Fate/Extella Link (フェイト/エクステラ リンク, Feito/Ekusutera Rinku?) is a video game by Marvelous. It is set for release on June 7th, 2018 in Japan, March 19, 2019 for the United States and Europe with a worldwide release yet to be announced.




Set after the events of Fate/Extella


All 16 Servants that were playable in the previous game, Fate/Extella, are confirmed to be returning in this game alongside newly added Servants.

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Fate/Extella Link will have the same mechanics as its predessor with additional features and changes. Maps will have a various missions that need to be completed while conquering the map. These can include rescuing a character, defeating a designated target, or destroying jammer. Servants now deal more damage to each other if hit from behind. More enemies other than Attack Programs will be included, such as the Athanatoi and Iskandar's soldiers. Hakuno will also join their Servants on the battlefield, and any sector conquered with Hakuno will gain an advantage over opposing faction. However, if they are captured by the enemy, Code Casts cannot be used.

Servants can equip themselves before battle with special actions called Active Skill, which are earned through leveling up the Servants. Each Active Skill has a class property that enhances the abilities of the Servant depending on the class, such as enhancing close-ranged attacks if Saber. Servants can also continuously attack and use their Active Skill to weaken the enemy Servant, enabling the opportunity to use a Active Skill with a class property that matches their own class to unleash an continuous attack called Rush. Servants can also link with their allies to enhance their class properties, and using Rush during this state will cause all linked Servants to attack simultaneously. Defeating enemies will cause magical spheres to drop, which fill a gauge when retrieved and allow for the activation of Moon Drive once said gauge. During this state Servants can release a portion of their Noble Phantasm to eliminate groups of enemies in the same vein as the Extella Maneuver from the previous game called Drive Skill, however using it will end Moon Drive. Noble Phantasms no longer require the Servant to collect three Phantasm Circuits to release them, instead Servants only need to defeat enemies while Moon Drive is activate to make them drop golden magical spheres to fill a gauge that allows the activation of the Noble Phantasm once said gauge is filled. Install Skills return with a new white category, and specific skills can be synthesized to create a Double Skill that combines the effects of both skills. Players can also have another Servant support their main Servant such as guarding against an enemy attack or attacking together when an Active Skill is used. Servants with higher bond levels will have more support actions available to them.

Hakuno can now use one of their Command Spells to transfer their Servant to a different sector. Mystic Codes can now grant Install Skills in addition to Code Casts. Hakuno can also walk around their base camp, where they can speak with their Servants in their rooms. In addition, Hakuno's current Servant will follow them and have conversations with the other Servants depending on who they are. The bond level with a Servants can now be increased by supporting them with Code Casts during battle not just through conversation or completing side missions for them.

An online 4v4 competitive multiplayer will be included. Each team will compete for points by the score area of a sector. The team that gains the maximum number of points by the end is declared the winner. However, points cannot be gained while the opposing team occupies the scoring area; defeating the occupying enemy servant will free the area. Score area will also move to another sector when enough time passes, even when it is occupied. Class Tower will also appear throughout the course of the match. Damaging and suppressing the Class Towers will grant various bonuses to the Servants, such as increased attack, increased defense, or fill their Noble Phantasm gauge. Like the Servants though, each tower has a class, and they can only damaged by a Servant whose class matches the tower's own. Controlled towers can be damaged by any Servant class, and damaging them enough will negate any bonuses that were granted.


XSEED Games announced on 11 April 2018 that they will localize the game in North America as Fate/Extella: Link in Winter 2018.[1] [2]


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