Fate/EXTELLA LINK (フェイト/エクステラ リンク, Feito/Ekusutera Rinku?) is a video game by MarvelousWP. It was released on 31 January 2019 in Japan, China and South Korea, and 19 March 2019 in the United States and Europe.[1] It is the sequel to Fate/EXTELLA.


Fate/EXTELLA LINK takes place after the events of Fate/EXTELLA. A new threat has arisen to SE.RA.PH, in the form of a mysterious conquering "Great Emperor" (later revealed to be Karl der Große), who seeks to control all of SE.RA.PH through a mind control process dubbed "Oraclization".

When Hakuno Kishinami and the child Altera are accosted by Attack Programs while on a walk, they are rescued by a new Saber-class Servant who identifies himself as Charlemagne. The newcomer joins forces with Hakuno and his/her existing Servants Nero Claudius and Tamamo-no-Mae, working together to gain new allies to match Karl's followers and thwart his plans.

There are three routes with 27 stages between them, each representing a different sequence of events through which victory over Karl might be achieved.


All 16 Servants from Extella return in Link alongside 10 newly added Servants, for a total of 26.

Returning Servants[]

New Servants[]


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Fate/EXTELLA LINK retains the same mechanics as its predecessor with additional features and changes.


  • Stages now have more varied mission objectives that need to be completed the stage. One example is to conquer a sector with a Mana Point to remove the buff on an enemy Servant.
  • Noble Phantasms no longer require collecting three Phantasm Circuits to activate them. Instead there is a Noble Phantasm gauge filled by collecting golden mana spheres from defeated enemies while Moon Drive is active, or by picking up Phantasm Circuits on the map.
  • Extella Manuevers are replaced by Drive Skills, and many normal attack combos are replaced by Active Skills.
  • Rather than having one/two Servants fixed for each arc as in Extella, any Servant unlocked within a story route can be selected for subsequent story missions. After completing one route, an option is provided to use any Servant ever unlocked in any story mission.
    • It is no longer possible to switch between Servants in the middle of a stage.
  • Acquiring several Install Skills of the same type will combine them automatically.
  • The mini-map now gives a clearer indication of the current locations of enemies and allies, including their current status.
  • Attacking enemies from behind inflicts more damage. Servants with cloaking abilities (Li Shuwen and Robin Hood) can deal even more damage from behind.
  • Side Stories is replaced by Extra Battle.

New Features[]

  • Active Skills: special actions that may deal greater damage or having a greater range than normal attacks, each requiring a cooldown before they can be reused. Each Servant have their own unique set of Active Skills. Leveling up a Servant will grant a new Active Skill while strengthening existing ones. Each Active Skill categorized by a color that designate their type: Blue is attack, Purple is movement limitation, Orange is strengthening, Green is healing, and Yellow is countering.
  • Drive Skill: a powerful attack that can activated while Moon Drive is active, but activating it will instantly end Moon Drive.
  • Class Skills: Active Skills that have greater effect on certain Servant classes. The class of the strengthened skill is indicated by the class icon. Saber and Assassin strengthen close range attacks skills. Lancer and Rider strengthen dash attack skills. Berserker and Ruler strengthen area attack skills. Archer strengthen long range attack skills. Caster strengthen discharge attack skills. Class Skills for classes other than the Player Servant are gained by either linking with allied Servants or equipping an Install Skill specific to a class.
  • Base Camp: Charles Patricius, a flying fortress that serves as Hakuno's base of operations divided into My Room, Barracks, and Strategy Room. Hakuno can also walk around the camp, and converse with Servants. Special dialogue between Servants can also be unlocked depending on the currently selected Servant and the Servant being conversed with.
    • My Room: Servants are selected, conversed with, customized, and Mystic Codes are crafted and equipped here.
    • Barracks: Servants not currently in use can be conversed with in their personal rooms here. The Bond Level with a Servant can also be checked here.
    • Strategy Room: Serves the same function as My Room with the addition of assigning Servants to the Player Servant's Support Team before heading to battle.
  • Hakuno appears on the battlefield to command their Servants. If the enemy forces them to retreat, the battle will be lost. Servants in the same sector as Hakuno will reduce the cooldown of their Active Skills. If they are captured, Code Casts and Command Spells become unavailable.
  • Rush Stop: An action triggered by unleashing a combo that ends with a Class Skill to launch an enemy into air.
  • Rush Attack: A flurry of attacks that can unleashed during Rush Stop.
  • LINK State: When the Player Servant is near allied Servants, indicated by a line connecting them, they will share Class Skills with them. Triggering a Rush Attack while in LINK state will prompt nearby allied Servants to join in the attack.
  • Mystic Code+: Mystic Codes that are stronger than base Mystic Codes that earned by completing a stage with an EX rank.
  • Support Team: Servants selected to aid the Player Servant under specific circumstances. For example, they may guard the player from an enemy attack, or join the player in an attack. A Servant's support actions will evolve based on their Bond Level.
  • Secret Folder: An item folder containing rare Install Skills not earned from defeating Aggressors. Opening a Secret Folder requires defeating the enemies that appear in the circular area surrounding it.
  • Extra Battle: a mode where the player can complete special stages, some are extra difficult versions of those in the story. Experience and Install Skills are acquired in greater quantities in this mode than in regular stages.
  • New Attack Programs
    • Gatekeeper: a new Attack Program that seals off a sector with a wall. Defeating it will disable the wall.
    • Golden and Sliver Scouts: Golden Scouts are Attacks Programs that drop a large amount of QP. Sliver Scouts drop experience items instead. Both variant will instantly flee if the Player Servant gets too close. They are rare Attack Programs not guaranteed to be in every map. An icon will display on the minimap to indicate the Player Servant is in the same sector as Golden or Sliver Scout.
  • Player Servants can now be teleported to any Sector of a map at the cost of one stroke of the Command Spell.
  • Double Skill: a fusion of two sigma-level (Σ) Installation Skills that combines the effects of both into one skill at cost of QP. These skills are indicated by their white color.
  • Multiplayer: an online 4v4 competitive game mode.
    • King of the Hill: Each team competes to occupy Score Zones in a sector to earn points. The team that occupies a Score Zone unopposed will earn points every second. Whichever the team that earns the maximum number of points, or has more points when the match time expires, wins. If both teams have a Servant occupy the same Score Zone, neither will earn points until one forces the other out. The Score Zone will periodically move to different Sectors. If, when time expires, the losing team still has Servants occupying the Score Zone, the match will continue in Sudden Death. If the losing team can still occupy the Score Zone, they have a chance of earning enough points to win. However if that team's Servants are driven out the Score Zone, their team will lose immediately. While in Sudden Death, the Score Zone will not move.
    • Class Tower: Structures that periodically appear during the match, each keyed to a certain class. Servants whose class matches a tower will be able to attack and take control of it. When a tower is taken, the team who took it will gain a buff, such as increased attack or defense. The buff will be disabled though if the tower is attacked and deactivated; any class can deactivate a tower. Some Class Towers will fill the Nobel Phantasm gauge to the max. Conquering these particular towers is the only way to use Noble Phantasms in Multiplayer.


XSEED GamesWP announced on 11 April 2018 that they will localize the game in North America as Fate/EXTELLA: Link in Winter 2018.[2] [3]


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Fate/EXTELLA LINK received "generally favorable" reviews on Metacritic getting a metascore of 79/100 on PC,[4] 75/100 on PS4,[5] and 74/100 on Nintendo Switch.[6]


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