EreshkigalWP (エレシュキガルWP, Ereshukigaru?), Class Name Lancer (ランサー, Ransā?), is a Lancer-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



The Goddess of the Underworld in Sumerian myth. She freely wields a spear-like cage; at times stabbing the enemy with it, at times imprisoning souls, at times summoning lightning, she is the fearsome ruler of the underworld. Having carried out her duties of administrating the underworld since birth, she is a goddess that disappeared along with the Age of Gods without ever knowing of the world above, or of freedom.[1]

In original Mesopotamian texts, she presided over the growth and decay of crops, bent the dragons and snakes to her will, and freely controlled the Garula familiars of the underworld. The Heavenly Mistress Ishtar, and the Queen of the Great Below Ereshkigal held a rival relationship. Mythologically speaking, the goddess of the harvest Ishtar (InannaWP) was the Great Earth Mother that represented human life while Ereshkigal, who represented human death, was the Terrible Earth Mother.[1]

In the tale of Ishtar's descent, Ishtar made a visit to the underworld only to be killed by Ereshkigal's hand. While she was revived afterward, the reason Ishtar went down to the underworld, and the reason Ereshkigal was so enraged, are never spoken of, and in Fate/Grand Order, they are treated as stemming from them being one and the same. Ereshkigal and Ishtar. Two gods of equivalent existence, or perhaps a divinity divided from what was once a single entity.[1]


This form is not that of the Goddess Ereshkigal, but that of a Pseudo-Servant where she has possessed the soul of a human with a similar wavelength to her's, Rin Tohsaka.[1]

Unlike Ishtar, Ereshkigal does not retain Rin's black hair. Instead, her hair is blonde, much like the Rin Tohsaka of Fate/EXTRA.


Though she claims that her role is merely to supervise humans, like the underworld goddess that she is... "... It's a problem if so many people are coming to the underworld... It's also a big issue creating cages to confine all these souls... I wonder if I can provide them a more comfortable place to be in..." In this way, it's hard to fully conceal her caring heart. She is truly a red angel of the underworld.[1]

« I have no interest in humans. Living things are simply sickening, after all. But if you say you must at all costs, I wouldn't mind going out with you with death as the end goal. »


A passive and introverted nature. Because of the high wisdom and pride she boasts, she sacrifices herself to the duties of the mistress of the underworld, bound by her own design to be the goddess of death and decline. Envying the beautiful, laughing at the unsightly, and killing so that which she desired never passes to the hand of another... or so was Ereshkigal, but due to her assimilation with the young girl she inhabits, she has gained an objective awareness that such things are not good and embarrassing, her brutality disappearing to the depths. But as she is a frank person, once angered, that side will come to the surface, becoming the unfortunate goddess as terrifyingly as told in legends. The principles she act on belong to the goddess Ereshkigal, occasionally making her seem more level-headed and self-depreciating than the young girl serving as her vessel.[1]

She has the same theatrical elocution as Ishtar but occasionally breaks into the tone of an elegant lady. Like suddenly becoming honest, or emphasizing a My, oh my when panicking, those courteous gestures are her base portion coming out. While Ishtar was originally raised as a sheltered girl, the pampering and unbridled freedom afforded to her caused her to develop the speech of a woman of action. Meanwhile, as Ereshkigal diligently carried out her duties in the underworld, it is surmised that her choice of words became that of a sheltered (oblivious) young lady.[1]


Fate/Grand Order[]

Seventh Singularity: Babylonia[]

Ereshkigal detests how she was hated and suffered as a social outcast from the Age of the Gods. "I want to try living as freely as Ishtar. I want to meet someone who accepts that I'm the mistress of the underworld, but doesn't let that status affect how they see me." She even held such a romantic notion. "I won't deny the fact that I'm a villain, but evil, as it is, has its uses for humanity. Why does everyone have to be so afraid of me!?" As she sulked so in her heart, she found the end of the Mesopotamian world before her eyes, participating in the three-goddess alliance and making an enemy of Uruk to save humans in her own way.[1]

She is a member of the Three Goddess Alliance, having joined to safeguard as many souls as possible in Kur out of her love for all humans fated to die.[2] She uses gallû spirits to take people's souls, first eliminating Kutha's population, then targeting the weak in Uruk.[3][4] When the temple matron summons Ishtar into a compatible vessel, Ereshkigal is summoned into the vessel at the same time. She then killed the temple matron by draining her of her magical energy.[4][5] From that point on, she would take control of Ishtar's vessel when the latter is asleep.[3]

She first meet Ritsuka’s party at night in Kutha when she takes control of Ishtar’s vessel, finding herself restrained with a rope woven from lapis lazuli and Demonic Beast hides while she was unconscious. Not knowing they’re talking to a different person, the group asks her why the Alliance is attacking Uruk, what their True Names are, and who summoned her. Ereshkigal explains the Alliance is attacking Uruk because they wish to control the world. She only wants to rule humans, though, while Gorgon wants to rule the world. She doesn’t know what Quetzalcoatl wants, as she’s from a different culture. Essentially, the goddesses are competing to see who can destroy Uruk first and get Gilgamesh‘s Grail. The winner will control the world, while the losers will either leave or become subservient. The goddesses also have a non-aggression pact with each other, and revealing their True Names violates that pact. "Ishtar" then explains the Sacred Temple summoned her, while the Grail summoned Gorgon and Quetzalcoatl. Skeletons of Kutha’s deceased population, including those from the past, then surround the group. Ritsuka undoes Ishtar's restraints when everyone gets ready to run. To repay their kindness, she destroys the undead blocking the group’s path. She warns them not to return to Kutha, and flies off to the northeast.[4]

On the night following Ishtar’s recruitment into the group, Ereshkigal takes controls of her vessel again. She sits next to Ritsuka during their night watch, and unawarely reveals her true appearance when she sneezes. She tells them that Gorgon will never make peace with them, though she can’t understand Quetzalcoatl because of their cultural differences. As for herself, she won’t forgive Mesopotamia for what it’s become, refusing to accept that humans abandoned the gods and tried to make their own world. She believes that will only bring them misery, as human cannot escape the suffering of life or the terror of death. She claims the pain of trying to understand the world was lessened in Age of Gods because they could blame everything on the gods. Thinking that way of life was good, she joined the Alliance to create a world for both gods and humans. Saying she is only telling this to Ritsuka, she calls herself an enemy of humanity’s world before going to bed.[6]

She talks with Ritsuka again in Ur at the night before the group head to Eridu. Sitting next to them, she calls Ur’s people sullen in contrast to Uruk’s. She believes that behavior is correct, as not all humans are strong. There are people who try but fail because they’re unfit to do certain things, which Ereshkigal finds Gilgamesh and Quetzalcoatl doesn’t even try to understand. She believes the weak and frightened will be lost if only the strong and glorious are accepted, and certain things can only be seen from the perspective of the weak. After sneezing (again unawarely revealing her true appearance), she tells Ritsuka that Quetzalcoatl is the apex of all things good, so only evil can harm her. Admitting to her own naivety, given she spent her entire life in her temple, she laments the duty given to her at birth prevented any freedom. She tells Ritsuka that they’re the first person she conversed with as a friend. She gets scared when Fou appears, and asks Ritsuka why they bring him around. Revealing Fou is a spiritual beast that feeds off of human greed, Ereshkigal warns he’d grow into an uncontrollable monster in a year if tossed into a village. She therefore advises Ritsuka to throw him into lava or something if it hasn’t been a year. To her shock, Ritsuka says it’s already been in a year. Ereshkigal then goes to bed, wishing Ritsuka good luck against Quetzalcoatl.[7]

She talks with Ritsuka again on the night after Quetzalcoatl is recruited, unaware that she’s in her true form. She reveals Alliance members are still bound by their pact, even after they leave. Ritsuka then gets woozy, sending Ereshkigal into a panic. Feeling their forehead is hot, she wonders they’ve been infected with a disease. She reprimands Ritsuka for not having any decent rest in a month, saying even hard labor in Kur only lasts 3 days. Therefore, she’ll take over the night watch, so Ritsuka can rest. She then intently listens to Ritsuka recount their adventures through the Singularities. Admiring the humans of each era’s tenacity, she calls them the epitome of unlimited potential worthy of her protection. She laments, though she doesn’t have the freedom to go on an adventure like Ritsuka. Noticing the sun is rising, she advises Ritsuka that they both get some rest.[3]

After Ritsuka’s party passes through the first gate of the underworld in their first step to rescue Gilgamesh, Ereshkigal appears before them as a gallu spirit to confirm that Ishtar shrunk after passing through the gate. She explains Ishtar will shrink and her divinity will be reduced by 1/7 with every gate she passes. Ishtar calls her worse than before, but Ereshkigal asserts Ritsuka and Ishtar would’ve been normally dropped into the pits of the underworld the moment she brought the living. Their fate, however, will be decided by Kur’s laws if they take on the trials of the seven gates. Ereshkigal tells Ritsuka to overcome trials if they wish to defeat her, saying she’ll welcome them as visitors if they’re successful.[2]

When Ritsuka’s party enters her palace, Ereshkigal changes the atmosphere to the equivalent of a mountain top. She then reveals her true form, but to her embarrassment, Ritsuka reveals what happened every time she sneezed during their nightly conversations. Recovering from her embarrassment, she declares she’ll trap every human in Kur as her property, calling it the first choice of her own will. Gilgamesh declares he will convict her under his royal authority for joining the Alliance. Ereshkigal asks him if he is going to kill her with the Dingir in exchange for his life. Gilgamesh replies that will depend on her answer, and asks if she abandoned her duty to protect Sumer’s people and culture. Ereshkigal answers neither her role nor her obligations have changed. In response, Gilgamesh declares her defeat will serve as punishment for her sins. Ereshkigal asks Ritsuka if nobody is going to commend for fulfilling her duty by herself this entire time. Ritsuka is uninterested though since she was only fulfilling her duty. Gilgamesh tells Ereshkigal it’s fine to lament the obligations given to her, and to abandon them for an alternate path. However, bemoaning the obligations she upheld dutifully is evil, and to praise that pain only insults herself. Gilgamesh calls Ereshkigal’s achievements praiseworthy, saying the pain in her heart for her alone. In response, Ereshkigal fights the group in her gallû spirit form. After she is defeated, Ishtar is returned to normal size, and Gilgamesh is unbound from the underworld. Ziusudra then bisects Ereshkigal, though what he killed was her bond with the Alliance. He reveals Ereshkigal’s true reasons for joining the Alliance. Ereshkgial tries to deny this, but she laments about all the people she killed. Gilgamesh tells her that their bodies aren’t buried yet, so she only needs to release their souls from their soul cages to revive them. Ereshkigal is shocked to learn her death toll was negligible compared to Gorgon. She agrees to aid the group as repayment for Ritsuka’s kindness, and returns to her duties.[2]

As Tiamat‘s Lahmu slaughter Mesopotamia’s population, Ereshkigal becomes overwhelmed by the amount of dead souls entering Kur. Gilgamesh contacts her using the Mirror of Kur that she lent him to inform her that Tiamat will arrive in Uruk in two days. As she has paradoxical protection that prevents her death as long as long as life exists on Earth, Gilgamesh asks Ereshkigal to send Tiamat to Kur, where she’ll be considered the last living being, by opening a gate beneath Uruk. Ereshkigal says such a task would normally take a decade, but she confesses she set something up because she hates Uruk, so it should take three days.[8]

She finishes moving Kur from Kutha to Uruk, just as Tiamat is nearing the ziggurat where Gilgamesh is. Ishtar blasts a hole into Kur, killing Gilgamesh, and sending Ritsuka, Mash, and Tiamat down into Kur. Ereshkigal grants Ritsuka and Mash permission to float in Kur, instructing them to gather magical energy in their feet and imagine the ground. When they land, she shows that Gilgamesh’s plan was successful, pointing out Tiamat is being punished by Kur for entering without her permission. She then tries to finish Tiamat off with her gallû spirits, but it’s rendered ineffective as the Chaos Tide corrupts Kur. She starts to panic as Tiamat transforms into her draconic form when Jaguar Man arrives to tell her to continue her previous attack.. They cannot allow Tiamat to return to the surface because if she does, the Chaos Tide will engulf the world in less than a day. Fortunately, Tiamat’s paradoxical restoration is still ineffective in Kur, as both the Chaos Tide and the Laḫmu are part of her. Merlin then arrives, and turns the Chaos Tide into flowers, draining Tiamat’s power. Tiamat grows wings and tries to fly back to the surface when Ziusdra, who reveals himself to be the Grand Assassin the First Hassan, severs her wings while simultaneously forcing the concept of death onto her by reducing her Spirit Origin into that of a normal servant. Recognizing her own mortality, Tiamat unleashes more Laḫmu to protect her while she climbs back to the surface. With her power over Kur returned to her, Ereshkigal gives everyone permission to act in Kur, along with a power boost, so they can slay Tiamat.[9]

After the Singularity is resolved, Ereshkigal starts to disappear from the repercussions of her as the goddess of the underworld helping a living human for free. Ishtar tells her to remove the Blessing of Kur before it’s too late, especially since she finally found someone she can talk to. If she gets another chance, Ereshkigal may not have the same personality or memories she has now. Ereshkigal doesn’t mind that as long as Ritsuka doesn’t change their way of thinking, and remembers her. She then rests, having Ishtar give her thanks to Ritsuka and Mash.[10]

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

Ereshkigal is amongst the "Babylonia" Singularity Servant to aid Chaldea against Demon Gods Pillar, to which her sister Ishtar reacts with surprise as she had thought Ereshkigal has sunk into the abyss to be reincarnated, and thus should not be her previous self. Ereshkigal states that "stuff" happened involving Chaldea to make it possible, but pointedly refuses to go into detail.[11]

Christmas Event: Merry Christmas from the Underworld[]

Though she erased her memories of the Babylonia Singularity, Ereshkigal found herself unable to reincarnate completely. Nergal's malice took advantage of her confusion and told her of Chaldea, convincing her that their memories of her are why she can't reincarnate. Seeing the chaotic state Kur is in, Ereshkigal considered Chaldea a threat and sent Sumerian Fever to destroy the organization. Then, to take responsibility for breaking her oath, she agreed with Nergal to dissolve herself in the waters of the Abyss and hand over her Authority to him,

Ereshkigal later learns from her gallû spirits that Ritsuka and Altera are trying to descend into Kur. Leaving the Abyss, she shrinks the third gate's gatekeeper, Quetzalcoatl, and flings her back to the surface. Ritsuka and Altera soon arrive. Normally, Ereshkigal would commend their bravery and await them at her temple. But since she is making changes to the underworld, she cannot allow them to go any further. She'll allow them to return to the surface under the threat that refusal will be severely punished. Altera realizes Ereshkigal truly did defeat Quetzalcoatl, surprised she could best such a powerful goddess. Ereshkigal tries to explain how things work in Kur, but Ritsuka beats her to it. Ereshkigal is shocked that they know that and dislikes the familiar they're taking with her. She then ineffectively blasts Altera with red lightning after wondering if she's responsible for the decorations in Kur. Altera exclaims that she is Santa, to which Ereshkigal admits she isn't so out of touch to not know who Santa is. She then notices Ritsuka doesn't fear her and instead wishes to talk with her. But she thinks she's jumping to conclusions again and reminds herself how her hopes were repeatedly shattered. Altera tells her that Ritsuka wants her to stop Kur’s attack on Chaldea, otherwise, it’ll be destroyed by tomorrow and Christmas won’t be celebrated. However, Ereshkigal flies into a rage upon hearing they’re from Chaldea, forcing Altera and Ritsuka to fight her.

Altera implores Ritsuka to retreat to the second gate. But Ereshkigal refuses to let Rituska escape and demands to know their name. She gets a headache upon hearing their name, making her wonder if her forgotten memories are related to them. Nergal appears and tells Ereshkigal to return to the Abyss, reminding that Kur will disappear if she isn't present when the ritual is conducted. Ereshkigal tells Ritsuka and Altera to return to Chaldea, but Altera says Ritsuka could die from Sumerian Fever if they return. Ereshkigal reveals however she cannot transfer control of Kur unless she erases everyone who knows about her. She then returns to the Abyss, apologizing that she has no other choice.

Ritsuka and Altera eventually reach the bottom of the Abyss, for which Ereshkigal commends them for their bravery. She then asks Ritsuka why they've come so far before killing them. Ritsuka answers that they've come to help her. Ereshkigal, in response, shows her rotten face and asks Ritsuka if they can still look upon her fondly. She tells them she knows nothing about them, saying any memories she did have are gone. She then explains that according to Nergal, Chaldea needs to disappear for her to disappear and Kur to survive. Altera asks her why she attacked Chaldea, even though she’ll disappear before it succumbs to Sumerian Fever. Ereshkigal answers it’s because Chaldea is a threat for reducing her to such a state. Ritsuka asks why she needs to disappear, and she tries to answer when Nergal’s voice interrupts. He tells her to obey him so Kur can be reborn as a realm of pain and suffering. Ereshkigal complies with his demands to kill the pair so she can finally disappear.

Overwhelming Altera, Ereshkigal again asks Ritsuka why they came. Ritsuka answers they came to help her. Ereshkigal appreciates their kindness but feels she has no right to accept it because she discarded her memories herself. Altera reveals she has those memories and tries to return them to Ereshkigal. But Nergal takes over Ereshkigal's body to kill Altera. Dumuzid arrives, however, and blocks Nergal's attack. He reveals he recovered and safeguarded Ereshkigal’s memories. Altera then returns Ereshkigal's memories to her, and Dumuzid escapes. With her memories restored, Ereshkigal ejects Nergal from her body and returns to her old self. She realizes her mistake and that Nergal only wanted Kur for his own self-gratification. Altera and Ritsuka then help her banish Nergal.

Nergal disappears following his defeat, and everyone returns to the Abyss' surface. Dumuzid reveals once the date becomes December 24, Chaldea will return to December 2017, and Kur will return to December one year prior. While the time difference won't matter if they stay, Ritsuka will either be unable to leave or emerge to find themselves much older or younger. Ereshkigal panics, realizing it's almost midnight. With barely time left, she panics at what to say to Ritsuka after reuniting with them. Ritsuka agrees and smiles, knowing their parting won't be forever. Ereshkigal thanks them for saving her and affirms she will aid them as a Servant. But Dumuzid tells her she must wait a year before that can happen. Ereshkigal says she can wait and promises Ritsuka that she'll come when they call, even if it's not "them" them. She then thanks Ritsuka for being who they are, saying no present could make her happier. Afterward, she and Dumuzid see Ritsuka and Altera off as they return to the surface.

Fate/Grand Carnival[]

Ereshkigal thinks that Fujimaru has grown tired of her, so Dumuzid convinces her to become a ServantTuber to become more popular. She becomes rivals with Osakabehime, who is jealous that Ereshkigal is taking viewers away from her. Eventually Ereshkigal realizes that the real reason Fujimaru isn't using her in her party anymore is because Ereshkigal has already reached maximum bond points.


When summoned together with Ishtar in the Babylonia Singularity, she is not a proper Servant, but rather considered another side of Ishtar, that is summoned whenever Ishtar is, due to them being sister goddesses. She can take control of the body occasionally, but generally has no means of interacting with the world.[12] Although she's an old goddess like Ishtar, Ereshkigal is not as impressive as her in terms of raw power. Whereas Ishtar is a spoiled goddess that got everything she ever wanted, Ereshkigal did not desire anything.[13]

Ereshkigal can only make use of her Authority within the Underworld. Inside her domain, she is absolute law, and every Heroic Spirit and deity will be left powerless if she so desires it.[13] With her authority, Ereshkigal has a number of attacks and security features that can be performed. One of them was even stated by Dr. Roman to have heat comparable to Ishtar's Noble Phantasm and was shown restraining Tiamat's "Titan" form, weakened by the wounds she sustained in her fall to the underworld.[14]

After allowing Dumuzid to leave the Underworld, she gained a portion of his Authority, similar to what happened with Nergal. She was hoping to gain his Authority over sheep, so she could use their wool to warm the souls in Kur, but instead Dumuzid left her with his ability to transform into serpents and antelope. Ereshkigal was not happy gaining a second Authority that doesn't help her improve the Underworld.

The spear in her hand is the blazing soul of Meslamtaea. A grace only granted in this materialized form, the light that warms the depths of the earth.[1] In the anime adaptation of Babylonia, she uses a new attack, Nammu Abzu Gugalanna (ナム・アビス・グガルアンナ?), creating a large, red spear in her ghost form and thrusting it forward. It is blocked by Lord Camelot.

Ereshkigal notably has the ability to understand Fou's speech.


Class Skills[]

  • Magic Resistance (D Rank): Nullify any magecraft ranked D or below. Drenched in the gloom of the underworld, death has become an everyday occurrence, considerably lowering her resistance to magic.[1]
  • Territory Creation (A+ Rank): Freely calls the Seven Gates of the Underworld. The place in which Ereshkigal stands becomes the Underworld in which death easily conducts itself.[1]
  • Divine Core of the Goddess (B Rank): A Skill that expresses one being a perfect goddess since birth. It has the effect of preserving the absoluteness of the mind and body. It mitigates almost all mental interferences, prevents the body from growth, and prevents the figure from change no matter how many calories are absorbed. It is a composite Skill that comprises the Divinity Skill. Since she is a Pseudo-Servant, the skill is only ranked B.[1]

Personal Skills[]

  • Hidden Great Crown (A Rank): The crown of a goddess said to have been created from what she took from Ishtar. Of the heaven and earth, it allows her to make the various graces bestowed unto Ishtar her own, but those effects are made slightly darker (more gloomy).[1]
  • Mana Burst (Cage) (A+ Rank): Ereshkigal is a diligent, earnest, and somewhat pessimistic goddess. On a regular basis, as long as she has the free time, she'll store up her mana in her spear cages to release in battle.[1]
  • Protection of the Underworld (EX Rank): Offered as a pillar of the underworld she came to rule, Ereshkigal's authority. Until her rule comes to an end, she who controls the underworld is the underworld itself, as well as the queen protected by its bounds. Provides support to all allies as well as changing the effect of her Noble Phantasm.[1]

Noble Phantasm[]

Her Noble Phantasm is Kur Kigal Irkalla, an Anti-Mountain type Noble Phantasm. It is the same as Ishtar's An Gal Tā Kigal Shē, but instead of a shot from the great heavens to the great earth, it is the goddess of the underworld's punishment from the great below to the world above.[1] In the anime, it was able to momentarily stop the expansion of Nega-Genesis and hold back Tiamat's "Dragonic Corpus" form, whose strength is like that of a giant's.[15][16]



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    Tiamat - Beast II

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    Strength: A+
    Endurance: EX
    Agility: C
    Mana: A++
    Luck: EX
    Noble Phantasm: -

    One of the creator deities of Mesopotamian myth.
    The gods were born from the union of the freshwater Abzu and the saltwater Tiamat. Then, the gods rebelled against their father, and seized authority over the world from him.
    Tiamat quietly approved of her children’s actions. It was proof that her love for her children outweighed her love for her husband.

    However, the gods then turned their blades on Tiamat. Tiamat wailed and raged, birthing eleven new Magical Beasts to oppose the gods.
    At the end of the war, Tiamat and the Eleven Beasts were destroyed.
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    Unlock: Primal Planet, Admiring the Sky
    Height/Weight: 160 cm ~ 74000000 km²(3)・??kg
    Source: Ancient Mesopotamian Mythology
    Region: Mesopotamia
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil  Gender: Female
    The black mud is also included in Tiamat’s height. However, the mud is made of imaginary numbers, so her weight is unquantifiable.
    Meanwhile, Tiamat’s volume is infinite. In other words, she is a four-dimensional pocket.

    Unlock: Primal Planet, Admiring the Sky
    Tiamat is the womb that was cast aside after the world was created.
    She is the Maternal Sea who was used as the soil to give birth to life, but once the Earth’s environment settled and ecosystems were established, Tiamat was deemed unnecessary and driven out into the world of imaginary numbers. (The Inner World. Lifeless imaginary number space, not a parallel universe.)

    Because the Earth’s ecosystems were established, Tiamat, who randomly designs life, was no longer needed.
    The goddess became nothing more than an obstacle to the process by which life forms acquired the intelligence determined by the planet.
    Since then, Tiamat has been waiting in the world of imaginary numbers for her chance to return to Earth.

    Unlock: Primal Planet, Admiring the Sky
    [Class Skills]

    • Authority of the Beast: A

    This can be considered an anti-humanity Skill.
    It is an ability that is especially effective against Heroic Spirits, Divine Spirits, and all things born from the mother’s body.
    This Skill is not possessed solely by the Second Beast, but also by all Magical Beasts she gives birth to.

    • Independent Manifestation: B

    The Skill to manifest independently in the current world.
    Seven days after manifestation, the Indian Ocean will be smothered black.
    Once Tiamat manifests, she unceasingly gives birth to Magical Beasts, and sets out to devour humanity.
    However, the body of the Second Beast is the ocean itself, so it cannot move onto land. Instead, it is her children’s role to mop up the human race.
    Furthermore, this Skill is an expression of the holder’s presence across all of space-time, rendering her immune to attacks by methods such as time travel paradoxes, and canceling out all instant death attacks as well.

    • Self-Modification: EX

    Tiamat can remold her own Saint Graph using the black Sea of Life.
    Her body can grow from its standard Saint Graph (Femme Fatale) into that of a dragon over 60 meters in length.
    Once Tiamat becomes a dragon, attacks against her of A++ rank or lower are nullified.

    Unlock: Primal Planet, Admiring the Sky

    • Sea of Life: EX

    The Second Beast itself is the sea which gives rise to life.
    It cycles the True Ether of primordial Earth, so its mana supply within this sea is infinite.
    All who are caught and drowned in the black mud are randomly assigned the following Skills: Self-Modification, Life Transformation, Life Fusion, and Individual Multiplication.
    Once these organisms exit the sea to make landfall, they are forced into a cellular-level geis — a nitrogenous base contract (amino-geis) — and automatically become enemies of humankind.

    • Nega-Genesis: A

    A Skill of the same type as Nega-Messiah, which is possessed by the Sixth Beast.
    It is a conceptual bounded field which completely overturns modern evolutionary theory and the predictions of Earth’s genesis.
    Thanks to this ability, the Second Beast has acquired a strong resistance to the Noble Phantasms of Servants created by correct human history.

    • Monstrous Strength: A++

    One’s ability as a monster. This Skill raises the user’s Strength.
    It is at about the highest possible level. This is why Tiamat’s Strength is that of a titan when she makes the black mud into her body and manifests in her draconic form.

    Unlock: Primal Planet, Admiring the Sky
    With the collapse of the cornerstone of anthropic principle, Tiamat managed to return to this world with the power of the Holy Grail. And yet, she was in middle of a slumber.
    Setting aside wherever it was caused by Merlin’s magecraft, she awoke from that sleep due to the attack from Chaldea and set out to eradicate mankind in accordance with her instincts.

    While there is resentment・hatred・sadness for being discarded as someone who had already served her purpose, this is also a deed of indulging in the “joy” of once again repainting the Earth’s ecosystem and having everything come back to the mother.

    Her Class was determined by this true nature described above.
    The goddess of genesis and the likes are nothing but fake names.
    Deserted by humans, this is one of the most rejected great disasters in human history.

    Its name is Beast II.
    One of the seven human vices, the beast carrying the principle of "regression."

    Unlock: Primal Planet, Admiring the Sky
    It is impossible to confirm if Tiamat possesses anything resembling a personality.
    Perhaps she lost her intellect, or perhaps she never had one to begin with. Either is acceptable.
    The only meaning to her existence is to create, raise, and love her children. Thus, she set out to make war against humanity for declaring that it has no need for her.
    It is the functioning of an extremely primitive system: “If I do not exterminate modern humanity, I will be killed.”

    •Motivations・Attitude towards the Master
    One of seven billion. An obvious target to be obliterated.
    While the Second Beast is a repulsive invader to humanity, humans are terrifying aliens (extraterrestrials) to the Second Beast.

    ティアマト - ビーストⅡ





    属性:混沌・悪  性別:女性

















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