Flat Escardos (フラット・エスカルドス, Furatto Esukarudosu?) is the "False" Master of False Berserker in the True and False Holy Grail Wars of Fate/strange Fake. He is a student of the El-Melloi Classroom under the Department of Modern Magecraft Theory in the Clock Tower.



Flat was born into the Escardos family, a line of magi living on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, as the eldest son and a abnormality. It was originally hoped that he would be a magus of rare quality in terms of Magic Circuits and the talent to control them. When he was just a child, Flat was not only able to translate the ancient magecraft of the Escardos Family, that even the Family Head was unable to understand, but he also was able to combine spells from the past into new forms of magecraft which grave credence to his position as an ideal successor. However, this overwhelming power lead to Flat being regarded as an unnatural and dangerous person.[6][4]

During his childhood, Flat also sneaked onto Van-Fem's casino boat as a minor, but Van-Fem let him stay in return for Flat showing him his magecraft.[9] Flat has also shown the ability since childhood, to see "it", a presence that no one else can see.[2] When he realized no one else could see "it", he was afraid that his family could not see the world he sees, but he was not able to communicate that fear. When his parents saw his eccentricity, they assumed that he was delusional but realized that he could be speaking the truth. At first, they thought he had mystical eyes, but that theory turned out to be false. He saw that seeing "it" was normal, but it seemed abnormal to others which caused him to see "it" as unpleasant. However, his family tried to have him killed numerous times, but his ability to see "it" allowed him to survive those murder attempts.[2]

Despite his love for humans and magecraft, he could not help but wonder his fate if he hates someone who is tied to both worlds. On a boat party, he met a woman who seemed like a magus who told him to go to the Clock Tower and study magecraft if he is worried and can't rely on his family. He saw this as an opportunity to finally learn about himself, so he went to ask his parents after their fifth attempt to kill him. While he was not ten yet, his parents sent him to the clock tower, so they can have an excuse to get rid of him.[2]

He eventually entered the Clock Tower at a young age despite the institution not being able to match his potential. However, none of the professors accepted him as their student, despite his skill, as he lacked the normal ideology of a mage. He started in a sub faculty of necromancy that was run by Rocco Belfeban, head of summoning. After a few months, he was moved into another faculty, but the same situation happened as faculties couldn't keep up with his talents. While he had great talent unseen before and held the high hopes of the clock tower, his idiosyncratic temperament was unbecoming of a magus. With his laxness, He lacked persistence and always put himself into the business of others, but he was always able to absorb all the information presented in his classes with near-perfect grades. However, he would use his smile to interfere with lectures and would alter and change the magical formulas of his professors in a blink of an eye which was insulting to his professors.[2]

With his unparalleled skill, the professors did not know how to or rather weren't able to improve his skills and he was a victim of animosity by others. Despite this, the clocktower's purpose is to improve the talents of magi, so they would be at a loss if they let go of someone of Flat's talent. However, he drove away every professor that was interested in helping him. Since this went on for a year, He was on the verge of expulsion due to the many times he had to resubmit paperwork. He thought that no one would accept him. A professor named Rocco Belfeban wanted to change Flat as the boy was going to professor to professor, but then he eventually was stunned by Flat's personality and his other aspects. Rocco had a plan to include Flat into a new school made by a eccentric mage and lord who could teach Flat what he needed to learn, so Lord El-Melloi II decided to accept him into his course. When Flat went to meet his new professor, he was sure that he got kicked out of his class and that his new one would not be any different. He was convinced that he was sick despite his attempts to be a proper mage and that his new teacher will hate him like the others. However, he decided that he was going to smile by placing magecraft unto the muscles of his face to force a smile over and over despite only knowing how to smile and not learning it.[2]

Lord El-Melloi appeared to the boy asking if he is the Flat Escardos who can use a wide range of magecraft regardless of Od, mana, or knowledge. Flat noticed that El-Melloi had the lowest concentration of magical energy of all his professors. Behind El-Melloi was a young Svin who wanted to break Flat due to his messed up smell. The lord told Svin that Flat is a invited guest, so it is best not to hurt him. After examining Flat, El-Melloi called him out for using magecraft to force a smile and felt it was an insult which surprised Flat because he made sure that his smile would look natural to an outside observer. For a moment, he thought the Lord could see the world Flat sees yet the boy was mistaken. When asking as to why the lord was able to tell, El-Melloi explained that certain parts of his muscles did not follow their natural functions and that flat only wanted results while ignoring the process. It is a sort of thinking that causes someone to use magecraft in ignorance, but El-Melloi suggests Flat should mend his talents.[2]

While he did not hope for an explanation, he saw that El-Melloi saw a different world from him, his parents, and his previous professors. As so, he released the spell and greeted El-Melloi with a genuine smile for the first time. While the Lord does not wish to give Flat lessons, he can not turn him down due to the letter of recommendation from his friend, so he told Flat to sit in the corner. Svin, who was next to El-Melloi, was not fond that Flat will become his junior, so he wanted to hurt flat before Flat hurts them. Flat compared him to a "Le Chein" and called him cool. While Svin couldnt smell dishonesty, he felt that Flat smelled broken and dangerous, so it is best to destroy him before he destroyed the school. Flat found this enjoyable because it is the first time a fellow apprentice gave straightforward emotion, so he decided to call Svin a "Le Chien." Shortly after, he set himself in the corner of the classroom as instructed.[2]

Though he quickly developed his magical talents over the next ten years and surpassed all of his peers, the problems with his personality caused him to be unable to graduate and become one of El-Melloi's eldest students at close to the age of twenty. While his teacher does not like to let unprepared magi into the world, he came to regret keeping Flat around.[2]

At some point in his life, Flat had met Ayaka Sajyou and at one point she unwillingly helped Flat after the great havoc he caused by deciphering the Voynich manuscript(WP).[10]



« I mean, it’d be so super-cool! It’s the Holy Grail! Hitler(WP) and Gobbles(WP) wanted it for the Third Reich! And Qin Shi Huang and Nobunaga and Godzilla(WP) all looked for it too! If it really exists, I’ve just gotta see what it looks like! »

(Flat Escardos)

Flat is a prodigy in terms of his ability in magecraft, but he lacks the intelligence and commonsense to properly utilize it. He is whimsical in nature, and his overall temperament is unlike that of a magus. The only trait he actually displays is a magus intuition that differs from that of ordinary people, described as a "superabundance of curiosity" if phrased in a kind manner, though it does not follow through to his regular deductions. He has a very loose grasp on topics like history, planning, basic logic, and strategy, and only the word imbecile can truly sum up his character in one word.

He is extremely frank with his comments, lacking any sort of decorum with his words. He does not react to insults in any manner, instead even taking them as a compliment or not even realizing their implication. He rashly jumps to conclusions, and lacks the foresight to even question the validity of his catalyst despite all obvious clues of it being fake, such as its make and having Jack the Ripper's autograph, simply because he believes it to be a gift from his teacher. He has no problem with Jack the Ripper despite his legend as a murderer, instead solely focusing on the "coolness" of the mystery behind his identity.

He lacks a practical reason to participate, and he only seeks out the Holy Grail only for the reason of seeing it. He has little knowledge about the battles, and he is naive enough to think about a peaceful resolution through chess matches or befriending the other Servants. He lacks any sense of strategy, showing no caution towards summoning his Servant in public during the day and then simply enjoying the weather instead of moving onto a battle strategy. He cares little about any potential chance of magecraft becoming public knowledge, and does nothing to hide his status as a Master.

Despite his naive nature, Flat seems to take a level of consideration for human life. This was shown when El-Melloi II asked if his student was prepared to kill other enemy magi, this made Flat nervously replied in how he was hoping to win without killing anyone. Another case was shown when the Berserker, he summoned, informed Flat that, had he had been summoned in a different class, the Master would have likely been possessed and go in a maddened rampage to kill everyone around him; this made Flat momentarily panicked as he was worried about the innocent bystanders that were around when he just summoned his Servant.


Lord El-Melloi II Case Files[]

case. Twin Towers of Iselma[]

Flat and Svin arguing in the presence of Reines and Trimmau.

On her way to meet with Lord El-Melloi II, Reines runs into Flat when he slides down the staircase handrail. Svin arrives soon after, and gets into an argument with him about how Lord El-Melloi II gave the class tripled homework as punishment for Flat angering him.

Both of them later travel to the Iselma family's towers to aid El-Melloi II, Reines, and Gray.

Grace Note[]

Flat first appears in a class held by Lord El-Melloi II discussing the nature of curses. After Lord El-Melloi II uses Flat as an example, he has Svin explain it in light of the concept of correlation. Later Flat helps Lord El-Melloi II apprehend the magus who was hired to curse him.[11]

During the Gurdoa Davenant case, Flat with Caules and Svin ralking about Caules' computer setup. Suddenly, Flat receives a call from Gray, making Svin get jealous. Asking why Flat gets a call from her, Flat reminds Svin that he doesn't have a mobile phone. Svin then decides to get one. Getting down to business, Flat tells Svin that they have to meet up with Gray, because their teacher has gone missing during a case. Heading down to the sewers, the trio find an injured Lord El-Melloi II.[12]

While Flat and Gray search for the creature, Svin is asked to carry their teacher back to the Mages Association for treatment. As Flat and Gray search for the creature, Gray asks Flat if Svin dislikes her. Flat states to Gray that Svin does like, but has trouble with his sense of distance with others. Getting nostalgic, Flat tells Gray that he is happy to have joined the El-Melloi class because they treated him like a normal human. Gray agrees and the pair continue their journey. A short while later, Flat and Gray manage to locate the creature's lair and confront the perpetrator Gurdoa. They engage in a fight with Gurdoa's creatures and are about to surrounded when Lord El-Melloi II and Svin arrive. Arriving in time, Lord El-Melloi manages to convince Gurdoa to turn himself in.[12]

During the Rail Zeppelin case, Flat and Svin are recruited by Kairi Sisigou to help rescue Caules.[13] Flat then helps cast a special "Touko Travel" spell with Svin, Kairi and Luvia to send Caules and Reines to the Rail Zeppelin.[14] After the case is over, Flat participates in Svin's graduation ceremony. Flat then attends a celebration party in the classroom and later goes into the city with Caules and Svin.[15]

case. Mystic Eyes collection train[]

Flat is unavailable to come to the Rail Zeppelin because he returned to Monaco to deal with family issues.[7]

case. Atlas Contract[]

Flat and Svin go to Gray's hometown Blackmore Cemetery along with Lord El-Melloi II and Gray, but they get separated. The two boys find Zepia Eltnam Atlasia who is observing El-Melloi II and Gray inside Logos React. With Flat's magic hacking, the two of them are able to interfere with Logos React's simulation to help Gray and El-Melloi II out.[16]

case. Grand Roll[]

The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II[]

The Man Who Devoured God[]

Three years after Case Files Flat has been loaned one of Shirou's video games and wants to play it with El-Melloi II, but he is currently away in Singapore on a case. He mentions how Rin asked them all to keep Taiga a secret from Luvia, before realizing Luvia is in the room. She attacks Flat and chases him out.[17]

Fate/strange Fake[]

Day 0[]

Flat is present at the secret meeting dealing with the False Holy Grail War, having sneaked in through the many Bounded Fields out of pure curiosity. He is immediately enthralled by the idea, and he seeks out El-Melloi II immediately to get permission to take part in it. He speaks of it publicly without any decorum, causing his teacher to berate him for almost leaking secret information. He explains that he "hacked", a new age term used by young magi, the Bounded Fields obtain the idea from there, shocking his teacher into silence. El-Melloi II tries to talk him out of the idea after the situation has moved him past anger, but Flat's excitement is undaunted. He asks Flat for his reason in wishing to participate, and Flat's answers that he wishes to see it, citing various historical figures that searched for the Grail as motivation. His teacher tries to get him to realize the reality of a life and death battle, but that only excites him more and causes him to propose befriending all of the Servants.[4]

He is eventually completely rejected and begins to sulk down a hallway in an undignified manner. Upon meeting a member of the administration in charge of mail, Miss Cryer, she asks him to deliver packages to his teacher. In his curiosity, he examines them with clairvoyance, and he is shocked to find what he believes is a catalyst for Jack the Ripper that El-Melloi prepared for him. Though it is obviously a cheap product based on a video game, he is unable to make such a connection, and hastily goes to his bewildered teacher. El-Melloi, not remembering having entered a contest for the toy and not bothering to open the package, gives it to him amidst his unintelligible, thankful rambling. He plans to set off for America and arrives a few days later.[4]

Only obtaining the basic details of the Holy Grail War, knowledge of the Command Spells and Servant classes, he is very unprepared for the upcoming events. He is granted Command Spells by the False Grail, and he pledges not to use even one of them due to the fact that they are "cool" and will disappear after they are utilized. Without regard for hiding his status as a Master, he goes to a public park in broad daylight, and through random means, he summons False Berserker. He is very surprised, but quickly becomes very interested in his Servant's identity due to him being unlike his perceived notion of a Heroic Spirit. Berserker, surprised at his Master's ability in summoning him without a ritual, showcases his abilities to transform into different forms and then explains his peculiar nature to Flat. Flat knows at least that Berserkers should be mad warriors, but simply believes Berserker is calm due to following a strange explanation which any ordinary person would doubt, that two negatives, a symbol of madness and a mad class, form to make a calm positive. Berserker also tells Flat about his motivation to find out his True Identity, with Flat not being that concerned about this or the rest of the War, only wanting to see what will happen. They later evade the Police Chief's undercover agent, leading to a classification of "quite capable."[4]

Later, when Saber is arrested for blowing up an opera house and gives an impassioned speech to news reporters promising to make amends for the damage, Flat is enthralled by the speech and says they should find him and make him an ally, to Berserker's annoyance.

Day 1[]

Flat and Berserker take residence in a motel and go through the city, with Berserker transforming into a watch for Flat to wear. They encounter False Archer and Tine Chelc, though they avoid them. Flat explains that if Archer noticed them, he could kill them both with no problem.[18] Later in their motel, Flat notices a strange presence outside, that only he can see, and decides to investigate it with Berserker.[19] He tracks the presence to a hospital, where Berserker finds Tsubaki Kuruoka, a young comatose girl who is also a Master of False Rider, the presence that is also infecting people around the city. Hearing this information, Flat decides to contact the police department, that is actually lead by Orlando Reeve, the Master of False Caster.[10]

Day 2[]

Before they head to the police department, a group of magi called the Zugzwang attempt to take Flat's Command Spells, but are easily apprehended by Berserker. They are placed with the other mages, who had tried to attack Flat and Berserker, including Carl Lexarm, Silvelt Kotcheff, Avi Dikhail and Hyouma Sagara.[20]

Flat and Berserker enter the police department, with Flat neutralizing the Bounded Fields around the building. They enter Orlando's office, who is surprised and attempts to use his traps to summon demonic familiars to attack Flat and Berserker. Flat though neutralizes the familiars, while Berserker shows that he has already created multiple copies of himself around the police department, that could overtake it. Orlando agrees to listen to them, with Flat explaining him the situation of Tsubaki Kuruoka. Orlando agrees to send his Clan Calatin to secure Tsubaki, as he doesn't want a young child to get harmed in the War. Flat also wants to help them, sending Berserker with them.[2] Before the rescue operation of Tsubaki, Flat meets with Hansa Cervantes, the observer of the Church. Despite them being from opposite sides, Flat a student of Clock Tower and Hansa an executioner of the Church, they get along very well.[21]

During the rescue attempt of Tsubaki, Clan Calatin and Berserker get into a battle with True Archer. Berserker's Noble Phantasm, From Hell, is stolen during the battle by True Archer's Reincarnation Pandora, and he is almost killed. However, Flat transports Berserker away with one of his Command Spells, saving him.[21]

Berserker returns to his watch form to conserve energy as he and Flat observe True Archer's battle with Clan Calatin and False Archer's battle with Saber. Noting that with the loss of From Hell, Berserker has become weakened, Flat asks if he will get From Hell back if True Archer is killed, but Berserker senses that From Hell has become too intregrated with True Archer's Spirit Origin, so the only way he can get From Hell back is if he were killed, then summoned again. Flat whines that he doesn't want that because then Berserker would not remember him. Flat then proposes that they rescue False Rider's Master from the hospital while everybody is distracted, but Berserker points out that with her illness, she is probably not safe to transport. False Caster walks up to them. Sensing that he is a Servant, Berserker transforms into a wolf to defend Flat, but False Caster explains that he is Orlando's Servant and on their side. After revealing he knows Berserker is Jack the Ripper, he reveals his own name, Alexandre Dumas. Flat becomes excited and says he is a fan of his, and also knows of his father and son. False Caster becomes happy when Flat tells him his son also became a famous author. False Caster offers his help in taking on True Archer.[22]

False Caster uses his Noble Phantasm, Musketeers' Masquerade, to blend Flat and False Berserker's traits together, allowing them to nearly perfectly imitate each other. When False Berserker turns into a squad of people to attack True Archer, Flat hides among them while False Berserker has one of his duplicates impersonate him and use Magecraft to make their shadows come to life to attack. While True Archer is distracted killing the duplicate, Flat uses a spell combined with his second Command Spell to disrupt the Servant's flow of magical energy by targeting From Hell, nearly causing his body to fall apart. John Wingard then stabs True Archer with a dagger coated with Hydra venom. As True Archer's body is slowly eaten away by the venom, he asks False Berserker why he risked his Master on the battlefield, so they explain how they needed that second Command Spell for their plan to work. True Archer congratulates all three of them for doing all this damage to him without divine aid, but then says it is not enough. To their horror, Black Mud erupts from his wound and absorbs the venom before flowing back inside him and healing the wound. A tornado of magical energy erupts from him, knocking them back. He suddenly decides they are beneath his notice and leaps away to attack False Archer instead. Later, a wave of blackness washes over the street. When it passes, Flat and all the other combatants have vanished, to the shock of those observing.[23]

Day 3[]

While trapped in the ward world, Flat and Jack meet up with Hansa's group and they decide to go to the Crystal Hill Casino. Inside the casino, Flat starts marveling at the casino while Jack surveys their surroundings with Hansa Cervantes and the Quartet. Flat asks Hansa if they should meet up with the police members who are also trapped. But Hansa replies that he won't because as the Overseer, he is supposed to remain neutral and helping everyone to escape would be favoritism. However, Hansa further adds that he will supply them with information. Understanding, Flat agrees that if Hansa did that then the Church would in effect take the Grail for themselves and Hansa agrees. Though Hansa adds that if the Church views the Snowfield War as different from Fuyuki's, they may change their policy. Finishing their scan of the area, one of the Quartet reports that they were unable to detect the core of the ward world. Hearing that, Flat suggests that they head up to the top floor as he has an idea[24].

A few minutes later, Flat's group arrives at the top floor suite. Looking around, Flat marvels at the room full of treasures and determines that this area is the weakest part of the ward world. Flat then turns to the middle of the room and finds the magic circle Tiné is using to keep Gilgamesh stable. Meanwhile in the real world, Enkidu senses Flat's Group's presence. Turning to Gilgamesh, Enkidu realizes what is going on and uses his chains on the magic circle to acts as a booster [25].

Sensing Enkidu's intervention, Flat begins overwriting the magic circle. He informs the group that the ward world they're in is a copy of the real world with some differences. He recalls his adventure at the Blackmore Cemetary and describes it as "A ward world that recreates the present." Further describing what he is doing, Flat remembers his phone and pulls it out. He then builds an antenna out of the mystical items in the room and uses it to create a hole in the ward world to connect to the outside world [25].

Receiving a signal, Flat calls Lord El-Melloi II and explains what is going on. Lord El-Melloi II deduces that they are likely trapped in an "pseudo-underworld" that uses Tsubaki Kuruoka's dreams as its catalyst. Lord El-Melloi II also surmises that Tsubaki's Servant is likely the concept of death itself. Lord El-Melloi then asks Flat's group why the Servant didn't brainwash them like the others and determines that its because Tsubaki's Servant identifies them as enemies. Flat suggests talking to the Servant to let them out, but Lord El-Melloi II dismisses the idea. Suddenly, Flat recalls one of his teacher's lessons on the hero's journey and their return from the underworld. Lord El-Melloi II agrees that its similar and determines that there must be a Servant linking the real world to the ward world. Suddenly realizing something, Lord El-Melloi II asks about the characteristics of the workshop they're in . Flat replies that there is a whole bunch of Mesopotamian artifacts. Hearing that, Lord El-Melloi II instructs the group to either head to the hospital Tsubaki is in or to her parents' house[26].

Just then, one of the Quartet alerts the group to the presence of a Servant climbing up the window. False Assassin then leaps through the window and addresses the group. False Assassin asks about how the group plans to escape this realm. Through the phone, Lord El-Melloi II explains their situation. Listening, False Assassin agrees to hear them out. Suddenly, Jester Karture appears and tells the group its hopeless. False Assassin sends a blade to Jester's neck, but Jester reveals that he is an illusion. Greeting the group, the world behind Jester starts warping as False Rider appears. Stunned, False Assassin becomes furious and asks her Master what he had done to Tsubaki. Smirking, Jester tells False Assassin that he encouraged her to follow her dreams [26].

Later, during, this stand-off, Flat and his group notice sweets raining down from the sky outside the window. As Flat explains the situation, Lord El-Melloi II explains that another Servant has likely shown up. Pissed, Jester realizes who is behind this stunt and curses Francesca. Thinking to himself, Jester decides to help them a little. False Assassin angrily asks her Master what he is planning and Jester explains that he is thinking of killing the officers and stuffing them into the Cerberuses. Assassin declares that she won't let him and rushes at her Master, but is blocked by some black smoke. In the middle of the room, Jack asks Flat for their next move and Flat replies that he has almost got it[27].

Meanwhile, Jester continues taunting False Assassin. Just before he can do more, Hansa throws a black key at him, stopping Jester. Confronting him, Hansa confronts Jester about his hypocrisy regarding his desire to corrupt False Assassin. Goading him, Hansa has his nuns activate all the mystic codes the nuns had set up around the room and uses them to attack Jester's real body. Collapsing, Jester asks how this is possible and Flat explains the process they used to him. Angered, Jester turns to Hansa and asks how did he know. Sighing, Hansa pulls out a phone and introduces Jester to the voice on the other side of the line, Valery Fernand Vandelstam or Van Fem for short[27]..

Greeting the group, Van Fem thanks the group. Irritated, Lord El-Melloi asks if Flat called Van Fem before him. Flat nervously apologizes. After a little more banter, Van Fem instructs Flat to destroy "it." Realizing what "it" is, Jester asks if Van Fem is going to get in his way. Sipping his tea, Van Fem calmly berates Jester for falling off the path of Dead Apostles and addresses him by his true name, "Dorothea. Van Fem then ends the phone call with a brief goodbye[27].

After the phone call , Hansa tells Jester that they are now going to hunt his main body. However, Jester is beyond furious and summons a skeleton ghost. As he does, Jester reveals that he has been scrapped as a Dead Apostle, but laughs because that makes him the same as False Assassin. Jester then uses the skeleton ghost to destroy the building. Heading to the window, Flat's group escapes by jumping out of the window and gliding down to the ground using parachutes [27].

On the ground, Flat senses that Tsubaki has returned everyone to reality. Spotting Ayaka, Flat Escardos heads over and calls out to her, while ignoring False Berserker's warnings. As they walk over, Jack tells Flat that he may cease being himself soon and Flat reassures him that no matter what happens, Jack will always be Jack. Reaching Ayaka, Flat and Jack introduce themselves to her. Nervous, Ayaka backs away and asks Flat if he knows who she really is. However, just before Flat can tell her, he is killed by two sniper bullets, causing Ayaka to scream. As he dies, Flat apologizes to everyone as Thia Escardos emerges from his body and kills all of Faldeus' soldiers [28].


Flat makes a brief appearance while Lord El-Melloi and Reines El-Melloi Archisorte discuss the events of the Great Holy Grail War. Eavesdropping on the conversation, he excitedly thinks about going to witness it. He also asks El-Melloi's Trimmau on a date to watch a movie, resulting in his teacher increasing his homework twentyfold.[29]

In the anime version, he helps Kairi Sisigou find Rocco Belfeban's office and later speaks with Lord El-Melloi about the Great Holy Grail War.[30] He also appears in the last episode, interrupting El-Melloi's conversation with Caules Forvedge Yggdmillennia.[31]

Other appearances[]

He was briefly mentioned in the seventh volume of Fate/school life.

In Type-Moon's April Fools' Day 2015, his Tmitter user account is @tmtt15_flat


Flat's ability as a magus is extremely high with "boundless potential and talent", surpassing all of his peers, but his overall ineptitude greatly squanders his potential. He was born with magical circuits that are of orders of magnitudes greater than his previous generations, and like capillaries, they filled every inch of Flat's body with Od. He is known as a person who could use all sorts of Magecraft regardless of mana, Od, or knowledge. He is able to bypass at least a dozen Bounded Fields on a whim in order to eavesdrop on a secret association meeting, and he was not even sure if it would succeed.[4] He has Magic Circuits unparalleled within his lineage, genius magical energy control, and the originality to combine spells from the past into a unique new magecraft. He was believed to have been the ideal heir, but as his talents began to bud, it became clear that he had entirely lacked the "mental attitude" that could be called a mage's most important attribute.[2] Flat lacks critical thinking to put his abilities to use, such as being flustered by the presence of Berserker as a police officer, not even attempting to use hypnotism or another form of magical suggestion to ward him away.[4] Both Van-Fem, one of the Twenty-Seven Dead Apostle Ancestors, and Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, the Second Magician, noted that Flat had achieved the 1800-year-long dream of the Escardos family.[32] Analysis is Flat's specialty.[33] He was also capable of sensing Pale Rider's presence, sensing its vague presence covering the city, and was able to track the source to the hospital where Tsubaki Kuruoka is located.[19][10]

According to Touko Aozaki, Flat's spells do not use existing magical foundations, but the spells themselves are being used as impromptu foundation which is like making a new CPU for every spell he wants to cast which is skill that is no less than a Brand.[34] Regularly, magecraft is a usage of magical energy through a foundation to summon the illusion of a supernatural phenomenon. The act of creating a foundation in the blink of an eye isn't impossible, but it requires so many factors to be taken account of in every spell which means usually it will stop working after a few seconds or a day. However, Flat can do it seemingly with ease as Touko believes he is one of those idiots who does unbelievable feats simply because he does not know it is impossible.[34] A completed magical formula ordinarily cannot be made by theory alone, and the more completed and stronger the formula is, the more difficult it becomes to use. However, Flat has the unusual ability to improvise magecraft. Moreover, he can construct formulas and foundations with every time he uses magecraft. Even though Flat creates a new formula from scratch for every time he uses a spell, he has a habit of not being able to use the same magecraft twice.[8] Despite this, Flat's formulas would require any other mage to need a enormous period of time and material cost, but it will be difficult to tinker with. After his scuffle with Touko, Flat states that he developed an automatic action system where his will is ignored and his nerves are forcibly moved by magecraft based off robot body shells that can move through pre-programming alone in games he played.[35] Flat's magecraft is almost whatever he feels like doing which should be impossible, but the fact he could do that made him special.[36]

Another signature of Flat's magecraft is his magical hacking, allowing him to interfere and nullify magecraft. By drawing a magic circle on a mirror with soapy tap water, Flat hijacked the senses of the familiars of the other Masters of the True and False Holy Grail War, allowing him to see and hear what the familiars perceived through the mirror. However, Berserker noted that this comes at the risk of the familiars' owners tracing the spell back to Flat, but the latter believes that the odds of this happening are unlikely, though he notes that a magus on the level of Rin Tohsaka or Luviagelita Edelfelt could potentially send enough magical feedback to blow up the motel Flat is in if he's found out.[2] By placing his hand on the floor of a building laced with wards, Flat can flood the spells that make up the wards with his own magical energy, constructing a new spell in only four seconds that placed all of the wards in the building under his control as if he were their maker.[2] His ability to nullify magecraft is incredibly strong, because he is not only able to negate it, but to control its trajectory as well.[6] Flat's magic hacking even allowed him and Svin to interfere with Logos React's simulation to help Gray and El-Melloi II out.[36]

For someone to use a Command Seal to exploit the connection between a Servant's Noble Phantasm stolen by Alcides and the original master, it would be impossible unless the person can grasp the complete complex flow of magical energy from Alcides which means Flat accomplished it. However, in order to do so, Alcides stated that Flat had to re-purpose his own Command Seals. A Command Seal has a connection to a master and their own servant, so regularly it is impossible to go against those rules, but Flat managed to rewrite the great magical energy flowing from his command seals and hack the path of magical energy that connected Alcides and his master. It is the same as Flat using a command seal to force Alcides to take his own life despite not being his master. Alcides realized that Flat was abnormal and didn't expect Flat to have the sight to perceive so much.[23]

According to False Berserker, who finally grasped the nature of Flat's magecraft, his magecraft is in the same vein of eastern ideas. He isn't able to limit his magecraft to one system by giving himself boundaries. He can make magecraft on the spot by using only his sense, but it is due to that reason that he can only make a rough estimation of the same magecraft if told to do it again.[25] Without even knowing the exact process, he summons Berserker without establishing a Magic Circle or even beginning a chant, and he himself is surprised at his Servant's sudden appearance. The only action he performed was "fiddle" with the magical energy about in the area, and the connection was spontaneously established. Such a feat would have shocked any other Master, and his teacher would have been proud of him upon witnessing it. While it is unknown if it was a miracle, luck, or achievement of his own latent potential, he manages to deliver a powerful slight against the Holy Grail War.[4] While running through the forest away from Touko, Flat was nevertheless maintaining a long distance spell. While it was a feat that reminded one of the Divided Thought Process signature of the magi of the Atlas Institute, he naturally had no such ability, accomplishing his mutltitasking with raw skill. As Touko had deduced, it was something almost entirely independent from his ability as a magus. But this kind of flashy peformance, something that couldn't be replicated by any other magi of his age or experience, was Flat Escardos' calling card.[34] When Flat began his interference on Jester, the magical energy ran around in all directions as it bounces off Mystic Codes of the hiding nuns, but then it made a simple current of magical energy that entered Hansa's Black Key which activated Flat's spell and incapacitated Jester. He followed the flow of magical energy and found Jester's true body, but he had to figure out the pattern of the nuns which he figured out in a short amount of time. In doing so, Jester stated that this feat was impossible for any mage to do and questioned what Flat was.[37]

His rare element affinity is Ether[8] or Void, which means that every spell he casts would be heretical in nature. With the usage of Chaos Magic(WP) (混沌魔術(ケイオスマジック)?), he can collect the strong aspects of all sorts of styles to form a new magecraft as a result. While chaos magecraft is supposed to be weak at foundation, he is able to codify those strong aspects into workable spells despite the fact it is supposed to be difficult to do. However when Flat does it, he does it on spot, because of his philosophy of "I just did it that way and it worked".[6] He uses various phrases while using his magecraft, using Game Select (ゲームセレクト?), Game Over (ゲームオーバー?), Play Ball (プレイボール?), and Game Set (ゲームセット?). For physical object interference, he uses Game Select and then Game over. For magecraft interference when it is from another magi, it is Play Ball and then Game Set. For magecraft interference on something like a magical object or inert magecraft like a Bounded Field, it is Game Select. If it is a counter to magecraft, it is Play Ball.[38][39] Although he might make gestures during his use of magecraft, that's just his strange personality rather than anything necessary to the magecraft itself.[40] When he was asked by Svin to undo a Bounded Field, he started drawing a complicated pattern which made it clear to Svin that the pattern was for dramatic effect.[36]

When Enkidu sensed Flat's presence after the latter managed to connect to Gilgamesh's hotel room, Enkidu states that Flat is not human but something similar. When Flat was killed by Faldeus' snipers, a mysterious entity awakened inside Flat Escardos and became the monstrous presence that murdered Flat's assasins who claimed him neither a human or a mage, but a monster who was at first confused to be a transformed False Berserker. As a result of sacrificing Flat who had a future, what was obtained is the past which achieved the dream of Escardos family but shouldn't be a celebration according to Van-Fem. With the mysterious entity rebooting itself, it implies itself being capable of wiping out the human race if needed to achieve its goal.[37] His personality and power are so chaotic and increasingly unstable that, in every timeline where Flat does not meet El-Melloi II, he is made a target and eliminated by the Counter Force.[41]

List of spells[]

  • A spell that changes the vector of the magical energy. Just as the lightning left the hands of the subordinate magi of Atrum Galliasta, it immediately turned, changing directions completely. Screams filled the air as the magi were struck down by their own lightning. Using a doll that resembled the target in order to place a curse on them - Flat's movements earlier had been for the purpose of replicating an effect similar to that well-known kind of sympathetic magecraft. It was a curse one could see from time to time in various schools of southeast Asian magecrafts.[6]
  • A vast variety of spells that Flat shot at the monster cat pursing him. The power, angle, and effect of the spells were numerous. From flames, to storms, to a rain of countless needles, not a single one was like another - just as Touko had concluded, perhaps even changing location made some spells unusable - and all of them struck out against the pursuing cat. However, as those spells gouged into the trees and earth of the forest, the cat remained entirely unharmed.[34]


Creation and Conception[]

Flat was born from the idea of "what would happen in Fate/Zero if Waver was actually a really great magus?" His concept is "the complete opposite to El-Melloi II but takes the same actions."[41] As El-Melloi II's first student created back in 2008, Flat became the standard for every other student created after.[42]

Makoto Sanda, who years later would become the author of Lord El-Melloi II Case Files where Flat is a major character, was with Flat's creator Ryohgo Narita on the night that he was designing the original Fate/strange Fake April Fool's joke in 2008.[42]



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    Though he may seem like an omnipotent cheat character, his hand-to-hand fighting ability is surprisingly zero. Or rather, negative. He fails out of every single self defense class. That is why even after Svin graduated, Flat was still unable to graduate from the El-Melloi Classroom. The scene of Svin coming back to the classroom and chastising Flat for still causing trouble for their professor has become a regular occurrence.
    “I’ll ask just in case. Why did you do a drop kick for self defense?”
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    —Rewinding the topic a bit, are there any hardships specific to having characters from different titles within the TYPE-MOON world hop the fence and appear in this one? How do you balance consistency with the settings within the different titles and how the characters are drawn out?

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    —The writers all have such solid coordination with one another.

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    Makoto Sanda: Of course, it's obvious if you have taken a look at the series, but while Flat eclipses others as a student within the class, I had to make sure that the class environment was such that it's not strange for him to be there. That was when I created Svin. Flat being the only genius wouldn't let him settle down as a character, nor is it really interesting as a group. Therefore, I needed to create a strange character that had just as much talent as Flat. And, since Flat is basically a trickster, I need a character that could stop him. That is why Svin is a character that is basically in charge of the rebuttals, but on occasion will go off the deep end just as much as Flat does.

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