Fate/EXTRA Record (フェイト/エクストラ, Feito/ekusutora?) is an upcoming remake of Fate/Extra being published by TYPE-MOON Studio BB.






Hakuno Kishinami
Rin Tohsaka
Shinji Matou


Saber (Nero Claudius)
One of three Servants available to Hakuno. Similar to Artoria Pendragon, Nero is female. While she was notorious as a tyrannical emperor and for her arrogance as an artist with supremacy comparable to the gods, Nero is a kindhearted individual who wanted what was best for her subjects. Her Noble Phantasm is Aestus Domus Aurea.
Archer (Nameless Hero)
One of three Servants available to Hakuno. Like his counterpart in Fate/stay night, Archer is not a heroic spirit from legend, but a human who strived to be an "Ally of Justice". He has made peace with his past self and is less cynical in Fate/EXTRA. Though classified as an Archer, he mainly wields a pair of short swords and excels in the magecraft of projection. His Noble Phantasm is Unlimited Blade Works.
Caster (Tamamo-no-Mae)
One of three Servants available to Hakuno. Supposedly a nine-tailed fox who won the favour of Emperor Toba as a beautiful and knowledgeable courtesan, Tamamo-no-Mae is believed to be a facet of the sun goddess Amaterasu. By becoming a Heroic Spirit to fulfill her wish of "becoming a good wife," her true power has been limited. Her Noble Phantasm is the Eightfold Blessing of Amaterasu.
Rider (Francis Drake)
The Servant of Shinji Matō, in contrast to history, is a hedonistic woman who lives entirely for the moment and finds value only in ephemeral aspects of life, making her incompatible with Heroic Spirits like Gilgamesh and Tamamo-no-Mae. In addition to her accomplishments in circumnavigation, she is known for her role in defeating the Spanish Armada, which gave rise to the Age of Exploration for England. As a pirate, she favours using pistols in combat and is notably cunning. Her Noble Phantasm is Golden Wild Hunt.


Fate/EXTRA Record will retain the same exploration gameplay featured in the original with a redone interface. Combat will no longer retain the Rock, Paper, Scissors mechanic from the original where all actions were selected before combat initiates. Instead actions are selected from a rotating list of commands with each costing a specified amount of AP with the first action initiating combat, and more can be selected from there if there's enough AP available. Both combatants will have their own turns, instead of exchanging blows like in the original. There is now a guard gauge which depletes depending on the damage of the enemy's initial attack. A fully depleted guard gauge will likely trigger a guard break. Multiple Attack Programs will be featured in combat.


Fate/EXTRA Record was first announced on July 22, 2020 as the culmination of a week long countdown celebrating the tenth anniversary of Fate/EXTRA.

Kazuya Niinō, head of Studio BB, announced that the mana transfer scene in the infirmary would be changed in the remake to focus on the protagonist and their servant.[1]



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