Fate/Zero Next Encounter

Fate/Zero [Next Encounter] (フェイト/ゼロ ネクスト・エンカウンター?) is a social game developed by Conteride and released in 2012.[1] It is based around the concept of an "if" Holy Grail War ("if"聖杯戦争?) that pairs up the Servants and Masters from the Fourth Holy Grail War into different teams. It features several other characters as potential Masters like Irisviel von Einzbern, Illyasviel von Einzbern, Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri, Rin Tohsaka, Sakura Matou, Zouken Matou, and Natalia Kaminski.


Various team combinations

  • Kariya (Drifter) + Caster (Gloom) = “Whispers of the Devil”
  • Kariya (Complete Confidence) + Gilgamesh (The King's Incensement) = “Fleeting Conviction”
  • Tokiomi (Vessel of Magecraft) + Lancer (Beneath the Moonlight) = “Homage”
  • Tokiomi (Hellfire) + Saber (Veneer of Command) = “An Elegant Combination”
  • Waver (Staking One's Dignity) + Berserker (Eternal Arms Mastery) = “To the Vortex of Madness”
  • Waver (Weak-Kneed) + Gilgamesh (Gate of Babylon) = “Teachings of the King”
  • Ryuunosuke (Murderous Intentions) + Assassin (Secret Maneuvers) = “A Smile of Madness”
  • Ryuunosuke (Looming Violence) + Saber (For Victory) = “A Mistaken Contract”
  • Kayneth (Uncommon Talent) + Saber (For Victory) = “A Noble Contract”
  • Kayneth (Supremacy) + Gilgamesh (Conversation) = “A Discourse on Pleasure”
  • Kiritsugu (A Man in Despair) + Assassin (Assassin) = “Moonlight”
  • Kiritsugu (Magus Killer) + Gilgamesh (Most Ancient King) = “Absolute Imperium”
  • Kotomine (Anguish) + Saber (Veneer of Command) = “Dialogue on Truth”
  • Kotomine (Awakening) + Berserker (Eternal Arms Mastery) = “Sinister Collusion”
  • Sola-Ui (Inheritance of Command Seals) + Lancer (The Knight of Two Lances) = “Falling in Love”
  • Sola-Ui (Inheritance of Command Seals) + Gilgamesh (Reminiscence) = “Aspiration”
  • Rin (Honor Student) + Caster (Encroachment) = “Listen to me!”
  • Rin (Eyes of a Gifted Child) + Lancer (A Path of Loyalty) = “Don't you think that your charm will work on me!”
  • Sakura (Lost Days) + Berserker (Crazed Knight) = “Knight Who Protects the Girl”
  • Sakura + Gilgamesh = “A Forming Bond”
  • Ilya (Small Happiness) + Caster (Shackles) = “Bluebeard's Pledge”
  • Ilya (Hope) + Lancer = “You have to win!”
  • Irisviel (Proxy Master) + Berserker (Overflowing Hate) = “The Knight and the Princess”
  • Irisviel + Saber = “Mutual Trust”
  • Natalia (At Gunpoint) + Assassin (Old Man of the Mountain) = “One Who Hunts, One Who Kills”
  • Natalia (At Gunpoint) + Gilgamesh (King of Heroes) = “The Hunter and the King”
  • Zouken (Ambition) + Assassin (Assassin) = “Matou's Trap”
  • Zouken (A Dreaded Being) + Berserker (Tremendous Darkness) = “A Dark Arrangement”


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