Fillia (フィリア, Firia?) is an Einzbern homunculus involved in the False Holy Grail War of Fate/strange fake. As of the summoning of True Berserker, her body has been possessed by an existence on a higher level than a Heroic Spirit.[1]



Fillia is a homunculus created by the Einzberns, that was sent to Snowfield, possibly to monitor the Holy Grail War there.

The being that has taken her over is something similar to a goddess, but still not a true god. In the world of Fate/Grand Order, Ishtar is implied being Fillia's other self.


The being who has possessed her claims that it will rule over humanity now that it has descended.[1] She is quite proud, to the point of being arrogant. She seems unconcerned with even powerful adversaries, like True Archer, and is instead simply fascinated by his abilities. Fillia seems to be mostly friendly towards Haruri, helping and guiding her, but her reasons for helping her are unclear. Fillia also possesses great disdain for two individuals in the Grail War.


Fate/strange fakeEdit

  • Fillia and Haruri

Pre-War Edit

Fillia granted Ayaka Sajyou five Command Spells for an unknown purpose.[2]

Day 0 Edit

During the summoning of True Berserker, her body is taken over by a higher existence, claiming to be a goddess. Fillia manages to calm Berserker and heals its Master, Haruri Borzak, who had almost been killed by her own Servant. Fillia forms a sort of alliance with Haruri.[1]

Day 2 Edit

Fillia and Haruri later arrive at the workshop of Bazdilot Cordelion, the Master of True Archer, intending to attack him. True Archer senses Fillia's connection to a goddess, which causes him to fight her, due to his hatred of gods. Fillia is though protected by Haruri's Berserker, who has grown into a gigantic beast. Berserker then begins to destroy the workshop and the meat processing plant around it, causing great destruction, with Fillia giving it support with her magecraft against Archer. Their battle is, however, stopped by True Caster, who causes the ground beneath them to vanish, by tricking the world itself with his Noble Phantasm, Grand Illusion. Caster manages to convince both sides to give the battle up, restoring the ground afterward. True Archer also agrees to let Fillia go, stating that she is not a true goddess or even an avatar of one, but simply a malediction of a goddess.[3]

Day 3 Edit

Fillia is later shown residing atop the flying airship that functions as the workshop of True Caster. She is summoning the Bull of Heaven, Gugalanna, to get her revenge against a "rude pair of ingrates", likely Gilgamesh, False Archer, and Enkidu, False Lancer.[4]


Fillia seems to be a rather powerful individual. Haruri commented that the sheer power emanating from her is extraordinary even when compared to Heroic Spirits. Fillia is capable of controlling the arrows shot by True Archer with just magic energy control and is able to create arrows of magical energy, which she launches towards the opponent. The magical energy around her itself is capable of blocking objects launching towards her. It is unknown if she possesses actual magecraft or some other kind of abilities. She also has a great level of physical ability, moving quickly through the wires and cables controlled by True Berserker.

Bazdilot considered her to be "something" on the level of a Servant. Her true nature is currently unknown, Fillia herself claiming to be a goddess, while True Archer believes her to be just a malediction of one. She is also called the data of a broken goddess by Francesca, who also notes that she could be quite troublesome. Fillia also seems to be capable of summoning Gugalanna and has a special connection to it.


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