"Old Man of the Mountain" ("山の翁", Yama no Okina?), Class Name Assassin (アサシン, Asashin?), is an Assassin-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. He was Grand Assassin (グランドアサシン, Gurando Asashin?) until he removed himself of his rank of "Grand" during the battle with Tiamat.



The Servant's True Name is generally regarded as "the Old Man of the Mountain". He is also known as First Hassan, as the first to hold the title of Hassan-i-Sabbah and the founder of the Hashashin where he is considered to be both the first and the last "Old Man". He is given the nickname of King Hassan (キングハサン, Kingu Hasan?) by Ritsuka Fujimaru, to which he takes a liking. Even so, his actual identity was unknown even to the eighteen individuals who came to inherit his titles. Proof that he in fact existed is nowhere to be found—except in the certainty that if ever he who takes the seat of Hassan-i-Sabbah strays from his path, there shall come an executioner to part him from his head.[1]

There was within the sect of the Hashashin not a single witness who could attest to the existence of the original Hassan; all of those who encountered him met their end. He who forged the name of "the Old Man of the Mountain" elected to live as an observer who would enact judgment upon the rot and the deviations of the sect. Even though the sect persisted in righteous accordance to the doctrine of Allah, it was inevitable that those avowed to carry it forth would come to sin in the eyes of Man. Thus, for the preservers the doctrine to lose themselves to the desires of man was to the Old Man of the Mountain all the more a sacrilege against Allah.[1]

Namely, the corruption of the sect’s leader, the current Old Man of the Mountain, would mean the decay of the sect. Whether that leader suffered from a corrupt spirit or declining skills, such a person must not bear the name of the Old Man of the Mountain. To decline was to die. He took their heads in forgiveness of their sin, and passed down hope to the next Old Man of the Mountain.[1]

He chose to fight head-on with a greatsword rather than hidden weapons, in honor of his solemn duty to assassinate assassins. To lay eyes upon his skull mask meant that one’s life was over. After bringing the hammer down upon fools who strayed from the doctrine of the order, the skull-masked swordsman would erase anyone who had witnessed him from the world.[1]

It is said that he, who sent many Assassins to oblivion, remained in the shadows until the destruction of the assassin order. The skull-masked swordsman was a living legend, the abyss of assassins, whom no one has ever witnessed.[1]

In the 6th Singularity, it is given that he resides within the Holy Shrine of Azrael (アズライールの聖廟, Azurai-ru no Seibyou?), a mausoleum situated in a mountainous region somewhere to the north of Jerusalem.


His main outfit consists of a thick purple and black helmet with a skull shaped visor, hiding his face behind it at almost all times and showing nothing but empty blue pupils. He wears a bulky purple and black cuirass with a skull on it, with eerie blue flames pouring out of the eyes. His plackart is designed to represent the ribs of a skeleton. He has large, durable faulds protecting his hips from damage, with a design that represents a skeletal hand wrapping around his waist. He has black and purple cuisses with glowing blue lines running through them, and spiked poleyns on his knees. He has extremely durable greaves protecting his shins, and thick sabatons protecting the boots he wears. He has large, skull shaped pauldrons on his shoulders with infernal blue flames coming from the eye sockets, black rerebraces, purple vambraces with large spikes and blue lines running through them, and purple spiked gauntlets. On his back is a seemingly ancient mantle, with a cape that looks just as old and worn.[1]


The Old Man of the Mountain comes off as quite the stern and straight-forward individual. He possesses extremely low tolerance for impoliteness, as he almost immediately annihilated the protagonist's group upon their uninvited visit to his temple.

However, he is far from being heartless, simply a man with unshakable faith and strict code of conduct. He was willing to hear his visitor's plea for aid and accept it, but only on the condition that one of the Hassans be willing to die for it.

In his view, for a Hassan to plea for aid, even from their own kind is a grave dishonor to their name and faith, as they are those who must rely on their own individual strengths to persevere through trials and slay their targets. Any Hassan who grows weak and/or becomes reliant on the strengths of others must be dealt with by his blade.

Due to his fiendish outward appearance​ and fierce manner of fighting, he's pictured with a ruthless nature, but the individual in question is just silent, with a noble disposition that strictly adheres to the Lord's teachings.[2]

Well-versed in both the law of men and the law of God, he perceives "the suspension of life activities" and "the end of life" as different things.

By God's will, the soul is brought salvation at the end of one's life.

As long as they don't go against the teachings, this individual will be the ally of a righteous person. However, since he absolutely won't show any mercy or consideration, he'll spread fear and dread in battle as if he was the Grim Reaper itself. It is rare for him to say anything, however his intention will be clearly conveyed. When mad, the (skull's) eyes will shine. When sad, the eyes will shine. Even when pleased, the eyes will shine. No matter what, the eyes will shine.[2]

He holds no interest in the other Heroic Spirits and he does not convey his views, thoughts and desires to others. However, towards the other Hassans, he becomes a strict Senpai to the point of being relentless.

Cursed Arm. What didst thou seek to grasp, to the extent of obtaining that devil's arm? Thine own foolishness? Very well, hand over thy head.

Serenity. What hast thou protected with that body soaked with poison? A loneliness that could not even protect a flower blooming in the wilds? Such idiocy. Hand over thy head.

Hundred Faces. What hast thou accumulated with thy countless knowledge? A desire to contend thy hundred souls for a single truth? How shallow. Now, hand over thy head.

No matter what you do, your head will be lopped off.[2]


Hassans of the successive generations

As the Founder, he scolds the Old Men who did a poor job. It goes without saying that scolding = death.[2]


The teachings might be different, but from her belief and obligation towards death he feels something virtuous.

If Chaldea were to be involved with the "Land of Death" once again, if she was also present, there would be no role for him to play, is what he thinks.[2]


The teachings are different, but her decorum towards the "deceased", the attitude of a ruler, is something to which he can nod in approval.

If Chaldea were to be involved with the "Land of Death" once again and she was all alone by herself at that time, the burden might be bit too much for her...is the concern he feels for her.[2]


"O Smoking Mirror. Killing for the sake of killing. Existing to die. If that is thine faith, I am unable to dispute it."[2]


Fate/Grand Order[]

Sixth Singularity: Camelot[]

Hassan remained neutral when Goddess Rhongomyniad’s forces invaded the Holy Land and established the Holy City of Camelot six months before Chaldea’s arrival. However, when Ozymandias was planning to attack the Saracens, he snuck into Ramesseum Tentyris, and decapitated the Sun King before he could react. Since the incident took place in his temple, Ozymandias survived, and ceased all conflict with the Saracens.[4]

Ritsuka’s party comes to the Shrine of Azrael, where Hassan resides to request his aid against Gawain. When they enter the shrine, Hassan attacks Ritsuka, completely undetected by the others. Though Ritsuka is alive, they are considered dead by Romani Archaman‘s observation data. Remaining unseen, Hassan tells the group that he’ll aid them. However, he decides to punish them for trespassing on his Shrine. He’ll forgive their transgression if they pass his trial. He then takes control of Hassan of Serenity to fight them as part of the trial. Hassan of the Cursed Arm begs him to use him instead, but Hassan dismisses him as unworthy. He doesn’t care if Serenity is killed or not, as he will only judge the outcome. After Serenity is rendered unconscious, Hassan unveils himself. He cuts Romani’s communications before the director can voice his suspicions about him being a Grand Servant, stating unnecessary words would diminish the courage Ritsuka displayed. Cursed Arm then asks for his aid against Camelot, but Hassan tells him he’s mistaken on two counts. He asks Ritsuka if they truly want to kill Goddess Rhongomyniad, to which they are unsure. He also asks if he alone will be enough to even the odds, and Ritsuka answers the Hassans aren’t enough. Hassan then tells Ritsuka to discover the truth of Goddess Rhongoymniad, Ozymandias, and the Incineration of Humanity. Once they learned all of that, he will aid them against Gawain. He directs the group to the Atlas Institute in the desert as where they can learn the truth. He then has Cursed Arm prepare to be executed when Bedivere questions the reason. Hassan replies he is the Hassan that kills other Hassans that strayed from the path, saying they all met him at the end of their lives. If the Hassan of the current era were to ask for his aid, it would be the equivalent of abandoning their title. However, Hassan postpones Cursed Arm’s execution until the latter helps restore the era. He tells the group to hurry to the Institute, warning there is little time left before Rhongomyniad returns to its true form. He then disappears telling them to restore the Holy Land, and to return the holy artifact.[5]

When the time comes for Chaldea and their allies to launch their assault on Camelot, Hassan creates a sandstorm that renders both sides’ archers useless. He confronts Gawain after bisecting the soldier who was praising the Knight of the Sun. Gawain attacks him, but Hassan parries his attack with only his cloak. The two battle for an hour until Hassan stops, proclaiming the Evening Bell has passed he then stops the sandstorm as there isn’t reason to continue blotting out the sun, and easily deflects Excalibur Galatine. He tells Gawain he didn’t stop Goddess Rhongomyniad half a year ago because the will of heaven didn’t task him to do so, instead it tasked Ritsuka’s party. He then leaves after telling Gawain to hurry to the castle before Rhongomyniad consumes his chance to confess the last and only stagnation within him.[6]

He later kills Shaytan, incarnated through Tristan, before it could eat the defenseless Cursed Arm. He spares Cursed Arm, claiming what he killed was Hassan of the Cursed Arm as it had Shaytan’s Arm. As he is no longer Hassan of the Cursed Arm, Hassan has no reason to kill Cursed Arm. He then leaves, commending him as the only Hassan to be freed of the title without forfeiting his life.[6]

Seventh Singularity: Babylonia[]

Due to the presence of a Beast, Hassan manifests in the Singularity.[7] He appears in Uruk, disguised as an old, bearded vagrant. He stops Ritsuka from leaving after they give him bread, warning that pity can sometimes be crime itself. He continues that without purpose, compassion to evil, as it is with shame. However, he says his words is the bitterness of age that scorns kindness. He praises Ritsuka for their insight, as they gave him what he needed most. He then introduces himself as Ziusudra. Afterwards, He gives them three warnings: Empathize not with the hateful; Celebrate not with the joyous one; extol not the pained one. He then suddenly vanishes before Ritsuka’s eyes.[8]

When Ritsuka unexpectedly finds themselves in Kur while searching Kutha for the Tablet of Destinies, Hassan saves them from gallu spirits. He warns the spirits that taking a living soul will incur Ereshkigal‘s wrath. He tells them to seal the gates, and to resume their guard of the soul cages. After they leave, he indirectly tells Ritsuka where they are. He then sends them back to the surface with a message to give Merlin: "All is well in the underworld."[9]

After Ritsuka’s party defeat Ereshkigal in her palace, he seemingly bisects Ereshkigal. However, what he killed was her bond with the Three Goddess Alliance. Gilgamesh asks who he is, understanding no ordinary human could do what he just did. He then asks who called him, as it wasn’t him, Solomon, or Chaldea. Hassan answers he came from the Abyss to set events in motion, coming from another land as a friend. He then reveals Ereshkigal joined the Alliance to safeguard as many souls as possible out of her love for all humans fated to die.[10]

He later appears at edge of the hole in Uruk leading to Kur, as Tiamat tries to fly back to the surface. Removing his disguise, he severs her wings while simultaneously forcing the concept of death onto her by reducing her Spirit Origin into that of a normal servant. He helps Ritsuka's party break through the swarm of Bel Lahmu guarding Tiamat, so they can reach her head.[11] (In the anime adaptation, he enters Tiamat's Nega Genesis field to kill the Lahmu overwhelming Ritsuka, so they can reach and use Gilgamesh's dagger on Tiamat.)

Fate/Grand Order Arcade[]

Convergent Singularity: Lilim Harlot[]

First Hassan teams up with Chaldea and Merlin to defeat Beast VI/S. Although he supposedly gave up his Grand title while fighting Tiamat in the main Grand Order timeline, Merlin still refers to him as Grand Assassin.[12]


Having reached the top of the Assassin Class by meeting high standards in both power and legends, King Hassan meets the necessary requirements to be summoned as Grand Assassin. In fact, the first Hassan-i-Sabbah is the only Heroic Spirit in existence to have ever qualified for this title.[13] As a Grand Servant, King Hassan possesses a special Saint Graph of a rank above normal Servants and stands at the pinnacle of all Heroic Spirits.[14][15] He usually exercises his abilities through the use of a sword. In terms of skill in swordplay, he is said to be more than a match for the knights of Camelot; able to duel with Gawain while holding the advantage for an hour. When fighting him inside the sandstorm he had created, King Hassan is able to parry Gawain's attack with his coat. Once the "tolling of the bell passed", Hassan stopped the Sandstorm and deflected a strike from Excalibur Galatine now powered by the Sun claiming "that light couldn't even awaken one who is asleep". After performing said feat, Gawain assessed that King Hassan's might rivaled the Lion King and claimed that he may be even capable of defeating her. Ozymandias is also as cautious of King Hassan as he is of the Lion King.[16] He has also been shown to be capable of eliminating abstract concepts such as Ereshkigal's alliance with the goddesses opposed to Babylonia.[17]

King Hassan fighting Tiamat

In order to join Chaldea in the final confrontation against Tiamat and serve as Ritsuka Fujimaru's Servant, he was forced to throw away the right to be a Grand since they only exist for the sake of saving all mankind. Still, even after discarding that position, the strength of his Saint Graph wasn't downgraded to that of a regular servant until he granted Tiamat the concept of death by downgrading her own Saint Graph into that of a regular servant and stripping her of her wings in the process.[18][19] An impressive feat, considering Tiamat's "Dragonic Corpus" form nullifies attacks ranked A++ or lower.[20]

Even after becoming a normal Assassin Class Servant, he is still a formidable opponent. In the anime adaptation, he is able to slay the New Eleven Offspring birthed by Tiamat with ease, even though they easily defeated Ishtar. He is also able to bite their heads off despite the average Laḫmu's body being hard as diamond. He also shows immunity to Nega-Genesis, able to enter the Bounded Field to aid Ritsuka even though it can instantly destroy Servants by denying all established forms of life.[21] As a servant of Chaldea his real parameters are all 1 rank higher than listed in his profile.[2]


Class Skills[]

  • Magic Resistance (B Rank): Invalidates spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by greater magecraft and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for them to be wounded.[2]
  • Presence Concealment (A Rank): Erases one’s own presence. It is the vestige of an ability he learned long ago. The swordsman bears a powerful curse which makes his presence known those whom he will kill next, even if he achieves a perfect success on a check to conceal himself.[1][2] In short, the opponent breaks out in cold sweat, perceiving a premonition of the death that is to be their fate.[2]
  • Independent Action (B Rank): Although it was originally an Archer-class specific skill, King Hassan, who attained a faith pure to the extent of shaving off his meat and scraping out his internal organs, is capable of acting at his own discretion by pure will alone.[2]
  • At The Boundary (A Rank): A Skill for those who walk within the Valley, are as one with Death, and are familiar with its ways. He is resistant to death's instantaneous imposition, and as well as the effects of charm. The sword of this individual who continues to walk within the boundary of the Valley is said to add an instant death effect to every attack. Although the probability is low, it presents a danger of dying instantly, no matter how formidable the enemy might be. Those in the Valley are familiar with Death and are one with it, acquiring resistance to instant death and fear. When taking the form of a Servant, the rank is lowered to A since he is leaving the boundary by himself. Instant death immunity, charm immunity, and the addition of instant death effect to normal attacks.[2]

Personal Skills[]

  • Battle Continuation (EX Rank): The ability to resume combat. Allows for survival unless dealt a decisively fatal blow, continuing to fight even when sustaining a wound that leaves one on the verge of death. This swordsman who is no longer certain whether he is alive or dead, even if he receives a fatal wound or loses half of his body, for example, will keep snapping at the enemy as if he was in perfectly good health.[2]
  • Natural Body (C(A) Rank): The possession of a perfect body as a living being since birth. It is possible to increase the rank of the parameter of one's physical strength. A muscular shape even without training, what's more, the body shape won't change no matter how much calorie is ingested...is how it was supposed to be, however, this swordsman has ended up remodeling his body, influenced by his own religious faith. Therefore, the rank is substantially lowered.[2]
  • Protection of the Faith (A+++ Rank): A Skill possessed only by those who have sacrificed themselves for a religious view. Despite being called divine protection, it is not a blessing from a higher existence. It is nothing but the absoluteness of one’s body and mind that was born from their beliefs. ....If it is too high, it causes abnormalities in the personality.[2]
  • Uncrowned Martial Arts (-): Skill with arms that was not recognized due to various reasons. The rank of his sword, spear, bow, Riding, and Divinity-related skills is one rank lower each, and the attributes are displayed as the exact opposite of what they are. His parameters are also mentioned to be one rank higher than displayed. On the occasion that his True Name is revealed, this skill is terminated.[2]
  • Evening Bell (EX Rank): The signals the announcement of funereal proceedings and the visitation of Death. This unique skill manifests as a result of having become one with the rites of passing. The swordsman of the Evening Bell is without agency in his choice of opponents. He brings salvation to those who have lost sight of their mortality in the place of God.[1][2] Everything is by the will of Heaven, therefore, those who end up meeting with this swordsman will know of the end of their fate.[2]

« …Canst thou hear this bell? It tolls for thy destiny’s end. Accept it, and unbind thy soul, for this is thy last chance as a human to slumber in peace »

(King Hassan)

Noble Phantasm[]

The Old Man of the Mountain's currently revealed Noble Phantasm is Azrael which consists of decapitation with an ordinary large sword. It is ingrained with the faith that this individual continued to believe in, and spent a lifetime wielding. For those who lose their lives to this sword, they say there is fear, but no pain, there is dread, but no suffering, there is repentance, but no regrets.[2] He, who walked the boundary of the tranquil valley, is said to inflict instant death with every strike of this sword. The chance of this effect is low, but it can deliver instant death to even the most powerful of foes. He, who dwells in the tranquil valley, is familiar with Death. He has become one with it, gaining resistance to instant death and charm effects.[1]


First Hassan has the same voice actor as Kirei Kotomine in both English and Japanese.

Comment from Illustrator[]

When it comes to his outward appearance, first was the impression of a "Knight Hassan" so the first draft gave off the feeling a knight in full armor equipped with the mask the other Hassans wear, but he received a revision to strengthen the elements of "Grim Reaper" and "skull", resulting in his current appearance. Anyway, I am delighted that I could cram all the elements I like into him. (Ryota-H)[2]


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    Strength: A+
    Endurance: EX
    Agility: C
    Mana: A++
    Luck: EX
    Noble Phantasm: -

    One of the creator deities of Mesopotamian myth.
    The gods were born from the union of the freshwater Abzu and the saltwater Tiamat. Then, the gods rebelled against their father, and seized authority over the world from him.
    Tiamat quietly approved of her children’s actions. It was proof that her love for her children outweighed her love for her husband.

    However, the gods then turned their blades on Tiamat. Tiamat wailed and raged, birthing eleven new Magical Beasts to oppose the gods.
    At the end of the war, Tiamat and the Eleven Beasts were destroyed.
    The gods split Tiamat’s corpse in two, and used them to form the heavens and earth. It is said that this ritual created the world of humans.

    Unlock: Primal Planet, Admiring the Sky
    Height/Weight: 160 cm ~ 74000000 km²(3)・??kg
    Source: Ancient Mesopotamian Mythology
    Region: Mesopotamia
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil  Gender: Female
    The black mud is also included in Tiamat’s height. However, the mud is made of imaginary numbers, so her weight is unquantifiable.
    Meanwhile, Tiamat’s volume is infinite. In other words, she is a four-dimensional pocket.

    Unlock: Primal Planet, Admiring the Sky
    Tiamat is the womb that was cast aside after the world was created.
    She is the Maternal Sea who was used as the soil to give birth to life, but once the Earth’s environment settled and ecosystems were established, Tiamat was deemed unnecessary and driven out into the world of imaginary numbers. (The Inner World. Lifeless imaginary number space, not a parallel universe.)

    Because the Earth’s ecosystems were established, Tiamat, who randomly designs life, was no longer needed.
    The goddess became nothing more than an obstacle to the process by which life forms acquired the intelligence determined by the planet.
    Since then, Tiamat has been waiting in the world of imaginary numbers for her chance to return to Earth.

    Unlock: Primal Planet, Admiring the Sky
    [Class Skills]

    • Authority of the Beast: A

    This can be considered an anti-humanity Skill.
    It is an ability that is especially effective against Heroic Spirits, Divine Spirits, and all things born from the mother’s body.
    This Skill is not possessed solely by the Second Beast, but also by all Magical Beasts she gives birth to.

    • Independent Manifestation: B

    The Skill to manifest independently in the current world.
    Seven days after manifestation, the Indian Ocean will be smothered black.
    Once Tiamat manifests, she unceasingly gives birth to Magical Beasts, and sets out to devour humanity.
    However, the body of the Second Beast is the ocean itself, so it cannot move onto land. Instead, it is her children’s role to mop up the human race.
    Furthermore, this Skill is an expression of the holder’s presence across all of space-time, rendering her immune to attacks by methods such as time travel paradoxes, and canceling out all instant death attacks as well.

    • Self-Modification: EX

    Tiamat can remold her own Saint Graph using the black Sea of Life.
    Her body can grow from its standard Saint Graph (Femme Fatale) into that of a dragon over 60 meters in length.
    Once Tiamat becomes a dragon, attacks against her of A++ rank or lower are nullified.

    Unlock: Primal Planet, Admiring the Sky

    • Sea of Life: EX

    The Second Beast itself is the sea which gives rise to life.
    It cycles the True Ether of primordial Earth, so its mana supply within this sea is infinite.
    All who are caught and drowned in the black mud are randomly assigned the following Skills: Self-Modification, Life Transformation, Life Fusion, and Individual Multiplication.
    Once these organisms exit the sea to make landfall, they are forced into a cellular-level geis — a nitrogenous base contract (amino-geis) — and automatically become enemies of humankind.

    • Nega-Genesis: A

    A Skill of the same type as Nega-Messiah, which is possessed by the Sixth Beast.
    It is a conceptual bounded field which completely overturns modern evolutionary theory and the predictions of Earth’s genesis.
    Thanks to this ability, the Second Beast has acquired a strong resistance to the Noble Phantasms of Servants created by correct human history.

    • Monstrous Strength: A++

    One’s ability as a monster. This Skill raises the user’s Strength.
    It is at about the highest possible level. This is why Tiamat’s Strength is that of a titan when she makes the black mud into her body and manifests in her draconic form.

    Unlock: Primal Planet, Admiring the Sky
    With the collapse of the cornerstone of anthropic principle, Tiamat managed to return to this world with the power of the Holy Grail. And yet, she was in middle of a slumber.
    Setting aside wherever it was caused by Merlin’s magecraft, she awoke from that sleep due to the attack from Chaldea and set out to eradicate mankind in accordance with her instincts.

    While there is resentment・hatred・sadness for being discarded as someone who had already served her purpose, this is also a deed of indulging in the “joy” of once again repainting the Earth’s ecosystem and having everything come back to the mother.

    Her Class was determined by this true nature described above.
    The goddess of genesis and the likes are nothing but fake names.
    Deserted by humans, this is one of the most rejected great disasters in human history.

    Its name is Beast II.
    One of the seven human vices, the beast carrying the principle of "regression."

    Unlock: Primal Planet, Admiring the Sky
    It is impossible to confirm if Tiamat possesses anything resembling a personality.
    Perhaps she lost her intellect, or perhaps she never had one to begin with. Either is acceptable.
    The only meaning to her existence is to create, raise, and love her children. Thus, she set out to make war against humanity for declaring that it has no need for her.
    It is the functioning of an extremely primitive system: “If I do not exterminate modern humanity, I will be killed.”

    •Motivations・Attitude towards the Master
    One of seven billion. An obvious target to be obliterated.
    While the Second Beast is a repulsive invader to humanity, humans are terrifying aliens (extraterrestrials) to the Second Beast.

    ティアマト - ビーストⅡ





    属性:混沌・悪  性別:女性

















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