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Fergus mac RóichWP (フェルグス・マック・ロイ, Ferugusu makku Roi?), Class Name Saber (セイバー, Seibā?), is a Saber-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.

He appears as a Berserker-class Servant in the Moon Holy Grail War of Fate/EXTRA Last Encore, having been sold by his Master to Shinji Matou and made into a corrupted Berserker.



An Irish hero and a brave warrior of UlsterWP from the Celtic Mythology'sWP Ulster era (Cycle)WP. He is known as a member of the Knights of the Red Branch, a magic sword-user that is also known as the friend and foster father of the hero Cú Chulainn, and the former King of Ulster.[1][3][4] He took Cú Chulainn from his mother DeichtineWP to serve as a soldier for Ulster.[5] A great glutton that possessed matchless vigor, great generosity, and one who didn't feel envy nor fear.[1] Even now, the reputation of the hero Fergus as a magnificent brave warrior has been left for posterity.[1][3]


There is a legend that Fergus was the King of Ulster from the previous generation.[3] According to that, it is said that he temporarily handed over the throne to ConchobarWP under the condition that the beautiful mother of ConchobarWP is made into his lover, but she left Fergus out of the kingship permanently with her sinister designs, Fergus being tricked out of his kingship as a result.[3][4]

Formerly a man who established a corner of the Knights of the Red Branch, Fergus left the knight order out of rage from the betrayal of Conchobar, now King of Ulster.[1][3] This was because that, after Cú Chulainn returned from the Land of Shadows, Conchobar had Fergus' son killed "out of lust for young women."[5] So he later allied with ConnachtWP, the enemy of Ulster.[4]

At the outbreak of the greatest war in Ulster legends, Fergus stayed beside his lover Medb, Queen of Connacht, and displayed his valor.[1] Spurring on Queen Medb out of hatred for Conchobar, they went to war with Ulster.[5] On the occasion of the Táin Bó CúailngeWP, referred to as the greatest war of the Ulster Cycle in Celtic Mythology, many Ulster men stopped in inactivity due to a curse, and Fergus and Cú Chulainn crossed swords in earnest; but given that (in the first place, this war itself happened due to Queen Medb's egoism), at the juncture of the clash with each other, Fergus promised to draw out his hand to a limited degree in that he will not overkill his defenseless former allies, and he continued to practice this with integrity.[3]

During the decisive battle between Connacht and Ulster, Fergus was able to corner the enemy king, Conchobar, who had betrayed him.[4] He was kept from revealing his true prowess due to the fact that Cú Chulainn was in Ulster, but he still reached the point where he was one step away from slaying King Conchobar.[1] However, Fergus was prevented from killing him. It is said that he redirected his rage at this turn of events upon three hills, using Caladbolg to blast their tops cleanly off.[4] Due to the pledge (Geis) exchanged with Cú Chulainn at this occasion, Fergus will achieve victory almost unconditionally in case there is a rematch with him.[1]

At the time of the second invasion of Ulster, Queen Medb - who was scheming her revenge against Cú Chulainn - concluded that "Fergus' existence will become a bother" and did not invite him to the battlefield. Afterwards, Fergus was assassinated by a jealousy-driven King AilillWP, Medb's husband.[1]


Fergus goes around barefoot and shirtless but wears pants. He has purple hair and three scars on his chest.


Big-hearted. A man of broad-mindedness that does not care very much about trivial matters. Greatly generous, without jealously, and doesn't know and feel fear. Humane and sincere. Even to an opponent judged to be trustworthy, Fergus has the tolerance to show and share his heaps of generosity in his first meeting with that opponent. However, he never permits betrayal, and he will not forgive one who does it, whether they are a king or not. He always keep the promises he exchanges.[3]

While known as a lover of Medb, Fergus has a legitimate wifeWP.[3] Moreover, she is a goddess of the forest, a Divine Spirit.[1][3] Usually, he wears a composed face, but as a matter of fact, there is a hidden peerlessness behind it. That sexual desire is excessively full of vim and vigor, too much that, that aspect of his needed an average of seven women in one night to be satisfied, or instead, only his wife and Medb can be said to be that "one person that was okay" for his satisfaction.[3] There are not that many humans who can compare to his peerlessness![1]

To the Master, Fergus comes into contact with them as a "comrade in arms". His awareness of the relationship between Master and Servant is very thin. He recognizes them as a commander that he should trust, as well as a comrade in regards to the battle for the hunt of the Holy Grail. If Cú Chulainn is the "big brother that can be relied upon", Fergus has many words and deeds of an "uncle that can be relied upon."[3]

Fergus' wish for the Holy Grail is to "once again 'get along' together with my wife and Medb." Get along. Together. (In other words, he wants a threesome with the two of them.)[1]


Cú Chulainn
His friend and adopted son. When Fergus sees Cú Chulainn, he will slap his shoulder with great joy and laugh heartily.[3]
Lover. Mistress. A reunion would be a delight, the past is something to yearn for. And then, Fergus talks like a filthy old man. Though Medb will strike back with ease...[3]
A peerless beauty. Teacher. The thought of asking her for one night is there, but Fergus understands that it is impossible.[3]
Beautiful Servants
Basically, Fergus isn't doing anything that will disturb his position as a reliable uncle, but towards adult women, the indication of "I want you as my companion for the night" is oozing. Because children are to be protected, he doesn't really have any interest in those who look young.[3]


Fate/Grand Order[]

Scáthach's Trial Quest[]

Fergus is summoned by Scáthach using Ritsuka's Magic Circuits to help them combat the remnants of those whose eras were incinerated by the Incineration of Humanity inside Ritsuka and Mash's shared dream. He helps the group defeat a remnant in Flauros's form. Afterward, he holds off Altera when she appears while the others go on ahead.

Valentine Event: Chocolate Lady's Commotion[]

When Nursery Rhyme gets a "cavity" from the candy she's been eating, William Shakespeare has Fergus summoned to play the part of a dentist to get Choco-Servants from her. Nursery Rhyme flees when Fergus prepares to use Caladbolg to destroy her "cavities". He leaves satisfied that he could help fix the problem.

Vengeful Demon's Wail at the Prison Tower[]

A fragment of Fergus is drawn into the recreation of Château d'If to serve as the avatar of lust. When Edmond Dantès asks Ritsuka if they've given into bestial urges, Fergus loudly and proudly answers that he has. He notices Mercédès and decides to make her his woman. He then tries to kill Ritsuka and Edmond in the belief they're trying to keep Mercédès from him.[6]

After his fragment is defeated, the real Fergus in Chaldea finds Mash with a sickly Ritsuka in their room. Mash suggests bringing Ritsuka to the medical room rather than waiting for Romani Archaman. But Fergus says the medical room isn't going to help, and there is no point worrying about it.[6]

Fifth Singularity: E Pluribus Unum[]

Fergus is sent by Medb to kill the Servants that Chaldea and their allies plan to meet with.[7] Travelling westward, he kills three Servants along the way until he arrives in Alexandria. There he confronts Nero Claudius. Introducing himself, Fergus admits he has come to kill her. Suddenly he is struck by Robin Hood, who was keeping himself hidden with No Face May King. The rest of Ritsuka's party then arrive to defeat Fergus. Before disappearing, Fergus tells Rama that Sita is imprisoned in Alcatraz.[8]

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

Fergus is amongst the "E Pluribus Unum" Singularity Servants to aid Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillars.[9]

Subspecies Singularity II: Agartha[]

The child form of Fergus, created by modifying his Saint Graph, is brought into the "Agartha" Singularity.


Pretty Illusion[]

Fergus asks for Ritsuka and Mash's help in deciding which Servants are okay to flirt with. Romani Archaman tells him he uploaded several Servant profiles into the training simulator for him to pratice on. Entering the simulator, Fergus tries to flirt with Brynhildr, but she attacks him. Afterwards, he tries to flirt with Kiyohime, but she attacks him after recognizing him as a womanizer. Next, he tries to flirt with Florence Nightingale, and she agrees to sleep with him if he defeats her in battle. He does so, only for Nightingale to say she'll now sleep with Ritsuka. She explains they are the winner since they're Fergus' Master. Ritsuka rejects the offer, and Nightingale disappears. Mash then tells a dejected Fergus to keep trying and never give up. Fergus tries to flirt her, but she immediately rejects him.

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore[]

Fergus as a corrupted Berserker

Fergus is one of the three Berserkers under Shinji's control, along with Darius III and Leonidas I. They were sent to eliminate Saber, but she tricked them into destroying the firewall that was holding them, allowing her and her Master to escape. Shinji summoned them once again to stop Saber and her Master from using the elevator to go where he was, but they managed to use it while Rin stayed to face the Berserkers. In the end, Rin managed to single-handedly defeat all three of them.

Other appearances[]

Fergus is mentioned within Lancer's flashback in Fate/hollow ataraxia.[5]


Fergus was said to be the pride of the Knights of the Red Branch.[5]

Class Skills[]

  • Magic Resistance (B Rank): Nullifies magecraft spells that were invoked with a chant of three verses or below. It is difficult to damage Fergus who has this rank of Magical Resistance with magecraft, even if he was targeted by Great Magecrafts, Ritual Spells and the like.[3]
  • Riding (B Rank): It is possible for one to manage most vehicles and beasts. Regarding the Phantasmal Kind however, they are not able to manage them.[3]

Personal Skills[]

  • Mind's Eye (True) (A Rank): An insight cultivated through discipline and training. One possesses a combat logic to grasp with a presence of mind the state of affairs around themselves and the abilities of the enemies in a predicament, deducing the means of survival left in that situation. Fergus has this Skill with a high rank because of the anecdote where he perceived that the existence of the “two huge bulls”, which was the reason why the greatest war of Ulster occurred, were really sent in by the gods as the chosen destroyers of Ireland.[3]
  • Valor (A Rank): Nullifies mental interferences. In addition, it even has the effect of increasing the damage dealt in hand-to-hand combat.[3]
  • Nature of a Rebellious Spirit (B Rank): The temperament to never stay at one location, and also, to never embrace a lord. One is a wandering star that does not have the capacity to be a sovereign, and also, they are not able to find their own sovereign. Nullifies the effects of Charisma up to Rank B on Fergus.[3]

Noble Phantasm[]

Fergus wields the demonic sword Caladbolg, said to be Cú Chulainn's natural enemy, as his Noble Phantasm.[4]


Creation and Conception[]

B-suke is the character illustrator for Fergus mac Róich.[1][3] Hikaru Sakurai is the scenario writer for his character.[3]


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    Fergus mac Róich - Saber

    Illustrator and Voice actor
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    Strength: A
    Endurance: A
    Agility: B
    Mana: E
    Luck: C
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    Personal Skills
    Bravery: A
    Nature of a Rebellious Spirit: B
    Eye of the Mind (True): A

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: B
    Riding: B

    Noble Phantasm
    Caladbolg: The Rainbow Sword
    Rank: A+→A++
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    A brave warrior from the Celtic, Ulster era (Cycle).
    A member of the Knights of the Red Branch, a magic sword-user that is also known as the friend and foster father of the hero Cú Chulainn.
    A great glutton that possessed matchless vigor*, great generosity, who didn't felt envy nor fear-- even now, Fergus' reputation as a magnificent brave warrior has been left for posterity.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 184cm・90kg
    Source: Celtic mythology, Knights of the Red Branch
    Region: Ireland
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral  Gender: Male
    Heaven and Earth Sky Great Rotation!**

    Level 2 Bond
    "Rainbow Sword"
    Rank: A+  Type: Anti-Army
    Also known as Spiral Rainbow Sword. Or just Spiral Sword.
    An Anti-Army Noble Phantasm that boasts high-power and wide-range, which makes even landscape destruction possible. Its sword-shimmer when brandished "cut off three hills" - such fearsome power has been denoted in legends.

    Level 3 Bond
    In legends, it cut a hill by means of "a sword-shimmer that extended like rainbow", but when wielded as a Noble Phantasm, Caladbolg's aspects as a landscape destruction weapon becomes pronounced. Namely, a no-questions-asked great attack that breaks the earth.
    It has been said that, in later ages, it became the model for the magic swords・holy swords that many heroes obtained. Also, the model of Excalibur Galatine.
    The "kougei (虹霓)"*** in its name means "rainbow".

    Level 4 Bond
    A man who established a corner of the Knights of the Red Branch, but he left the knight order out of rage from the betrayal of Conchobar, king of Ulster. At the outbreak of the greatest war in Ulster legends, he stayed beside his lover Medb, queen of Connacht, and displayed his valour.
    He was kept from revealing his true prowess due the fact Cú Chulainn was in Ulster, but still reached the point where he was one step away from slaying King Conchobar.

    Level 5 Bond
    Due the pledge (geis) exchanged with Cú Chulainn at this occasion, he will achieve victory almost unconditionally in case there is a rematch with him.
    At the time of the second invasion of Ulster, Queen Medb - who was scheming her revenge against Cú Chulainn - concluded that "Fergus existence will become a bother" and did not invite him to the battlefield. Afterwards, he was assassinated by a jealousy-driven King Ailill, Medb's husband.

    His wish for the Holy Grail is to "once again "get along" together with my wife and Medb".
    Get along. Together.**
    By the way, his wife is a goddess of the forest-- a Divine Spirit. There are not that many humans who can compare to his peerlessness!

     *by the way, the original term can also be translated as "endless sexual stamina"
     **this is actually a pun, as it can also be understood that he wants a three-way with the two of them.
     ***don't look at me! It was like that in the original!!
     ****I tried to find a good synonym for rainbow to put here, but it didn't work out. I'm leaving like this then.

    フェルグス・マック・ロイ - セイバー



    勇猛 A
    反骨の相 B
    心眼(真) A

    対魔力 B
    騎乗 B



    属性:秩序・中庸  性別:男性

    ランク:A+ 種別:対軍宝具




    聖杯にかける願いは「妻やメイヴとまた “仲良く” したい」。

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    In the legends, Fergus mac Róich was the former king of Ulster and foster-father of the hero Cú Chulainn. However, he was tricked out of his kingship, and later allied with Connacht, an enemy of Ulster. During the decisive battle between Connacht and Ulster, Fergus was able to corner the enemy king who had betrayed him, but was prevented from killing him. It is said that he redirected his rage at this turn of events upon three hills, using Caladbolg to blast their tops clean off.
    Cú Chulainn is affected by a geis that makes it his duty to be defeated once by the sword so long as the wielder is Ulster-born. For that reason, it could be said to be his natural enemy.
    Also, there is a theory that the Caladbolg from Celtic mythology is the same sword as the Caledfwlch from Welsh mythology, making it a prototype of Excalibur.

    カラドボルグ Ⅱ
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    また、カラドボルグをウルスターゆかりの者が使用した場合、クー·フーリンはこの剣の前では必ず一度敗北し なければならないという宿命を背負っている。いわばクー·フーリンの天敵とも言える剣なのだ。
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