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Enforcement Knights (粛清騎士?) are the group that performs the Holy Selection guided by Goddess Rhongomyniad in the Camelot Singularity.


Enforcement Knights are the knights of Camelot summoned by the Lion King into the Camelot Singularity. They are the knights who possessed souls of high rank, but fell short of reaching the level of Heroic Spirit like the Knights of the Round Table.[1] They take form as a kind of living weapon forged using powerful magecraft. They give off the magical responses of humans, but their status also causes them to give off a signature similar to Heroic Spirits.[2] Upon being killed, they vanish instead of leaving a body. Romani Archaman, before knowing Goddess Rhongomyniad's true nature, cannot believe a Heroic Spirit would be able to produce them.[2]

Other than the main Enforcement Knights, Goddess Rhongomyniad also summoned soldiers from all over Britain to act as "common soldiers" utilized by the Knights of the Lion King. Gawain was granted soldiers from OrkneyWP, Lancelot was granted soldiers from French territory, and Agravain was granted soldiers from an unlisted region. Tristan and Modred were not granted subordinates, but Agravain lent some of his own to Mordred. The common soldiers each followed their respective knight rather than the Lion King directly.[1]

The knights retain personalities and individuality, showing anger during the Holy Selection and fear upon seeing Nitocris' giant projection. They use call signs like "Chokhmah 2" and "Markt 3."[2][3] Upon the assault on Camelot, Goddess Rhongomyniad creates knights directly from Rhongomyniad's magical energy more akin to a divine construct than a human. They are more powerful than any faced previously. All the Enforcement Knights begin to disappear after Bedivere returns Excalibur to Goddess Rhongomyniad.[4]

Agravain creates a special group for himself, the Hounds of Agravain (アグラヴェインの猟犬?), modeled after a "fool who fled the court after slaying his brethren in a wild rage." Made stronger through that Mad Enhancement, they "fight like pathetic mad dogs."[4][5]


Fate/Grand Order[]


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