EuryaleWP (エウリュアレWP, Euryuare?), Class Name Archer (アーチャー, Āchā?), is an Archer-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



The Far-Flier (遠く飛ぶもの, Tōku Tobumono?), the second daughter of the Gorgon Sisters and the younger sister of Stheno and older sister of Medusa, who were goddesses born from the wishes of mankind for ideal idols, the embodiment of the yearning hearts of men.[4][2] While she and Stheno were "perfect goddesses" who would not age, Medusa had some kind of flaw that allowed her to grow. They should have been three united sisters, but this divide allowed them to become three separate individuals.[4]

14,000 years ago, she and Stheno was present when the ancient gods such as the twelve gods of Olympus fought against Sefar, the giant who fell from the stars.[5]

While Medusa was different from the start, her existence also brought irregularities in the two who were still the same. Due to the jealously of AthenaWP, Medusa was cursed, had the faith of her followers taken away, and was banished to the Shapeless Isle as a monster. She called Stheno and Euralye monsters because they would never grow old, but that was a lie to cover the fact that they were "perfected goddesses."[4]

Out of love for their younger sister, they also decided to live on the island although they were still worshipped. Living peacefully for a time, Medusa fought off men wishing to slay the rumored monster and those who wished to take their goddesses away by force. Loving to toy with men, heroes seeking to court them were met with impossible demands and forced back to their home countries only able to weep. While those challenging Medusa were petrified, those seeking marriage were ridiculed beyond reason until meeting their deaths.[4] Due to a deep hatred developing for the humans, Medusa soon began to travel down the path of a monster. Though they warned her not to rejoice in killing humans, she began to feast on their blood and pleasurably seek out new methods of killing them. As even they began to fear her, she soon left her sisters when she could not bare to been seen in her slowly transforming state, eventually becoming the Gorgon.

They eventually stood before the Gorgon as sacrifices after Medusa was completely gone, trembling while holding hands. Stheno lamented that they had been foolish in letting the situation lead to that state. She had not asked to be protected, but had wished for Medusa's happiness in protecting them to last. Euryale had also given up, but had to take some meaning in Medusa's protection lest Medusa "look silly." Deciding that the sister who protected them no longer being there meant that they had to disappear, they offered themselves to the Gorgon, holding hands in fear while not abandoning that which they held dear. Euryale bid her younger sister farewell, not able to help herself in letting her know that they were the ones who were loved by her. Though the past days would never return, she believed that the three of them would one day escape the temple and return home. She smiled like she had in the past and raised her head as Gorgon devoured them without emotion, absorbing the girls, "the sisters, who were beautiful to the very end," while still alive and having them become its flesh and blood without leaving a trace behind.

When Perseus later slayed the Gorgon after using Kibisis to reflect the nightmare of Breaker Gorgon back at the monster, the "nightmare" she had was that of her time with her sisters, causing her to be paralyzed with the joy of seeing them again as Perseus used Harpe to take off her head.


Euryale and Stheno are identical sisters called the "snow-white Gothic Lolita duo." Her weight in Fate/Grand Order comes from a report from Medusa.[1][2]


Euryale was pictured as the "ideal girl", displaying a carefree demeanor, an overflowing smile, and the essence of purity in her actions and words. It is said that men will tremble in honor and swear to protect her at the cost of their lives should just their names pass from her lips. Unlike their younger sister who is an expert in fighting and disliked humans, she and Stheno perfect themselves as idols who liked humans, welcoming the men visiting the island, comforting them, and sending them on their adventure. Though her image on the surface seems to paint that as the very meaning of her existence, that is only to those observing them from afar. She is a devil who loves everything pretty and cute, freely and unconditionally. A "cute young girl" who thoroughly behaves like a spoiled child and makes men care about her.[2] While she loves humans, it is not as "living beings", but rather in the way of toying with those she likes, embarrassing and driving them to ruin while watching them struggle. In reality, they truly hate men, while their sister is the one who bares them no ill will. They, loved by men, should be destined to be violated by them day after day. Though she despised her fate, Euryale had given up until Medusa became the one to protect them. Due to the "irregularities" caused by Medusa's growth, she would describe her older sister as the "ultimate display of mood swings." As the "impish, cowardly second sister", she would slyly say "If you keep quite, no one will be mad, and if they don't find out, then there was nothing wrong, hohoho." She will only feel slightly guilty sometime later. She loves to tease and belittle Medusa, but does deeply care about her. Along with her sister, they like to suck her blood, noting that it is extremely sweet. Due to remaining the same as her sister eternally, they have a closer link than even telepathy, like two parts of the same body who share the same senses, feel everything the other does, and share the basics of their personalities. They will often speak as if they are one person, using singular pronouns to describe each other.

Although she is in fact endowed with purity and chastity, if one were to get to the core of her character, it is also possible to say that she is a sneaky, moody person. Nobody will be mad so long it is kept quiet, it is not trickery if it is not exposed - she possesses such mentality (however, she will suffer with self-loathing later).[2]


Ritsuka Fujimaru
In regards to the Master, she smiles as if having taken a liking of them, but this is in fact because she is thinking of having fun seeing the course of their ruin. Since this is the first human she has seen after a long time, she wants to have her fill observing their suffering--[2]


Fate/hollow ataraxia[]

She appears in Rider's story. The truth and tragedy of the Gorgon monster are told.

Fate/Grand Order[]

Third Singularity: Okeanos[]

Euryale finds herself in Asterios' labyrinth while running from Blackbeard. She complains about being a Servant, and wonders where her sisters are. She then recognizes who the labyrinth belongs when Asterios himself appears.[6] Asterios serves as her protector, and attacks Ritsuka, Mash, and Francis Drake, believing them to be Eurayle's pursuers. Euryale pleads for his life when Drake prepares to finish him off. She assumes the group came to capture her until Mash corrects her and explains their situation. Euryale reveals Asterios set up the bounded field to prevent outside enemies from entering. Agreeing to remove it, she and Asterios join the group.[7]

After Asterios removes the Bounded Field, the group leave the island. While sailing, Euryale reveals that a perverted pirate Servant is after her. The group eventually encounters Blackbeard‘s ship, Queen Anne’s Revenge, which has been chasing the Golden Hind. When Drake is briefly left frozen by Blackbeard’s perversions, Euryale comments it was the same as her first encounter. She asks Ritsuka and Mash to protect her once Drake starts combats, assuring them she’ll cover them as an Archer. After killing Eric Bloodaxe, the group tries to sail away after Drake shoots out the ropes connecting the two ships. Unfortunately, Anne Bonny blasts a hole in the ship, but Asterios carries it despite his injuries.[8]

Carried to a nearby island, the group head to a forest to get wood to repair the ship. While travelling there, Romani Archaman suspects the Queen Anne’s Revenge is Blackbeard’s Noble Phantasm and its strength depends on its crew size. Thus when Eric was killed, the ship’s magical energy was weakened. The group resolves to kill the rest of Blackbeard’s crew to further weaken his ship.[9]

After slaying some wyverns, Mash gets the idea to use their scales to repair the Golden Hind. Euryale finds her idea brilliant, saying dragon scales are harder than steel if processed. They’ll need someone strong enough to do so, which Asterios agrees to do. Da Vinci informs them they’ll need thirty more wyverns, so the group goes off to find a nest. Euryale has Asterios carry her as they traverse a forest in search of a wyvern nest. The group soon hears someone being attacked by wyverns and go off to rescue them. After slaying the wyverns, the group finds Orion and Artemis. The couple help Ritsuka's party raid a wyvern nest, where they finally retrieve enough scales to repair the ship.[9]

With the ship repaired and equipped with a ram, Drake has Asterios move her ship into the water. Euryale allows it since his wound has healed, comparing his durability to Medusa‘s. As they to enter unknown waters, the group discuss on how to deal with Blackbeard's ship. Drake suggests ramming them while Euryale suggests assaulting them with arrows. Artemis suggests someone can board the ship and cause chaos before the ships collide. She reveals that since she was technically summoned as Orion, she can use his power of walking on water, as he is Poseidon’s son.[10]

The group eventually confronts Blackbeard’s ship and execute their strategy. As the ship charges towards his ship, Euryale pelts Blackbeard’s crew with her arrows while Ritsuka and Mash deal with boarders. After betraying Blackbeard and stealing the Grail, Hector boards the Golden Hind to kidnap Euryale. Asterios tries to save her, but he’s wounded in the battle. After Blackbeard fails to shoot him, Hector boards another ship with Euryale.[11]

Euryale later asks Hector if his master is as perverted as Blackbeard. He replies his master isn’t a brave enough womanizer to hit on a goddess like her. He says it’d be wasteful to not use a Divine Spirit like her, even if she has fallen to the level of a Servant. Euryale replies she is a low-tier Divine Spirit, to which Hector says she is only needed to be sacrificed to the world. She asks him who his master is, but he avoids the question. She and Hector then notice the Golden Hind coming near. Ritsuka, Mash, and Asterios then board Hector’s ship to rescue Euryale.[12]

While the others fight Hector, the Argo approaches their position. Drake fires her cannons at it but they’re all deflected. Hector escapes to the Argo​. Jason demands the group hand over Euryale to him, otherwise he’ll send Heracles to attack them. They refuse, so he sends both Medea and Heracles to kill them and steal Euryale. Medea sends waves of Dragon Tooth Warriors to attack the group. While they fight the golems, Drake tells Euryale to stay with Asterios. Medea then tries and fails to fight the group, so she switches out with Heracles. The group cannot defeat him however because of his Noble Phantasm, God Hand. Drake orders everyone to retreat to the Golden Hind. Heracles then suddenly attacks Euryale, whose death would foil Jason’s plan, but Asterios protects her. As this is happening, Jason orders Medea to retrieve Euryale, but Drake and Mash protect her. Hector then unleashes Durindana Pilum, impaling both Asterios and Heracles. Jason commands Heracles to bring Euryale to him, but Asterios is still alive. Euryale refuses to leave him when the group prepares to escape. She tells him he’ll always be Asterios, no matter what others say. She also begs him not to regret not fully turning into a monster, saying it is a noble thing.[13]

After retreating, the group discusses the Ark that Jason mentioned earlier. Romani warns destroying or opening it would activate the Ark and unleash divine punishment on the surrounding area. Drake and Mash then wonder how they’re supposed to kill Heracles. Euryale comments that they could only escape because Asterios held Heracles back. She finds it foolish that calling him by his True Name was enough for Asterios to sacrifice his life for them. However, she believes it’d be better if they all died in that moment. She finds it hopeless now that Asterios is dead while Heracles still lives. She then gets annoyed that this is the one time Medusa wasn’t summoned. The group then search island to island for Ark.[14]

After three islands turn out to be duds, the group discuss why Medea is pretending not to know the conclusion of her life with Jason. Euryale disagrees with Romani that her age would affect Medea’s memories, as Heroic Spirits aren’t affected by such things. As the group continues their search, Orion is shot by an arrow. The arrow turns out to have a message from someone Artemis knows. The group land on a nearby island to meet the letter’s sender. Atalanta shows herself once Ritsuka confirms they oppose Jason. She reveals the Ark is a Noble Phantasm and its owner was the first Servant summoned in the Singularity. The owner of the Ark, David, then arrives.[14]

David reveals the Ark kills any who touch it. He and Atalanta explains the circumstance of how they met and why Jason seeks the Ark. He reveals that if Euryale, a Divine Spirit, were to be sacrificed to the Ark within the circumstances of the Singularity, it would destroy the era. After questioning Jason’s reasons, the group discuss how to defeat Heracles. David suggests they trick Heracles into touching the Ark to will destroy him. The issue with that plan however is that even a Berserker would avoid touching such a dangerous Noble Phantasm. Since it would be disadvantageous to fight all three, Mash suggests they lure Heracles away from Hector and Medea. Orion suggests they hold up somewhere, but Atalanta says no structure on the island could withstand Heracles. Ritsuka then gives their plan on how to defeat Heracles. Euryale calls it a one-shot deal. Despite the risks, everyone agrees to Ritsuka’s plan.[15]

Following Ritsuka’s plan, the allied Archers launch their Noble Phantasms at Jason, who had just arrived at the island. Like they expected, Heracles goes after Euryale instead of killing the Archers like Jason ordered. The group eventually lure him to the Ark, but he keeps his distance from it. They push him into the Ark after defeating him in battle, draining him of his magical energy unto his death. With Heracles now gone, the group goes after Jason.[16]

As the group chase after Jason, the allied Archers fire upon the Argon while Drakes unleashes cannon fire. When they finally catch up with him, Jason uses the Grail to summon a Shadow Servant to attack the group. After it is defeated, Jason orders Hector to kill the group while Medea protects him. After he is defeated, Hector attempts to kill Euryale, but she finishes him off with Eye of the Euryale as revenge for Asterios. David then tells Jason the truth about sacrificing a god to the Ark. Medea confesses her deception to a confused Jason, and uses the Grail to incarnate him into Forneus, claiming it as her way of protecting him. While the others are doubtful of their victory, Drake inspires them to fight while commanding her crew to hide in the cabins.[17]

After Jason and Medea disappear, Chaldea’s allies disappear with the Singularity now resolved. Euryale comments that her time in the Singularity was boring without her sisters. She would like to meet Asterios again someday, wanting to make fun of his confession of love to her. She then gives Ritsuka a kiss as a reward before disappearing.[17]

Valentine Event: Chocolate Lady's Commotion[]

Euryale and Stheno force Mash through a series of combat trials to increase the hype of Valentine's Day. They and Medusa, whom they forced to participate, are her first trial. Mash defeats the three sisters.

Event: Sanzang Coming to the West[]

Stheno and Euryale play the role of Golden Horned King and Sliver Horned King, respectively. They hold one of the scriptures containing Xuanzang Sanzang's memories.

The two sense a Tang monk has entered their territory of the Lotus Cave, presumably attracted by the aroma from Flat Peak Mountain. If the monk is a man, Gold Horn says to melt him to the bone, taunt him, torture him, then swallow him. Sliver Horn agrees but says if the monk is a woman, they should act like her friend before drinking her dry. Aching with excitement, the sisters note how suitable they are for these roles. They then set a trap by disguising rotten fruit as regular fruit.

However, they're left a little disappointed when Rituska's party discovers the trap thanks to White Dragon Horse's (played by Lu Bu) intervention. Golden Horn and Sliver Horn refuse to dirty themselves by fighting the group, so they call upon Bronze Horn (played by Medusa) to do it for them. Eventually, though, the kings are forced to retreat, leaving behind the scripture.

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

Euryale is amongst the "Okeanos" Singularity Servant to aid Chaldea against Demon Gods Pillar.[18]


In her interlude From Me to My Sisters, Euryale goes to the Shaped Isle with Ritsuka and Mash, taking them to a cave where she says her reward for Ritsuka for helping Stheno is. Upon entering, they are confronted by a chimera, inspiring envy in Euryale of her sister for having one. After disposing of it, Euryale finds what Stheno was keeping in the cave: a message from her saying for both of them to never change if they are summoned together.

Capsule Servant[]

Capsule Servant - shirou gsakura end.jpg

Euryale appears in Capsule Servant as the Commander-in-Chief of the Dimensional Empire MATO (時空帝国マト, Jikū Teikoku Mato?). Alongside Stheno, they use the anti-SAKURA giant humanoid weapon MEDO-SA to battle Shirou.

Other appearances[]

Stheno and Euryale appear briefly in Carnival Phantasm Episode 12.

In Type-Moon's April Fools' Day 2008, she, Stheno and the Masked Gorgon (マスク・ゴルゴン, Masuku Gorugon?) provided an interview in the T Moon Fighting Spirit (Tムーン 闘魂, T Mūn Tōkon?).

Euryale's cameo appearance in Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA.

In Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 2wei!, the eleventh of the manga and the seventh episode of the anime, when Irisviel von Einzbern talks about the power of a big sister, Euryale makes a cameo appearance alongside Touko, Stheno and Kohaku to illustrate Irisviel's remarks.


Euryale is a Perfected Goddess (完成した女神, Kanseishita Megami?) with the power of immortality and eternal youth, differing from the gods of Olympus who had to halt their aging with the golden apples. Born as an "idol", her "divine essence" is to remain the same from the moment of creation to destruction. Despite that, she is of the weakest beings in the world. Possessing no ability to fight, she will starve if left alone, requiring the help of others to survive. Differing from her sisters embodying the concept of "forever young and immortal", Medusa grew and developed abilities that allowed her to act as their protector. Her purpose was to be an "eternal idol", the incarnation of a pure maiden idealized as a never-aging young girl. Her purpose was "just to be loved and spoiled", whose beauty would never be matched by Medusa's best efforts.[4]

She is a deity from ancient Greece and originally not something that could be summoned as a Servant. Also, in exchange for eternal beauty, as a goddess she is the weakest existence in the world. But she became somewhat more sturdy upon turning into a Servant.[2]

Her personal skills are Alluring Euphony (魅惑の美声, Miwaku no Bisei?).

Bloodsucking (吸血, Kyūketsu?) recovers her Magical Energy by a very large amount if she's drinking blood from Medusa.[1]

Divine Core of the Goddess is a personal Skill that express being a perfected goddess from birth. A composite Skill that comprises the Skill Divinity. Preserves the absoluteness of the mind and the body. Repels mental interference and the body does not changes/grows.[2]

Due to her being a goddess, her very nature manifests as a skill called Whim of the Goddess. It bestows several varied effects, but they are not necessarily limited to beneficial things.[1]


Creation and Conception[]

Takashi Takeuchi was the original character designer and AKIRA is the character illustrator for Euryale in Fate/Grand Order.[1][2] Hikaru Sakurai and Kinoko Nasu was responsible for Euryale's Scenario in Fate/Grand Order.[1]


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    Euryale - Archer

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: AKIRA
    Voice Actor: Yū Asakawa

    Strength: E
    Endurance: E
    Agility: C
    Mana: EX
    Luck: EX
    Noble Phantasm: C

    Personal Skills
    Blood-Sucking: C
    Alluring Nightingale: A

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: A
    Independent Action: A+
    Goddesses Divine Core: EX

    Noble Phantasm
    Eye of the Euryale: Goddess's Gaze
    Rank: B-→B
    Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm

    The middle sister of the Gorgon Sisters that appears in Greek Mythology.
    A goddess born as a perfected "image (idol)", "the ideal young girl" - the embodiment of men's longing.
    A young girl of loveliness, who is almost like purity and chastity given shape.
    Has a older sister, Stheno, and a younger sister, Medusa.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 134cm・30kg
    Source: Greek Mythology
    Region: Europe
    Alignment: Chaotic Good  Gender: Female
    The weight comes from a report from Medusa.

    Level 2 Bond
    Unconditionally loves pretty things, cute things without stint and unconditionally hates ugly things. A "cute young girl" who thoroughly behaves like a spoiled child and makes men care about her.
    Or, so she pretends--

    Level 3 Bond
    Although she is in fact endowed with purity and chastity, if one were to get to the core of her character, it is also possible to say that she is a sneaky, moody person. Nobody will be mad so long it is kept quiet, it is not trickery if it is not exposed - she possesses such mentality (however, she will suffer with self-loathing later).

    Level 4 Bond

    • Divine Core of a Goddess: EX

    A Personal Skill that express being a perfected goddess from birth. A composite Skill that comprises the Skill Divinity.
    Preserves the absoluteness of the mind and the body.
    Repels mental interference and the body does not changes・grows.

    Level 5 Bond
    A deity from ancient Greece and originally not something that could be summoned as a Servant.
    Also, in exchange for eternal beauty, as a goddess she is the weakest existence in the world... or so it should be, but she became somewhat more sturdy upon turning into a Servant.

    In regards to the Master, she smiles as if having taken a liking of him, but this is in fact because she is thinking of having fun seeing the course of his ruin.
    Since this is the first human she has seen after a long time, she wants to have her fill observing his suffering--

    エウリュアレ - アーチャー



    吸血 C
    魅惑の美声 A

    対魔力 A
    単独行動 A+
    女神の神核 EX



    属性:混沌・善  性別:女性






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