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« Then, this will be quick."
"Singing of pain, playing laments. Failnaught."
"This is my arrow. »


Failnaught: Fantasia of Lamentation (痛哭の幻奏
, Tsūkoku no Gensō
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Tristan.

Tristan’s bow was called a “bow that always hit its target”… but the form of this Noble Phantasm is nothing but a mere “string”. He used the string of his favorite harp, and he flicks off the air by shaking this string, firing what should be called a vacuum arrow. Because the velocity of the arrow, the bow’s angle adjustments, and above all, the loading speed of its arrows are all unusual, it is almost impossible to avoid the entire bullet, no matter how fast the hero is that excels in speed. It seems that the only ways for one to oppose this is by jumping dimensions, move one’s body outside of its range, and so forth.[2]

For the different ways to use this string, Tristan can take up tactics such as tearing up, slicing up and tying down the opponent. Furthermore, if there is a location that is an obstacle, such as a forest, etc., he can insert traps like “foot entanglements (snares)”, and so forth. The instant a foot takes one step onto the mysterious vacuum trap that was laying there, the enemy floats into midair and is chopped up into pieces. How scary.[2]


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