Fafnir (ファヴニール, Favunīru?) is an evil dragon featured in the Nibelungenlied, the Völsunga saga, and Der Ring des Nibelungen.



In Norse mythology and derived tales, Fafnir was originally a dwarf, but overcome with greed for a certain treasure, he transformed into a dragon. He was eventually slain by Sigurd or Siegfried, depending on the tale.

Fafnir is caused by the Evil Dragon Phenomenon (悪竜現象, Akuryū Genshō?), which transforms those who exhibit overwhelming greed into him. Because of this Fafnir is not an individual, but a series of Evil Dragons.

Siegfried slew him and bathed in his blood to obtain a body close to that of a dragon, Armor of Fafnir.[6][3][1]

Sigurd slew Fafnir and ate his heart to gain knowledge, the Crystallization of Wisdom represented by his glasses, as well as a magical energy reactor core in the form of Dragon Kind Modification.[7]

It is unknown who exactly defeated the evil dragon that is common to their legends, and it is even possible that both defeated "different" dragons.[7]




  • Sieg migrating to the Reverse side of the world

Sieg, obtaining Siegfried's heart, is overwhelmed by the dragon blood during the Great Holy Grail War and fights Fafnir in his dreams. It begins to kill him later, but he uses the Holy Grail to accelerate the process and take on Fafnir's form. He, in Fafnir's form, then takes the Grail to the Reverse Side of the World, where there are no humans for it to affect.[8]

Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Hundred Years' War of the Evil Dragons: OrleansEdit

Fafnir appears as an enemy under the control of Jeanne Alter in France in Fate/Grand Order, as her strongest dragon. He is finally defeated by Siegfried in the final battle against Jeanne Alter's forces.[9]

Due to not being completely destroyed, Fafnir later revived, but the dragon was once again slain by Siegfried who sensed its revival.[10]

Fate/Apocrypha: Inheritance of GloryEdit

Sieg, still in the form of Fafnir, is having difficulties keeping control of the Greater Grail, summoning a spiritual body replica of Ritsuka Fujimaru's consciousness from the Shadow Border to aid in the task. As Fafnir, he created a terminal of Sieg to properly interact with Ritsuka.[11][2]

The Eternal Icy Fire Century: GötterdämmerungEdit

Surtr begins taking on aspects of Fafnir due to his extreme greed born from a desire to burn the entire world, not just Scandinavia as he was meant to do. Ophelia Phamrsolone claims to see invisible dragon wings emerging from his back. This Fafnir aspect makes him conceptually weak to Sigurd, as Sigurd himself boasts.

The Mysterious Country of ONILAND!! ~ The Oni King and the Kamuy's GoldEdit

During the climax of the events surrounding Oniland, Moshirechikuchiku Kotanechikuchiku (モシレチクチク・コタネチクチク?) assumed the form of a golden Fafnir-type dragon, due to the mixing of the Kamuy's gold with the legend of Das Rheingold as a result of Sitonai's manifestation (with Sitonai herself as a component of the High-Servant and Illyasviel von Einzbern as the vessel for the Pseudo-Servant).[12]


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