Flag of Sincerity (誠の旗, Makoto no Hata?) is one of the Noble Phantasms belonging to Okita Souji. It is the Shinsengumi troops' flag with the Japanese kanji "sincerity" (誠, makoto?) inscribed on it. Once this flag is raised, the Shinsengumi troops are summoned within a certain range of the flag. Each of the squad members is an independent Servant that do not have Noble Phantasms, and their combat capability is far from their best. Each of the squad members has an E- Rank "Independent Action" Skill, the absence of a Master limiting their activity to a short period of time.

It is similar to the King of Conquerors's Ionioi Hetairoi Noble Phantasm. However, the number of deployed squad members is rather small in scale and the rank as a Noble Phantasm is comparatively low.

By the way, this flag holds all the captains of the Shinsengumi, the squad members are summoned by the mental imagery of the imposing user, and their personalities and faces will change somewhat. For example, in the hands of Okita Souji, Hijikata Toshizo would be summoned as the wicked Shinsengumi while Kondou Isami would be summoned as a trustworthy Shinsengumi. However, there are some who will not answer the summoning if they are on bad terms with the summoner to begin with. Okita is a rather popular Shinsengumi whose call will be answered by many.


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