Fate/EXTRA: Last Encore (フェイト/エクストララストアンコール, Feito/Ekusutora Rasuto Ankōru?) is an anime produced by ShaftWP that started airing January 27, 2018 on TV in Japan.[1] It started streaming January 31, 2018 on Netflix Japan[2] and June 30, 2018 worldwide on Netflix.[3]


« Through "Last Encore", I tried to make it something that feels different depending on whether you know the premise.
For the people who will watch this anime as their first "EXTRA" experience, I want this to be the starting point where they become interested in the original game and the comics (5 volumes in total, on sale from Kadokawa!)
For the people familiar with the original game, I want them to go "What...?" at the differences.
So people can have fun playing EXTRA after watching the anime, and people can have fun watching the anime after playing the game.
I hope we made something that can be enjoyed both ways. »

(Kinoko Nasu)

The structure of the Moon Holy Grail War is extremely different from that the original Fate/EXTRA. Chakravartin, Saver's Noble Phantasm, has been deployed, and it has overwritten the rules of the Holy Grail War. Time has constantly been progressing since the war started, with those from the preliminaries arriving even while others are fighting. As of Hakuno and Saber's arrival, nearly one thousand years has passed and the current year is 3020 A.D. Humanity has dwindled, and only one hundred thousand people remain alive on earth. Those in the Moon Cell are said to be the last of humanity.

Episode List[]

Oblitus Copernican Theory[]

# Title Original airdate English airdate
1 "Prateritus Limbus Vorago" / "The Present Lies at the Bottom of an Olden Limbo – Preteritus Limbus Vorago -"
Transcription: "Ima wa kyū kin goku no soko -pureteritto~usu・rinbusu・vorāgo-" (Japanese: 今は旧き辺獄の底 -プレテリトゥス・リンブス・ヴォラーゴ-)
January 28, 2018 June 30, 2018
Hakuno fells a a rage build up inside of him as he lives through the repetitive virtual world of SE.RA.PH., and if fills him with a sense of purpose.
2 "Dead Face" / "Dead Phase – Dead Face -"
Transcription: "Shisō -deddofeisu-" (Japanese: 死相 -デッドフェイス-)
Feburary 14, 2018 June 30, 2018
Saber proudly introduced herself and prepares Hakuno for the war ahead. But finding another master to battle proves to be harder then expected.
3 "Golden Wild Hunt" / "The Night of the Golden Hind and the Storm – Golden Wild Hunt -"
Transcription: "Kogane shika to arashi no yoru -gōruden・wairudohanto-" (Japanese: 黄金鹿と嵐の夜 -ゴールデン・ワイルドハント-)
Feburary 11, 2018 June 30, 2018
Hakuno and Saber meet Rin, a self-proclaimed resistor. Hakuno learns that he must kill Shinji, the Floor Master, in order to ascend to the next level.
4 "No Face May King" / "Faceless King – No Face May King -"
Transcription: "Kao no nai ō -nōfeisu・meikingu-" (Japanese: 顔の無い王 -ノーフェイス・メイキング-)
Feburary 18, 2018 June 30, 2018
After making it to the next level, Hakunmo & saber are immediatly ambushed. Just as things seem hopeless, they meet a stranger named Rani VIII.
5 "Yew Bow" / "The Bow of Prayer – Yew Bow -"
Transcription: "Inori no yumi -ī・bau-" (Japanese: 祈りの弓 -イー・バウ-)
Feburary 25, 2018 June 30, 2018
Rani VIII tells Hakuno about the Floor Master, Dan Blackmore, and they learn why he can never ascend -- no matter how many lives he takes.
6 "The Queen's Glass Game" / "Perpetual Engine Maiden Empire – Queens's Glass Game -"
Transcription: "Eikyũ kikan・shōjo teikoku -kuīnzu・gurasugēmu-" (Japanese: 永久機関・少女帝国 -クイーンズ・グラスゲーム-))
March 4, 2018 June 30, 2018
After ascending to the mysterious third level, Hakuno meets Alice, a cyber ghost living alone in this haunted wonderland.
7 "Nursery Rhyme" / "A Story for Someone's Sake – Nursery Rhyme -"
Transcription: "Dareka no Tame no Monogatari – Nāsarī・Raimu –" (Japanese: 誰かの為の物語 -ナーサリー・ライム-)
March 11, 2018 June 30, 2018
The only way out of the time loop they're trapped in is to defeat Alice. Hakuno is hesitant, despite knowing how many she's killed before.
8 "Bajiquan" / "No Second Strike – Dead End -"
Transcription: "Nani Da – Deddo・Endo –" (Japanese: 无二打 -デッド・エンド-)
March 18, 2018 June 30, 2018
Rin gets them ready for the fifth level, where a Berserker wanders. Theres no Floor Master, but something perhaps much worse.
9 "Aestus Domus Aurea" / "Golden Theater of the Deranged – Aestus Domus Aurea -"
Transcription: "Maneki tou kogane gekijō – Aesuto~usu・Domusu・Aurea –" (Japanese: 招き蕩う黄金劇場 -アエストゥス・ドムス・アウレア-)
March 25, 2018 June 30, 2018
A familiar looking girl also named Hakuno Kishinami appears. Later Saber tells the male Hakuno that she's ready to take on the Berserker once again.
10 "Unlimited/Raise Dead" / "Infinite Wreckage – Unlimited/Raise Dead -"
Transcription: "Mugen no zangai – Anrimiteddo/Reizu・Deddo –" (Japanese: 無限の残骸 -アンリミテッド/レイズ・デッド-)
April 1, 2018 June 30, 2018
Now on the sixth floor, Hakuno and Saber are suddenly attacked by a swarm of being who look just like Rin and Rani.

Illustrias Geocentric Theory[]

11 "Excalibur Galatine" / Resurrected Sword of Victory – Excalibur Galatine –
Transcription: "Tenrin suru Shouri no Ken – Ekusukaribā Garatīn –" (Japanese: 転輪する勝利の剣 -エクスカリバー・ガラティーン-)
July 29, 2018 October 3, 2018
Hakuno and Saber reach the final floor, where a thousand years ago, a previous incarnation of Hakuno defeated the Master before perishing.
12 "Chakravartin" / Turner of the Wheel – Chakravartin –
Transcription: "Tenrin Jōō – Chakura Varutin –" (Japanese: 天輪聖王 -チャクラ・ヴァルティン-)
July 29, 2018 October3, 2018
Now back to the lowest floor, it seems as if Hakuno and Saber have to start over again -- and they're running out of time.
13 "Olympia Plaudere" / Rose of Cheers – Olympia Plaudelet –
Transcription: "Kassai no Bara – Orinpia Puraudēre –" (Japanese: 喝采の薔薇 -オリンピア・プラウデーレ-)
July 29, 2018 October 3, 2018
At long last, the final battle begins. Hakuno's ultimate opponent Twice H. Pieceman reveals his true identity and the reasons for conducting this war.


  • Dead Face - "The countenance of death. An extremely rare strengthening phenomenon that came to be after the completion of the Chakravartin."
  • Chakravartin - The mysterious circle that appeared in the sky upon the beginning of the Grail War. It has replaced SE.RA.PH as the main administrator of the war.
  • Floor Master - Floor Masters are special Masters chosen for each of the seven floors of SE.RA.PH after the advent of Chakravartin.


Opening Theme:

  • "Bright Burning Shout" by Takanori Nishikawa

Ending Theme:

  • "Tsuki to Hanataba" (月と花束; The Moon and a Bouquet) by Sayuri


HAKUNO Kishinami (岸浪ハクノ?) (Male)
The male version of HAKUNO is shown to be the main protagonist. He is not the real Hakuno Kishinami, with both his name (in Japanese) and Command Spell being different than normal.
Hakuno Kishinami (Female)
Hakuno was the Master of Saber in the original Holy Grail War. She and Saber lost to Twice H. Pieceman and Saver. She is one of the various victims of Twice who gave rise to the creation of HAKUNO after the Holy Grail War was shut down.
Saber (Nero Claudius)
Saber is the Servant of Hakuno and HAKUNO. She has participated in a previous Holy Grail War with Hakuno, defeated by Twice and Saver. She is now the Servant of HAKUNO.
Rin Tohsaka
Former Master who lost her Servant. She has become a Demi-Servant taking on the attributes of Cú Chulainn.
Former Master who lost her Servant. She has become a Demi-Servant taking on the attributes of Lu Bu.
Misao Amari
Master fighting in the Holy Grail War
Rider (Vánagandr)
Amari's Servant, only appearing in the Drama CD
Shinji Matou
Rider's Master, Floor Master of the first floor
Rider (Francis Drake)
Shinji's Servant
Dan Blackmore
Archer's Master, Floor Master of the second floor
Archer (Robin Hood)
Dan's Servant
Caster's Master, Floor Master of the third floor
Caster (Nursery Rhyme)
Alice's Servant
Julius B. Harwey
Master of Berserker who resides on the fifth floor. He is a Dead Face. The Floor Master is already deceased, but he attacks HAKUNO despite a battle not being necessary to ascend.
Berserker (Li Shuwen)
Julius' Servant. Like in Fate/EXTRA, he has been forcibly changed into Berserker instead of an Assassin.
Leonardo B. Harwey
Floor Master of the seventh floor
Saber (Gawain)
Leo's Servant
Twice H. Pieceman
Mastermind behind the current state of the Holy Grail War
Twice's Servant, leaves the world at some point after Twice defeats Hakuno
Sakura Matou
Advanced AI in charge of caring for Masters
Kirei Kotomine
Advanced AI in charge of managing the Holy Grail War. He fades away after Hakuno is declared the 129th Master, saying his duty is done.
Archer (Nameless)
Archer appears as one of the many Effigies meant to purge the school of remaining NPCs and Master candidates after 128 have been selected. Attempting to kill Hakuno, Saber is summoned to defeat him.
Darius III
Servant sold to Shinji by his Master
Servant sold to Shinji by his Master
Servant sold to Shinji by his Master
Astronaut Servant
Shinji's opponent in the Holy Grail War
Suzuka Gozen
Dan Blackmore and Robin Hood's opponent in the Holy Grail War. She and her Master defeat them, Dan subsequently being sent to the Forest of Regret.
Fuma Kotaro
Servant killed by Dan and Robin on the second floor
Floor Master of the fourth floor and Servant of the fourth floor
The events of ascending the fourth floor are skipped, so details are unknown.


The series aired from January 27, 2018 to March 31, 2018 and finished broadcasting with the total of 10 episodes. 3 more specials are set to air at a certain point and time. The first one, Fate/EXTRA: Last Encore - Illustrias Geocentrism, will air on July 2018. It is later confirmed to start airing July 29, 2018.[2]



Other media[]

Drama CDs[]

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore ORIGINAL DRAMA CD 1 "Holy Grail War of Amari"[]

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore ORIGINAL DRAMA CD 1 "Holy Grail War of Amari" (Fate/EXTRA Last Encore オリジナルドラマCD1 「あまり者の聖杯戦争」?) is the first drama CD included with volume one of the Last Encore blu-ray release.

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore ORIGINAL DRAMA CD 2 "Tales Told by the Fox"[]

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore ORIGINAL DRAMA CD 2 "Tales Told by the Fox" (Fate/EXTRA Last Encore オリジナルドラマCD2「狐の語るおはなし」?) is the second drama CD included with volume five of the Last Encore blu-ray


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