Enhance (エンハウンス, Enhaunsu?), also known as Knight of Vengeance (復讐騎, Fukushūki?)[1] and the Dead Apostle-Killing Vampire (死徒殺しの吸血鬼, Shitogoroshi no Kyūketsuki?), as well as Enhance Sword (Blade) (エンハンス・ソード(片刃), Enhansu Sōdo (Kataba)?), is the eighteenth of The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors. He is said to be stripped of his rank soon after being appointed due to his hunting of other Dead Apostle Ancestors.[2]



Enhance is said to look like Dante from Devil May Cry, and he is referred to as a black shadow.[3] Despite his nature as a vampire and being soaked in a curse able to shock even Barthomeloi Lorelei, he retains much of his Human Will that leaves his eyes looking like those of a human and gives him the remaining scent of a human.


Enhance recently earned his rank by killing his master, the previous eighteenth, to take his place.[4] He was given the title Blade (Enhance Sword) by those who despised him. Around the time of the Aylesbury Valesti, rumors about him began to surface as one who hunted Dead Apostles.


Relatively young for a vampire, Enhance retains much of his humanity, in both mind and body. Contrasting the calm, immortal Dead Apostles who become in-tune with their vampiric sides as they age, he is close to being human and vengeful. In retaining his human side, he can be said to have the most developed willpower and quickness to act out of the Ancestors. He seeks to assassinate all the remaining Dead Apostles for unknown reasons. His hatred itself is his reasoning, and he could not even keep his shape without it.

While Dead Apostles killing each other during their methods of entertainment, territorial wars and power struggles, is not uncommon, he goes beyond that to truly destroy the vampires by killing the head of the clan, annihilating the remaining members, and burning all of their land. Subordinates fighting each other to inherit the title of an Ancestor is common, but fighting other Ancestors, an action almost unheard of, is going against that rule.[5] They normally do not find killing each other as wrong due to their numbers remaining the same, but those who cause disruptions in order to "destroy Dead Apostles" and actively hunt other Ancestors in a manner similar to vampire hunters are considered to be unforgivable traitors. He may possibly say "I pronounce you guilty!" before his kills.[6]


Enhance is first mentioned in Tsukihime by Arcueid Brunestud upon witnessing Ciel having obtained the Black Barrel for use against her. She says that confirms rumors that Ciel had given Enhance "boring knowledge."

He has a role in Prelude where he is one of three people aiming to take the life of Louvre, the newly appointed tenth Ancestor. He enters Louvre's castle in the stomach of one of the horses carrying members of Louvre's family, and his nature as a vampire allows him to remain undetected from their sense of smell unlike a normal human. He first seeks out Louvre's male child, believing him to be his actual target, and destroys half of his body, and then encounters Barthomeloi Lorelei when she happens across him while pursuing Louvre's female child. They briefly battle, and she recognizes him from the rumors. The scuffle lets his target escape despite his wounds. They soon both realize that they were Louvre's children, and then begin to pursue them to keep them from fighting at their full strength. He climbs the outer wall, but they both arrive to find all three dead after DEATH killed them. Enhance reasons that the killer's target was Louvre's powerful mace, and when Lorelei tells him to leave in her anger, he flies away through the hole left in the ceiling.

During a joke teaser for a possible Tsukihime 2, Enhance and five other Dead Apostles in a mutual pact plan to assassinate a sleeping Arcueid Brunestud in England, but he forms an unstable secret alliance with Arcueid's guardian, DEATH, to pursue his own objectives. Their relationship would be one where they would kill each other if given the chance, but they help each other in hunting down Dead Apostles. It is mentioned that he would likely have a leading role.


Enhance, while powerful, is not very strong compared to the other Ancestors. Lorelei estimates him to be twice as strong as Louvre, who is far from the level of an Ancestor himself. He has mediocre skill, and he lacks the supernatural abilities of other Ancestors. Though not able to fully utilize his powers, his irascible and brash temperament, along with his swiftness and willpower, turn him into a very dangerous foe. He is enshrouded in a curse of rage, and only his anger allows him to keep his current form.

He wields the Demonic Sword Avenger (魔剣アヴェンジャー, Maken Avenjā?), stolen from the former number eighteen, which scatters clumps of malice when it is swung and can transform into another stage as it is used. He also wields the Holy Burial Artillery Scripture (聖葬砲典, Seisō Hōten?), a shotgun that fires magical bullets manufactured by the Church that is maintained by a person who loves firearms. Due to his status as a Dead Apostle, the gun rots his left hand with each use, while his partially-human nature causes the nerves in his right hand to be destroyed with each use of the sword. He displays the ability to easily scale walls like a bat, and he can grow a "miserable pair of wings" that resemble neither those of a bird or those of an insect.


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