Fierce Tiger Forcibly Climbs a Mountain (猛虎硬爬山, Mōko Kō Hazan?, localized as "Stalking Tiger") is one of the secret techniques of Li Shuwen, a pinnacle representation of Bajiquan and the deadly form he had relied on throughout his life. It is a technique often attributed to him, differing from the Anti-Unit No Second Strike that is meant to stop the target's heart in that it is specialized for physical damage. It is an Anti-Gate Noble Phantasm that is a series of consecutive attacks and obtained its name because it frequently utilizes motions where the first attack looks like a tiger clawing at a mountain. Each single attack is “energy from the earth outputted through the martial artist called Li Shuwen” to easily smash walls, doors, and even the sturdy gates of dojos, let alone the damage it could cause to a single person. He only utilizes it after becoming Berserker due to having stopped reading the pulse and mind of his opponent from losing his sanity. The older Li Shuwen in the Lancer class is also able to perform this technique.[1]


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