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This contains miscellaneous entries not large enough for a page.

Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA[edit | edit source]

Archer[edit | edit source]

[v] Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 3rei Volume 2, p.123 - Archer

Include (Limit Expansion)
A black coated bow. Not a Noble Phantasm. Has no meaning by itself.

Install (Phantasm Summon)
Heroic Spirit of Phantasms, XXX's power is acquired. After putting in sufficient magical energy arrows that are fired surpass the speed of sound.
Not only a bowman he can also use a sword and easily handle close combat.
He does not possess a specific Noble Phantasm, but by using Projection magecraft he can materialize Noble Phantasms. Originally, Excalibur and other things that surpass human limits, divine constructs cannot be projected. For argument's sake even if it were possible, that person is not the user and therefore cannot release the true name. However, the previous Ilya did just that, weakened as it was, its output still exceeded that of the original.
Kuro isn't currently able to use such an advanced exploit so the ability of her projected Excalibur is like a paper mache version.

[Noble Phantasms]
Kanshou and Bakuya: Gan Jiang ・ Mo Ye: C-
In ancient China a chinese swordsmith Gan Jiang and his wife Mo Ye created a pair of married swords. The black one is Yang sword Gan Jiang and the white one is Yin sword Mo Ye.
The technique which involves projecting several of these, throwing and then slashing so the attacks coincide is called "Crane Wing Three Realm."

Calabolg II: Fake Fake Spiral Sword: Unknown Rank
Deteriorated version of the altered original Calabolg. Although it is stronger when the true name is released and fired. In that case it also twists space piercing everything.

Rho Aias: Seven Rings that Cover the Fiery Heavens: Unknown Rank
A shield said to possess the concept of absolute defense against throwing weapons. In it's greatest form it is said to be seven flower petals made from light. Each flower petal has the same defensive power as a rampart.
The present Kuro can only actualize 4 petals.

A magecraft which materializes the image of the original with magical energy. All the components come from the user's image, so coming close the original is impossible and it normally only amounts to a paper mache with the same appearance. Aso projected items are nothing but phantasms so the world's corrections only allows them to last for a short time before disappearing.
However, this Heroic Spirit performs projection that overturns this fundamental rule, repeatedly materializing Noble Phantasms.
In addition, not matter how long you leave them alone they won't disappear, what's up with that? Even if he specializes in swords, shields and armor can be projected for a moment. However everything is one rank below the original.

Broken Phantasm
The Noble Phantasm is changed into an arrow and fired in an explosion attack. It is a disposable bomb that merely uses the magical energy contained within the Noble Phantasm to explode. It is the worst possible insult for a Noble Phantasm to be used this way. As long as there is magical energy Noble Phantasms can be projected. This is a foul play unique to this Heroic Spirit.



固有の宝具を持たないが、投影魔術により武具・宝具を物質化することができる。本来はエクスカリバーなどの 人域を超えた神造兵器は投影不可能であり、仮にできたとしても、その使い手ではないため真名解放も不可能で ある。しかし、かつてのイリヤはそのどちらをもやってのけ、弱体しているとは言え、オリジナルを上まわる出 力までも引き出した。
現状のクロでは、そのようなバグ域までは至れず、エクスカリバーを投影してもハリポテの性能ら しい。

干将・莫邪(かんしょう ばくや): C-
古代中国、呉の刀匠であるった干将と妻の莫邪により作成された二振りの夫婦剣。黒い方が陽剣・干将、白い方 が陰剣・莫邪。

偽・偽・螺旋剣(カラドボルグII): ランク不明
オリジナルのカラドボルグのアレンジ品の、さらに劣化品。とは言え威力は強力で真名解放して放たれた場合は 空間をもねじ切り、あらゆる物を貫通する。

熾天覆う七つの円環(ロー・アイアス): ランク不明
投擲武器に対する絶対防御という概念をもつ盾。最大展開形は、光でできた7枚の花弁という姿。花弁1枚が城 壁と同等の防御力をもつ。

オリジナルの鏡像を魔力で物質化する魔術。構成要素のすべてを術者のイメージから再現するため、通常はオリ ジナルには速く及ばない、外見だけのハリポテとなる。そして投影した物は幻想でしかないため、世界による修 正を受け短時間で消失する。
だが、この英霊が行う投影はそういった源則を覆し、宝具だろうが何だろうがボンボン物質化。その上、いくら 放っておいても消えないというテタラメさである、剣に特化しているが、いちおう盾や鎧も投影可能。ただし、 オリジナルよりランクが1つ下がる。

宝具を矢変換して弓で放ち、爆発させる攻撃。宝具に内包される魔力を炸裂させ単なる使い捨ての爆弾として使 用するという、ある意味宝具に対する最悪な侮辱的使用方法である。魔力がある限り宝具を投影できる、この英 霊ならではの反則技。

Archer (2nd)[edit | edit source]

[v] Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 3rei Volume 1, p.127 - Archer (2nd)

Include (Limit Expansion)

Install (Phantasm Summon)
The ability of humanity's most ancient hero Gilgamesh is obtained. Once, the king who obtained every single treasure in the world's warehouse stored every Noble Phantasm's original. Proper Heroic Spirits have no chance against Gilgamesh. It is appropriate to call him the apex of Heroic Spirits however...

[Noble Phantasms]
Gate of Babylon: King's Treasure : E~A++
Connects to the golden capital Babylon and pulls out all the Noble Phantasms stored in its treasury. True form is a key-sword.
Currently, the treasury is in the middle of a turf war, split into that of the Gil-card using Angelica and Ko-Gil. Nonetheless currently, the Noble Phantasms Ko-Gil takes out are fundementally low rank ones. That number cannot be compared to the total.

Enuma Elish: Star of Creation that Separated Sky and Earth: EX
Not exactly the Noble Phantasm name but refers to the sword of separation Ea’s full release form. It is considered the planet creating weapon that in the distant past separated the sky and earth. Through compression via alternating inversion a windstorm beyond human understanding faults, dislocating space and time pulverizing the target along with the world.

Enkidu: Chain of Heaven: Rank Unknown
Extremely rare Anti-God weapon that increases in toughness with the target’s Divinity. The details are unclear on how Gilgamesh came to naming this after his ex-friend however he trusts this Noble Phantasm more than Ea.
In the manga it became an inexhaustible, freely stretching, flying, surprisingly convenient tool.

Arrow Protection Amulet: D-
An amulet that Ko-Gil wore. The designed is modelled after solar eclipses. The wearer’s evasion rate is greatly increased and D rank and below projectiles are nullified. The more attacks it nullifies the more gold splinters. Before long the amulet is no more.
Also if thrown at the enemy it emits the light and heat of a small sun. The magnitude of this power is proportional the amount of the amulet that is left.

Cloth of Invisibility: E
The prototype of all Noble Phantasms that “hide the figure.” Things covered or enclosed by this cloth cannot be observed through magecraft and optical means. Against those who solely rely on magecraft to search for enemies, it is incredibly effective. However, sound, smell, body temperature and tracks, etc, are oversights so it is situational.
The cloth has a very complex weave. The the weave is estimated to have reached five dimensions. The complete reproduction of this cloth is impossible for humans.


人類最古の英雄・ギルガメッシュの能力を得る。かつて、この世の財のすべてを手に入れた王の宝物庫には、あ らゆる宝具の原典が收められている。まっとうな英霊ではギルガメッシュに対して勝ち目はない。英霊の頂点と 呼ぶに相応しい英霊だが...。

王の財宝(ゲート・オブ・バビロン): E~A++
現在、宝物庫はさながら国取り合戦のように、ギルカードを使うアンジェリカと子ギルによって二分されている 。とは言え現状、子ギルが取り出せる宝具は基本的に低ランクのもので、その数も総数とは比べるべくも無いよ うだ。

正確には宝具名ではなく、乖離剣エアの全開状態を指す。遥かな太古、世界を切り裂き天と地とを分けたとされ る星造兵装。圧縮され交互に反転する人知を超えた暴風の断層は、時空断層を伴い世界ごと対象を 粉砕する。

天の鎖(エルキドゥ): ランク不明
極めてレアな対神兵装で、捕縛対象の神性が高いほど硬度を増す。どういう経緯でギルガメッシユのかつての友 の名を冠するに至ったかは不明だが、彼はこの宝具をエアよりも信頼している。
漫画中ではその演出上、無尽蔵に伸びて縦横無尽に飛びまわるビックリ便利道具となっております 。

子ギルが身につけていたお守り。日食を象った金細工で、装備者の回避率を大きく向上させ、Dランク以下の飛 び道具を無効化する。攻撃を無効化すること金細工の日の欠けは大きくなっていき、やがて欠けが日の大きさに 達し消失する。
また、敵に投げつければ小さな太陽のことく閃光と熱を発する。その威力は、日の欠けの大きさに 比例する。

古今東西で見られる「姿を隠す」宝具の原典。この布をかぶせるか、括ったものは魔術的・光学的に観測不能と なる。索敵等を完全に魔術に頼っている者に対して、時に絶大な効果を発揮する。ただし音や匂い、体温や気配 等はだだ漏れなので、状況によっては用を成さないことも。
極めて複雑な織りをした布で、織りの方向は少なくとも五次元に達していると推測される。この布の完全な再現 は人間には不可能。

Assassin[edit | edit source]

[v] Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 3rei Volume 1, p.041 - Assassin

Zabaniya: Delusional Illusion: E
The item used to include (in Ilya's case her stick) takes the spitting image of the user; it becomes a decoy. At the same time, for a few seconds the user will also be concealed. After the decoy is destroyed the user will be revealed.

Ability of assassin hero XXXX is obtained. Details unknown.
A person well-versed retorted with "hey, isn't this the 4th one?" at the numerous excuses I had the pleasure of making up, yup, that's why. I want to see the Ilya who pulls out opponent's hearts with her right hand as well.

[Noble Phantasm]
Zabaniya: Delusional Illusion: C+
A Noble Phantasm ability that splits one's personality and soul into discrete individuals. At the end of the day since one is only being split the total power does not change, therefore the ability of a single partition is degraded.
Originally 80 partitions can be made however, since it seems to have greatly deteriorated the maximum number is limited.

妄想幻像(ザバーニーヤ): E
限定展開に使用した武具(イリヤの場合はステッキ)が使用者そっくりの姿になり、囮となる。同時に使用者は 数秒の間、隠密状態となる。囮が破壊されると隠密状態も解除される。

詳しい人からは「あれ、これだけ四次じゃね?」とつっこまれることも多いので言い訳させていただくと、アレ だ。右手で敵の心臓WASHI掴みにして引きずり出すイリヤとか見たいですかっつー。

妄想幻像(ザバーニーヤ): C+
自身の人格と魂を割して個別に活動させる宝具能力。あくまで分割なので力の総量は変わらず、従って分割すれ ばするほど一個体の能力は落ちていく。
本来なら80体まで分割可能な能力だが、だいぶ劣化しているようで、せいぜい数体が限度のよう だ。

Berserker[edit | edit source]

[v] Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 3rei Volume 1, p.097 - Berserker

Nine Lives: Shooting the Hundred Heads: Rank Unknown
A gigantic axe sword created from broken rock. Originally was a bow and arrow set that destroyed the nine headed giant serpent and then developed as a martial art adapted so it can be used with any weapon and sublimated into a style. This style is said to be the Noble Phantasm; however, the martial art was lost so only the sword is deployed.
The bow and arrow set Black Gil used was this Noble Phantasm's prototype. It was a nine laser automatically guided Phantasmal Species killing fake-ish ability

Mythical great hero XXXX's ability is obtained. A truly excellent Heroic Spirit in every aspect but this class's specialty "Mad Enhancement," robs the user of his reason, only leaving a monster who destroys the enemy in front of one's eyes and without reflecting on one's body just goes into battle, wouldn't you say?

[Noble Phantasm]
God Hand: Twelve Labors: C
Immortality obtained from the blessing of gods. It should be called a kind of curse rather than a Noble Phantasm. One's body is converted to a strong armor and C rank and below attacks are completely nullified.
Also upon death, revive is automatically cast. Original stock was 11 however, because installation has deteriorated the ability in many ways, the stock seems fewer.
Additionally, it becomes resistant to the damage received so the same attack cannot kill him again.

射殺す百頭(ナインライブズ): ランク不明
岩を砕いて作られたような、巨大な斧剣。元は九頭の大蛇を殲滅した弓矢だったが、それで培った武技をあらゆ る武具に適応させ、ひとつの流派として昇華させた。その流派こそが宝具と言えるのだが、武技は失われ剣だけ が展開される。
黒ギルが使用した弓矢はこの宝具の原典となったもので、自動追尾の幻想種殺しレーザーx9というインチキじ みた性能。

神話上の大英雄XXXXXの能力を得る。心技体すべてに優れた英霊だが、このクラスの特性上、使用者「狂化 」によって理性を失う。ただ目の前の敵を殲滅する怪物と化し、自身の身体を省みない戦闘を行うことになるだ ろう。

神の祝福により得られた不死性。宝具というよりは呪いの類。自身の肉体を頑強な鎧と化し、Cランク以下の攻 撃を完全に無効化する。
さらに死亡ても自動的に蘇生がかかる。本来のストックは11回だが、夢幻召喚では能力がいろいろ劣化してい るようで、ストックはもっと少ないようだ。
加えて、受けたダメージにたいして耐性をもつようになるため、同じ攻撃で再び殺されることはな い。

Caster[edit | edit source]

[v] Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 3rei Volume 1, p.067 - Caster

Rule Breaker: All Charms are Broken: C
A dagger which is the embodiment of her role in legend as "The Witch of Betrayal." The killing ability as a weapon is almost nonexistent. Anything constructed from magecraft is broken and restored to it's previous state. It is the ultimate anti-magecraft weapon.

Obtains Age of God's magus, XXXX's ability. Uses High Speed Divine Words, lost Age of Gods magecraft, to activate magecraft that cannot be comprehended by modern magecraft systems. A bombardment of magical energy is fired from high calibre magic circles. This exceeds the territory of magecraft and possess destructive power that easily surpasses an average Noble Phantasm. On the other hand, the body's ability is meager and to be honest defense is like paper armor. Magical energy specialization type.

「裏切りの魔女」としての伝説が具現化した短刀。武器としての殺傷能力はほほ無いに等しいが、魔術で組まれ たすべてのものを破戒し、つくられる前の状態に戻してしまう究極の対魔術兵装。

神代の魔術師、XXXXの能力を得る。高速神言によって紡がれる魔術は、現代の魔術体系のどれにも当てはま らない、失われた神代の魔術である。大口径魔法陣から放だれる魔力の砲撃は魔術の域を超えており、並の宝具 を軽く凌ぐ破壊力をもつ。反面、身体能力には乏しく、防御もぶっちゃけ紙装甲。魔力特化型。

Lancer[edit | edit source]

[v] Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 3rei Volume 2, p.037 - Lancer

Gae Bolg: Barbed Spear that Pierces With Death: B
Spear that carries the curse of cause-and-effect reversal. After the true name is called the result [the heart is pierced] occurs first. Later the cause [the spear is released] happens.
Therefore it is an one-hit, one-kill Noble Phantasm. In one on one combat it comes off as a very advantageous Noble Phantasm.
To dodge this Noble Phantasm what one needs is not agility, but high enough luck to dodge to curse.

Celtic Chief Hero XXXX's abilities are obtained. He boasts great close combat and agility. His personality is both cool-headed and aggressive, and he hides a brutal wildness. He also has Berserker Class characteristics.


因果逆転の呪いを帯びた槍。真名解放すると「心臓を穿つ」という結果が先につくられたあとに「槍を放つ」と いう原因が発生する。故に、必中、必殺の宝具であり、対人戦におりては非常に優位宝具。

ケルトの大英雄・XXXXXの能力を得る。高い白兵能力と敏捷性を誇る。冷徹ながら好戦的な性格で、凶暴な 野性を内に秘める。バーサーカークラスの素質も有している。

Rider[edit | edit source]

[v] Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 3rei Volume 2, p.059 - Rider

Iron Stake
Chains fastened to stakes made of iron. Has no special effect, but when stuck it's really hard to remove.

Obtains legendary Anti-Heroic Spirit XXXX's abilities. Is not a legitimate Heroic Spirit, but rather an existence that is hostile to Heroic Spirits. Her forte is capitalizing on her high agility nature to perform acrobatics that leads the opponent on, giving her the momentum. However, her hand to hand combat ability is lacking.

[Noble Phantasm]
Bellerophon: Bridle of Chivalry: A+
A golden bridle that can control any vehicle. It is predominately used for the summoned Pegasus. When the true name is unleashed, all the Pegasus's parameters gain 1 Rank Up. All magical energy is ? and like a shooting star, its super-charge pulverizes the target.

Breaker Gorgon: Self Sealing・Temple of Darkness: C-
A bounded field that confines the target's consciousness to watching a nightmare of both delight and taboo, and at the same time sealing all abilities they have in the outside world. Commonly in a visor form sealing one's own mystic eye

Cybele: Mystic Eyes of Petrification: B~A
Mystic Eyes that petrify the target just by sight. In Miyu's case both eyes were exchanged but in Ilya's, only one eye was. Interference power lower than the original, highest class known as "Jewel," mystic eyes. When glared at by these mystic eyes the person will be entrapped, paralyzed and slowly petrifying. However for people able to resist petrification, they will be exposed to an all parameter 1 Rank Down "pressure," effect.



騎英の手綱(ベルレフォーン): A+
あらゆる乗り物を御する黄金の手綱。もっぱら召喚した天馬に対して使用される。真名解放すると、天馬の全能 力値が1ランクアップ。全魔力を?った流星の如き超突進で対象を粉砕する。

自己封印・暗黒神殿(ブレーカー・ゴルゴン): C-
対象の意識を封じ込めて歓喜と禁忌に乱れた悪夢を見せ、同時に外界への能力発露を封じる結界。通常はこれを バイザーの形にして、自身の魔眼を封じている。

ただ目視するだけで、対象を石化させる魔眼。美遊の場合は両目が、イリヤの場合は片目がこの魔眼に置き換わ る。オリジナルより干渉力は低下しているが、「宝石」と呼ばれる最上級クラスの魔眼である。
この魔眼に睨まれた者は麻痺に陥り、ゆっくりと石化していく。石化に抵抗できた者でも、全能力値が1ランク 下がる「重圧」の影響下に晒される。

Saber[edit | edit source]

[v] Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 3rei Volume 2, p.97 - Saber

Excalibur: Promised Sword of Victory: A++
The pinnacle of the "Holy Sword" category. Owner's magical energy is converted to light, increasing it's momentum via convergence and acceleration to it's utmost limits before releasing it in one slash. It is said to reach the class of Divine Spirits. Because it is an amplifier that converts the owner's magical energy, when blackened Saber used this Holy Sword, it was black as well.

Obtains King of Knights Artoria Pendragon's abilities. Britian's legendary King Arthur who pulled out the selection sword. Attack, Defense, Reactions, Magical Ability, and Noble Phantasm are all lend to her being called the most excellent Heroic Spirit. A Heroic Spirit with a serious personality as straight as an arrow, however, personality-wise there are many sides to her as well. The figure the time Ilya uses her is not in the role of a King but rather the strong expression of her Princes Knight side.

[Noble Phantasm]
Invisible Air: Bounded Field of the Wind King: C
The wind bounded field that covers the Holy Sword in many layers. Usually, it is used to hide the excessively famous holy sword's shape by changing the air's refractive index. However this is no such need in this work so the Holy Sword is normally in it's released state.

約束された勝利の剣(エクスカリバー): A++
「聖剣」というカテゴリにおける頂点。所有者の魔力を光に変換し、収束・加速させ運動量を極限まで増大して 放たれる究極の一閃は、神霊クラスにも手が届くと言われる。所有者の魔力を変換する増幅器であるため、黒化 したセイバーが振るっていた時はこの聖剣もまた黒く変色していた。

夢幻召喚 - The original manga volume version included Rider's description by mistake, and was later corrected.

聖剣を幾重にも覆う風の結界。本来なら、あまりにも有名の聖剣の姿を空気の屈折率を変えて隠すために使 われるが、本作においてはその必要がないため、聖剣は常時解放状態である。

Fate/Prototype[edit | edit source]

Fate/Prototype Tribute Phantasm[edit | edit source]

Rider[edit | edit source]

[v] Fate/Prototype Tribute Phantasm, p.024-025 - Rider

Servant Rider
“…For him, who wished for the happiness of everyone—For his sake, I will slaughter you all.”and “The Holy Grail is excessive for the tastes of the magi. As a Heroic Spirit, I will use it correctly, the way it was meant to be used.”

A Stray Servant with no Master. His true name is the hero from Greek Mythology, Perseus. Though he is the only one of the seven summoned Servants to not have a “tragic end”, he welcomes gory deaths even as the form of the boy, who wished only peace for everyone, buries itself in his heart and drives him on his insane killing sprees. He owns a wide selection of Noble Phantasms, like the Sandals that fly through the air, the Mantle that changes the appearance of the wearer (a helmet in the myths), the bronze mirror shield that Athena gave him (equipped with radar and sonar), the snake hunting sickle Harpe (kills immortals), the bag that stores the head of monsters Kibisis (a mirror world type bounded field), and the familiar Pegasus-handling bridle from FSN, Bellerophon. He is the very person who killed FSN Rider (Medusa).

Armor and Mask: When acting as a Servant, Rider hides his true form behind a mask and a cape. This cape is a Noble Phantasm that can obscure the appearance of its wearer. Though Rider holds a large variety of Noble Phantasms, he has a limit that allows him to use only one at a time.

The Mask acts as a fake Master, supplying him with magical energy. In order to get enough magical energy, Rider has to kill again and again (most likely to eat souls so he can get power). His Master, on the verge of death, gave him a physical form, which he used to challenge Saber, but…

Usually, he disguises himself as a normal high-school boy in Rider’s class. He’s the popular boy of the class due to having a modern sort of beauty, getting along well with others, and being gentle. The scenes of him at school show his two-faced nature.

When showing his true face, Rider never wipes away his smile. In his heart, he knows this is the opposite of what the boy wanted, but for the sake of his Master’s happiness, he would kill again and again. What sort of expression is he showing on the face streaked with bloody tears that will not stop?

Fate/strange Fake[edit | edit source]

Servant Profiles[edit | edit source]

Archer[edit | edit source]

[v] Fate/strange Fake - Volume 1 - Servant status: Archer

Class: Archer
Master: Tine Chelc
True name: Gilgamesh
Gender: Male
Height/Weight: 182cm/68kg
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Strength: B
Endurance: B
Agility: B
Magic: A
Luck: A
Noble Phantasm: EX

Class Skills
Magic Resistance: C

Independent Action: A

Personal Skills
Golden Rule: A
Fate which revolves around how much riches one acquires in life.

Divinity: B(A+)
Skill that shows how much Divine Spirit aptitude, how related one is to a god, one has. He was suitable for the highest rank but since he loathes gods it is Rank-Downed.

Noble Phantasms
Enuma Elish: The Star of Creation that Split the Heaven and Earth
Rank: EX
Type: Anti-World Noble Phantasm
Range: 1~99
Maximum Targets: 1000 People
Using the Sword of Rupture Ea to cut space. It is a power used by the gods when they separated the heaven and earth. As for power it is possible to say it is an attack close to the very top of all Noble Phantasms. By receiving the support of Noble Phantasms in the treasury, damage is further increase

■ (Obscured in volume 2)
Rank: ???
Type: ???
Range: ???
Max Targets: ???

Gate of Babylon: King's Treasures
Rank: E~A++
Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
Range: -
The Golden City that is the King's Treasury, moreover the golden key connected to it. Treasures such as many Noble Phantasm prototypes, or the models of humanity's inventions from all times and places, these rare items were stored. They can be taken out freely. Naturally whether or not they can be handled depends on the user.

CLASS アーチャー
身長・体重: 182cm 68kg


対魔力: C

単独行動: A


神性: B(A+)
神との交わりの深度、「神霊適性」の高さを表すスキル。最高ランクの適正を持っていたが、神を忌み嫌うがゆ えにランクダウンしている。

乖離剣・エアによる空間切断。神が天地を開く時に使用した力であり、威力としては有りと凡ゆる宝具の中で最 も頂点に近いと言える一撃である。宝物庫にある宝具の支援を受けることにより、ダメージの値が更に上昇する 。


レンジ: -
黄金郷である王の宝物庫と、それに繋がる鍵剣。数多の宝具の原典、あるいは人類の発明のひな形や古今東西の 財宝、珍品が収納されており、自由にそれを取り出す事ができる。当然ながら、扱えるかどうかは使う者の技量 に左右される。

Assassin[edit | edit source]

[v] Fate/strange Fake - Volume 2 - Servant status: Assassin

Class: Assassin
Master: Dead Apostle Jester Karture
True name: - (By the time she gained the properties of a Heroic Spirit she had forsaken her name)
Gender: Female
Height/Weight: 163cm 53kg
Alignment: Lawful Good

Strength: C
Endurance: B
Agility: A
Magic: C
Luck: D
Noble Phantasm: B+

Class Skills
Presence Concealment: A-

Personal Skills
Zealotry: A
Normally unattainable mental strength can be obtained by having so much religious faith in something that it is beyond the understanding of those around her. Trauma is instantly overcome, strong resistance to mental interference type magecraft is obtained.

Noble Phantasms
Zabaniya: Phantasmal Pedigree
Rank: E~A
Type: Anti-Unit, Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
Range: -
By allowing the body to freely alter itself, it is an ability that reproduces the past 18 works.
In actuality, harsh body remodeling and the like was conducted. By becoming a Heroic Spirit, the body can freely alter its form.
In comparison to the power of the original works, they are higher or lower on a case by case basis.

CLASS アサシン
身長・体重:163cm 53kg





Avenger/True Archer[edit | edit source]

[v] Fate/strange Fake - Volume 3 - Servant status: Avenger/True Archer [T]

Class: Avenger/True Archer
Master: Bazdilot Cordelion
True name: Alkeides
Gender: Male
Height/Weight: 203cm 141kg
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Strength: A
Endurance: B
Agility: A
Magic: A
Luck: B
Noble Phantasm: A++

Class Skills
Avenger: A

Independent Action: C

Magic Resistance: A

Personal Skills
Distortion: A
Forced distortion of the class he was originally called forth in. He has received the other class's specialty as proof. Conversely, either of the class skills has declined. In Alkeides's case, Independent Action has dropped to C rank.

Eye of the Mind (True): B
Insight fostered through training and discipline. In Alkeides's case, having his god given abilities thrown away, the techniques he accumulated as a human make their appearance.

Bravery: E
A skill that brushes aside mental interference and increases melee damage.
The divine curse lodged inside him has be brought out by the Command Spell. The score has decreased considerably.

Battle Continuation: A+
Can continue fighting even with wounds that place him on the verge of death. An ability representing his strong will to stay alive on the battlefield.

Noble Phantasms
King's Order: Twelve Glories
Rank: C~A++
Type: -
Range: -
Losing his divinity along with his immortality meant obtaining [proof of crushing the labors]. Starting with [Pelt of the Divine Beast] and [War God's War Sash], this is the embodiment of [having owned the Noble Phantasms in one's legend]. One's own tools can be fully used. However, as using this crushes a convention of the Holy Grail itself, magical energy consumption is increased manifold.

Nine Lives: The Shooting Hundred Heads
Rank: C~A+
Type: Unknown
Range: As the occasion demands
The technique that has become a Noble Phantasm is called [Style: Shooting the Hundred Heads], and can be performed in various ways with a weapon or perhaps even bare-handed. Drawing the maximum power from the weapon, from anti-unit to anti-army, up to sieging, various forms depending on the circumstances are on display.

Reincarnation Pandora: Usurper of the Celestial Wind
Rank: EX
Max Targets:

CLASS アヴェンジャー/真アーチャー
身長・体重: 203cm 141kg






心眼(真): B

勇猛: E





Berserker[edit | edit source]

[v] Fate/strange Fake - Volume 4 - Servant status: Berserker [T]

Class: Berserker
Master: Flat Escardos
True name: Jack the Ripper
Gender: Varies based on transformation
Height/Weight: Varies based on transformation
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Strength: — (All except Noble Phantasm tuned by transformation)
Endurance: — (All except Noble Phantasm tuned by transformation)
Agility: — (All except Noble Phantasm tuned by transformation)
Magic: — (All except Noble Phantasm tuned by transformation)
Luck: — (All except Noble Phantasm tuned by transformation)
Noble Phantasm: B

Class Skills
Mad Enhancement: —
Because Jack's fundamental attribute is madness, an inversion occurred and this skill was sealed. That seal, however, is extremely unstable.

Personal Skills
Thousand Faces: A
The ability to transform oneself into any human occupation, animal or object that has been presented as the true identity of Jack the Ripper, and to make use of any skills the target possesses, weakened to rank E.

Walker of Foggy Nights: B
An altered form of the skill Murder on a Foggy Night, which Jack would possess if manifested as another Class.
Grants an equal rank of Block Presence as long as it is night.

Noble Phantasms
From Hell: Evil Fog Perishes With the London Dawn
Rank: A+-E-
Type: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm
Range: 1~80
Maximum Targets: —
Based on the theory that Jack the Ripper was a demon, this Noble Phantasm transforms Jack into a demon in the sense of a phantasmal species. Because it is rooted in the latent fear and unease of nearby people, its power changes in proportion to the population density within a radius of 5 km. In a desert wasteland, its strength is only equal to that of a large beast of prey. In an urban area, it displays a power equivalent to that of a marshal Servant.
Because it takes the form of a demon that humans envision as their own natural enemy, it inflicts particularly effective damage on humans.

Natural Born Killers: That Is Not Worth the End of Tragedy
Rank: B
Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
Range: —
Maximum Supplement: —
A Noble Phantasm based on the theory that Jack the Ripper was a group. Enables the creation of multiple bodies according to the Master's magical energy. The last remaining body automatically becomes the main body. It can also be said that every body is the main one. The maximum number depends on the quantity of the Master's magical energy. The number of bodies decreases in proportion to the strength of the entity transformed into.

CLASS バーサーカー


狂化: —


霧夜の散歩者: B


レンジ: —

Lancer[edit | edit source]

[v] Fate/strange Fake - Volume 1 - Servant status: Lancer

Class: Lancer
Master: Synthetic beast(Chimera) Silver Wolf
True name: Enkidu
Gender: None
Height/Weight: Control at will
Alignment: True Neutral

Strength: -
Endurance: -
Agility: -
Magic: -
Luck: -
Noble Phantasm: A++

Class Skills
Magic Resistance: -
Because of the skill "Transfiguration," the magical energy stat fluctuates accordingly.

Personal Skills
Transfiguration: A
Special skill inherent to Automatic Dolls for allocating ability scores from a set pool of points according to the situation.
The higher the rank, the greater the pool, but two ranks worth of points will be needed to bring A up to A+.

Presence Detection: A+
Highest rank of Presence Detection ability. Via the Earth, is able to sense the presence of things at long range. If close range, an equal or lower rank of Presence Concealment can be nullified.

Noble Phantasms
■ (Obscured in volume 2)
Rank: ???
Type: ???
Range: ???
Max Targets: ???

Enuma Elish: O Humans, Let Us Restrain The Gods Above
Rank: A++
Type: Anti-Purge Noble Phantasm
Range: 0~999
Maximum Targets: 1000 People
Ability of Enkidu's to transform its own body into a Divine Construct.
The Counter Forces known as Alaya and Gaia's powers flow into a keystone made of light. Then giant amounts of energy are transformed into a form that the world can recognize and pierces the opponent in one hit. In response to things that threaten the destruction of the planet or humanity, the power is increased.

CLASS ランサー







True Assassin[edit | edit source]

[v] Fate/strange Fake - Volume 2 - Servant status: True Assassin

Class: True Assassin
Master: Faldeus Dioland
True name: Hassan-i-Sabbah
Gender: Male
Height/Weight: ???
Alignment: ???

Strength: Even Faldeus cannot confirm
Endurance: Even Faldeus cannot confirm
Agility: Even Faldeus cannot confirm
Magic: Even Faldeus cannot confirm
Luck: Even Faldeus cannot confirm
Noble Phantasm: Even Faldeus cannot confirm

Class Skills
Presence Concealment: EX
Becomes one with the World itself. The moment one shifts to attack, it becomes A+.

Personal Skills
Shadow Lantern: A
Skill that allows one to become one with the shadows. Because he can gain surrounding magical energy from the darkness, as long as he does not materialize he almost doesn't need the Master's magical energy supply. As long as a command spell is not used, it is possible to conceal one's status from the Master.

Noble Phantasms
■ (Obscured in volume 2)
Rank: ???
Type: ???
Range: ???
Maximum Targets: ???

CLASS 真アサシン





True Caster[edit | edit source]

[v] Fate/strange Fake - Volume 4 - Servant status: True Caster [T]

Class: Caster
Master: Francesca Prelati
True name: Francois Prelati
Gender: Unknown (summoned Saint Graph is male)
Height/Weight: 152cm 38kg
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Strength: E
Endurance: D
Agility: C
Magic: A
Luck: B
Noble Phantasm: A

Class Skills
Territory Creation: B

Tool Creation: B

Personal Skills
Illusion: A
A skill that denotes excellence in the art of illusion within the field of magecraft. At this level, it is even possible to go beyond people and deceive the environment.

Disciple of Spirits: B
Proof that one has been initiated in magecraft by certain lake spirits. The efficacy of magecraft improves dramatically.

Divinity: E-
Prelati shares the blood of a deity, but as that deity is banished his rank is low.
Barely manifested at rank E due to combination with traditions that link Prelati with Beelzebub.

Noble Phantasms
Grand Illusion: The Sunken Spiral Castle Does Not Exist, Therefore There is No End to This World's Madness
Rank: A
Type: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm
Range: 1~10
Maximum Targets: 10 people
Legends that Prelati revealed the form of Beelzebub to sworn friends or that he (she) was the incarnation of Beelzebub combined with the art of illusion and lineage that Prelati originally possessed and sublimated into a Noble Phantasm. It is a great magecraft that surpasses even environment to deceive the very texture of the world. It is even capable of causing a target to hallucinate that Prelati has imprisoned them in a Reality Marble. It is still an illusion, however, and therefore lacks the power of a Reality Marble.

Prelati's Spellbook: Textbook of the Sunken Spiral Castle (unusable)
Rank: EX
Type: Anti- Noble Phantasm
Range: 1~99
Maximum Supplement: 1000 people
The result of Prelati utilizing magecraft while dispelling their own rationality with drugs Prelati compounded themselves. Against astronomical odds, it ended up linked to a place one must not link to, Prelati inscribed the truth of it in a blank bible that was a Mystic Code and sealed the link itself. Prelati was therefore incapable of reproducing it, and entrusted the spellbook capable of opening the one and only link to a knight who was their sworn friend. Prelati can never use the Noble Phantasm unless the knight returns it on the spiritual level, but will the day of their reunion ever come?

CLASS 真キャスター
性別:不明(呼び出された霊基は男 )
身長・体重:152cm 38kg



道具作成: B


精霊の弟子: B

神性: E-


レンジ: 1〜99

True Rider[edit | edit source]

[v] Fate/strange Fake - Volume 3 - Servant status: True Rider [T]

Class: True Rider
Master: Doris Lusendra
True name: Hippolyta
Gender: Female
Height/Weight: 159cm 50kg
Alignment: Lawful Good

Strength: B
Endurance: B
Agility: A
Magic: C
Luck: D
Noble Phantasm: A

Class Skills
Riding: A

Magic Resistance: C

Personal Skills
Charisma: B
A composite skill consisting of a person's charm as well as the command ability to unify an army or country.

Divinity: B
A skill that represent the depth of one's Divine Spirit aptitude, how close one is to a Divine Spirit. As one of Artemis's virgins as well as the daughter of the queen and War God, Ares, she is clad in a thick divine aura. But, she does not have the A rank to reach the throne of a god, after death.

Noble Phantasms
Goddess of War: War God's War Sash
Rank: A
Type: Anti-Unit ~ Anti-Fortress
Range: -
Remodeled from an off-shoot of her father, Ares, as a war banner into a sash. The user’s divinity, strength, endurance, agility, and magical energy scores greatly increase. As the mystery in today’s society is weak, it cannot be used to exceed a certain point.

CLASS 真ライダー
身長・体重: 159cm 50kg





神と交わりの深度、「神霊適性」の高さを表すスキル。アルテミスの巫女でもあった女王と戦神アレスの間に生 まれたが故に濃い神気を纏うが、死後、神の座に至らなかったAランクにまでは達していない。

父親であるアレスの分体である軍章旗を帯の形に直したもの。使用者の神性と筋力、耐久, 敏捷、魔力の値を大きく引き上げるが、一定以上の引き上げは現代社会の神秘の薄さでは使用でき ない。

Internet sources[edit | edit source]

Blog posts, BBS and forum responses, Twitter messages, and other online comments from TYPE-MOON staff:

[v] TYPE-MOON Staff Diary - 7/8/2005

Summary: Nasu apologizes for his mistake in Fate/secret book saying that Saber's Riding would not allow her to ride a motorcycle.

2005/7/8 : 間違い三昧。(きのこ)
今月号のコンプティークさんの小冊子、Fate/secret bookなのですが。






[v] TYPE-MOON Staff Diary - 11/17/2005

Summary: And again, Nasu pointed out on his blog that it meant the very start of the prologue was from Archer's POV and he was surprised nobody got it.

2005/11/17 : 2005/11/17 : 裏話そのさん。(きのこ)





[v] Bamboo Broom Diary: 11/26/2005

Summary: Take a toothpick and stab it into a piece of tofu real fast, get a little hole yeah. That's a Saber.
Take a toothpick and sort of let it lazily fall down through the tofu, rip that shit up, that's a Lancer.
Because Bazett got her tits kicked in by Gae Bolg and swung wide with her laser.

「-アトゴウラ-」のランサー兄貴の血まみれ姿ですが、「どうしてセイバーとは傷痕が違うの?」という質問 にお答えします。
では続いて、爪楊枝をお豆腐に刺した状態で、おもむろにジャンプしたり倒れたりしてみましょう 。
これがランサー戦です。フラガラックが「刺さった瞬間」にバゼットが破れたので、フラガラックの軌道が斜め 上にはね上がってしまったワケです。


[v] TYPE-MOON Staff Diary - 9/15/2008

Summary: It's just a gimmick to make DDD readers do a double-take, there's no connection at all between Kara no Kyoukai and DDD.

2008/9/15 : 2008/9/15 : 今日から書店頒布開始です。(きのこ)
空の境界 未来福音 -the Garden of Sinners recalled out summer -


“隠し要素としてTMさんのパートをいれてみないか? 街における青虫編みたいな”




Marble Phantasm marble explanation

Original quote: ちなみにマーブル・ファンタズム、という呼称のマーブル、はダンゴ現象から由来しているみたいです。確率論 、みたいな。

Question: [73 のレス1] Name:■ Date:2001/12/07(Fri) 22:27 HP

大理石、というよりはおはじき? でしょうかね。よくわかりませんが。
ええと、昔スタッフ座談会できのこさんが"マーブル"はダンゴ現象に由来していると言ってまし た。
ダンゴ現象っていうのは、例えば0と1がそれぞれ50%の確率で出現する場において、そのどちらか一方がた またま何度も連なって出現する現象…なんだろうか?
要するに、前述の0と1が50%…というのは自然な状態ですよね。で、その自然法則に支配された状況下にお いても、ダンゴ現象のようにまるで人の手が加わってるのではと疑ってしまうような状況が起こり うる。
なら空想具現化や固有結界というのは世界に直結する事によりあらゆる事象が発生する確率に干渉し、それによ って偶然中の偶然とも言える事象を意図的に発生させるというものなのではないかな、と。
例えば本当に偶然と偶然が重なり合って生み出された、まるで人工物のように見える自然物というのも存在して います。なら確率に干渉すればブリュンスタッド城みたいなものを具現化できても不思議はないかもしれません 。

Nasu's response: Name:きのこ Date:2001/12/08(Sat) 12:39
大正解ー! そのマーブルですー。

[v] JRPG VOICE 4/25/12

Original notice

Hello. This is Kinoko Nasu, in charge of the scenario and scenario supervision.

[Apology for the delay]

--Well then. After that heartfelt apology, on to the customary explanation.

"Why has it been postponed to winter in the first place, granny?"
Well you see, Red Riding Hood. We wanted a more erotic enemy, so we coaxed some extra budget out of Marvelous.
"Use this wad of cash to add more boobs." I don't really understand what that means, but now the number of boss characters and background art will increase. We can request more art from Rco Wada-san. So don't you think rewriting the scenario is the only option? The staff and Kinoko are starting from square one... well that's going too far, more like we're starting from square five.

"Uh, are you stupid?"
It might look that way.
But don't you think there's something wonderful about the bizarre passion of the staff saying things like "it's weird that there's no new playable Servants", even in this state? But I lol'd that it costs so much for Gil (lol). That sure is Enki, Sword of the End (lol)

"...Are you actually sorry, granny?"
But of course. And so I promise you.
This "Fate/EXTRA CCC" will be an RPG filled with the input of the users, marvelous and pretty, filled with healing points, and loved by millions throughout the nation!

"I see through you. Granny is actually a lying wolf."

[v] Interview

Please tell us about the origin of the circle's name(^^) Nasu: It was quite difficult to decide. Someone had said "Isn't Aristoteles good enough?" but I didn't like that personally. This is about the Aristoteles from Note. but that naming for me was a case of youthful indiscretion. Then, since we were going for something related to Note. anyway: "...Actually, about that story, just before the last part Type-Moon's identity will be revealed. Also, the Knight Arm it has is called Real of the World(True World)." I revealed this material I had been keeping secret, then we decided that in this case Type-Moon would be good.

誰かが、アリストテレスでいいんじゃないの? とこぼし、個人的にそれはイヤだったんです。

[v] December of 2001

It's the first post on the spoiler boards!
I'm asking this here since it's a bit of a spoiler.
The complete edition of Kara no Kyōkai coming out at the winter comiket is going to have errors corrected,
but does that include changes to the setting as well?
(For example, in Tsukihime the succession of the Fujou main family is done through the passing down of techniques,
while in Kyōkai it is determined by blood.)

I'll answer that!
Regarding the Fujou, the setting isn't quite the same.
Though Rakkyo and Tsukihime have a lot of points in common, there are a few tiny differences in the details.
One of those is the Fujou. In reality they're actually ESP users like the Asagami, Ryougi, and Nanaya. But in Rakkyo they are a magi lineage.
Other than that... oh, right, there's Aoko's age. If Rakkyo and Tsukihime were the same world then Aoko would only be a little bit older than Tohno Shiki. The Aoko in Rakkyo has not yet gained the title of "Miss Blue", and is still training in Misaki Town.
It's probably best to think of it as subtly shifted parallel worlds.


その一つが巫浄。実際、浅神、両儀、七夜は超能力に類する物ですが、「らっきょ」の巫浄は魔術師の家系です から。
他には……そうですねー、青子の年齢とか。「月姫」と「らっきょ」がまったく同じ世界だとすると、青子って 志貴よりちょい年上なだけになってしまいます。「らっきょ」での青子さんはまだミス・ブルーなんて呼ばれて おらず、三咲町で修行中だったり。

[v] Nasu's Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 00 Twitter commentary

Episode 00: Prologue - Welcome, everyone watching the TV broadcast. The Nico Nico live broadcast starts at 25:00! And the original author, Kinoku Nasu-san, will livetweet the broadcast!
I have coffee prepared in one hand.
How's this for dandyism? With that smile, you can tell that this is the protagonist's reliable tutor.
But after that, this person will die! Being dandy just isn't enough after all!
How's this for Rin's cuteness? It's the best, no matter how you look at it...
And here we have an (falcon-like) expression. Rin Tohsaka. Currently a magician in hiding, right now she's the true star of this show!
Who is this beauty? (Perplexed)
A noble lady's morning now begins~!
And here we have the familiar Tohsaka basement. If this were Dark Souls, there'd be a hidden passage somewhere.
How heartwarming the Tohsaka mansion has become after Tokiomi's death! No matter how you look at it, this is a magician's house.
Ah, but how overgrown this house has become after ten years. Rin must have thought that hiring a gardener was too much of a luxury. But it's okay; in ten minutes, a pro butler will arrive who'll help with not just the garden, but with all kinds of housework!
That said, here's the title screen. Unlimited Blade Works - a special episode centering on Rin - begins softly.
Rin: "...It's too quiet, though."
Nah, it's always been too beautiful, hasn't it?
And you're Cure Ma--, no, Mitzusuri-san! Ayako Mitsuzuri, president of the Archery Club and Rin's partner-in-crime.
Forehead tap!
! (Calm down, all you gentlemen whose love for anime characters is unrequited)
Yup, a perfect mob character underclassman without no suspicious traits whatsoever.
Shinji! An unwavering gentleman through all of Fate's ten years! So perfect~! Embrace me~!
What's with this Shinji guy... he's moving more than he should be! This guy must be a chihuahua! Or more like a breasts kind of guy; what a disappointing man!
A strong "No!" from Tohsaka!
Ryuudou Issei (in kanji and hiragana). Student council president. Son of the Ryuudou Temple's head priest.
What a saintly voice for this president though! Can't say I'd expect this dignity from a senior student...
And he shows up: A freshly-made, perfect mob character.
Winter! It's currently winter in the show!
I can't handle this strange sense of distance.
This guy's doing his best paying attention to Rin by greeting her. Like, "You're here so early in the morning. So great of you."
Azaka! That's Azaka, isn't it?!
And Super Himu Time is starting!
Makiji's lunch is overflowing with a maiden's energy that I can't help but laugh (lol)
This black panther's so cute though...
The galge aura is overflowing! But that's okay.
Up front: a perfect student; in private: always lonely. That you have to be both is one of the difficult parts of being from a famous lineage of magicians.
Oh, it's the cast-off skin of a snake that ate a certain hero's Immortality Herb.
Hey, the Kaleidostick isn't here.
Let's put off the difficult explanations of Rin's words for later. For now, please leave it vague and just roll with the feeling.
Ah, answering machines, how nostalgic. It's 2004 in the show right now; 2004!
It's me. (lol)
An almost manly way of hanging up without any regrets. This is the height of her Kirei-ignoring powers.
Miniskirt! Kneesocks! The Rin that we know has arrived!
Can't see (won't unravel)
Are spell incantations that important? Well of course they are; it's a ritual. You put in your password in your smartphones, don't you? It's pretty much the same thing.
Why can't we see? (part 2)
So, is everyone ready?
What a suspicious person! (lol)
This stylish suspicious person looks so self-important though...
Everything about this girl is so erotic though.
The reason why this living room is so messed up is because of the shock from this suspicious person being mistakenly summoned above ground.
This is not Mr. Redcoat's fault; it's Ms. Kneesocks's thoughtlessness.
Can't you just say "I'll be in the front lines while you just stay behind me and watch" honestly?
Fitting words from a Servant.
But Archer isn't blameless.
Without second thoughts, Rin is cute!
Rin is cute while contemplating!
Command Spells. Rights to three absolute orders.
In short, a very powerful billing item! You can only use it thrice, but just once will allow almost all impossibilities to happen! But Servants are already way above the Master's level to begin with, so you only leave some for when it's incredibly important to *******; this is fundamental knowledge for the Holy Grail War!
Rin's embarrassed contemplations are also cute!
Will raise you up and let you down: this is the handsome guy's modus operandi. Please be careful.
More precisely, magical energy is a form of energy for the Servant's activities. It's also an important "keystone" for the contract with a Master to remain active in this world.
Once a Master disappears, the Servant has to use this "keystone" to remain in existence, but will then vanish soon enough.
If the catalyst used for summoning was a relic rather than a concept, the relic can also act as a keystone, and the summoning becomes closer to perfection.
Fate/stay night: The End.
Please look forward to Tohsaka-sensei's next battle.
What a great story!
But the story of the tsundere (obsolete term) continues.
But. Why. Can't. We. See.
So easy! what I thought, but anyone would fall for it if said in Suwabe's voice.
A pleasant before/after: [????] (かーらーのぉ), Royal Copenhagen Teaset! So perfect that Rin. Will. Die.
This is a baton pass to Hollow Ataraxia after.
Rin can see "that guy" from this height because of her eyesight being reinforced by magical energy. Reinforcing your five senses or your body is one of the basics of the basics of being a magician.
It's not that she doesn't have a wish, but rather she won't wish for anything she can't get with her own efforts, is Rin's pragmatic point of view.
And this wild animal-like simplicity. Like a gazelle running through a savannah, huh.
I'm just reaffirming this, but there's no mistaking Rin as the heroine.
A commonplace scene. No matter how you look at it, this is a scene where a foreigner is being shown the way. A common scene in Asakusa.
The passionate priest whose job is cleverly gathering information. There's such a thing as working too hard.
It's a bit difficult to understand, so I'll supplement: Rin knows how many (formal) magicians there are in Fuyuki City, and that she confirmed beforehand that within the school, no magicians who are also on track to being Masters are within the school.
Within two years, Rin had been managing the school and Fuyuki City, so she's especially unforgiving of "whoever trespassed into the school yesterday". But, well, Rin was absent yesterday, so her opponent must have went "HYAHAHA IT'S MY CHANCE".
Thanks for waiting. Now begins the real thing.
If this suspicious blue guy in tights wasn't a Servant, that would be real trouble.
Who called this guy a not-handsome Lancer? This Lancer's plenty handsome! (delight)
An intense battle scene. I'm so happy I could die.
The battle's mood is a wonderful Chinese martial arts-like swordfight; with that said, Lancer makes use of his incredible speed and plain strength as weapons. This is action where you can tell that with one blow.
The suspicious person loitering within campus ran away. Everyone, please be careful when staying out late at night!
Lancer wastes no time in going out to kill. What very efficient movement.
She didn't think of saving someone because they were dying; she thought of saving them because there's a life to save.
...Her ten years worth of savings for winning the war just went down the drain though!
The reasons why Rin thoughtlessly left the jewel behind are the savings (magical energy) that Rin left inside the jewel had pretty much vanished, and the regret from using up ten years worth of savings is still spinning in her head. I'm such a moron.
Saber's entry sure has no hesitation!
And here we have the preview. Yup, they've caught everything perfectly!
A wonderful first episode! To the director and all the staff, good job, good job!
Rin's prologue now ends here. The main story begins next episode, so please look forward to it!

[v] Nasu's Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 01 Twitter commentary
Summary: So basically, strengthening your own body with magical energy is super-easy elementary stuff since you're basically just pumping magical energy into your blood. But strengthening objects by passing magical energy through them is actually fairly difficult, which is why most magi just cast a spell to make a super-thin layer of armor around the outside of whatever they want to strengthen since it's way easier, faster, and cost-effective for pretty much the same effect.

[v] Nasu's Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 12 Twitter commentary
What's this adorable creature? She's so annoying! And spins around too much! But still endearing! Kinda like my older sister from back home! (Nasu)
Sit tight for Fate/silent hill~! (Nasu)
Caster…did you know? Just because you ordered something from Amazon doesn’t mean you'll get it. You see, there’s this phenomenon where packages get mysteriously stuck in trait limbo... (Nasu)
Bird familiar: WTF
Swallow: What kind of incompetent bird are you? What, you can't even dodge a katana?
Robin: Jeez, mister, can I have your autograph? (Nasu)
A witch commits domestic violence! But please be understanding. Caster simply has no mercy for good-looking guys. More about this in the second season! (Nasu)
Seaweed. Aaaaand… (Nasu)
"Mysterious Servant" (heh) (Nasu)

Koha-Ace EX[edit | edit source]

Character profiles[edit | edit source]

Majin Saber[edit | edit source]

[v] KOHA A Material - Character Profile: Majin Saber [T]

Majin Saber

  • Height: Atmosphere
  • Weight: Moderate
  • Blood type: Mysterious Type CapSaba
  • Birthday: Comp release date
  • Image colour: Purgatory
  • Talents: Killing Fate (the franchise)
  • Likes: Oden
  • Dislike: when no Rares drop after rolling 10 Gachas
  • Enemy: Feeling of "From now on, our Fate will last forever!"

Comment from Koha A


  • 身長:雰囲気
  • 体重:ほどほど
  • 血液型:謎タイプカプさば
  • 誕生日:コンプの発売日
  • イメージカラー:煉獄
  • 特技:Fate殺し
  • 好きなもの:おでん
  • 苦手なもの:10連ガチャでレアしか出ないパターン
  • 天敵:君と僕のFateはこれからも永遠だよね!っていう氣持ち。

Comment from Koha A

Servant status[edit | edit source]

Demon Archer[edit | edit source]

[v] Koha-Ace EX - Servant status: Archer

Class: Archer
Master: ???
True name: Oda Nobunaga
Gender: Female
Height/Weight: 152cm/39kg
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Strength: B
Endurance: B
Agility: B
Magic: A
Luck: A-
Noble Phantasm: E~EX

Class Skills
Magic Resistance: B
Nullifies all magic that requires less than three verses. It is difficult to hurt her even using great magic or ritual magic.

Independent Action: B
Ability that allows independent movement even after the Master's magical energy supply is cut off. With Rank B, it is possible for a Servant to stay in this world for two days after losing its Master.

Personal Skills
Military Tactics: B

Charisma: B-

Demon King: A
A monster whose perception in life later twisted what she had actually been in the past.
Abilities and appearance have been distorted. In Archer’s case, she can choose to activate or deactivate it at her own choosing because it’s something that she in life had called herself. She’s able to receive its benefits without any demerits. In other words, she can go from being a loli to being racked. It’s a skill similar to but dissimilar to Innocent Monster.

Tenka Fubu - Innovation: A
Innovation, a special skill granted to heroes who brought about a revolution in an era.
The wording "Tenka Fubu" is added to Archer's version of this. A conceptual revolution of subjecting the old with the new.
It grants modifiers leaning more in one's favor the higher the opponent's rank in Divinity or Mystery or the more that opponent is a Heroic Spirit who is a guardian of the establishment.
Thanks to it, Archer boasts an absolute advantage over Heroic Spirits and Noble Phantasms with Divinity and Mystery. It's the ultimate game of compatability. However, it has no power over Heroic Spirits of the modern era with little Mystery. And not only that, but the effects of his other skills and Noble Phantasms drop.

Noble Phantasms
Three Thousand Worlds (three line formation)
Rank: E~EX
Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
Range: 1~99
Maximum number of targets: 3000 Person
Three thousand matchlocks are deployed and fired at once.
Because of the all too famous anecdote of Nobunaga defeating the most powerful cavalry in the age of warring states, their attack power increases against Heroic Spirits with the Riding skill.
If used on the Rider of the Fifth War for example, her unique skill "Innovation" would also be factored in, making for a [Quiz Derby catchphrase] crazy effect.
They are usually mere matchlocks against heroic spirits with low divinity and mystery, but 3000 guns are still annoying.

Papiyas, the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven
Rank: E~EX
Type: Anti-Divine Noble Phantasm
Range: -
Maximum number of targets: -
The true noble phantasm of the demon king Nobunaga, destroyer of Shinto and Buddhism.
A reality marble transforming him into a being holding absolute power against those with Divinity and Mystery.
Visually, it seems she becomes naked, hurray!

It's a Noble Phantasm based on the burning of Mount Hiei and the other brutal deeds she had performed when she was alive.
The accumulation of the fear and reverence that the people held for Nobunaga after death materializes a scorching hell.
It's difficult for those with high divinity to even continue existing in its space.
On the other hand, it's just a tad hot to those Heroic Spirits with low divinity.

CLASS アーチャー













Sakura Saber[edit | edit source]

[v] Koha-Ace EX - Servant status: Saber

Class: Saber
Master: ???
True name: Souji Okita
Gender: Female
Height/Weight: 158cm/45kg
Alignment: True Neutral

Strength: C
Endurance: E
Agility: A+
Magic: E
Luck: D
Noble Phantasm: C

Class Skills
Magic Resistance: E

Riding: E

Personal Skills
Eye of the Mind (False): A

Weak Constitution: A

Reduced Earth: B

Mumyou Sandan-Zuki
Type: Anti-Unit Demonic Sword
Maximum number of targets: 1 person

Noble Phantasms
Coat of Oaths
Rank: C
Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
Range: 1
Maximum number of targets: 1 Person

Flag of Sincerity
Rank: B
Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
Range: 1~50
Maximum number of targets: 1~200 People

CLASS セイバー












Saber (Hideyoshi)[edit | edit source]

[v] Koha-Ace - Servant status: Saber

Class: Saber
Master: ???
True name: Kinoshita Toukichirou > Hashiba Hideyoshi > Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Gender: Male
Height/Weight: 150cm/42kg (at time of summoning)
Alignment: Chaotic Good > Neutral > Evil

Strength: E~A
Endurance: E~A
Agility: D~A+
Magic: E~A
Luck: C~EX
Noble Phantasm: E~EX

Class Skills
Magic Resistance: C~A

Riding: C

Personal Skills
Golden Rule: A

Charisma: B~A+

: C~A

Noble Phantasms
Child of the Sun
Rank: E~A
Type: Divine Noble Phantasm
Range: -
Maximum number of targets: -

Sword Hunt: Blade Taker
Rank: E~EX
Type: Anti-Treasure Noble Phantasm
Range: 1
Maximum number of targets: 1 person

Sunomata Castle: Overnight Castle > >
Rank: E~EX
Type: Fortress Noble Phantasm > ???
Range: 1~100
Maximum number of targets: 1~??? people

CLASS セイバー
真名:木下藤吉郎 >羽柴秀吉 >豊臣秀吉
属性:混沌・善 >中庸 >悪


魔術に対する抵抗力。 一定ランクまでの魔術は無効化し、それ以上のランクのものは効果を削減する。 召喚直後はセイバーとしては低い対魔力だが、召喚日数と共に向上。

騎乗の才能。 大抵の乗り物、動物なら人並み以上に乗りこなせるが、野獣ランクの獣は乗りこなせない。 特筆するような騎乗の逸話を持たないため、これまたセイバーとしては低いランク。

人生においてどれほどお金が付いて回るかという宿命を指す。 日ノ本の全ての黄金を集めたといわれるほどの超絶黄金成金。

希代の人たらしと呼ばれた秀吉の脅威のカリスマ。 あのサルぶっ殺してやると乗り込んだ武将が次の日にはズッ友になって帰ってきた、 とかいうレベルの日本史上稀にみる問答無用のコミュ力。 おまけ効果で上司や敵に気に入られたり、敵の対応がちょっと甘くなったりする。 7日目にはA+となり、ここまで来ると呪いじみた魅力となり、抗うには対魔力:B以上を必要とする。

絶対のピンチをチャンスに変える奇跡の逃走スキル。逃げ足めっちゃ速い。 仕切り直しと似た効果を持つが、判定成功時には必ず有利な状態で戦闘を再開できる。 ノッブの仇を討つために備中高松から全軍を取って返した逸話がスキルとなったもの。

召喚から7日の間、ステータスが上がり続ける。 日を追うごとにパラメータが上昇し、7日目にはまさに日輪そのものともいえる大英霊へと位階を上げる。 ステータスの上昇と共に各スキル、宝具も強化されていき、4日目以降は神性を獲得、最終的には7日目に神性:Aを獲得する。 ただし8日目以降は同じく7日をかけてステータスが下がり続けていく。 落日とともに姿も老成していき、14日目に消滅する。 日輪とともに駆け上がり天下を取った秀吉の生涯そのものともいえる宝具である。

1日目はランク:Eで幸運判定に失敗した相手の武装宝具を極短時間使用不能にするだけだが、 4日目のランク:Bでは判定に失敗した相手の武装宝具を自身のものにして使用可能に、 7日目に最大ランク:EXとなり自身が宝具判定に成功すると奪った宝具の真名開放(一時的に)が可能となる。 秀吉が発したかの有名な「刀狩令」が宝具となったもの。 この宝具のおかげで秀吉はセイバーでありながら特徴的な自身の武装を持たない、という極めて珍しいタイプのセイバーとして顕現している。 ちなみに本人はそれほど武器の扱いが得意ではないので、使用効果は本来の所有者より劣る。

種別:城塞宝具 >???
敵の攻撃を受け止める城塞を召喚する。しかし効果のほどは城塞とは名ばかりのささやかなもの。 ランクD以上の宝具であれば問題なく突破される。ランクごとに耐久力がやや上昇。
6日目以降に召喚可能となる城塞宝具。 城塞中心にある黄金の魔力炉から無尽蔵の魔力を放出し、固有結界ともいうべき天下人秀吉の黄金大魔術城塞が顕現する。 黄金炉のバックアップにより自身はほぼ無限ともいえる魔力を行使でき、さらには城塞から豊臣恩顧の英霊を軍勢として出撃させることも可能。 但し、彼らの召喚は黄金炉の魔力によって賄われているため城塞の外では短時間しか戦う事は出来ない。 日本史上最高といわれた防御力を誇る鉄壁の巨大黄金城塞である。 ちなみに徳川はこないよ、五大老だけど仕方ないね。

TYPE-MOON 10th Anniversary Phantasm[edit | edit source]

[v] TYPE-MOON 10th Anniversary Phantasm - Encyclopedia: Diarmuid Ua Duibhne [Character], p.380

Diarmuid Ua Duibhne [Character]

ディルムッド・オディナ [人物]【で いるむっど・おでいな】

[v] TYPE-MOON 10th Anniversary Phantasm - Encyclopedia: Lancer [Character], p.384

Lancer [Character]

ランサー [人物]【らんさ】
青タイツ。一本気な熱血漢。どこか江戸っ子気質。「ataraxia」では花屋の店員も。アニキと呼び たい御方。(投稿者・"ピアス・)

[v] TYPE-MOON 10th Anniversary Phantasm - Encyclopedia: Rider [Character], p.384

Rider [Character]

ライダー [人物]【らいだー】
「Stay night」「Zero」「エクストラ」で空(ペガサス)、陸(戦車)、海(船)が揃った。何かすげ、え。(投稿者・宇治金GUY)

TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet[edit | edit source]

[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:




でも、てっとり早くデートっぽいコトを楽しむならFate/hollow ataraxiaをプレイするのもいい。十八歳になってからネ!

[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:
Q: Is Nasu Kinoko really a man?

Q: Is Nasu Kinoko really a man?

A: Recently, I'm not even sure myself. There's a zipper on my back, but I wonder what's going to appear, once it gets opened?



[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:





[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:





[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:
Q: Regarding Kotomine Kirei's life, could you disclose more details?

Q: Regarding Kotomine Kirei's life, could you disclose more details? Such as at what age did he graduate from the seminary, and at what age did he become an Executor.

A: Because of his father, Risei, Kotomine had been working diligently as an Executor-in-training since an early age. He entered the seminary at the age of 22. In the same year, he received a second baptism to graduate from a trainee to a full Executor who could operate independently. However, while performing his duty of judging heretics, he married. Kotomine voluntarily left his position in the seminary, and abandoned the path of becoming an official priest. After the death of his wife, he worked for the Assembly of the Eighth Sacrament, concentrating on training as an Executor. At the age of 28, he lost his father Risei, and was given the position of a priest, albeit unofficially.



[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:
Q: I would really like to see a visual of all 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors, with the ones yet to show up.

Q: I would really like to see a visual of all 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors, with the ones yet to show up.

A:: I want to see that too!
However, rumour has it that it is only about half done. Due to the remake, it seems some of them actually have been fired due to restructuring. ....Life is tough in the world of vampires...


でも、風の噂によると半分ぐらいできてるらしいよ。 リメイクの影響でリストラされたヤツもいるらしいよ。 ……まったく、吸血鬼界も世知辛いぜ……

[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:





[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:

Q: The concept of Tsuki no Sango is the "degenerated what if scenario" of Tsukihime 3000, but is Tsuki no Sango a potential future of Tsukihime universe?

Q: The concept of Tsuki no Sango is the "degenerated what if scenario" of Tsukihime 3000, but is Tsuki no Sango a potential future of Tsukihime universe?

A: Tsuki no Sango is a world where the event of Tsukihime did not occur. Different from EXTRA's "what if" scenario, the one of Tsuki no Sango is "a degenerated world where magecraft yet lingers". Tsuki no Sango has a Land of Steel type of world.

Q:月の珊瑚の裏コンセプトが「月姫3000」で『退廃的なイフ』とされていますか、月の珊瑚は月姫世界 の未来の可能性の一つなんでしょうか?

A:「月姫」が起きなかった世界というか。でもエクストラのイフとも違う、「魔術残ってたけど退廃的な世 界」という扱いで一つ。「月の珊瑚」はどっちかっていうと鋼の大地系です。

[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:
Q: Please tell me the three sizes of Neko-Arc?

Q: Please tell me the three sizes of Neko-Arc?




[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:

Q: How many Ploys (Fairy Tale Familiars) does Alice Kuonji have?

Q: How many Ploys (Fairy Tale Familiars) does Alice Kuonji have?

A: The line "My Ploys number 108" reflects the vanity that Alice often displays.
She inherited about 20 from her ancestors, and created about 10 herself.


……というのはあ有珠にありがちな見栄っ張りとして、先代たちから受け継いだのは二十個ほど。あとは有珠が 作るものが十個ほど。

[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:




A:暗黒時代の は じ ま り だ 。

[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:


A: Narita



[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:
Q: How about doing a theatrical version of Carnival Phantasm!

Q: How about doing a theatrical version of Carnival Phantasm?

A: The year is 20XX A.D., and the end of the world has come.
From the far reaches of space, the mysterious life form Ultimate One: Nine Code appears.
The sky turns blood red, electronic devices everywhere stop working, and the earth descends into chaos.
In the midst of the panic, Emiya Shirou and Tohno Shiki -- two absolutely normal high school students vacationing in England -- witness two girls in a violent battle with sparks, plasma, and beams!
One, a princess of knights that hides her name.
The other, a vampire that... doesn't.
Taking heavy damage, the two girls crash into the city that has already been reduced to rubble. The two boys split up and head toward the crash site. And thus, without noticing, their destinies also split apart.

In the end, what is survival? Is it the moon? Is it fate?
The curtain is rising on a Holy Grail War of unprecedented scale! Opening next season in theaters worldwide!

But... It's. Live. Action.


ツアーパックでイギリスを旅行していた平凡な高校生、衛宮士郎と遠野志貴はパニックの中、二人の少女が激し く火花とかプラズマとかビームとかを散らす戦いに巻き込まれる。
両者は共に傷つき、瓦礫の街に墜落。二人の少年は二手に分かれて墜落現場に向かった。それが、互いの運命を 分ける事になると気付かないまま。


ただし 実 写 映 画。

[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:

Q: What is the reason of the Mana depletion in the world of Extra?

Q: What is the reason of the Mana depletion in the world of Extra?

A: Gonna leak you some info. It is the "what if scenario" caused by a "certain ritual" that occurred in the 1970's. This ritual is not expected to happen until the year 20XX.



[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:
Q: Who named Ryougi Mana? Was it Shiki, or Kokuto? Or was it someone else?

Q: Who named Ryougi Mana? Was it Shiki, or Kokuto? Or was it someone else?

A: The one who named Mana was Mikiya. Mikiya himself came up with the name without a second thought, but Shiki knew its meaning. She said with a sour look on her face, "Ah, so that's what it is." and accepted anyways.

Q:末那ちゃんの名付け親は誰ですか? 式ですか、黒桐ですか? それとも別の誰かですか?

A:またマダオか。末那の名付け親は幹也です。本人はナチュラルに付けたが、式は末那の意味を知っているので ちょっと渋い顔をしつつも、まあ、そういうのもアリよね、と成諾した。

[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:
Q: Kirei's wife Ortensia is covered with wounds in the design draft, is it because she has a body similar to Caren's? Also, Command Spells appeared on Kirei due to the fact that he somehow possesses Magic Circuits despite being born in a non-magus lineage. Does this mean Caren also has Magic Circuits?

Q: Kirei's wife Ortensia is covered with wounds in the design draft, is it because she has a body similar to Caren's? Also, Command Spells appeared on Kirei due to the fact that he somehow possesses Magic Circuits despite being born in a non-magus lineage. Does this mean Caren also has Magic Circuits?

A: Kirei's wife is an albino, and is immunodeficient. As a result, she can die from even a tiny wound, thus her body appears tattered. What Caren inherited is the aspect of "prone to be plagued by illnesses". This is truly an ordeal given by God.
About the Magic Circuits, a normal person rarely acquires Magic Circuits. You can consider such cases sudden mutations. However, Kirei is not of this type. Kirei's Circuits were a gift from the divine sacrament, rewarding his father Risei's years of pious worship. Kirei was born with "the right to recreate the miracles in the divine sacrament". This "right", in other words, was the Magic Circuits. Caren did not inherit the Circuits.

Q:綺礼の奥さんであるオルタンシアさんが設定画で手当ての跡だらけなカレンと同じ体質だからなのでしょ うか。あと、綺礼に令呪が現れたのは元々魔術師の家じゃないけどたまたま魔術回路を待っていたということで 、カレンにもあるんでしょうか?

A:奥さんはアルビノで、免疫機能が欠如した人でした。なので些細な傷でも死に繋がるし、体もボロボロで した。カレンに受け継がれたのは”病魔に憑かれやすい”という在り方。神の試練ですな一。
魔術回路ですが、これは一般人にも稀に待って生まれる人がいます。突然变異と思ってください。綺礼はその類 ではありませんが、父・離正が長年の信仰によって得た秘蹟の恩恵で、” 秘蹟を再現する資格”をまって生まれました。秘蹟を再現する資格、なんで言ってますが、ようは魔術回路です 。カレンには受け継がれていません。

[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:
Q: It has been said that a certain Aozaki cannot even defeat a serious Caster, is this "certain Aozaki" Aoko Aozaki? Is this an assessment based on Aoko using True Magic?

Q: It has been said that a certain Aozaki cannot even defeat a serious Caster, is this "certain Aozaki" Aoko Aozaki? Is this an assessment based on Aoko using True Magic?

A: "A certain Aozaki" includes both Aoko and Touko. In a magecraft battle by modern standards, a "magus" who is capable of defeating a serious Caster does not exist.

Q:某蒼崎でも本気キャス子に敵わないそうですが、その某蒼崎とは青子の方ですか?その場合、それは魔法 込みでの評価でしょうか?


[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:





[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:

Q: You must tell us the details of the battle between the Crimson Moon and Zelretch at his prime!

Q: You must tell us the details of the battle between the Crimson Moon and Zelretch at his prime!!

A: You are asking me to divulge such delicious details from my stash of ideas? Mmmm... I have shown some similar scenes in Mahoyo, they would carry a similar vibe. It would be something like, the Crimson Moon dropping a mirror image of the Moon (HERE IT COMES!) versus Zelretch doing something only he was able to do: a virtually limitless Ether Cannon unleashed through a special magic circle ("Magic Square"). If we had five times the budget of Mahoyo, then we may be able to realize such a scene.



[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:
Q:Fate/Prototype これで終わりってうそですよね?



Q:Fate/Prototype これで終わりってうそですよね?


[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:





[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:

Q: Is there any relationship between the Moon Cell and the Crimson Moon? Does the Moon Cell exist in universes outside of EXTRA?

Q: Is there any relationship between the Moon Cell and the Crimson Moon? Does the Moon Cell exist in universes outside of EXTRA?

A: Moon cell is something that is only in EXTRA, and it does not have anything to do with the Crimson Moon. However, in the world of EXTRA, the "Brain of the Planet" (Archetype Earth's title) who is equivalent to the Crimson Moon should still be living somewhere.



[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:





[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:




氷室さんはほら、立ち絵のボディが桜の流用だったことを利用して桜のねんどろいどを購入、首だけ氷室さんを自作すればいけるって寸法さ! え? 桜のねんどろいどはないーーーだと……?

[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:




「その首輪どうしたんだ? 一応いっておくと若者……いや、人間のファッションセンスじゃねえぞ」

[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:


A: 1. First Neco Arc
2. Cosmo Murder
3. The Little Sister of the Fake Milk Scandal Cat.
6. Makidera BEAUTIFUL
7. Himuro STRANGE
8. Yukika BAD
10. SSF Sleeping in the Kotatsu
12. The Strongest Kariya~n
13. Experience Kohakki
14. Sthenno CHASTE
15. Euryale GLORIOUS
16. Eiichirou Version Sajou Ayaka
18. True Identity Unknown Princess Fortune
19. Iron Fist Violinist Ries
20. White Ren
21. Spotted Ren
22. Tortoise Shell Pattern Ren
23. Striped Ren
24. Master Panda
25. NG Akiha
26. Bread-making Amalgamation Giant God Kiitsuii-chan
27. Cock Robin MAGNIFICENT
EX. Forced to Work, Neco Arc Chaos


A:01.はじまりのネコアルク 02.cosmo murder 03.偽乳疑惑の猫又妹
06.きれいな蒔寺 07.へんな氷室 08.わるい由紀香 10.虎竜で眠るSSF
12.最強のカリヤーン 13.エクスペリエンス・コハッキー 14.貞淑なステンノー
15.爛漫なエウリュアレ 16.エイイチロー版サジョーアーヤカ 18.正体不明系魔法少女プリンセスフォーチュン 19.鉄拳ヴァイオリスト・リーズちゃん
20.白レン 21.ぶちレン 22.三毛レン 23.縞レン 24.パンダ師匠 25.NG秋葉
26.製パン合体巨神キッツィーちゃん 27.華麗なるコマドリー


[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:
Q:A賞:荒耶宗連 B賞:ネロ・カオス C賞:言峰綺礼 D賞:シカ・ワニ・トラぬいぐるみ(各1種)E賞:紅洲宴歳館・泰山特製の激辛麻婆豆腐専用レンゲ F賞: 荒耶苦悩アイマスク という中田譲治一番くじはまだですかね?



Q:A賞:荒耶宗連 B賞:ネロ・カオス C賞:言峰綺礼 D賞:シカ・ワニ・トラぬいぐるみ(各1種)E賞:紅洲宴歳館・泰山特製の激辛麻婆豆腐専用レンゲ F賞: 荒耶苦悩アイマスク という中田譲治一番くじはまだですかね?


[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:





[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:

Q: Do you have any plans of telling the story of how Azaka and Touko met?

Q: Do you have any plans of telling the story of how Azaka and Touko met?

A: Ah, what's with these toxic loaded questions... the HP of Nasu's liver is already at zero!
To be honest I do have plans to write a short story like Outside of the Universe, when I have the time. However, I just don't have that kind of time. By the way, Tsukiji will appear as well.



[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:

Q: Melty Blood is completed, does this mean the story of Sion and Riesbyfe has ended? ....Or are there plans for them to appear in Tsukihime II or other side stories? Please don't put an end to their tales.

Q: Melty Blood is completed, does this mean the story of Sion and Riesbyfe has ended? ....Or are there plans for them to appear in Tsukihime II or other side stories? Please don't put an end to their tales.

A: Thank you. As long as fans exist, Sion and Riesbyfe will continue to exist. To be more specific, French Bread will figure something out. It would be great if they can work on the Melty Blood Remake while the Tsukihime Remake is under way, wouldn't it?

Q:メルブラは既に終わったけど、シオンとリーズの物語も終わりましたか...それとも月姫2や他の番外篇に登場させる予定がありますか?彼女たちの物語を終わらないようにしてください。 台湾の嘯月より

A:ありがとうございます。そう言ってくれるファンがいるかぎり、シオンとリーズはいき続けます。具体的に言うと、フランスパンさんが何とかしてくれる筈。月姫Rと同時進行でメルブラRとか作られたりしたらいいよね! よね!

[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:





[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:

Q: What do the Quality/Quantity/Composition of Regression to the Age of Gods mean in Beowulf's profile? Do Ploys, Arcueid, and Heroic Spirits have such designations? And what would their number be?

Q: What do the Quality/Quantity/Composition of Regression to the Age of Gods mean in Beowulf's profile? Do Ploys, Arcueid, and Heroic Spirits have such designations? And what would their number be?

A: Regression to the Age of Gods represents the extend at which they are capable of reproducing the Mysteries that existed on Earth before True Magic. Consider it to be like that, their own style of Magical Circuits. Quality represents "how distant from what humans are capable of" their pure Mysteries are. Quantity represents power. The higher the quantity, the greater the degree of influence over the surrounding environment. Since Beowulf only has a quantity of C, he can only display his power to an individual, or over a village.
Composition represents the era of the "Mystery". In terms of magecraft, it would be like Rune, Kabbalah, Black Magic and such.
Ploys are not of Age of Gods, so they cannot be assigned a number in Regression to the Age of Gods.
For Arcueid... Princess Arcueid should qualify. "Quality: B Quantity: A++ Composition: Before Common Era, pseudo-deified natural phenomenon"


アルクは......姫アルク状態ならアリ。「質:B 量:A++ 編成:西暦以前までの、擬神化される自然現象」といったところ。

[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:

Q: Since Saber and Gilgamesh have physical bodies in Fate/Stay Night, can Shiki see lines on them?

Q: Since Saber and Gilgamesh have physical bodies in Fate/Stay Night, can Shiki see lines on them? (@LestatDusk)

A: Not just when they have a physical body, the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception are effective even when they're in spiritual bodies. For Shiki [Ryougi], if the opponent can be recognized as "living" (not "life", but "live"), she can see the lines of death. For example, the ghosts in Overlooking View were dead, but they were "living" in the sense that they can interfere with the current world.
Also, why she didn't succeed against the Sarira in Araya's arm is because it belonged to an enlightened one who achieved "becoming extinguished, alive." To kill it by the lines of death means she has to decipher advanced "lines of death" levels higher than the normal concept of death. But what's sad about bones is that rather than having to do that, they'll turn into ash if you burn them. If you have time to be using Death spells, level up and beat it physically.



[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:

Q: In Overlooking View, Touko mentioned "even I can't fly without a broom", please tell us about the details of the magecraft involved in flying with a broom.

Q: In Overlooking View, Touko mentioned "even I can't fly without a broom", please tell us about the details of the magecraft involved in flying with a broom.

A: Basically it is a transportation method involving using magical energy as fuel. Within it, there is the Jet Method, which achieves maximum air speed transiently. There is also the low-cost Ether Sail method. The current new method of transportation involves planting a magical anchor at the destination, and the magus will be pulled toward it, like being pulled by a retracting elastic band. This is the Anchor Attraction Ascension method designed by Touko Aozaki (Patented, commonly referred to as "Touko Travel").
... Although Touko was only half-serious there, broom is still a Mystery that is supported by "Magic Foundation - Black Magic" over the entire world. Female magi can easily achieve magical properties such as "foot not making contact with the ground" and "repelled by the earth" when employing a broom. Furthermore, gravity can be reduced to about 1/6 of normal by using an ointment of witchs' which enhances the effect of "repelled by the earth" mentioned previously.
In other words, a broom is an item that enables "hovering". The source of propulsion varies depending on the magi. Nowadays there is a trend among female magi to research new methods of flight. However, in recent years, there has not been any new innovation that could trump Touko's ridiculously sophisticated method of travel.



[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:
Q: When White Len pulled Arcueid into her world, there were descriptions of the support from Gaia being cut off, can all users of Reality Marble do that?

Q: When White Len pulled Arcueid into her world, there were descriptions of the support from Gaia being cut off, can all users of Reality Marble do that?

A: That's in the story of Melty Blood Re-Act. Reality Marble is not the alteration of things or events, but overwriting (covering). Thus, what White Len said is possible. It is like overwriting existing field effect with another one. However, even if the field is changed, whether Arcueid's support would be severed depends on "what power is used to construct the boundary field". If an alien deployed the Reality Marble, then Arcueid's support may be completely cut off.
By the way, a Dream Boundary Field at Len's level will just make Arcueid say "O? I will get serious now!", and then she will blow it away in one shot after requesting the Planet's support. It is like an even greater world emerging from underneath the overwritten world. Simply put, White Len is but a clown.... sad... real sad.



[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:

Q: Fujino's bending cannot influence things that are conceptual, but can she bend the barrier and bound field of magi?

Q: Fujino's bending cannot influence things that are conceptual, but can she bend the barrier and bound field of magi?

A: Barrier and bound field cannot be bent, but what they are built on certainly can. Fujino cannot effectively adapt her bending abilities because she has no knowledge of magecraft. With a good teacher, she will certainly become a powerful monster.



[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:





[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:
Q: Zelretch's pupils seemed to have all been turned into wrecks, so Tohsaka Nagato must be a wreck as well?

Q: Zelretch's pupils seemed to have all been turned into wrecks, so Tohsaka Nagato must be a wreck as well?

A: If the person is accepted as a "pupil of a Magician", he will be turned into a wreck, but if the person is accepted as a "pupil of a magus", then everything is fine. Nagato could not even be called a "pupil of a magus". From Zelretch's perspective, Nagato was but a follower whom he looked out for every now and then. ....They met during a journey, and Zelretch taught Nagato something as payment for the hotel bill. That is their level of relationship. It is sort of like a supervising teacher who is observing the students doing experiments from afar.



[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:
Q: Asakami, Fujou, Ryougi, Nanaya are natural enemies of Half-Blood. Besides Nanaya, do the other three houses still hunt Half-Bloods?

Q: Asakami, Fujou, Ryougi, Nanaya are natural enemies of Half-Blood. Besides Nanaya, do the other three houses still hunt Half-Bloods?

A: The other three houses have done so in the past. However, it is no longer necessary as time goes on. The cash cow... and the basis of the existence of the four houses ----- the enemy known as Half-Blood, have slowly morphed from an evil that threatens the society to a necessary evil.
The Half-Bloods were no longer worshiped because the existence of the nation, so they compromised with the human society and became organized. They skillfully brought those in positions of power to their cause, and became the ones in power.
As a result, the Four Demon Hunter Houses could no longer maintain themselves. Some became fallen, others reestablished themselves through other means.
In the end, the only ones battling the Half-Bloods were the Nanayas. As to why, it was because that was all they were good at.
The Ryougis and Fujous possessed other "useful" skills besides fighting Half-Bloods, so they focused on those areas instead and survived.
The fall of Asakami was self-inflicted. They worshiped the captured Half-Bloods as guardian gods, and their lineage became diluted due to the continued interbreeding. In the end, they almost became Half-Bloods themselves. The mummy-hunter became the mummy, such is the tragedy of the Asakamis.



[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:
Q: Why are Red Saber and Blue Saber so similar? Are they related?

Q: Why are Red Saber and Blue Saber so similar? Are they related?

A: They are very different!
They are different like Takeuchi Takashi and Arco Wada. Or like buckwheat noodles and udon.
The model of King Arthur were said to be a fusion of two individuals, and one of them is the Roman general Artorius. I guess there are some relationships.



[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:
Q: Are Ryougi's Mystic Eyes of Death Perception a type of Eyes of Clarity?

Q: Are Ryougi's Mystic Eyes of Death Perception a type of Eyes of Clarity?

A: Yes. The Ryougis and Nanayas were good friends! (A long time ago)
Although the two types of eyes are inheritable, if you consider regular Mystic Eyes as traits that modify the body..... something like the inheritance of the traits of the parents' body...... then Eyes of Clarity are the inheritance of fate and destiny......the offspring continues the parents' will and their quest.
Even though Eyes of Clarity are the parents' karma reflected in the offspring, they can only be inherited by "humans" with high spiritual potential.
In other words, Mystic Eyes of Death Perception are a type of hybrid power. The cheating powers of both Shikis ought to have a limit!



[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:

Q: Arcueid's birthday is self-claimed to be December 25th, is there a reason she claims it to be this date?

Q: Arcueid's birthday is self-claimed to be December 25th, is there a reason she claims it to be this date?

A: Honestly, it is just a coincidence.



[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:
Q: Kotomine grew 8cm in the ten years between Zero and Stay Night. Shirou is also confirmed to grow about 20cm in the future. Is there a relationship between extreme height growth post-growth-spurt and the use of magecraft?

Q: Kotomine grew 8cm in the ten years between Zero and Stay Night. Shirou is also confirmed to grow about 20cm in the future. Is there a relationship between extreme height growth post-growth-spurt and the use of magecraft?

A: Honestly, I don't know either.

Q:言峰はZeroからstay nightの10年間で身長が8cm伸び、士郎もまた将来的に20cmくらい身長が伸びることが確定しています。成長が過ぎてからの極端な身長の伸びと魔術の使用には何らかの相関性があるのでしょうか?


[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:





[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:





[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:
Q: Why did Zelretch give the design of the Jewel Sword to Tohsaka Nagato, who had the least potential amongst his pupils?

Q: Why did Zelretch give the design of the Jewel Sword to Tohsaka Nagato, who had the least potential amongst his pupils?

A: This student Zelretch took during his journey was mediocre, cold, and bipolar. Even Zelretch exclaimed "Hey, are you crazy or something?" However, Nagato was a good man who is "willing to sacrifice himself for a better future". Although the Einzberns and Makiris were brilliant, they were fundamentally evil. Nagato was mediocre but good at heart.
Zelretch concluded that "this House will probably never accomplish anything great, but at least they will never stray from the righteous path". He then gave the design to Nagato and told him "alright, it will be a struggle, but work towards this goal".
Where there is a will, there is a way. The Tohsaka lineage stubbornly followed the teachings of the great master, and finally, after the gentlemanly Tokiomi, accomplished the impossible.



[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:
Q: Why did Touko not have any memories when she switched to her puppet body?

Q: Why did Touko not have any memories when she switched to her puppet body?

A: I think it is because the transition is too smooth.

Touko #1: "I am a bit tired. Time for a nap ~★"
Puppet Touko: "Oops, I dozed off for six hours instead of three ~★"

As smooth as that. Touko's puppets are stored all over the world. After one dies, the active, next-in-line Touko (puppet) will awaken. Touko (puppet) will first construct a puppet of herself, and then go outside to start her hunt for bishoujo. However, whether she inherits the will and goals of the original will depend on her location. The closer the puppet is to the original, the more likely she will inherit the original's will. If the puppet is activated from a site that is too distant, a blank in her memory proportional to the distance will form.
By the way, the puppet who awakened after Alba killed Touko disobeyed her own rule of "begin activity after constructing a puppet" and went straight for Alba. That is Touko for you, easily roused and lacks patience.





[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:





[v] TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Pamphlet 10th Anniversary Q & A Booklet:




A:BBA自重しよせやめろ誰だ貴様(ry しかし、カラシキさんのおかげで神アイデアがひらめいた。実際、「奥様は魔女」のサマンサの吹き替えを田中敦子さんにやってもらえば、それって「奥様はキャス子」じゃね?……まあ、一歩間違えたら「奥様は少佐」になっちゃうんだけどさ……。

Other[edit | edit source]

[v] Fate/Zero Season 1 Boxset - Drama CD 1
[v] Urobuchi's interview during Gargantia Panel at Animagic 2013
Q: Are you involved in the ufotable F/SN remake? Heaven's Feel is the only route not adapted yet, and since Fate/Zero is closely related to it, I thought you could be involved.
Urobuchi: I don't know a lot about it, I'm not involved. But if I remember correctly it's an Unlimited Blade Works adaption.
[v] Fate/Apocrypha miscellaneous notes

Summary of unsorted interview notes from various magazines including Comptiq and Newtype:

- The ligh novel was greenlit by Nasu, as supervisor, Higashide as writter and Konoe as illustrator art.
- David, St.George, Kintoki Sakata & Musashibo Benkei were scrapped by Kinoko Nasu’s idea.
- Nasu said these servants doesn’t fit into plot and they were replaced by four new servants instead.
- Chiron, Avicebron & Achilles were designed by Takeuchi & Nasu, illustrated by Konoe in charge of character design.
- Mordred is the culture of festival achievement thanks from TYPE MOON fanbase.
- Addition of Mordred into F/A was Takeuchi’s idea and Nasu agreed.
- Mordred was orginally to be male but Nasu feel that having two male characters look feminine (the other being Astolfo) would be too much.
- However, Mordred as a male was not Nasu’s claim of actual fact. In truth, Nasu didn’t decided for final Mordred’s gender since Fate/Stay Night until Fate/Apocrypha. Which mean Mordred was “genderless” in F/SN.
- After the project of online game was scrapped, Nasu said that all servants are too ridiculous powerful and might bored if the player’s powerful servant was facing against other player’s powerful servant. It’s like a hax.
- The online game was based on Infamous 2’s gameplay style.
- Nasu & Takeuchi were laughing about more Saber clone. In fact, Mordred is the real clone of Saber (Artoria), so the wish has come true for those people who still saying about Saber clone.
- Karna is Nasu’s favorite servant. Karna’s popularity has been skyrocket thanks to Fate/EXTRA CCC.
- Astolfo is Konoe’s favourite servant. He is symbol mascot of Fate/Apocrypha. Higashide can’t even tell if this is comfortable or not since Astolfo is dude.
- Yggdmillennia, Sisigou & Kotomine Shirou were planned by Nasu, Takeuchi & Higashide.
- Higashide wrote all Sisigou, Reika & Black camp’s character development, while Homunculus, Kotomine Shirou & four new servants’s character development was already written by Nasu.
- Nasu said that Shirou is basically a character who look to have “light outside and darker inside” personality. Uncanny different trait from Kirei.
- Homunculus (Sieg) was Nasu & Takeuchi’s idea. Nasu wanted introduce male homunculus in Fate series for the first time.
- Takeuchi & Konoe said Homunculus looks cute but dense person.
- Takeuchi stated Homunculus & Jeanne are his new favorite characters, along with Artoria.
- Interviewer mention about why Takeuchi like Homunculus. He reply "It’s a secret" due it will trigger the spoiler.
- Jeanne is based on real french student girl according to Takeuchi. She was at same college where Takeuchi studied, before he met someone as model of Arcueid Brunestud’s design from Tsukhime come to his mind.
- The difference between Artoria & Jeanne is sex appeal. Which is already explained in TYPE MOON April Fool 2012, where Heroine X (Artoria) in furious when she heard that Jeanne’s sex appeal is better than her.
- Tsukihime is Higashide’s favorite visual novel.
- Nasu stated homunculus like Mordred can summoned as Heroic Spirit despite not human being.
- The rules of magecraft in Apocrypha universe are same as in Fate/Stay Night & Fate/Zero except that there is no rule of Ruler classes.
- Ruler’s duty is protect the Holy Grail and oversee the battle.
- Interviewer asked Nasu & Higashide about why Jeanne hijack Leticia’s body rather than ritual summon. Nasu stated it was something broke the rule of HGW and corrupted the system.
- Nasu mention the first servant who hijack human body is Avenger, Angra Mainyu from Fate/Hollow Ataraxia. Who control Emiya Shirou’s body and mind since he has no body but void form. The theory that come from Rin Tohsaka was correct.
- Roa from Tsukihime was also can hijack the human body (Ciel & Tohno SHIKI) but reincarnation soul while he was in Akasha.
- Nasu & Higashide admit it was silly idea in the first place. But they wanted Jeanne to have some disadvantages/weakness for herself due she was powerful servant and might kinda “boring” if she summoned as spirit form. (Avoid fan calling her a mary sue).
- Which mean any servant can hijack the human body while in critical condition but it's rarely.
- Karna’s background story has been altered in comparison to his original myth in Mahabrarat. This means, Karna is Nasu!Karna, not Myth!Karna which we know.
- The rule of summoning Ruler is who can guide the war during in his/her past and a sainthood(?) as specific condition. Only one Ruler class is summoned in one war. The this system works in Apocrypha universe only.
- St.George was remove because of this. Karna, however he refuse refer himself a saint and a killing machine who can kill God, summoned as Lancer class instead.
- The Greater Grail force summon the servant as Ruler when met the condition completed.
- If Jeanne is summoned in different universe without rules of Ruler, her class will be obviously Saber. She still will be summoned as Ruler if the mishap of war affected the result in different universe.
- Jeanne was first mention in Kara no Kyoukai’s light novel reference: Mikiya Kokutou mentions her when he was discussing about Heroic Spirits who utilized the power of the Counter Force.
- While the design for Jeanne wasn’t made during the production of the Fate/Zero novels, the design was completed around the time of the anime adaptation.



奈須:実はですね。「Fate/stay night」のときに未遠川でセイバーのエクスカリバーを食らうのは、ライダーだったんですよ。ライダーは ドラゴンライダーで、マイナーな竜に乗るような英雄を探そうと思ってたんです。イスカンダルは第七のエクス トラクラス(*11)にしようと。でも虚淵イスカンダルはもうライダー以外考えられなかった。そんなとき、 虚淵さんが「じゃあキャスターでなんとかしますよ」と言って。何をするのかなと思っていたらクトゥルー神話 (*12)をもってきた(笑)

[v] Fate/stay night Premium FanBook, p.047 - Q: How strong are Servants?

Q: How strong are Servants?
Nasu: Well you see, attack power is about the same as one fighter. A fighter has way too much power for one person too stand up against, but to destroy one city they'll have to refuel many times. But what makes these guys dangerous is that since they're spiritual bodies, regular weapons won't work against them. As far as destructive power goes, there are more numerous powerful weapons among modern ones, but as normal weapons won't do a thing to them, they're among the most powerful. Anyway, just as fighters can load a nuclear warhead, they each have their own Noble Phantasms and among the Servants there are ones that have ridiculously powerful ones. That's why when I meant strength being the same as a fighter I thought it would be easier to image. Oh and, if I were to say it in a sort of non-serious way, they'd be 1/4th of Tsukihime's Arcueid I suppose? The strength of one I mean. Against one Servant, Arc would probably win, but against two, while Arc's having trouble against the one, the other could get behind her and nail her... maybe.

Q: That's more like, whoah, Arc's tough, heh.
Nasu: (Grinning) 1/2 of Neko Arc.


きのこ:これはですね、攻撃能力はだいたい戦闘機一機分なんですよ。 戦闘機は個人で立ち向かうには強力すぎる力をもっているけれども、 一つの街を滅ぼすには何度も補給しなければならない。 ただ連中(サーヴァント)が厄介なのは、奴ら霊体なので通常攻撃が効かないんですよ。 破壊力においては近代兵器のほうが強力なものが多いんですけど、 通常兵器が聞かないと言う時点でいまだ最強。 で、戦闘機も核弾頭を搭載できたりするように、宝具をそれぞれ備えており、 中にはとんでもない宝具を持ってる奴がいる。 だから、強さは戦闘機ぐらいだと言うのがイメージしやすいかなと。 あと、ギャグっぽく言うならば「月姫」のアルクェイドの4分の1くらいかな? 一人頭の強さは。サーヴァント一人だとアルクが勝つだろうけど、 サーヴァント二人だとアルクがてこずってる間に後ろからプスッと…いけるかな。


[v] Second Fate character popularity poll

Oh. By the way, the Noble Phantasm of every Servant Assassin is named 'Zabaniya'. The reason is that each of the 19 candidates for the position of 'Leader of the Assassins' is concealing an 'ultimate technique' crowned with the name Zabaniya -- a hidden trump card for the purpose of taking down the other 18.

召喚されて一番良かったコトは? と訊かれたら、「寝正月という概念を知ったコト」と答える髑髏面。  初めて知った人の愛~♪ そのコタツでミカンに目覚めた男~♪ アサシンになる前は地味でのんびり屋な性格だったんでしょうかねー。きっと、お正月は臓硯の爺さんと花札やってたんですよ! 自分たちも当然のように虎ぶるモードに出演するんだと信じて! うう悲しすぎる、全米が泣いた……!  ところでアッ○ーの教えはどうした。  暗殺者のサーヴァント。アサシンの語源となった、とある暗殺教団のトップに立った者の一人。アサシンの頭目になった時点で自らの顔を無くした人物。  『stay night』では老魔術師・間桐臓硯に仕え、地味ながらも中々の働き者っぷりを疲労しました。派手な活躍はないものの、その戦闘スタイルはなかなかに格好いいのでは。そしてただ一人、『hollow』で出番がなかった男。あうう、全世界が泣いた……!(夜の聖杯戦争で出てきたのは真アサシンであって真アサシンじゃないしなー)  あ。余談ですが、アサシンのサーヴァントの宝具名はすべて『ザバーニーヤ』です。アサシン頭目の候補は十九人おり、その誰もがザバーニーヤの名を冠する「奥義」を隠し持っているのです。彼らは他の十八人を蹴落とす為、奥の手は隠しているのだとか。

[v] Fate/EXTRA Sound Drama 2

1) Tsukihime would fall apart if the Mooncell existed
2) Extra Arc is not related to Tsukihime's history (so she's not a dimension-hopper from Tsukihime-land, I guess)
3) "Frankly speaking, it's fanservice"

大河「TYPE-MOON作品では、作品が違っても世界観を共有していることが多いけど、エクストラの世界以外にムーン セル は存在しないと言うのは本当かしら?」
桜「はい、存在しません。それがフェイト/エクストラがifの世界と言われる所以でもあります 。そもそも、 ムーンセルが存在したら、世界観を共有する月姫の根底が崩れてしまいます。」
セイバー「む?ゲーム本編で月姫のキャラクターが登場していた気がするが。あれは幻だったか? 」
桜「幻ではありませんが、月姫における人類史とは血続きではないということです。ぶっちゃける と、ファンサ ービスですね。」

[v] Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works promotional article

The boy cut off from magi joined the battle to compensate for his lack of self-respect---- Though he was descended from the Matou family of magi, he was an unfortunate boy who did not inherit magic circuits. Deficiency and despair gradually ate into his heart. He looked down on others, and avoided the people he disliked. His behavior towards his talented sister was also cold... He took his sister's kindness as pity, which was an unbearable disgrace for one with pride as high as him. On the surface he behaved as the vice-captain of the archery club, but distortion and jealousy swirled within him.
He too had someone he could call a friend, that was Emiya Shirou. Though he made him quit the archery club and was disagreeable every time he saw him, Shirou alone accepted him. He may have been warped. He may have been twisted. But there truly was friendship there.
The wish-granting device, the Holy Grail, brought his desires into the open. Facing Shirou on the battlefield of the Holy Grail War shook him deeply. Shirou had become that which he could not, a magus. Was the emotion he felt upon seeing him this way jealousy, or uncontrollable impatience, or was it-------

[v] Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] Season 2 DVD Booklet Animation Elements p.19-27 [T]

• The origins of Einzbern
A factory originally created by the students of the magician who realized the third magic. Began in the year 1 AD.
They attempted to reproduce their master’s miracle, but couldn’t do it themselves, so as an alternate plan they tried to recreate a specimen identical to their master and have it reproduce the magic.

After nearly 900 years of effort, Justeaze—the homunculus who would come to be called the Winter Saint—was forged.
She was a model that strayed from what the magi had intended, created completely by accident, but her abilities were equal to or above those of their master.
The magi should have been elated about Justeaze, but they couldn’t be happy. After all, she was a mutation that was born regardless of their own techniques or skills.
Even if that specimen was to reproduce the third magic, that conclusion would be harder for them to bear than 900 years of failure.

The magi deperately attempted to create a homunculus that excelled Justeaze by their own techniques.
The artificial intelligence created to act as the castle’s central management—the golem Jubstacheit—was the pinnacle of their craft, and became the father of all homunculi created at Einzbern.

Justeaze succeeded at proving the third magic.
However, it was not cost-effective. Justeaze’s use of the third magic was like careful knitting. It would take several years to save just one person, making the salvation of the entire human race virtually unattainable.
In addition, while Justeaze herself did not age, her body was so frail it would take little to kill her, so she could not leave the castle.
Since her intelligence and mentality were also unaging, she did not develop at all. From an outside perspective, it was as if she was repeating a single day for all eternity.
If she were to leave the castle she would be freed from this “single day,” but the act of leaving the castle signified an easy death for Justeaze.

In the end, they accepted that humans could create something that surpassed humans, but not something that could save humans.
… Or perhaps they would not have failed if a miracle like Justeaze had not occurred.

The magi despaired the limits of their abilities. Some abandoned the castle, while others took their own lives.
The homunculi left at Einzbern were abandoned by their creators, but in their purity, they continued to operate the factory for the sake of the creators’ ideology—the salvation of humankind, the reproduction of a miracle.

From then on, all homunculi created at Einzbern were based off of Justeaze.
Jubstacheit created a humanoid terminal unit, and used it as the manager of Einzbern. Though by the end he operated even Acht (the eighth humanoid terminal), he did not possess a personality.
He only included the necessary “humanity” to operate the castle and reproduce the third magic into each of his humanoid terminals, and made them act like humans.
Jubstacheit is essentially an automaton that cannot progress, but continues operating in perpetuity. His way of existence is just like an old clock ticking away, being forgotten by people before running down.

• The great grail
Five hundred years after the magi departed from Einzbern, a model plan was devised for a wide-area operation device for the third magic using Justeaze.
Einzbern had determined that reproducing Justeaze was impossible.
Their plan of keeping Justeaze safe because she was a unique and valuable model switched to a plan to use that unique model to mass-produce miracles.
(This was not Jubstacheit’s plan, but a consensus of opinion within Einzbern. Because the homunculi were pure, they chose the method with the greatest probability of success. In fact, Jubstacheit was the only intelligence that voted against this.)

Justeaze could only use the third magic on one human over a period of decades. Therefore, using Justeaze as a frame, they would create a “greater” magic formula and save many humans at once.
The plan was to disassemble her magic circuits and replace them with a magic formula, creating a humanoid universe—the great grail.

But Einzbern alone could not start this project.
They were no more than dolls. They had no way to live in the outside world, and they couldn’t handle the complexity of human society.
To create the great grail and reproduce the third magic, they needed understanding and cooperative humans.

Then, in the year 1800, a guest arrived at the winter castle that had continued to produce homunculi.
Makiri Zolken. A magus who had devoted his life to eliminating all the evils of the world, the evils of humanity.
(At this point, Zolken was mostly disillusioned. He knew it was about time to give up, but calling on Einzbern was his last hope. He met Justeaze, and felt a complicated mix of emotions—hope towards fulfilling his ambition, jealousy at her ability to use the third magic, and pity for Justeaze’s eternal youth causing her to “repeat the same day.”)

With Makiri’s understanding and Tōsaka’s cooperation, Einzbern began to create the great grail.
However, once they started, they determined that Justeaze alone was not enough.
They could create a great grail. They could create its core. However, to operate it they would need vast amounts of magical energy, and a lesser grail to control it.
Makiri and Tōsaka devised a ritual to collect magical energy using Justeaze’s ability to connect with the root: the grail war.
Despite being unable to reproduce Justeaze, Einzbern created a lesser grail with similar abilities to hers.

After 10 years, the project was finally complete.
The grail war ritual was successful, and the great grail lit up.
But its first operation ended in dismal failure.
There was no flaw in the great grail itself.
The problem lay in the craftsmen and magi who participated.
Instead of using the precious magic reactor core for the sake of the whole planet, the magi killed each other out of a desire to use it for the sake of their own race or society.
Einzbern had been unable to understand the thought processes of the humans who operated the great grail.

• Irisviel and Illyasviel
Einzbern learned from the failure of the grail war and changed their plans.
Justeaze no longer existed.
While preparing to restart the great grail, they returned to their original goal and focused on creating a perfect homunculus.

As a result, they created Irisviel, a homunculus with the function of a lesser grail. They expanded on her further and Illyasviel, a homunculus that was the pinnacle of Einzbern’s technique, was born.

• Tuners
This is a digression, but separate from the winter castle is the tuners’ building (a small house), inhabited by a family of human magi, not homunculi.
Since the homunculi cannot negotiate with human society, the tuners went into town in their place and barter for needed materials. Traders, essentially.
Still, they are a talented magus family, and possess strong artistry. Humans without strong aesthetic sense could never take care of Einzbern, after all.
The tuner family’s numbers dwindled along with Einzbern’s decline, and in the end only one remained.
It seems he often worked in the castle as a butler, teaching the secluded, medieval-minded homunculi about the outside world.

It’s unknown what kind of conclusion that tuner chose after Illya lost and Jubstacheit shut himself down.

• In summary: so what is Einzbern?
A factory in which homunculi continued operating towards the ideals and goals humans had given them, after the magi had left.
Jubstacheit is something like the factory’s central management program. A monolith. Acht is his terminal.
Even after their creators had given up and died, the homunculi in the winter castle devoted themselves to making their masters’ dream come true.

What lies at the basis of the Einzbern factory and many discarded things is the purity of machines.
Imagine a doll that can speak to its owner, but only a few phrases.
“Hello,” “thank you,” “I’m sorry,” “good night”—“I love you.”
These reactions delight the buyer, but it’s clear that they will soon be disappointed.

“No matter what I say, the doll can only say predetermined phrases. It just keeps repeating that tired old ‘I love you.’ ”
Realizing that the love the doll speaks of is a false emotion, the buyer will likely discard it eventually.
But humans are the ones who see that as empty words and a manufactured fake.
Even if it doesn’t have a “heart,” even if it’s only repeating the same words, there are no lies in the actions of machines.
They innocently carry out the task they were given.
“I love you.”
Though abandoned, forgotten, and scorned as out-of-date dolls, they continue to carry out their mission, unchanged from the time they were designed.
Machines do not lose their worth when a newer model appears.
Their worth (life) ends when humans can no longer bear that purity.

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