Fate/complete material (フェイト/コンプリートマテリアル?) is a collection of artwork and supplementary information from the Fate/stay night series of games, similar to Plus Period. It is divided into five volumes. Udon Entertainment has secured the rights to release the books in English. The first volume was released in June 2014.[1]

Volume I - Art material[edit | edit source]

Art material

Fate/complete material I Art material. (フェイト/コンプリートマテリアル1アートマテリアル?) was released July 2, 2008. It is titled the "Fate/stay night event visual picture collection." The volume was released in English in June 2014.[2]

  • Event visual - CGs from the Prologue and the three routes.
    • Prologue
    • Fate
    • Unlimited Blade Works
    • Heaven's Feel
  • Second Event Visual
    • Other - Battle related CGs
  • Image Visual - Miscellaneous CGs and effect CGs.
    • Adult Scene
    • Title
    • Another
    • Another+
    • Effect
    • Tarot - Full artwork from the Servant class cards.
  • Art Works
    • Publicity - Promotional artwork

Volume II - Character material[edit | edit source]

Character material

Fate/complete material II Character material. (フェイト/コンプリートマテリアル2キャラクターマテリアル?) was released June 30, 2010.

  • Characters - Profiles for all of the characters in Fate/stay night. Each entry includes a brief description, all of the character portraits featured within the game, a relationship chart, and a comment section from Kinoko Nasu and Takashi Takeuchi.
  • Weapons - Art and descriptions of all Noble Phantasms and other weapons that appeared during Fate/stay night.
  • Rough Collection
    • Character rough - Rough art and prototype designs for various characters. It also includes designs for Raiga Fujimura, a young Zouken Matou, and Hortensia.
    • Weapon rough - Rough art for various weapons.
    • Tarot card rough - Rough art for the Servant class cards.
    • Event rough - Rough art for various CGs from Fate/stay night.
    • Publicity rough - Rough art for various promotional art.

Volume III - World material[edit | edit source]

World material

Fate/complete material III World material. (フェイト/コンプリートマテリアル3ワールドマテリアル?) was released October 29, 2010.

Volume IV - Extra material[edit | edit source]

Extra material

Fate/complete material IV Extra material. (フェイト/コンプリートマテリアル4エクストラマテリアル?) was released June 25, 2011.

  • Fate/unlimited codes and Fate/unlimited codes Portable
    • Characters - Character profiles, art, and Opening and Ending sequences
    • Official Illustrations
  • Fate/tiger colosseum & UPPER
    • Characters - Character profiles, portraits, and Ending sequences
    • Background Art
    • Tarot Card
    • Official Illustration
  • Fate/EXTRA
    • Characters
  • Fate/Zero
    • Characters
    • Official Illustration - Official illustrations from the novels, sound dramas, and other materials
  • Fate/Apocrypha - Various Servant designs and details on the original canceled project

Volume V - Hollow material[edit | edit source]

Hollow material

Fate/complete material V Hollow material. (フェイト/コンプリートマテリアル5ホロウマテリアル?) was released February 25, 2012.

  • Prologue
  • Characters - Profiles for all of the characters in Fate/hollow ataraxia. Each entry includes a brief description, all of the character portraits featured within the game.
  • Hollow the first part
    • Event CGs from the early part of the game
  • Background Art
  • Art Gallery - Official artwork for Fate/hollow ataraxia, including designs for Bazett Fraga McRemitz, Caren Ortensia, and Luviagelita Edelfelt, and other miscellaneous artwork
  • Special Contents
  • Hollow the latter part
    • Event CGs from the latter part of the game

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