’s the most heartbreaking thing about it, though.
Nasu: Ah, it really is.
Urobuchi: The scene would have been totally ruined if Alexander had barged in, huh?
Nasu: That’s Dead Weight Alex for you, lol
 He’d start his lecture with something like “Well, be that as it may…”.
Urobuchi: Sounds like something out of Hana no Keiji.
Nasu: Then, “It’s all your fault!” “And also, it’s your fault too!”
 “So, become my subordinates!”
Urobuchi: That’s exactly what he’d say!
Nasu: Of course, their response would be “What the hell is this guy going on about!?"
Urobuchi: Right, it’d be a total negotiation failure.
'Nasu: And Alex would just tilt his head to the side and wonder, “Hmm, did things go poorly?”
Anyway, about Berserker’s ridiculous Noble Phantasm… were you aiming at “that” from the start? That… f i g h t e r j e t.
Urobuchi: Yup! Basically, I really, really wanted to fight Gil with a fighter jet. I worked toward it with all my heart and soul!
Nasu: We should call you Yagami Gen. ”Just as planned!”
Urobuchi: I thought the Gate of Babylon would be perfect for an Itano Circus.
Nasu: Whoosh! The swords are homing in! Ornamental swords, holy swords, demonic swords, shitty knockoff swords!
Urobuchi: Especially that last one! That’s the heart of the Itano Theory.
Nasu: Because they won’t hit!
Urobuchi: Filling up the screen with missiles that won’t home properly is very important.
Nasu: Right, right.
Urobuchi: It truly is profound, the Itano Circus.
Nasu: But, a motorcycle that flies through the sky is going too far!
Right? Is it really okay, including that Braiger kind of thing?
Urobuchi: What? Of course it flies. Because it’s a motorcycle. Also, you’re thinking of Baxinger.
Nasu: It can turn into a bazooka, too, right? It can do anything, this motorcycle. I bet it even turns into a battleship.
Urobuchi: If it was Gil’s Noble Phantasm motorcycle that probably wouldn’t be too far off.
Nasu: It’d be a suuuuper-awesome Itansha, lol
Urobuchi: You know… it might be too extreme, but… what if we made it a Super Cub?
Nasu: Ah, now THAT’S a Noble Phantasm. Definitely.
Takeuchi: A golden Super Cub.
Nasu: I waaaant one!
It’s the very model of majesty and grace!
Urobuchi: Gil making his appearance on that… it would be just like WWE SmackDown.
Nasu: Circling the ring at 3 kph, lol
While the spectators go wild.
Takeuchi: Ahh… I can almost see it, that armored figure straddling the bike.
Nasu: Wow, everybody really loves Gil, huh?


Noble Phantasms (Novels)[]


[v] Fate/Zero - Volume 4: The Unfading Light of the Lake

The Unfading Light of the Lake


Gae Buidhe[]

[v] Fate/Zero - Volume 4: Gáe Buidhe: Yellow Rose of Mortality

Gáe Buidhe: Yellow Rose of Mortality


Gae Dearg[]

[v] Fate/Zero - Volume 4: Gáe Dearg: Crimson Rose of Exorcism

Gáe Dearg: Crimson Rose of Exorcism


God Bull[]

[v] Fate/Zero - Volume 4: God Bull: Air-walking Thunder Bull

God Bull: Air-walking Thunder Bull
The divine bulls that pull the Gordias Wheel. It is said that before the seduction of Europa, the supreme god of thunder Zeus changed his shape into that of a bull. Therefore, what manifested as the driving force of the chariot dedicated to Zeus, were Divine Beasts with a connection to Zeus.

ゴルディアスホイールを牽く神牛。雷を司る至高神ゼウスは、かつてエウロペを誘惑する際に牡牛へと姿を変 えたという。よってゼウス神に捧げられた戦車の牽引力として顕現したのは、ゼウスと縁のある聖獣だった。

Gordius Wheel[]

[v] Fate/Zero - Volume 4: Gordius Wheel: Wheel of Heaven's Authority

Gordius Wheel: Wheel of Heaven's Authority


Prelati's Spellbook[]

[v] Fate/Zero - Volume 4: Prelati's Spellbook: Text of the Sunken Spiraled City

Prelati's Spellbook: Text of the Sunken Spiraled City



[v] Fate/Zero - Volume 4: Spatha



All Over/Zero[]


[v] ALL OVER/Zero - Fate/Zero Exchange of Questions and Answers, p.022
Questions 01: Saber and Irisviel seem to have established a great Master-Server relationship, and it seems those two did not eat anything? [T]

Questions 01: Saber and Irisviel seem to have established a great Master-Server relationship, and it seems those two did not eat anything? [ Taitō · Yurianna LUV-san ]

Nasu: Because Irisviel is a homunculus, all she really needs is to have her magic resupplied, and the same applies to Saber, who is a Servant. It's very fortunate that this pair does not crave food.
Uro: Shirou's food education awoke Saber's gourmet spirit 10 years later, at the time of Zero, she probably thought all the food in the world was like fish and chips.


奈須きのこ(以下「奈」): アイリスフィールはホムンクルスですので、基本、魔力補給さえできればいい人であり。それはサーヴァントであるセイバーも一緒であります。つもり————幸なコトに、アイリとセイバーは食事には疎いコンビだったのです!
虚淵玄(以下「虚」): セイバーが士郎の餌付けによって美食に目覚めるのは10年後の話ですからね......Zeroの頃はまだ世界中の飯がフィッシュ&チップスと同程度だと思っていたのやも。


[v] ALL OVER/Zero - Fate/Zero Exchange of Questions and Answers, p.022
Questions 02: What's the limit of Berserker's ability to "turn any object into Noble Phantasm"? [T]

Questions 02: What's the limit of Berserker's ability to "turn any object into Noble Phantasm"? Will it work on a battleship? Why not just hijack a computer and become an existence like Sky*et... please put a stop to my overflowing dreams. [Kyoto · Musashibō-san]

Nasu: In theory it's limited to objects that are weapons. An aircraft carrier's role as weapon transportation is ranked higher than it being a weapon, so it shouldn't be counted as a weapon. Something like that. What's your opinion on this, Uro-san?
Uro: For Berserker, the Noble Phantasm can only be activated for things he recognizes as "this is a weapon." In that case, if he is skilled in wrestling, can he... turn a steel chair into a Noble Phantasm?




[v] ALL OVER/Zero - Fate/Zero Exchange of Questions and Answers, p.022
Questions 03: Please tell me who would win in a "no-skirt" competition between Iskandar and Caren? [T]

Questions 03: Please tell me who would win in a "no-skirt" competition between Iskandar and Caren? [ Chiyoda · Clerk of a certain large bookstore ]

Uro: If it's a real competition, due to Iskander's complex shape, you'll need skirt with an overwhelming number of edges. This is the greatness of the King of Conquerors.
Nasu: You got it all wrong! How can you even compare someone who doesn't wear skirt to someone who doesn't even wear underwear!




[v] ALL OVER/Zero - Fate/Zero Exchange of Questions and Answers, p.022-023
Questions 04: Can you give me some examples of the assassins amongst the Hundred Faced One who gave you the most enduring impressions? [T]

Questions 04: Can you give me some examples of the assassins amongst the Hundred Faced One who gave you the most enduring impressions?

Gen: It ought to be "the assassin who is famous for impersonating Toyotomi Hideyoshi".
Nasu: For me, it ought to be the assassin whose expertise is in sexing chicks.




[v] ALL OVER/Zero - Fate/Zero Exchange of Questions and Answers, p.023
Questions 05: Kotomine deflected the bullet of the Contender with Bajiquan, but is Bajiquan really that powerful? I am really interested, so by all means, let me know. [T]

Questions 05: Kotomine deflected the bullet of the Contender with Bajiquan, but is Bajiquan really that powerful? I am really interested, so by all means, let me know.

Fukushu: Oh, that. Urobuchi's Bajiquan is the Internal Art that transcends the External Art. It is a super-human technique like the supersonic 6-hit combo that the Cyber Fist Killer(WP) can achieve. It should not be used as a reference for the real Bajiquan. I wonder what will happen if it continues to become more deadly?
Gen: It is the ultimate technique born from the miraculous fusion of Bajiquan and magecraft. Super Bajiquan is the reckless attack that belongs to Kotomine, whose self-destructive fighting style enables him to sacrifice an arm.




[v] ALL OVER/Zero - Fate/Zero Exchange of Questions and Answers, p.023
Questions 06: In the end did Father Mite repent? Also, my Gin-Pika seems functionally different from the Gin-Pika here, can I return it? [T]

Questions 06: In the end did Father Mite repent? Also, my Gin-Pika seems functionally different from the Gin-Pika here, can I return it? [ Taitō · Fuyuki's Holy Virgin ]

Neko-Arc: Throwing him away is too much.
Gen: Your Gin-Pika is an ultra-rare "uncorrupted Gin-Pika," please appreciate him.


ネコ:それを すてるなんてとんでもない!


[v] ALL OVER/Zero - Fate/Zero Exchange of Questions and Answers, p.023
Questions 07: ...hey hey, are we missing a page here? What happened to the most important character? [T]

Questions 07: ...hey hey, are we missing a page here? What happened to the most important character? [ Fuyuki · Fuyuki's Tiger (Current) ]

Nasu: That's enough Fujimura.
Gen: I didn't have you make an appearance because of how important you are. Not touching you with these dirty hands is my way of showing my love! Sorry, that was all made up, I just don't want to be burned.




[v] ALL OVER/Zero - Fate/Zero Exchange of Questions and Answers, p.023
Questions 08: Recently Hollywood has been using F-22, if Hollywood offered that to you, would you still use F-15? Or would you rather use Itano Circus? [T]

Questions 08: Recently Hollywood has been using F-22, if Hollywood offered that to you, would you still use F-15? Or would you rather use Itano Circus? [ Taitō · Korokazu ]

Gen: According to Hollywood settings perhaps the Self-Defense Forces really is more advanced than the U.S. Air Force, using F-22 in the early 90s. The subtle detail of the night vision system on Kiritsugu's rifle also has its own antique flavor.
Nasu: Ho ho ho, let me wreck that face of yours (following text trimmed)




ALL OVER/Zero - Fate/Zero Exchange of Questions and Answers, p.023-024
Questions 09: Why is my luck stat curiously low... it seems even lower than when I fell to the dark side 10 years later. What kind of curse is this? [T]

Questions 09: Why is my luck stat curiously low... it seems even lower than when I fell to the dark side 10 years later. What kind of curse is this? [ Fuyuki · King of Knights ]

Nasu: In Zero, due to the effect of Urobuchi Gen's Reality Marble, Dead End Catharsis: Heaven and Hell Drop, all character's luck have been lowered by one rank.
Gen: But at the same time Kinoko Dimension also took place in Fuyuki, so those who can survive will definitely live. Something this reasonable happens very rarely in Urobuchi's world, so it's already a very considerate measure.




[v] ALL OVER/Zero - Fate/Zero Exchange of Questions and Answers, p.024
Questions 10: I'm currently playing this game called Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII, is there any way to get rid of this Social Interactions and Relationships system? Just because I pillaged a little bit and executed a person I didn't like, now no one wants to join me, no one wants to talk to me, and Sun Shangxiang won't even marry me. This is so weird! How can I conquer like this? Are all Chinese people this narrow-minded? [T]

Questions 10: I'm currently playing this game called Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII, is there any way to get rid of this Social Interactions and Relationships system? Just because I pillaged a little bit and executed a person I didn't like, now no one wants to join me, no one wants to talk to me, and Sun Shangxiang won't even marry me. This is so weird! How can I conquer like this? Are all Chinese people this narrow-minded? [ Fuyuki · King of Conquerors ]

Nasu: Kusoge tsumaran! (Greetings). About that, sorry, but please participate in the Grail War seriously. If you want to play games, do it during breaks. Ah, and Civilization isn't too bad either.
Gen: Right, and someone like your excellency shouldn't touch Elder Scrolls IV either. Its system would be too harsh for a conqueror, where pressing A by mistake can turn an entire city's guards into your enemy.


奈:クソゲツ マラン!(挨拶)あの、すみません、まじめに聖杯戦争やってください。ゲームは仕事の合間にね!あ、あとシヴィライゼーションも面白いよ!


[v] ALL OVER/Zero - Fate/Zero Exchange of Questions and Answers, p.024
Questions 11: It's a bit sudden, but can we please discuss this. I'm currently dying in a back alley, and suddenly this weird cane calling itself Kaleido Stick appears and says something like "make a contract with me, if we make this contract, not only will you not die, but some eggplant or mushroom guy will even make a game where I'm the main character." What should I do? Should I make the contract? [T]

Questions 11: It's a bit sudden, but can we please discuss this. I'm currently dying in a back alley, and suddenly this weird cane calling itself Kaleido Stick appears and says something like "make a contract with me, if we make this contract, not only will you not die, but some eggplant or mushroom guy will even make a game where I'm the main character." What should I do? Should I make the contract? [ Fuyuki · Kotone ]

Nasu: Please make the contract, that wand is a magical tool that can lead you to the top of the world, its Ruby persuasion skill is harsher than any words. Ah, but please understand that we will need to take out someone from the main heroines.
Gen: Hmm, at least it's better than turning into something like an organ (instrument) or umbrella.




[v] ALL OVER/Zero - Fate/Zero Exchange of Questions and Answers, p.024
Questions 12: Diarmuid tastes so good. [T]

Questions 12: Diarmuid tastes so good. [ Causal horizon · All the evil of the world ]

Gen: Among Fuyuki's local specialty of Servants, we carefully picked out the tragic Celtic hero, have him commit suicide through a Command Seal to ensure the ingredient's freshness. Our restaurant's main chef is very confident in and highly recommends this Lancer dish. There's nothing better than hearing that you enjoyed it.




[v] ALL OVER/Zero - Fate/Zero Exchange of Questions and Answers, p.024
Questions 13: ...Is it a tradition that the Saber class is always beaten by the Lancer class at the start of the story? [T]

Questions 13: ...Is it a tradition that the Saber class is always beaten by the Lancer class at the start of the story? [ Wales · Pig of Cornwall ]

Nasu: That also surprised me, it's something to be admired. Please understand the power of Urobuchi Gen, who faithfully followed the beginning of Fate/stay night's story. But... to think he also copied its ending! That person really is a demon! (Biting a handkerchief while crying)


奈:アレはボクも驚いた。なんというセルフオマージュ.....!Fate/stay nightの冒頭を踏襲する虚淵玄の構成力を思い知ってください。でも......でも、オチまで踏襲しなくでもいいじゃない!鬼だよあの人は!(泣きながらハンカチを噛む)


[v] ALL OVER/Zero - Fate/Zero Exchange of Questions and Answers, p.024
Questions 14: Is the reason Lancer didn't bring Moralltach and Beagalltach this time also because he (Kayneth) didn't listen to his wife? Would Beagalltach even be of use this time? [T]

Questions 14: Is the reason Lancer didn't bring Moralltach and Beagalltach this time also because he (Kayneth) didn't listen to his wife? Would Beagalltach even be of use this time? [ Ireland · Pig of Ben Bulben ]

Gen: Diarmuid is a nice guy who can read a situation. It would be a bit too much to bring out a sword as a Lancer. This time there was no advice from the wife. At the most she's just a fiancé. To Kayneth, that is.




[v] ALL OVER/Zero - Fate/Zero Exchange of Questions and Answers, p.025
Questions 15: Aaaand on the subject of Berserker, you three got along, with no one ever screaming at the others to do something? [T]

Questions 15: Aaaand on the subject of Berserker, you three got along, with no one ever screaming at the others to do something? [ Massachusetts · Written as the moon-killing Char's Zaku (Because it's red) ]

Neko: So the yangire makes her appearance. Even though I'm jealous of your depravity and evilness, please be careful just in case, not everyone can live freely like you. Oh right, AB, you seem to have become weak ever since you became a playable character. Even though I was always badly beaten by you when you were controlled by the computer, I lost miserably within a single round while using you myself.




[v] ALL OVER/Zero - Fate/Zero Exchange of Questions and Answers, p.025
Questions 16: The middle-aged man of Fuyuki, Kiritsugu, holds two powers. One of them is the Command Seal, the power to give absolute command to the strongest Servant. The other power is the Contender. With magical bullets that have the power to destroy a mage's magic circuit, carrying with him the nickname "Magus Killer," Kiritsugu began making his move. To obtain the Holy Grail, and to create a peaceful world where everyone can live in happiness. [T]

Questions 16: The middle-aged man of Fuyuki, Kiritsugu, holds two powers. One of them is the Command Seal, the power to give absolute command to the strongest Servant. The other power is the Contender. With magical bullets that have the power to destroy a mage's magic circuit, carrying with him the nickname "Magus Killer," Kiritsugu began making his move. To obtain the Holy Grail, and to create a peaceful world where everyone can live in happiness. [ Area 11 · Pizza Hut regular ]

Nasu: At the end of a long misunderstanding, Kiritsugu was finally able to reconcile with Iri. Little did he know that Iri would take a simple joke like "For example, to kill all humans?" seriously. Later, a blood stained Iri.
Gen: But volume 4 almost turned out this way.




[v] ALL OVER/Zero - Fate/Zero Exchange of Questions and Answers, p.025
Questions 17: How come papa Risei is Seagal? [T]

Questions 17: How come papa Risei is Seagal? [ Chiyoda · Akane-chan ]

Nasu: Thinking about it from another perspective, he is Seagal because he is papa Risei.




[v] ALL OVER/Zero - Fate/Zero Exchange of Questions and Answers, p.025
Questions 18: In the 3rd volume, I became moe for Sola-Ui after she experiences the joy of first love. A page later she got her arm cut off. In Zero's world, is there a law that states "Feeling happiness is a precursor to BAD END"? [T]

Questions 18: In the 3rd volume, I became moe for Sola-Ui after she experiences the joy of first love. A page later she got her arm cut off. In Zero's world, is there a law that states "Feeling happiness is a precursor to BAD END"? [ Mifune City · Servant Yandere's Glasses ]

Nasu: To heartless girls, "Ah, I will receive happiness after this," "I will get married after the war is over," and "My child is about to be born" are all curses of the same rank, please be extra cautious.
Gen: There's no point in showing mercy to those drowning in the river of love. Don't you agree, Jason sensei?




[v] ALL OVER/Zero - Fate/Zero Exchange of Questions and Answers, p.025
Questions 19: My family is a drapery wholesaler, if I looked around our warehouse, will be able to find a magic book like the Kiryū boy? If possible I'd like it to be a Japanese Servant. [T]

Questions 19: My family is a drapery wholesaler, if I looked around our warehouse, will be able to find a magic book like the Kiryū boy? If possible I'd like it to be a Japanese Servant. [ Fuyuki · Kaede Makidera ]

Neko-Arc: Hm, how about just summoning someone like Nasu?




[v] ALL OVER/Zero - Fate/Zero Exchange of Questions and Answers, p.025
Questions 20: What's Urobuchi's favorite scene? Also, if it exists, please tell us about something you didn't finish. [T]

Questions 20: What's Urobuchi's favorite scene? Also, if it exists, please tell us about something you didn't finish. [ Taitō · Mountain of Mash Tree ]

Gen: Even though it's for my own enjoyment, probably the great revival of the true Gilgamesh. I also wanted to dedicate more pages to Kariya and Sola-Ui. Uh... but it probably wouldn't turn out to be a happy scene if I were to write it. Looks like Sola-Ui really is someone who can truly shine only in doujinshi.



Fate/Zero Animation Guide I[]

Innate Time Control[]

[v] Fate/Zero Anime Visual Guide I: The Fourth Holy Grail War Glossary: Innate Time Control [Magecraft]

Innate Time Control [Magecraft]
Kiritsugu’s self-taught time-manipulation magecraft in which he creates a reality marble inside his body in order to manipulate time inside his body. It is Kiritsugu’s personal method of utilizing the Emiya family’s magecraft. He adapted the technique to make it suitable for combat. Time manipulation is typically a large scale thaumaturgical ritual, but by limiting the effects to within his own body, he can use it efficiently in small intervals. By accelerating or decelerating time within his body, he can perform actions otherwise impossible, however it takes a severe toll on his body.


Relic of the Son of God[]

[v] Fate/Zero Anime Visual Guide I: The Fourth Holy Grail War Glossary: Relic of the Son of God [Magecraft Term]

Relic of the Son of God [Magecraft Term]
Holy artifacts recognized by the Holy Church. Management of such artifacts typically falls under the jurisdiction of the Church, however the Fuyuki Grail does not fall into this category.


shape ist Leben[]

[v] Fate/Zero Anime Visual Guide I: The Fourth Holy Grail War Glossary: shape ist Leben [Magecraft Term]

shape ist Leben [Magecraft]
Manipulation and transmutation of matter. Magecraft handed down in the Einzbern family to shape precious metals. Irisviel uses it when fighting Kirei. By passing magical energy through wires it is used to transmute a giant wiremesh falcon as a makeshift homunculus.

shape ist Leben(形骸よ、生命を宿せ)【魔術】


[v] Fate/Zero Anime Visual Guide I: The Fourth Holy Grail War Glossary: Tohsaka [Family]

Tohsaka [Family]
One of the Three Founding Families, the Tohsaka family provided Fuyuki City as the grounds for the Holy Grail War. The distinguished magus family has long resided in Fuyuki, managing the leylines in the region. Although the family has been based in Japan for generations, its chants and incantations are recited in German. 200 years ago, the first head of the family, Tohsaka Nagato, was a pupil of Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, one of the five living Magicians. Hence why the family still uses German today. Nagato’s ancestors were hidden Christians in Japan, which translated into Nagato having half-decent connections to the Holy Church. He was also well treated by the Mage’s Association due to his position as the pupil of a Magician.


Fate/Zero Animation Guide II[]


[v] Fate/Zero Anime Visual Guide II: The Fourth Holy Grail War Glossary: Excalibur [Noble Phantasm]

Sword of Promised Victory(Excalibur) [Noble Phantasm]
A Rank A++ Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm that emits an all-destroying beam of energy rivaling Saber’s total magical energy. Being sung as “humanity’s most revered” even in the hellish extremes of a battlefield, shining brightly as the crystallization of everything imaginable in the hearts of those who have passed. Because its use requires swinging with both hands, Lancer intentially breaks his Gáe Buidhe to release Saber’s left hand from its curse. The resulting blow from Excalibur that was released is a torrent of light that destroys the giant sea demon.

約束された勝利の剣(エクスカリバー) 【宝具】


[v] Fate/Zero Anime Visual Guide II: The Fourth Holy Grail War Glossary: Kobayashi [Person]

Kobayashi [Person]
F15J pilot. Pilots the Diablo 2 unit. Rank is second lieutenant. Headed to the mouth of the Mion river to scout after a disaster emergency summon, and is snatched up by a tentacle and eaten while lowering altitude to get a visual confirmation of the Giant Sea Monster. In the Type-Moon 10th Anniversary All-Character Poll, he ranked 71st of 500 characters.



[v] Fate/Zero Anime Visual Guide II: The Fourth Holy Grail War Glossary: Mithrenes [Person]

Mithrenes [Person]
One of the knights serving in the Army of the King (Ionioi Hetairoi). Former commander of the Persian army who is said to have joined Iskander after losing to him. Serves as a messenger during the battle with the Giant Sea Monster, Waver uses him to convey to Rider the optimal location to drop the monster.



[v] Fate/Zero Anime Visual Guide II: The Fourth Holy Grail War Glossary: Ougi [Person]

Ougi [Person]
F15J pilot. Pilots the Diablo 1 unit. Rank is captain. Headed to the Mion river alongside Kobayashi to scout. He fell into confusion after his wingman is eaten by the monster before his eyes. While removing the safety on all weapons and preparing to launch a massive attack on the monster, Berserker hijacks the F15 with his noble phantasm. In the fight with Vimana, Ougi is subjected to insane G-forces which causes his organs to burst leading to his death. In the Type-Moon 10th Anniversary All-Character Poll, he ranked 110th of 500 characters, trailing Kobayashi by a bit.



[v] Fate/Zero Anime Visual Guide II: The Fourth Holy Grail War Glossary: Staff [Mystic Code]

Staff [Mystic Code]
Mystic code used by Tokiomi. A large ruby is embedded in the head of the staff that is used to cast fire spells. The staff suits Tokiomi, who remains dignified even in the heat of battle.


Fate/Zero Blu-ray Disc Box II English Translation booklet[]


[v] Fate/Zero Blu-ray Disc Box II English Translation booklet: Introduction, p.003-004

Special issue
Gen Urobuchi:
To give a specific example, allow me to explain Berserker's flashback scenes, which were probably the most heavily revised from the original. In the original novel, it is a scene that jumps to an entirely different time period that is inserted right in the middle of the duel at the end. It is precisely because the depiction of the fight had been placed in the back of the reader's mind as a concept that it was possible to depict and link this to his past as a separate narrative thread.

With that said, in the visual medium, because the audience takes in the battle in the underground garbage by means of sight and sounds, the scene has a sense of place which helps to make it seem as if they themselves are there. If the point of view were to suddenly shift to another time, another story, the tension that suffused that showdown scene would suddenly evaporate. Although humans can develop differing concepts in parallel, they can only focus on and process one view point at a time. If the anime version has ignored this difference and stayed slavishly true to the original novel and revealed Berserker's past in exactly the same way, the viewers probably would have felt a visceral sense of incongruity and instantly been thrown out of the moment.

The same goes for the flashback scene where Gilgamesh reminisces about Enkidu. In the novel, I took care to write it with deliberately vague, ambiguous imagery to depict Gilgamesh's flashback so as not to ruin the afterimage of Excalibur's activation scene that immediately preceded it. However, this sort of allowance isn't possible in visual media. Every scene is depicted with the same resolution and the same sense of presence as time unfolds at the same pace. So with that in mind, they had no choice but to place both the catharsis of Excalibur and the information dealing with Enkidu on the table and decide between. Of course, it was obviously the former that was more vital to the overall story.

Caster side[]

[v] Fate/Zero Blu-ray Disc Box II English Translation booklet: Master Session 001 - Caster Side, p.005-007

Master Session 001 - Caster Side
Akira Ishida

Tsuruoka Satoshi

Where did you draw your portrayals of Caster and Ryunosuke from?
Tsuruoka: Some of it comes from looking at the visuals. The bulging eyes says it all. I learned from reading the novel that he has a talkative personality, so I thought I would play him in a kabuki style in spite of the fact that he's European. I based his speaking styles on big actresses and entertainers and decided that he would tend to use kabuki tones when he becomes emotional.
Ishida: Back when I first played him in "Sound Drama", I thought to myself, "Boy, this character is horrible" (laughs). "A character like this can only exist inside a story." Plus, since "Sound Drama," had no visuals, I had no choice but to rely on the insanity inside myself. Even at the risk of being misunderstood, I believe that Ryunosuke's emotions are ones that everyone had deep down. I thought I would give that a broad interpretation. I was a bit hesitation when I first started playing him, but then I gradually started thinking. "Hey, it's fun to be able to cut loose like this." In the end, I've managed to reach a place where I understand Ryunosuke, as dangerous as that sound (laughs).

When Ryuunosuke was shot (#14), I was overjoyed that I was able to feel, "Oh, no...Ryunosuke..." That scene was original to the anime, and I recorded two versions after discussing the performance with Director Ei Aoki. One was an upbeat performance, like, "But do not worry, Ryunosuke!" The other performance, "You have died and left me alone" was sadder, said as if he was cradling Ryunosuke. The former was chosen for the broadcast version, but at the end, I go, "Behold, Ryunosuke!" As a performer, I was happy that he had realized that Ryunosuke still existed somewhere inside his heart.

Animation Material
Ryunosuke Uryu
Caster's Master. His fascination with, and lust for, death leads him to become a serial killer who commits murder after murder. He has two piercing, a chain at his waist, and a quiet disposition. The bracelet on his wrist is a magical item given to him by Caster, however, it is destroyed by Rin Tohsaka. Atsushi Ikariya was in charge of the character design for the anime version.

True name: Gilles de Rais. Doubting God, he becomes a Heroic Spirit to try to resurrect the holy virgin Joan Of Arc. In the original novel, he is described as having "huge, rolling eyes and oily, glistening cheeks." Because he was originally a knight, he has a muscular build. Atsuhi Ikariya was in charge of the character design for the anime version

A divine treasure. A shining ship housed within the Gate of Bablyon, the treasury of Acrher, the Heroic Spirit Gilgamesh. Made of gold and emerald, it has an emerald-encrusted power core and variable wings. At its center, there is a golden throne that acts as its control seat.

Lancer side[]

[v] Fate/Zero Blu-ray Disc Box II English Translation booklet: Master Session 002 - Lancer Side, p.007-010

Master Session 002 - Lancer Side

Midorikawa: Lancer had quite a few of scenes, but I was struck by the scene where he curses them as he dies (episode 16), and by the way he's shown as being so vigorous in the first half of the episode. He was so lively that when he's forced to kill himself, you feel sorrier for him. I thought his suicide scene was handled delicately. There's an illustration for that scene in the original (the TYPE-MOON VERSION). But they presented it differently in the anime. I was really impressed at how well they pulled it off.

Yamazaki: I bet that if we'd applied ourselves, we would've been the favorite to win the Holy Grail War.

Midorikawa wished that they allow Lancer and Saber to go on fighting forever as Lancer seemed to be enjoying himself.

Animation Material

Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald
Lancer's Master. Lecturer at the Clocktower, the Mages's Association's headquarters.
Eldest son of the Archibald family. Taking part in the Holy Grail War as a feather in his professional cap.
A holy relic in his possession was stolen by Waver, his student.
He makes use of a mana-infused orb mercury, the Volumen Hydragram, to attack and defend. Atsushi Ikariya was in charge of the character design for the anime version.

Rider side[]

[v] Fate/Zero Blu-ray Disc Box II English Translation booklet: Master Session 004 - Rider Side, p.010-013

Master Session 003 - Rider Side

Namikawa: To be honest, that puts a lot of pressure on us. Since it was a terrific novel and he had a great role, Waver was a tough character to play.

Waver Velvet
Rider's Master.


Gordias Wheel (Wheel of Heaven's Authority)

Motard Cuiassier

Berserker side[]

[v] Fate/Zero Blu-ray Disc Box II English Translation booklet: Master Session 004 - Berserker Side, p.013-016

Master Session 004 - Berserker Side

Kariya Matou
Berserker's Master.
Second oldest son of the Matou family, one of the three founding Mage familes.
Although his Magecraft aptitude was higher than his brother's, he hated the vile nature of the Matou family's magic. To save Sakura, the daughter of Aoi Tohsaka, he agrees to participate in the HolyGrail War. As a side effect of the Crest Worms, half his body is twisted and distorted. Atsushi Ikariya was in charge of the character design for the anime version.

A mad knight Heroic Spirit who is clad in black armor. The "Berserk" affinity was added to him, as he is unable to speak, and he refuses to obey his Master's instruction. His abilities include For Someone's Else's Glory, which conceal his own abilities, and Knight of Honor, which allows him to turn anything into a Noble Phantasm. He demonstrates an unnatural fixation on Saber. Atsushi Ikariya was in charge of the character design for the anime version.

The Matou family uses Worms in their Magecraft. In combat, they can be summoned and employed at will. There are various kinds, including the flesh-eating Blade Wing Worms that Kariya employs, and the Crest Worms that crawl around the Worm Pit.

Zouken Matou
Head of the Matou family. After repeatedly extending his life, this Mage is already not quite human. He is well versed in all things related to the Holy Grail, and gives Kariya Crest Worms. He observes the proceedings of the Holy Grail War from a distance.

Berserker 3DCG Supervisor Masato Takizawa
With Berserker's movements, I tweaked things like warping the parts and altering the scale so that it wouldn't look like stiff CG animation. Although there were a ton of difficult areas over the course of the series, I believe that all the hard work really can be seen on the screen and made for better visuals. I think that shows like this that are so beloved by the audience comes around once in a blue moon, so it's a real honor to have given the opportunity to take part in it.

A knight of the Round Table who served Arthur (Artoria). He falls in love with King Arthur's wife, Guinevere, and this dishonor brings about the fall of Britain. Also, in the anime, he is drawn with keyframe animation after his face is revealed. Because his complex armor was bring drawn by hand, it involved huge amounts of time and effort.

Saber side[]

[v] Fate/Zero Blu-ray Disc Box II English Translation booklet: Master Session 006 - Saber Side, p.019-023

Master Session 006 - Saber Side
Animation Material

Tomonori Sudo
Character Designs, Animation Director
At first, I thought that he (Kiritsugu) was a character who wasn't capable of expressing much emotion, but I think that in the latter half of the show, me might have managed to bring out the side of him that's rather frail and weak in comparison to his hard exterior. And since he's a character with the strength to blot that out, it's a difficult thing to do.

Kiritsugu Emiya
Saber's Master.
A freelance Mage-killer. Asked to marry into the Einzbern family, and then becomes their trump card in the Holy Grail War. He uses the magic of Innate Time Control to manipulate and alter the flow of time within his own body. As one would expect of an assassin who suppresses his emotions, his face is blank and his eyes are vacant. Tomonori Sudo was in charge of the character design for the anime version.

Maiya Hisau
Kiritsugu Emiya's partner. She met Kiritsugu on the battlefield, and has fought her entire life like a machine, considering herself a part whose function is to help Kiritsugu. She dresses entirely in black, and gives the cold, distant impression of someone who doesn't have a strong sense of self. Like Kiritsugu, she use a Steyr AUG and Calico M950 as weapons.

Kiritsugu Emiya (as a boy)
He spent his youth wandering around the world with his father, Norikata Emiya, who was on the run from the Mage's Association. At his point, he is still a dreamer of a boy who knows nothing of the world. His Shining eyes and tanned skin make him look cheerful. However, he comes face to face with harsh reality on Arimago Island.

Kiritsugu Emiya (as a young man)
Kiritsugu spent his days traveling around the world hunting down evil Mages. At first, he only got in Natalia's way, but he eventually becomes her partner and equal. However, living the life of a Mage-Killer forces him to confront a harsh reality.

Drama CDs[]

Season 1[]

[v] Fate/Zero Season 1 Boxset - Drama CD 1

Track 1

Kiritsugu: So this is the Grail vessel. It collects the souls of Heroic Spirits anchored to this world as Servants, and is then presented as an offering for the Great Grail summoning. A container for that purpose. If it‘s just a vessel, it should look like one. But why does it have the appearance of a human? Damn it, this makes things difficult.

Kiritsugu: Ah, can you hear me? Do you understand what I’m saying?

Irisviel: Yes, Emiya Kiritsugu.

Kiritsugu: Ah, so you can speak too. I’m surprised.

Irisviel: You seem to have extremely low expectations for Einzbern homunculi.

Kiritsugu: Not at all. I doubt anyone can match the descendants of Justica Lizleihi, Master of Northern Alchemy and the Saint of Winter, in creating artificial humans.

Irisviel: That’s right, I come with all the functions of a complete human body. I also have magic circuits that far surpass that of a normal person and was branded with a standardized reverse-type magic crest as the starting default. My potential as a Mage should be greater than yours.

Kiritsugu: Right, that’s really great. But I have no need for those functions of yours. You’ll be… Damn it, why must I explain these things?

Irisviel: If you aren’t satisfied with my functions, you need to make yourself clear or I won’t be able to do anything about them.

Kiritsugu: Are you properly aware of the reason you were created?

Irisviel: Yes. I am the Grail vessel. I will function as the key that will activate the Great Grail in the coming 4th Holy Grail War.

Kiritsugu: Exactly. You’re just a container. Regardless of your purpose, you’re really no different from a beer mug. Why does the thing have limbs, talk so much, and even lecture its master? I don’t get it.

Irisviel: In that case, please allow me to explain. On top of protecting the Grail vessel, as the most effective method, I have also been given a psyche so I can act independently and evaluate situations. That’s what I am.

Kiritsugu: So you’re saying I don’t need to worry about protecting the Grail vessel because it can make its own decisions and keep itself safe?

Irisviel: That would be correct.

Kiritsugu: Let me ask you, then. Do you really have the ability to defend yourself in battle?

Irisviel: That’s how I was designed.

Kiritsugu: Looking at you, I find that hard to believe.

Irisviel: Are you judging me by my appearance?

Kiritsugu: Very well. All I need to do is put it to the test.

Kiritsugu strikes Irisviel

Kiritsugu: Hey. Are you playing the fool? How could you not even counter such a simple attack? Do you not even have basic self-defense skills?

Irisviel: I had no need to counter it. You are Emiya Kiritsugu, and therefore can’t possibly want to destroy the Grail vessel.

Kiritsugu: I’m not playing around. If you’re a defect that only knows how to talk and can’t defend itself, then it’s better for me if I destroy you right away and ask the family head to prepare another vessel.

Irisviel: Is returning the blow and fighting with the intent to harm what you define as self-defense?

Kiritsugu: That’s right. Got a problem with that?

Irisviel: That’s the worst decision I could make to ensure my survival. I should be avoiding dangerous situations as my greatest priority. In the event I make a strategic mistake that puts me in a situation where danger is unavoidable, escape, disguise, deceitful negotiations and so forth would be the next best options.

Kiritsugu: I’ll give it to you straight. Battle strength is what I need, not sophistry. I need agility that kills before being killed, accuracy, and destructive power.

Irisviel: That’s not a strategy for survival. If we compare you and me in terms of self-defense… Emiya Kiritsugu, you’re weaker than I am.

Kiritsugu: You’re unbelievable.

Track 2

Kiritsugu: What do you think you’re doing, forcing a homunculus like that onto me?

Jubstacheit: You aren’t satisfied with her? She is among the best of my creations in recent years.

Kiritsugu: As a doll, she is indeed very well-made. But I’ll have absolutely no use for her in the Grail War. You gave the Grail vessel a humanoid body and a sense of self capable of self-defense, apparently, but she’s completely useless. If she encounters a drunk on the streets, she’ll most likely get hurt. I’d have better uses for it if you gave it the body of a crow or a Doberman.

Jubstacheit: You live up to your name of Mage Killer, Emiya Kiritsugu. The savagery of the way you think is far beyond our ability to understand.

Kiritsugu: Isn’t that why you sent for me? The methodology you Einzberns employ couldn’t be any less suitable in battle.

Jubstacheit: Whether or not an instrument’s functions can be put to good use depends on its owner. Regarding that, it’s clear that debating with you would just be a waste of time. Anyway, on that point, it’ll be enough to simply prove her tenacity to you. Constructed to be harder to break than a typical Grail vessel, she’s even been designed to prevent herself from being broken. You’ll witness that function of hers directly. Let’s see, we’ll have the results in two or three days.

Kiritsugu: What are you talking about?

Jubstacheit: It’s just a little experiment. You can think of it as a test of her durability. I left her at the disposal yard for failed creations in the forest depths last night.

Kiritsugu: Wha-?!

Jubstacheit: I threw her, naked, right into the middle of hungry wolves and evil spirits in the frigid blizzard. It’s a trial where even the most robust of warriors either die of cold or are killed and eaten within the night. If she manages to return to this castle alive, then you’ll have to acknowledge her strength.

Kiritsugu: You can’t be serious. She may be a homunculus, but she’s a girl you created with your very own hands!

Jubstacheit: All I ask of that thing is that it doesn’t break and maintains itself until the Great Grail ritual. If it cannot even endure a trial as trivial as this, then, in line with your complaint, I'II acknowledge the defects in my design and prepare a new vessel.

Track 3

Irisviel: Where am… I?

Kiritsugu: There’s no need to worry. Get some more rest and don’t speak.

Irisviel: Why am I… in the castle?

Kiritsugu: I brought you back to put an end to that ridiculous test Acht sent you.

Irisviel: Ah… You can’t do that.

Irisviel: I still haven’t finished the trial. I still haven’t proved my durability to you.

Kiritsugu: Don’t be ridiculous. Does that body of yours not feel pain?

Irisviel: It does. In order to properly grasp the state of my body, pain is a neccesary sensation.

Kiritsugu: Then why? Is putting up a bold front even though your body’s been so brutally battered what you call strength?

Irisviel: Exactly. My mission is to survive. It is to live through any extreme situation. Any bodily damage that does not go beyond permitted levels is fine.

Kiritsugu: You’re wrong.

Irisviel: Why?

Kiritsugu: Strength isn’t measured by how much pain you can endure. If you don’t feel anger towards pain and have the will to retaliate against whatever caused you pain, you won’t ever win. Don’t you feel anger towards the family head? Towards Jubstacheit, the one who did this to you?

Irisviel: Anger? But why? Greatgrandpa didn’t do anything wrong.

Kiritsugu: He hurt you badly just to clear the humiliation I gave him. He values his pride as a designer more than your pain. Ah… I suppose I also hold responsibility for thinking light of you. That’s why you should be feeling anger towards Acht and me, because we’re both the reason why you were hurt.

Irisviel: Even in my current condition of damage, my body can still more than fulfill its function as the Grail vessel. Therefore, my greatgrandfather’s pride and clearing up your misunderstanding are far more important than my pain.

Kiritsugu: You’re wrong. You’re wrong! In order to become strong, you must learn what anger is.

Irisviel: Why?

Kiritsugu: Because it’s the very basis of the act of fighting. No matter how you are, you must resist anything that results in your being hurt.

Irisviel: I don’t understand what you’re saying.

Kiritsugu: You seem to be aware of your value and the meaning of your existence, at least in theory. But do you feel happiness and pride in your being born to this world and in the mission you have been given? I’m slighting that very aspect of you this time.

Irisviel: Ah…

Kiritsugu: If you really do think your mission is to protect yourself, wouldn’t you want to become stronger? Wouldn’t you want to broaden your fighting repertoire so you could win battles?

Irisviel: Yes. If it really is possible, it would be very profitable learning.

Kiritsugu: Then start by having more concern for yourself. Find happiness in your life and its stage, the world. Then you won’t allow any of these things to be damaged. That way, you should be able to acquire the emotion we call anger.

Irisviel: Happiness… Concern… It’s difficult for me to embrace emotions with no basis.

Kiritsugu: Damn it, must I really go to such lengths for you? Okay. I’ll teach you about them. All right, let’s start with your-

 Ah, I shouldn’t keep referring to you like that. Do you have a name? Not “vessel”, not “homunculus”, but a name of your very own?

Irisviel: I’m… Irisviel, Irisviel von Einzbern.

Track 4

Maiya: How has the homunculus been doing since?

Kiritsugu: She’s becoming a different person day by day. She must’ve been given a great thirst for knowledge. She greedily absorbs any information I give her, and her general knowledge is becoming abundant.

Kiritsugu: Already, she can hold casual conversations like any typical person. But is there a point in educating her so much? Sometimes, I wonder if it’s all a big mistake. Maiya, you mentioned… how you used to think of yourself as a machine, didn’t you?

Maiya: Yes. What about it?

Kiritsugu: I’m just puzzled as to how you manage to firmly keep your sanity in battle when you think of yourself like that.

Maiya: That’s a strange question coming from you, Kiritsugu. I thought it’d be second nature to you as to how one stays sane in the battlefield.

Kiritsugu: It appears I’ve gotten confused on many things since I began training Irisviel. It’s true that, since she doesn’t think of herself as anything more than a machine, she probably isn’t suited for the battlefield. I thought there’d be room for improvement if l could instill battle instincts in her by strengthening her sense of self, but I might’ve gotten the premise itself wrong.

Maiya: Being a tool, she was never made for battle to begin with. Even so, while the homunculus may have forgotten she is a tool, her aptitude for battle won’t immediately awaken.

Kiritsugu: A human and a machine… which of the two would be better in battle, I wonder?

Maiya: While machines are tougher than humans, they do have their limits. On the other hand, while humans are incredibly weak, they sometimes surpass their limits and become experts of slaughtering. In other words, exceptional entities we call Heroes appear from time to time. We can perhaps overlook these rare irregularities. For the remaining majority of fighters, it is of greatest priority that they overcome their weaknesses in order to survive. That is why people abandon their souls in battle and become machines. I am one of those many people.

Kiritsugu: Maybe I really am wasting my time.

Maiya: Kiritsugu. You’re like someone who was given a hammer when you needed a pair of scissors. Since it didn’t serve its purpose, you melted it back into a lump of iron. If you wish to use it again as a sharp blade, you’ll have to reforge it. Is that not so?

Track 5

Irisviel: Hey, Kiritsugu, what are you showing me today? A movie? Photos? Or some music?

Kiritsugu: You seem excited, Irisviel.

Irisviel: Yes! It’s true that the knowledge you’re giving me has nothing to do with the Holy Grail War, but it all amazes me so much. I had no idea the world was so plentiful and diverse. With just my basic education, I never would’ve even imagined that.

Kiritsugu: Do you want to know even more about the world?

Irisviel: Of course! But don’t worry. My mission of greatest importance is to complete the third true magic. My interests are ultimately of lower priority, and I haven’t lost sight of our wish.

Kiritsugu: If it’s what you want, you can walk away from fate.

Irisviel: Huh?

Kiritsugu: If you really admire humanity with all your heart. If you really do wish to spend your remaining years living a peaceful life… you just need to run. If you leave the castle in the dead of the night, nobody will come after you. The Grail vessel can simply be recreated. Acht won’t be very happy about having to do it again, but that’d be all. He holds no expectations for you other than that of a tool. That’s nothing compared to your sense of self.

Irisviel: Ah…

Kiritsugu: This was why I opposed Acht’s idea to give the Grail vessel a sense of self. A tool cannot fight on its own will, and an object with a will isn’t a tool. And objects that are no longer tools must start by asking themselves if they wish to fight on their own will. That’s why you should take everything you’ve learned so far into account and ask yourself once again. Is the mission you were given really worth the fighting and the spilling of blood?

Irisviel: Are you asking me to abandon everything that I have?

Kiritsugu: That’s right. By abandoning everything, you can redo it all from square one. If that‘s what you wish.

Irisviel: Ah… I see what you’re saying. Kiritsugu, I now understand why you’ve been educating me.

Kiritsugu: What?

Irisviel: The knowledge you’ve presented to me until now, the way the world is, how people live…they’re all things you’ve forsaken and walked away from, aren’t they?

Kiritsugu: Well-

Irisviel: Did you once prioritize your mission over your happy life and choose to fight battles worth the spilling of blood? … No… that’s not it. If you had already determined which is more valuable, you wouldn’t be letting me choose. If you really do strongly believe in your justice, you wouldn’t have prepared these two options for me. Did you have no choice?

Kiritsugu tries to say something but cannot

Irisviel: Emiya Kiritsugu, aren’t you the one who’s been living like a machine with just one function? It’s strange. You’re human, but live like a machine. I’m a doll, but you’re giving me a choice meant for humans.

Kiritsugu: You have defects as a tool to be brought to the battlefield. I’m adjusting you because you’ll burden me otherwise. That’s all there is to it. Don’t get any strange ideas.

Irisviel: I see. You think that I shouldn’t blindly follow my mission as a homunculus, but acquire an impulse of wanting to fight based on thought. Is that why you’re trying to elicit anger, happiness, and pride within me?

Kiritsugu: It’s only been a few months since you emerged from the cultivating tank, but you’ve become quite eloquent.

Irisviel: I hope you aren’t underestimating my ability to think and analyze, inherited from Justeaze’s designs. From the learning materials you’ve given me, I’ve already derived a different opinion from the one you have.

Kiritsugu: What?

Irisviel: You said that anger is the source of the will to fight, and that the basis for anger is one’s dignity. But according to my analysis, anger merely runs from another simpler and more comprehensive impulse. That impulse is… love.

lrisviel’s words catch Kiritsugu off guard

Irisviel: People don’t get angry at their enemies for no reason. I’ve identified many examples of people steadfastly spilling blood for their family, their compatriots, and their country. Even animals show hostility and fight seriously to protect their newborn offspring. Even the concept you call dignity is but love towards oneself. In order for me to acquire the emotion of anger, I must first learn about love.

Kiritsugu breathes heavily

Irisviel: Because I’ve grasped my own construction and function, I’m unable to feel newly-found concern and interest in myself. However, in becoming strong, there’s no need for me to restrict my love to just myself. The more I learn about people different from me, the more amazed I am, the more I discover… the happiness is incredible. For example… Emiya Kiritsugu. I find you very interesting. The complex internal thoughts you hide arouse my curiosity to no end.

Kiritsugu: Huh? What are you saying, Irisviel?

Irisviel: So that I can acquire the strength you ask of me, the will to fight, as soon as possible, I will start by judging whether it is appropriate for me to love you. What do you think?

Kiritsugu: That’s enough joking around!

Irisviel: No, I’m simply trying to fulfill what you ask of me. You’re the one who wants me to become strong. I definitely won’t allow anyone to take away what you’ve given me. I’ll be able to feel anger and show hostility towards anyone who seeks to hurt you. Is there a… problem with that?

Kiritsugu: No, uh… It wouldn’t be very convenient for me…

Irisviel: No, don’t worry. I won’t burden you at all. It‘ll just be what I’m thinking inside.

Kiritsugu: The love between man and woman isn’t that simple! Ah, damn it… I can’t believe I have to explain all this… Okay. I’ll teach you for now. You’ll soon realize just how wrong everything you were talking about was.

Irisviel: That sounds interesting. I’m really looking forward to it.

Track 6

Kiritsugu: This is nothing more than an act. Irisviel, I cannot love you, and you cannot love me.

Irisviel: But why?

Kiritsugu: To begin with, look at what our aim is. After we win the Holy Grail War and defeat all the other Servants, you will cease to exist. I will cause your death.

Just how big of a fool am I? I’m trying to teach someone I’ll be forced to kill the insistence and desire to live. If I had only so much as thought about it, I would’ve realized just how cruel it is.

Irisviel: Kiritsugu…

Kiritsugu: If there was a way to save you, then I could continue to love you. But if I do that, everything I’ve sacrificed up until now would be for naught. The many lives I’ve taken would become completely meaningless. Your death is the only way I can make up for all the sins I’ve committed. Do I have any right to receive your love?!

Irisviel: Why is it wrong to love something that will be destroyed? Kiritsugu, it doesn’t look like you’ve thought about your life after the Grail War. You intend to burn yourself out and perish in the coming battles, don’t you?

Kiritsugu breathes out heavily

Irisviel: Even so, I find myself holding feelings of love for you. We only have nine more years together in this world. Is there anything wrong with loving each other during that time?

Kiritsugu: We have no salvation, no hope. The two of us have no future.

Irisviel: Future?

Kiritsugu: You see, love is about wishing for the salvation and hopes of your partner and entrusting those prayers. I’m unable to save you, and there is no hope for you, so we can’t possibly love each other. Even now, by saying you love me, it means you’re still unable to love yourself. The fact that you feel no sadness for your eventual demise is proof enough.

Irisviel: Anger is needed for strength… Love is needed for anger… And a future is needed for love. Is that it?

Kiritsugu: Great, not only have we wasted much of our time, we’ve come straight to a dead end. I’m sorry. If I knew it’d all be in vain, you’d have it so much easier if you had just remained the emotionless tool that you were.

Irisviel: No. I have no regrets. Everything I’ve received from you is very precious to me. If we don’t have a future now, we just need to create a new one. A blank sheet, a new life, that isn’t yet bound by anything…

Kiritsugu: What?

Irisviel: I’m a woman. You’re a man. Together, we can create new life.  As a complete homunculus, I have a womb that functions no differently from that of a normal person. It should be entirely possible.

Kiritsugu: That’s just…

Irisviel: If I can carry your hopes inside my body, and if I can one day give birth to an individual that will give you hope… As the one who made it possible, I’ll be able to feel proud of and love myself. Without needing how others think, I’ll be able to fight for my life and the fate of the future it leads to, entrusting my prayers…

Kiritsugu: Iri, why would you go to such lengths?

Irisviel: That’s because I’m stronger than you are. I think I’ve said so before.

Kiritsugu: Heh…

Irisviel: Having won and survived many battles, you probably think you’re stronger than everyone else, but you’ve simply chosen to make your enemies die before you do. That’s not the same as wanting to live longer. The strength you’ve acquired is nothing more than the ability to hasten the deaths of others as you all rush towards your doom. You’ve simply arranging the order in which you and others die. That’s not true strength.

Kiritsugu sighs

Irisviel: To never give up… to be able to find a way out and execute it no matter the predicament… to carry out the will to live until the moment of your demise… That’s the strength of the perfect Einzbern homunculus. That’s the power of the souls of the truly strong, something you don’t yet have.

Kiritsugu: Ah, I see… It appears I’m no match for you. I have no further worries, I can truly believe now. Together, the two of us will yield to no enemy and surely reach the Grail.

Irisviel: Yes.

Kiritsugu: Please bear me a strong child. A child who’ll give me new hope once the war is over.

Irisviel: Yes, please come up with a wonderful name for the child… my love.

Season 2[]

[v] Fate/Zero Season 2 Boxset - Drama CD 1

Kiritsugu: Anything, Shirou? Can't get any sleep?

Shirou: Yeah... I saw that dream again...

Kiritsugu: I see....

Shirou: Hey gramps, the medicine you gave me this morning.... Can I take some now?

Kiritsugu: Hm? It's still rather too soon for that but.... Fine, I guess. But what's the occasion here? You always hated that medicine, didn't you?

Shirou: Of course I don't like it. It's bitter and it's mushy and all... But gramps, you made that medicine with magic didn't you?

Kiritsugu: Well, it's magecraft to be specific. But yeah, somewhere along that line.

Shirou: When I think of it that way, it sorts of calms me down. I get uneasy in this kind of night...

Kiritsugu: I see.... Can't really blame you for that...

Shirou gulps that drink

Shirou: Gramps.... How much longer should I take in this medicine?

 Kiritsugu: Well, once you are old enough to attend Middle school you won't be needing that anymore. Until then, bear with it, will you?

Shirou: Ehhh?

Kiritsugu: The healing spell I used on you 2 years ago... Seems to be a little too strong for you. The danger still lurks within you, Shirou. Until you grow up and let your body put on some more antibodies, you will have to rely on this medicine.

Shirou: Hey gramps.... Instead of this medicine.... Why don't you teach me the proper magics to protect myself? If I can take care of myself, gramps, you too can relieve some burdens off your shoulder right?

Kiritsugu: No, I can't allow that. It's more troublesome to teach you magecrafts than making that medicine.

Shirou: I also want to be able to do anything just like you, gramps!

Kiritsugu: I know that sense of admiration within you as a child.... Even I still remember that sensation... But you no longer needed that....

Shirou: Why!? I need that! 'Cause I still can see that dream... Even though 2 years have passed.... I still can't get over it... Since you have trained me I won't lose to anyone in fights and I'm not even afraid of my upperclassmen. But.... Once I see that dream.... Even when I wake up, everyone's still looks pale... I couldn't stop trembling.... I am really scared of seeing that dream again.... Even though you saved me yet it felt pointless! So that is why.... I need that confidence to prepare myself so everything will be fine if that happens again! If I become a magician like gramps, I.... won't just end up lying down but I could have done a lot more! Kiritsugu: Shirou.... To be a magus, the very first resolve that you have to make is to accept the concept of death itself... That is not something that will help or support you...

Shirou: Gramps, you did tell me that before... I don't quite understand, but...

Kiritsugu: Shirou.... Heh.... Well, let's try if you can get to sleep again... I know you can't calm down yet, but your body should be seeking some rest...

Shirou: But gramps....

Kiritsugu: You still have school to attend to tomorrow, right? If you are late again Taiga-chan will get upset, you know?

Shirou: Cheh.... That's true enough. Fine, I understand...

Shirou goes back to his bedroom

Kiritsugu: Sigh... Just when I thought time will make him forget about that tragedy... Instead, he's getting more and more conscious about that tragedy.... He's getting impatient... He did not want to simply grow stronger... He needed a weapon to get over his trauma it seems.... To think that he's haunted by image of death at such a young age.... Heh... The irony when I'm trying to stray him away from magecraft though... Sigh, I wonder why.... I cannot allow Shirou to learn any magecraft from me. It's not something Shirou wished for... It's not a power that can bring happiness to people... It is something that I knew to well about... But I do understand that Shirou wanted that assurance of grasping his own life with his own will.... That is definitely one of the most fundamental mind-set required to practice magecraft... Whilst accepting death... the will to live is yet another important reflection of one's mind... What.... should I do now....

The next day, Kiritsugu and Taiga are practicing Kendo

Taiga: Phew! Thank you!

Kiritsugu: Whoa, you got stronger, Taiga-chan. You can’t call that level that of a high-schooler anymore!

Taiga: Oh, not at all! There’s still a long way ahead of me! I still have a lot of flaws here and there and that is why I never stopped training up myself every day!

Kiritsugu: Oh, for real? You have already reached to a level so high that I see no point for you to keep me as a training partner. You won’t gain anything from sparring with people like me anymore, do you?

Taiga: Hmm…. Kiritsugu, you look as if you are always spacing out but from the way I see it, you seem to be hiding something that I don’t possess somehow. And hence, the reason why I asked you for a sparring session is because you never cease to amaze me with new discoveries within every single seconds of our spar! I’m learning something new every time!

Kiritsugu: Heh, I find it scary instead when you put it that way. A man who just got dropped out from life like me would only be a bad example, wouldn’t I?

Taiga: Oh nonono! No such thing at all…. Is what I’d like to say but…. I see…. So, Kiritsugu, you really are aware of your depravity in the eyes of the society huh?

Kiritsugu: Heh, you possess everything that I held dear for. So there’s nothing for you to learn from me to be honest.

Taiga: Muuuuuu! Something that Kiritsugu possessed!? Was it your memories of your youthful Exes during your younger days!? If that is so, I really don’t mind reliving your memories with them------

Kiritsugu: Hahahahaha I guess above all things, your youthfulness shines the most.

Taiga: Huh? You let it slide just like that? I intended for that to be a joke though~

 Kiristugu: What? That was a joke? Well, I’m aware that I reek like an old gramps. Heck, even Shirou treats me like a grandpa.

Taiga: Wha--- I may only be a girl here, but as one from the Fujimuras, we will hold responsible for every word that came out of our mouth! Ayyyyy don’t worry about it! This Fujimura Taiga is willing to give you some help in regards to the experience and the status quo or anything of a lively and active high-school girl here! So, come at me! I can even spell out the best trending hair-rinse in the Oricon Chart, you know!?

Kiritsugu: Hahahaha, you sure know how to take care of people, huh? So do you find yourself advising your juniors often?

Taiga: Hmm… now that I think about it…. You could say this is my act of virtue here! I was dubbed the Counsellor-of-all-trades in Homurahara actually…. Hmm… Do you think I should start charging the for the advices I give?

Kiritsugu: You shouldn’t label a price on an act of virtue, ok? Hm… But well…. Maybe I do have one dilemma that only a young person like you would understand….

Stands up

Kiritsugu: Taiga-chan. Wanna go for a tea when you are free? Of course, only when you are free enough to entertain this old-man-in-his-mid-age.

Taiga: Ohohohoho! Of course! Please allow me, OSU!!

They seem to be enjoying a good tea time now

Taiga: Waaaahhh…. This beautiful sunlight… This deep bitter fragrance… And that soothing water cane….. PWERFECTT!! This kind of instant is way too perfect!!

Kiritsugu: This water cane…. Is actually built by Shirou… I wonder just how did that boy get so good in the kitchen.

Taiga: Isn’t that fine? All those people that accuse him of having sissy hobby are simply not aware of the change in trend. Highschool girls these days actually harbour a secret urge for a butler kind of guy! Please don’t assume all girls love to cook! Sooner or later, the era of ‘King’ is coming soon and Shirou will definitely have no problem in looking for a wife!

Kiritsugu: Well, truth to be told, that actually helped me a lot though. The fact that he’s taking on the cooking in my stead…

Taiga: Yes! It’s always good to find one’s specialty! I think he’s too desperate sometimes but… But it doesn’t change the fact that it really did save us from troubles! But now that we think about it, how did he become so good in cooking? What exactly is the difference between me and Shirou? Patience? Our strive for perfection? Or the fact that he properly tastes his own food? What’s the ABC of cooking anyway?

Kiritsugu: By the way, Taiga-chan. Not really to continue our topic… But can you think of this as a game and try answering a few of my questions? Just like how you give advises to your juniors and friends.

Taiga: Oh, you are being shy again this time~ Or maybe you are trying to test my debating skills here? Ayyyyy, fine! Come at me!

Kiritsugu: Hmm… Ok then. Let’s say… There’s a boy who wanted you to teach him the way of Kendo. Not that he likes Kendo nor that he likes extra-curricular activities but rather, he simply wanted to get stronger. His only motivations was strength.

Taiga: Hmmm… That is not a rare case to be honest. There are quite a lot of freshman that tried to enter our club with that kind of motive.

Kiritsugu: And there’s the twist…. There’s a real katana reachable within his hands at his home. The administration are so loose that he can take it out just about any time. If you carelessly teach him Kendo, he might just use that katana and hurt somebody one day. So what do you think?

Taiga: Hmmmmm….. So this kind of questions are only based on situation where options like ‘locking up the katana in a locker’ or ‘throwing away the katana’ are not allowed right? It’s just an instance to see how I would respond as an advisor or a Kendo club member right?

Kiritsugu: Yup. Exactly. You absorbed real quick, eh?

Taiga: Ohohohoho it’s quite hard to do it if you already compliment me before I have even started. Ahem, let’s see… An insolent pupil who harbours an ulterior motive in pursuing the path of swordsman but with a really sincere and pure wish to get stronger… Can’t say I don’t know how he feels. Hmm… Even if I reject him he might just pursue Online Lessons or even resort to even worse methods… Hmmm. Welp, I guess I’ll just teach him Kendo first!

Kiritsugu: Hmm?

Taiga: BUT!! Only the swings! And I will never allow him to learn any footworks or do any sparring at all! Nothing but only swinging! I will make him swing 10 sets of 100s even during rainy days, windy days, EVERYDAY BEFORE AND AFTER HE SLEEPS!

Kiritsugu: Is that…..even Kendo?

Taiga: Nope. I will just teach him some nonsensical essence of Kendo. PAM PAM! I will only make him focus on swinging shoulders and tell him to imagine swinging towards a grandma’s shoulder, massaging her and I will teach him the worst way to handle a Shinai where it’d fall off every time even when he swings seriously.

Kiritsugu: Ahah…. I see what you did there.

Taiga: If we make him practice so much of nonsense, no joy but only misery, plus 0 signs of getting stronger. So long he’s not a massive idiot, he’d definitely give up. And I bet he’d say something like ‘Kendo is useless’. Then that’d make him understand that swords will never bring him any good and case closed. But then… if he started thinking like ‘If sword can’t do it, then I’ll go for guns’ and went astray, then that’d be outside the concern of a Kendo practitioner and then I’ll have to look at the case from the perspective of Fuyuki’s justice but that’d beat the purpose of this question, wouldn’t it?

Kiritsugu: Hmm true that. To be honest, that was a really unexpected answer… Which means that you’d ‘deceive’ him, huh?

Taiga: Plus, it is fraudulent of that kid to pursue the path of sword for the sole purpose of getting stronger. It is a deception to let him realize of his own mistake, a very sincere lie.

 Kiritsugu: Taiga-chan…. If…. Just an example--- What if, that boy just now actually believed in every single words you said, and yet you don’t want to betray his trust. In that case, would you still use the same method?

Taiga: Though it pains my heart, in order to stir him off his misconceptions, we’d have to let him walk through the wrong path, and let him foresee the answer of the path he has taken. I think that is the shortest way for him to clear his misconceptions. Plus, you don’t really find any pupils that’d just listen to your lectures or naggings by heart.

Kiritsugu: So that’d mean all the time and passion he had invested to that nonsensical Kendo will be nothing but a waste of time… huh?

Taiga: Yes, it’s fine that way. Just think of that as a tuition fee---- Oooooh, I mean, wasting your time is what they meant by youth after all.

Kiritsugu: Heh, I see. But… What if… That boy still didn’t know of the mistake until the end… What would you do?

Taiga: If that is so, then that’d be yet again, a very amazing thing to witness. I think I might praise him instead.

Kiritsugu: Why would you say so?

Taiga: Because that’d mean that the boy had invested all his time and passion on some nonsense and saw through it till the end, right? That it’d mean what he has been practicing is no longer a nonsense but rather, he has mastered a whole new path different from that of a Kendo. That boy will become a charismatic figure that developed a swinging technique that tests one’s undying will.

Kiritsugu: impressed

Taiga: If he has become such a figure then it’d be rather strange for him to even think of hurting someone else. I’m pretty sure he won’t harbour any ill feelings towards his Master that thought him such a ‘nonsense’. Everything will be fine in the end!

Kiritsugu: Hmph… Taiga-chan, you sure are amazing. You really are something.

Taiga: Heheheheheh, Awwwww stop it you! I’m the type that’d fly sky high if you compliment me too much! If I get anymore carried away longer at this rate, I might just get a teaching license, ya know!? What’d you do if that happens!?

It’s dinner time

Taiga: Nggghhh, this is so good~~~

Shirou: Fuji-nee, you sure eat a lot…. You’re not worried if you get fat at all?

Taiga: Pffftttt, my training is not that soft to till I gotta worry about my body fats! If you really want to make me fatter you gotta give me 3 more servings of these! And plus, don’t call me fat. Someone might die here. So please call me in a cuter tone like, Miss Piggy~ or something.

Shirou: I knew that’s gonna happen that’s why I made more today. If it’s just me and gramps, we might even leave enough leftovers for tomorrow’s breakfast.

Taiga: Oh, Shirou. Once you got to the growing phase you won’t be saying that again. This impulsive immense appetite of mine…. Welp, it’s just a prelude to my 2nd phase of dynamic nice body in the near future after all.

Shirou: Hmph, fine. I will try to come up with a menu with less fat so you won’t be able to intake as much fat. So eat up all you want at that time.

Kiristugu: Shirou… Does that mean we are going to have more… Japanese meals in the future?

Shirou: Yep. Plus gramps, you get full really soon these days. So isn’t meal with lesser servings but higher nutritional level better for you?

Kiritsugu: But uh… Don’t you think it’s fine to have like…. Hamburgers once in a while?

Shirou: Sigh…. Gramps. Listen here. You have already grown so old yet can’t you do something about that childish tongue of yours? What did you eat to make you grow up like that all these time!

Kiritsugu: Um… Uh… heheh

Taiga: Now, now, Kiritsugu-san, I will stand by your side when it comes to junk food so no worries~ Seems like the upcoming Bon Festival Dance will have lots of people aking the Doner Kebab ya know~

Shirou: Hey Ms.Piggy over there, please stop spoiling my gramps over here.

Taiga: Muuhhh, Shirou~ Onee-chan thinks there’s something wrong with the hierarchy on this dining table~

Clock rang

Taiga: Phew, that was a good meal. I’m satisfied~~

Kiritsugu: I think the bath’s ready by now. Taiga-chan, wanna go into the bath again today?

Taiga: Ohh~ Then I will go help myself then~ Phew~ What a dream house you have here, Kiritsugu-san~ Bath Bath Bath~~

Kiritsugu: Shirou, once Taiga returns home, can you come to the Dojo for awhile? I need to talk to you.

Shirou: Eh? O-ok.

The sound of the starry night

Shirou: Hey gramps, are you really going to teach me some mageraft!?

Kiritsugu: Yep. Shirou… I will only teach you within my capabilities. But the content might not be what you wished for. I’m pretty sure you will be disappointed. If you got tired of it, don’t hesitate to stop, ok? I know I have been saying these a lot of times, but this exercise, is truly unnecessary.

Shirou: It’s fine! I just wanted to be able to do what gramps, you can do, too!

Kiritsugu: Listen, Shirou. To learn magecraft, is to depart from common sense. We die when the time comes. We kill when we have to. That is our true nature. We do not live by the living, we live by death. Magecraft is something that destroys oneself from the inside. There’s no other way around. What I’m going to teach you, is something that would stir more conflicts than not. And so… never use it in front of others and it’s also quite difficult so you should take the practice seriously.

Shirou: nods

Kiritsugu: Welp, even though I just said that, those are not the important part of it. If situation calls for it, you can just break those rules when necessary.

Shirou: W-what do you mean by that?

Kiritsugu: The most important part of a magecraft is…. You musn’t use it for your own sake. You can only use it for other’s sake. With that, Shirou…. You may be able to use magecraft but you will never become a magus.

Shirou: I see…. It sounds complicated but I more or less understand now. I never wanted to be a Magus, I just wanted to learn magecraft from you, gramps. So I’m fine! I’ll listen to what you have said.

Kiritsugu: Good. Welp… Let us start from the basic of the basic. The creation of your Magic Circuit. We will first make a line to allow mana to flow through your body. This is different from your nervous system that you are born with but rather, it is something that you don’t have in the first place. This is where you project and image of your entire body, from your organs, to your fingers, to every single nails, even to every strand of your hair, and manipulate them. You must learn to retain that level of focus concentration first.

Shirou: The first step sounded…. Rather hard.

 Kiritsugu: Well, of course. That is because you gotta rework your body into the equipment to use magecrafts. Imagine you surpassing yourself, and break through your limits. Shirou, this is a battle for you to surpass yourself.

Shirou: Un. If it’s that so, I will never lose. I will try my best.

Kiritsugu: The self-assurance required to draw an image. You better think of a word that’d become a trigger to raise your concentration level to the maximum. Just like how you push a button or turn on a switch, you need that one word that can flip your consciousness around. You need that one strong word.

Shirou: Is that something like…. A magic spell?

Kiritsugu: Well, not too far off. A spell not meant for anyone else. A spell that only has a meaning for you yourself. A word that would motivate you deep in your heart. Some phrase that’d strike a deep impression for you.

Shirou: Hmm… I see… Hmm…. It still didn’t come to me somehow.

Kiritsugu: You don’t need to scratch your head over it. You just need a very persuasive word for yourself and only you yourself. Project and image of your own body, and declare your virtual consciousness. Your double, as if you are going to trace it, and look around it.

Shirou: ‘Trace’?

Kiritsugu: It means to copy something, I guess..?

Shirou: Just like how you push a button…. Just like how you press a switch… To trace yourself…

Kiritsugu: Yep…. You don’t need to rush your decisions now. Think about it carefully.

Shirou: Understood….. ‘Trace’…… Trace, huh?

Epitanime 2013 interview with Gen Urobuchi[]

[v] Interview de Gen UROBUCHI à l’Épitanime 2013

Type-Moon France: We have some questions about Fate/Zero now. You just told us that a murderer could not be saved. However, at the end of this story, one could say that Kiritsugu has been saved because Shirō takes up his ideal. In that way, you are saving a murderer. Is he what you’d consider a murderer?
Urobuchi: In spite of that, I think the character of Phantom is saved. At the very last moment, his wish is granted. Indirectly, you can consider that he’s therefore saved in the same way as Kiritsugu: his soul is saved.

TMF : On a maintenant des questions sur Fate/Zero. Vous venez nous dire qu’un assassin ne pouvait pas être sauvé. Pourtant, à la fin de cette histoire, on peut dire que Kiritsugu est sauvé parce que Shirō reprend son idéal. Du coup, vous sauvez un assassin. Est-­ce que vous le considérez comme un assassin ?
U : Je pense quand même que le personnage de Phantom est sauvé. Au tout dernier moment, son souhait est exaucé. Indirectement, on peut donc considérer qu’il est sauvé comme Kiritsugu : son âme est sauvée.

[v] Interview de Gen UROBUCHI à l’Épitanime 2013

TMF: In Fate/Zero, Natalia is a half-succubus. But, in that universe, any mage can recuperate their magical energy thanks to sperm. So, what’s the difference between that and the power of Natalia in this exact case? Is it that she gets more out of it?
U: The original idea was that she would absorb someone’s power when she overcame them. That’s the main difference between her and anyone else. On their part, they receive the energy through sperm, while it’s through her own power that she can come to the same place. That would be one of the reasons why Kiritsugu wasn’t able to use her like one of his tools.

TMF : Dans Fate/Zero, Natalia est à moitié une succube. Mais, dans cet univers, n’importe quel mage peut récupérer du mana grâce au sperme. Du coup, quelle est la différence avec le pouvoir de Natalia dans ce cas précis ? Qu’est-­ce que ça lui apporte en plus ?
U : L’idée originelle était qu’elle absorbait le pouvoir d’une personne qu’elle arrivait à battre.
C’est la principale différence avec les autres personnages. Eux, ils reçoivent par le sperme cette puissance, tandis qu’elle c’est par sa propre force qu’elle peut avoir cette évolution. Ça pourrait être une des raisons pour lesquelles Kiritsugu n’a pas pu l’utiliser comme un de ses objets.

[v] Interview de Gen UROBUCHI à l’Épitanime 2013

TMF: A very quick question: where did Natalia buy her cigarettes?
U: It’s difficult to tell you: in reality, it was a joke on the part of UFOTABLE, who were very amused by putting in this packet of cigarettes from Kara no Kyōkai. [Laughs]

TMF : Une questions très rapide : où est­-ce que Natalia a-­t-­elle acheté ses cigarettes ?
U : C’est difficile de répondre : c’est en vérité une blague de la part d’UFOTABLE, qui aime bien intégrer ce paquet de cigarette de Kara no Kyōkai. [rires]

[v] Interview de Gen UROBUCHI à l’Épitanime 2013

TMF: So, I suppose that the presence of Cornelius on the island of Alimago during the flashback was also one of their jokes?
U: Yes, without a doubt. When we got the script back, it was just indicated that a mage would appear, without any other details for us. I had that surprise sprung on me when I received the storyboards. [laughs]

TMF : Du coup, je suppose que la présence de Cornelius sur l’île d’Alimago durant le flashback est une aussi une de leur blague ?
U : Oui, sans aucun doute. Dans le retour de script qu’on a eu, il y avait juste marqué qu’un mage allait apparaître, sans autres détails pour nous. J’ai eu la révélation lorsque j’ai reçu les épreuves.[rires]

[v] Interview de Gen UROBUCHI à l’Épitanime 2013

TMF: Is Waver, who swore fealty to Alexander, going to rejoin Ionian Hetairoi after his death? Or is it only people who followed Alexander while he was still living who can rejoin him?
U: It’s an important question to ask, given it makes Waver immortal. And as it wasn’t directly addressed in the story, I can’t say here. [laughs]

TMF : Est-­ce que Waver, qui a juré fidélité à Alexandre, va rejoindre Ionioi Hetaroi après sa mort ? Ou est-­ce que ce sont seulement les personnes qui ont suivi Alexandre lorsqu’il était encore vivant qui peuvent le rejoindre ?
U : C’est une question importante à poser, par rapport à l’immortalité de Waver. Et comme ça n’a pas été directement dit dans l’histoire, je ne peux pas en parler. [rires]

[v] Interview de Gen UROBUCHI à l’Épitanime 2013

TMF: Becoming a vampire normally requires a hundred years, and only one individual in ten thousand can do it. But Shirley came to that point in a few minutes. Does she have a particular latent power which she couldn’t awaken because she died too early?
U: It comes from the potion which Kiritsugu’s father gave her, which has that special property. But because she went mad, it’s a failure.

TMF : Devenir un vampire nécessite normalement une centaine d’années et seul un individu sur 10 000 peut le faire. Mais Shirley y est arrivé en quelques minutes. Est­-ce qu’elle avait un pouvoir spécial latent qu’elle n’a pas pu éveiller parce qu’elle est morte avant ?
U : Ça vient de la potion que lui a donné le père Kiritsugu, qui a cette propriété spécifique. Mais comme elle est devenue folle, c’est un échec.

[v] Interview de Gen UROBUCHI à l’Épitanime 2013

TMF: Did Tokiomi know what Sakura would go through after she had been adopted by the MATŌ?
U: What’s important for Tokiomi is not the position of parent, but the magical progression in his family. So he’s aware of having literally thrown away his daughter. You can imagine that Tokiomi says to himself that, through his dear daughter, he will come into have greater magical powers.
[Outside the interview]
Tokiomi knew what Sakura would undergo but, for him, this would allow her to become a true mage. As long as it led to augmenting the magical potential of his family, he wouldn’t have any problem with the treatment of Sakura among the MATŌ. However, if he had known Sakura’s fate, of being only a womb for Zōken, he would have refused. He also imagined that if things went too far, Sakura would be able to stop Zōken herself. Unconsciously, even if he would never have said it, the fight between Sakura and Rin at the end of Heaven’s Feel was for him the best thing which could have happened for the TŌSAKA.
Aoi, on the other hand, knew nothing.
[/Outside the interview]

TMF : Est-­ce que Tokiomi savait ce que subissait Sakura après qu’elle a été adopté par les MATŌ ?
U : Ce qui est important pour Tokiomi n’est pas la filiation mais la progression magique dans sa famille. Donc il est conscient d’avoir jeté littéralement sa fille. On peut imaginer que Tokiomi se dit que, à travers sa fille chérie, il arrivera à avoir des pouvoirs thaumaturgiques supérieurs.

[Hors interview]
Tokiomi savait ce qu’allait subir Sakura mais pour lui, cela allait lui permettre de devenir une vraie mage. Tant que cela permet d’augmenter le potentiel thaumaturgique de sa famille, il n’avait aucun problème avec les traitements de Sakura chez les MATŌ. Cependant, s’il avait su le sort de Sakura, n’être qu’une matrice pour Zōken, il aurait refusé. Il s’imaginait aussi que si les choses allaient trop loin, Sakura pourrait d’elle-même stopper Zōken. Inconsciemment, même s’il ne l’aurait jamais dit, le combat entre Sakura et Rin à la fin d’Heaven’s Feel était pour lui la meilleure chose qui puisse arriver aux TŌSAKA.
Aoi par contre ne savait rien.
[/Hors interview]

[v] Interview de Gen UROBUCHI à l’Épitanime 2013

TMF: Does Gil have a Gate of Babylon in his Gate of Babylon? Is there an infinite recursion of memes?
U: No, but other powers could perhaps be brought out of it because, at its root, it was a weapon which was restrained. But it would be best to pose that question directly to Nasu.
TMF: But he’s not here …

TMF : Est­-ce que Gil a un Gate of Babylon dans son Gate of Babylon ? Est-­ce que ça fait une récurrence infini ?
U : Non, mais d’autres puissances peuvent peut-­être s’en dégager, parce qu’à la base, c’était une arme qui était freiné. Mais le mieux, ça serait de poser la question directement à Nasu.
TMF : Mais il n’est pas là…

[v] Interview de Gen UROBUCHI à l’Épitanime 2013

TMF: Where did you get the idea to make Gilles de Rais appear as a Servant?
U: At the start of Fate/stay night, there was a person in armour, feminine, blonde; so everyone, even me, said to themselves that it was Jeanne dfArc. But that wasnft the case. So, to tease the reader, I told myself that I would also have a blonde character in armour, and one would think that it was Jeanne dfArc. Thatfs how Gilles de Rais came to be. I am sure that the readers make the same mistake I did.

TMF : D’où vous est venue l’idée de faire apparaitre Gilles de Rais en tant que Servant ?
U : Au début de Fate/stay night, il y avait un personnage en armure, féminin, blond, donc tout le monde, dont moi, s’est dit que c’était Jeanne d’Arc. Mais ce n’était pas le cas. Du coup, pour taquiner le lecteur, je me suis dit que j’allais aussi mettre un personnage blond avec une armure, et on penserait que c’est Jeanne d’Arc. C’est comme ça que Gilles de Rais est arrivé. Je suis sûr que les lecteurs feront la même bourde moi.

[v] Interview de Gen UROBUCHI à l’Épitanime 2013

TMF: A final question on Fate/Zero before we move on to something else. How would Tokiomi react when he learned of Rin’s relationship in Unlimited Blade Works, and Sakura’s in Heaven’s Feel? [laughs]
U: It’s not impossible that he’d turn green with rage, because it slows down their quest for magical power.

TMF : Une dernière question Fate/Zero avant de passer à autre chose. Comment Tokiomi aurait-­il réagi en apprenant sa relation avec Rin dans Unlimited Blade Works et Sakura dans Heaven’s Feel ? [rires]
U : Il n’est pas impossible qu’il aurait été vert de rage car cela pénaliserait sa quête de puissance magique.

[v] Interview de Gen UROBUCHI à l’Épitanime 2013

[Outside the interview]
How did Kiritsugu see Taiga?
U: Kiritsugu didn’t see her as more than a little sister. On the other hand, Taiga was completely besotted with Kiritsugu.
[/Outside the interview]

[Hors interview] Comment Kiritsugu voyait-il Taiga ?
U : Kiritsugu ne la voyait que comme une petite sœur. Par contre, Taiga était complètement amoureuse de Kiritsugu
[/Hors Interview]

[v] Interview de Gen UROBUCHI à l’Épitanime 2013

Type-Moon France: If Gilgamesh was serious when he fought Saber, who would have won?
Urobuchi: The problem is that a serious Gilgamesh doesn't exist. But if it ever happened and he was fighting Saber, no-one would have won. Nasu said that.
Kawa-Soft: Ah!
Everyone: [laughs]
TMF: We can't say anything.
KS: We give up.

TMF : Bon, ben la dernière question de l’interview. Si Gilgamesh était sérieux quand il combattait Saber, qui gagnerait ?
U : Le problème est qu’un Gilgamesh sérieux, ça n’existe pas. Mais, si jamais ça arrivait et qu’il combattait Saber, aucun ne gagnerait. C’est Nasu qui l’a dit.
KS : Ah !
Tous : [rires]
TMF : On peut rien dire.
KS : On s’incline.