False Caster (偽キャスター, Kyasutā?) is the "False" Caster-class Servant summoned by Orlando Reeve in the True and False Holy Grail Wars of Fate/strange Fake.



Caster's True Name is Alexandre Dumas (アレクサンドル・デュマ, Arekusandoru Dyuma?), the famous French author. He is the author of both The Count of Monte Cristo, which features the fictional character Edmond Dantès, and the famous Three Musketeers novels.

History Edit

When he was a child, Dumas' father, Thomas, served under Napoleon Bonaparte as a general. He was, however, killed by Napoleon over policy dispute and his ethnic background, being a child of a marquis and a black woman. This left Dumas and his mother in poverty. The young Dumas, however, blamed God for the death of his father and tried running up to the second floor of a building and from there shooting towards the sky, believing the bullet could reach God. His mother slapped him and scolded Dumas for this, telling him that they don't need any more heroes picking fights with God.[1]

Despite their great poverty, Dumas' mother wanted her son to grow up educated. Initially, Dumas despised books and theater, until seeing a play of Hamlet. The play completely changed his life, Dumas learning it completely by heart. However, this was not the actual Hamlet of Shakespeare, but instead a revisioned version by Jean-François Ducis, who rewrote the whole script in his style. The translation was a complete hackjob of Shakespeare's original play, an Imitation-Hamlet. Despite this, it still was the thing that changed Dumas life.[1]

During his childhood, he met Hans Christian Andersen while living in Paris around the time of 1843,[2] and Charles Nodier, another famous French author, during his time as a younger author. Dumas also helped his friend, Giuseppe Garibaldi in his war campaigns in Italy, by smuggling weapons to his forces. In return, Garibaldi helped Dumas establish a museum that searched and dug up ancient relics. This would be the origins of Dumas' ability to create Noble Phantasms.[1]


Caster is a physically large man, with a physique that several officers of Clan Calatin found intimidating. Despite being a novelist, Caster's physique is said to be inherited from his father who was a military man, and it reflects a highly active lifestyle that involved hunting wild beasts to write a cook book; despite the said build, Caster hates doing manual labor. Caster has a light brown skin tone, and light blue hair styled in a buzzcut with his eyebrows connecting to his hairline. He has checkered teeth whose colors alternate between white and red. He wears a blue tailcoat with buttoned white lapel, and a white cravat.


While Caster doesn't consider himself to be a Hero, he doesn't mind being worshipped as one, and instead states that it is his job to create Heroes. He has no interest in the Holy Grail because he doesn't have a wish that would require its power. He doesn't care how the War will develop, what kind of conclusion will result, or anything about it. He simply wants to act as an observer there to spectate, and he will be content with his role in Orlando's plan while enjoying good food and beautiful women.

He is an extremely boisterous man who likes to indulge in pleasure and speaks with vigor while segueing from one topic to another without pause. He likes to make extravagantly blatant lies, such as having slept with Cleopatra VII and Yang Guifei in his resting place and the ability to produce one thousand babies from one hundred women. Orlando pays them no heed, and simply tries to get him back to work.

He doesn't like the constant work forced upon him, causing him to complain to his Master over the phone to get him a woman from a TV advertisement. He is quite taken with both the internet and television, and he likes to tell Orlando about what he has seen during his ramblings. He likes to call his his Master "Bro" because he says they vowed to be brothers over a ‘bonding drink’ due to seeing that Asians love using word on the Internet.

He doesn't like having his power compared to rearranging and rewriting old stories. He thinks that his forgeries cause a commotion, so to say something like "compared to the Original, my creations are more interesting" is a bad joke to him. He goes on a tirade, telling his Master to go die in a ditch, write a script of his hollow praise, read it to his wife, who will be in Caster's bed, and to give him the script beforehand because he is better at editing bad scripts than legends.


Fate/strange FakeEdit

Day 0 Edit

  • Caster talking with Orlando
  • Caster talks to the members of Clan Calatin

Caster is a "tamed magus" used solely as part of his Master's, Orlando Reeve's, plan to win the Holy Grail War rather than a direct participant. He calls his Master during a meeting to discuss their failed plans at keeping complete observation over the Holy Grail War, and begins by asking for a prostitute. He changes topics several times in a brief moment, while also complaining about his workload. Discussing the merits of his abilities drives him into a frenzy, causing his Master to hang up on him during a long insult to continue with his meeting. Utilizing Caster's power, his Master plans on shaking the very foundation of the Holy Grail War by planning "to defeat Heroic Spirits with the power of humans." Caster creates multiple Noble Phantasm imitations, which are given to the police officers lead by Orlando, and they are dubbed the Clan Calatin.[3] He suggested hiring Shirou Emiya to be an ally, but Orlando vetoed the idea, thinking projections would be useless against the Gate of Babylon.

From his own room, Caster observes the Grail War and gathers information about the world. When the police capture the Servant Saber and his Master, Ayaka Sajyou, Orlando delivers to Caster the sword used by Saber, expecting it to be a Noble Phantasm.

Day 1 Edit

The Police station is attacked by False Assassin, who is trying to kill Saber. The Noble Phantasms prepared by Caster initially work very well against her, but when Assassin's Master, Jester Karture, appears and sends Assassin away, the weapons prove to be ineffective against him. Caster is also aware of this, but is unable to fully warn Orlando and the Clan Calatin. Caster also reminisces about the time he watched a play Le Vampire and met Charles Nodier. The police officers are, luckily, saved by Hansa Cervantes, the overseer of the Church, who fights against Jester and causes him to flee.[4] After the battle, Caster informs Orlando that he has received the hydra venom dagger from a certain freelance mage, which he plans on using to create an exceptionally strong Noble Phantasm.[5]

False Caster and Orlando later discuss the sword of Saber, who had escaped the police department. Caster confirms that the sword is indeed not a Noble Phantasm, and instead simply a fancy blade. However, Caster is able to guess that Saber's identity is Richard Lionheart, a famous King of England who Caster is well aware of. When Orlando tells Caster that he thought that the Saber could be King Arthur, due to him using a similar attack to the King's Excalibur. Caster though joyfully explains that Richard was a fanatic about Arthurian Legends, who called everything he could get his hands on Excalibur. This is the origin of Richard's Noble Phantasm.[6]

Later in the day, when Sigma summons Watcher, False Caster can vaguely tell someone is watching him, but decides not to pay it any mind.[7]

Day 2 Edit

Due to some of the Clan Calatin members having lost their weapons, they are sent to Caster, who will prepare them new weapons. He tells them of his past and takes particular notice of John Wingard, an exceptionally brave member, who lost his hand in the battle against Jester. Caster gives him a prosthetic arm to replace the arm that he lost, which also includes the hydra-dagger, making it an exceptionally strong Noble Phantasm. In the end, the officers question if Caster believes they have any chance in the Holy Grail War, using imitations of Noble Phantasms. Caster is not certain of how they will do, but says that even the imitations prepared by him, can make a difference.[1]

During a battle between the Clan Calatin, True Archer and multiple other Servants and Masters, False Caster also appears. He decides to make John a hero, not wanting to let him end up as worthless. Caster then activates his Noble Phantasm, Musketeers' Masquerade, stating that he will revise the plot a little.[8]

As the battle rages on, he walks up to Flat Escardos and his injured Servant False Berserker. Sensing that he's a Servant, False Berserker tries to threaten him by shape shifting into a wolf, but he explains that as Orlando and Flat are allies, he is on their side. He comments he is not sure what to make of Flat and that he knows False Berserker's identity is Jack the Ripper. He casually reveals his true name, Alexandre Dumas, to them. Flat comments that he is a fan of his, and also knows of his father and his son. After hearing Flat's description of his son, he becomes very happy and proud to learn that his son also became a famous writer. He then offers the two his help in taking on True Archer.[9]

Musketeer's Masquerade heals John when True Archer breaks his neck and then enhances his strength and speed to allow him to fight True Archer directly. When False Caster gets Flat and False Berserker's permission, he uses Musketeer's Masquerade to blend their traits together, allowing them to nearly perfectly imitate each other. The two use this in a strategy to fool True Archer and inflict serious damage to him.[10]

Day 3Edit

False Caster enters Orlando's office and tells him what he did. As Orlando had refused telepathic communication with him, he had not been aware of his actions the previous day. False Caster says he is glad he left before the wave of blackness that made several combatants disappear hit. Orlando scolds him for going on the battlefield, as his officers can be replaced, but if anything happened to him, they would have no way to win the Grail War. False Caster says he can still sense the presence of the Noble Phantasms he created, so there is a small chance the officers who wield them are still alive, and he can still sense John Wingard's presence. The two speculate that the missing officers are in a Reality Marble. False Caster reads a newspaper that says a hurricane is heading towards the city and that several people in the US have died under mysterious circumstances.

False Caster says there is a slim chance that he might be able to reach the officers and rescue them, but Orlando refuses to risk him, threatening to use a Command Spell if he persists. False Caster reminds Orlando that he summoned him to make Clan Calatin strong enough to fight Servants, but all he can give them is stories. Every action forms a story that affects the world. He lists the names of everyone in Clan Calatin and says they are the cast of his latest story. Even he doesn't know how it will end, but he wants a front row seat.[11]


Caster is extremely weak compared to those who far surpass humanity, and his Master states even he could easily defeat Caster. He was not chosen for his strength, but rather for his special ability, Sublimation (昇華, Shōka?). The skill involves somehow rearranging and rewriting the legends of Noble Phantasms and bringing them into existence. The ability is caused by the mixing of Item Construction, Territory Creation and Caster's time viewing ancient relics. He compares it creating pure forgeries of the weapons, saying that it is outside of his forte and instead recommending Elmyr de Hory as someone he believes capable of producing an infinite number of forgeries with powerful magecraft. He also possesses an unspecified level of Intelligence-Gathering Skills, deemed abnormal by his Master.

Their actual nature is quite different, as he is capable of giving birth to legends that are even greater than the Originals and making them real. He has created at least thirty weapons with powers that are greater than what were told in legends, and the process is seemingly time-consuming because he thinks he'll be driven crazy from overwork. His Master sees this as vital in defeating Gilgamesh due to mere forgeries not being enough to overpower the King of Heroes. He wishes to utilize his team to quickly overpower him with the enhanced Noble Phantasms before he can draw Ea.

Caster also possesses a Noble Phantasm called Musketeers' Masquerade, which he plans on using to make a hero out of John Wingard.



TYPE-MOON Ace 10 showcased a prototype design for Caster. The design looks similar to what ended up being used for Saint Germain.


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