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« Then, everyone, please clap for me."
"Judgement time - DA-ZE!"
"It's too late to talk your way out of this! To be late to this frivolous, cheating date, this fox can see through it all."
"Now, receive this 'Sunshade Parasol of Master's Most Favorite Deity!'"
"...Please, have a look, Master! »


Everlasting Summer Sunlight - Sunshade Parasol of Master's Most Favorite Deity (常夏日光・日除傘寵愛一神, Tokonatsu Nikkō - Hiyoke Kasa Chōai I-Shin?) is the Noble Phantasm of Tamamo-no-Mae in her swimsuit.

"Sunshade" is something drawn as a "charm against evils spirits." It is filled with a prayer of eradicating the bad bugs that stick to the Master. In a certain world, it is also called "Polygamy Castration Fist". Of course, it is a special attack against males. For a detailed account, Robin Hood is (probably) well-informed.[1]


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