Faker (フェイカー?) is a Faker-class Servant summoned by Doctor Heartless appearing in Lord El-Melloi II Case Files.



Faker's True Name is Iskandar's Shadow (イスカンダルの影武者?). She was the younger twin sister of Hephaestion (ヘファイスティオン, Hefaisution?), one of the generals serving under Alexander the Great. She was taught from a young age by Olympias, Iskander's mother, to act as a body-double and confidant to Iskander, and also acted for her brother at times. For this purpose, she was never given a name, and borrowed her brother's when needed. Combined with spreading rumors of Iskander's appearance as based on her own, so distinctly different from his, she was the ideal vessel to receive any curses directed towards Iskander.

Not accepting these near inhumane circumstances, Iskander attempted numerous times to give her a proper name and identity, all of which she vehemently refused due to her loyalty to him and her desire to continue serving him as his "Shadow".

She is not present in Ionioi Hetairoi, and so Waver does not recognize her.


Faker wears an outfit extremely similar to that of Alexander as a child. She has heterochomatic eyes, with one appearing to be a very pale grey with a slight goldish tint, while the other is blue. When Faker uses her Mystic Eyes, both eyes glow orange.


Faker appears as a haughty young woman, citing herself as the primary confidant of Iskandar, and bears a dislike for Lord El-Melloi II. She grows angered when he refers to himself as Iskandar's subject, claiming to be disgusted because he has no qualifications to be so. She considers him to be similar to Eumenes.

Despite her loyalty, she resents Iskander for never letting go of his dream to see Okeanus, believing he knew it was not real but still desired to seek it out. This eventually caused her to harbor a certain level of contempt for his army and her fellow subjects who unquestionably followed his dream,despite the revelation of the truth that there was no sea at the end of the world, thus explaining her absence in Iskander's Ionioi Hetairoi.

After Gray absorbs some of her mana, she becomes impressed enough to show off her Mystic Eyes of Coercion. At the same time, her warrior's pride compels her to rescue Gray from an avalanche, stating that "Warriors should die on the battlefield."


Lord El-Melloi II Case FilesEdit

Case. Mystic Eyes collection trainEdit

In an ironic echo to Rider's summoning, Faker was summoned by Doctor Heartless using the piece of Iskander's mantle that he stole from Lord El-Melloi II.


Mystic Eye Compulsion

Mystic Eyes of Compulsion.

Faker possesses Mystic Eyes of Compulsion, which give her the ability to forcibly take control of her target's body against their will and can even compel them to speak the truth. It causes the victim physical and mental strain as they are still conscious of their actions.

She possesses Hecatic Wheel, similar to Alexander's Gordius Wheel, drawn by two skeleton Wyverns rather than Divine Bulls; she is similarly associated with red lightning as opposed to Iskander's blue. Her main armament is a short sword akin to Iskandar's spatha, but with two horns curving off the hilt, and she shows the strength and skill to overpower Gray.


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