Fate/Grand Order: Final Singularity - The Grand Temple of Time: Solomon is an animated adaptation of the eighth and final chapter of Fate/Grand Order: Observer on Timeless Temple, covering the events of the Solomon Singularity. It was produced by CloverWorksWP and released in cinemas on July 30, 2021.


Adaptation Differences[]

  • Ritsuka uses a new Mystic Code that allows them to summon up to seven Servants by utilizing their nervous system as substitute Magic Circuits.
  • The scene where "Solomon" invades Mash's dreams disguised as Romani Archaman and tries to convince her of the futility of life and to hate and reject humans is from the Babylonia Singularity prologue.
  • Ritsuka and Mash drive a vehicle built by Leonardo da Vinci.
  • The discussion about "Solomon" possibly being a fake is done when Ritsuka and Mash arrive in the Singularity, instead of on their way to the throne of "Solomon".
  • Charles-Henri Sanson and Alexander do not arrive with the other Heroic Spirits, instead they are summoned by Ritsuka to fight Lev Lainur Flauros. Vlad III (EXTRA) is also summoned to fight him.
  • Medea Lily appears alone, instead of alongside her adult self.
  • Stheno does not appear. Also save for Jeanne d'Arc and Nero Claudius, none of the Heroic Spirits speak with Ritsuka and Mash in the slightest. They also do not converse with one another.
  • Ritsuka and Mash ride Bucephalus to the throne of "Solomon".
  • Geronimo, Artemis, and Altera do not arrive with the other Heroic Spirits, instead they're summoned by Ritsuka to fight "Solomon".
  • Nero, Francis Drake, Enkidu, Jeanne, Mordred, Florence Nightingale, and Bedivere fight Goetia until they're all unsummoned by him.
  • With the exception of Edmond Dantès, who Ritsuka summons for the final shutdown against Goetia, and Fuuma Kotarou, none of the Hero Spirits who came from event Singularities appear. The Demon Gods of the Trash Heap also don''t appear.
  • Save for Flauros, none of the Demon Gods speak. They also do not go into disarray when their unity is broken by Solomon's Ars Nova.
  • Flauros's questioning the Heroic Spirits why they aid humanity is done instead by Goetia. Gilgamesh doesn't respond and his last conversation with Jeanne is absent.
  • The scene with Fou reviving Mash is cut off for the most apart excluding a small part of it. Though the end-credits do feature Fou explaining his actions to Mash there.




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