Florence NightingaleWP (フローレンス・ナイチンゲールWP, Furōrensu Naichingēru?), Class Name Berserker (バーサーカー, Bāsākā?), is a Berserker-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



A woman of the British EmpireWP from the 18th~19th Century. Revered as the strongest maiden of her time, her unconditional belief was in saving people; She opposed the cruel “era” and “world” she lived in with absurdity, using the means called nursing and healthcare.[1]

When she returned to her country from her military service as a nurse manager, Nightingale arrived with a large sum of money, donated by a great number of soldiers for her achievements as the "Angel of Crimea". Nightingale thusly began her life as a person of influence, as this was the origin of she who loves each and every subject of the British Empire far and wide. The Nightingale FoundationWP, established from that source, was used to establish a nursing development school, build London's St. Thomas' HospitalWP, etc. — before long, nurses received Nightingale's teachings at St. Thomas' Hospital, and afterwards, they set off from the hospital to the far corners of the world, where they were said to have carried out a great contribution by improving nursing and hygiene everywhere they could. Her actions have, little by little, yet surely, changed the world. Even now, every nursing practitioner takes up a moral oath to help those in need, known as the "Nightingale Pledge".[1]


"I want to save people"——[1]

That desire was excessively strong.[1] Despite having originated from a prosperous upper-class, and while treated as a flower of high society, Nightingale's young self had aspired to become a nurse (registered nurse), which was regarded as a lowly occupation.[1][2] Naturally, she was opposed. Vehemently opposed by her older sisterWP and mother, that is. Although it was said to some degree that she fell into insanity, she however never gave up, and she studied abroad at the German Institute of Kaiserswerth that had cutting-edge medical care of the 18th Century.[1]

After acquiring the knowledge and techniques of nursing and medical care, Nightingale undertook a reform of the nursing system as the superintendent of a clinic on Harley StreetWP, London. Using private funds to build modern facilities, she also endeavored to improve the situation of nurses. Afterwards, she accepted the request of Sidney HerbertWP (her acquaintance and a Wartime Minister) and departed to the Crimean WarWP as the nurse manager of the British Empire's Army Hospital, but...[2]

What she found there, was hell.[2]

With unsanitary conditions caused by a lack of understanding of medical treatment and nursing and many antiquated regulations being rampant, Nightingale roused herself and the nurses that were together with her, of whom they were her colleagues, in conducting a reform of the wartime medical treatment that had been reduced into such a hellish condition.[1][2] Although "the mortality rate of the wartime clinic skyrocketed" for a time, she continued her work without bending from her beliefs and thoroughly enforced and permeated sanitary health and proper nursing, gathered materials by throwing away private funds with no regret, and after half a year, led to success by saving many lives. Eventually, she managed to curb a mortality rate that was close to 40% to a mere 5%.[2]

The soldiers said this. "I saw an angel."[2]

Every newspaper of London extolled that Nightingale was indeed a true angel who had flown down onto the battlefield. The people were crazy about that woman-hero that had appeared in the age of the Queen. There were many applauses.[2] She would receive requests for news coverage, proposals for marriage, and so on—however, she did not smile.[1][2] She's not an angel. Just, someone only saving people.[2]

Nightingale continued to work, undertaking a major reform of wartime medical treatment and military health.[2] Bringing in even Queen VictoriaWP as an ally, who was the head of the state at that time, she promoted her reforms.[1][2] The deed of promoting analysis of medical records for the sake of those reforms is also known as the forerunner of statistics studies.[2] Furthermore, she conducted improvements of all domestic clinics, trained government health inspectors in preventing epidemics, reformed almshouses, and so forth. Without being content with the commentaries, said to be her already established exploits at the occasion of the Crimean War, she nevertheless opposed "the world full of death" in earnest.[1]

"If it is for the sake of saving lives, there is no problem in losing lives"—such excessively pure belief and terrific posture would probably even be evaluated as "madness and horror" at times. Therefore, she was given the class Berserker. She may be reluctant about it... no, if it would save people, she would not mind at all.[2]


Nightingale has long braided sliver pink hair and red eyes. She wears a red coat and a black skirt with res trim, with white boots and gloves.


The Angel of Crimea that makes the attendance of and dedication to the sick, injured, and dying into her creed. A woman of conviction.[2] Before all imnumerable difficulties, Nightingale will never bend from her beliefs. Her only one ideal behavior is saving people.[1] The owner of a tenacious mentality that never becomes disheartened and speaks words which should be said, heedless of whoever it is for—even if it is to the monarch of the British Empire. Her nickname is "Little War Office". The owner of a persistence that could also be described as a one-woman army. Because of her present manifestation, she is in a condition in which said mentality is combined with an EX Rank Mad Enhancement Skill, unlike what she was in life (probably), and as such, "she does not listen to people at all." Nightingale speaks with a composed expression, but it is difficult to come to a mutual understanding since that is all her "speaking to herself."[2]

For Nightingale, whose existence is consolidated to the single point of always saving a person, she doesn't cleanly recognize her Master. While she vaguely recognizes the "commander of her own army", she would relentlessly says things like "You should improve your sanitation" and "Do you intake enough nutrition?" (However, she doesn't listen to the replies. She wants to do: Rescue operations, nursing, sanitation improvements, and so on.)[1]

Nightingale believes that pain is the proof of one's continued existence. She takes joy in nursing others, but will be sad if all her nursing efforts gets erased the moment her patients gets into harm's way. Thus she requests her patients to not overdo their work and exertion. She likes maintaining sanitation and cleanliness and the overall well-being of people, while she dislikes an unclean, decaying environment, as well as injuries and sicknesses. Regarding the former, she asks "Is there anything else that's essential in this world?", while for the latter, she questions "What can be worse than such hell on this earth?"[4]

Perhaps due to the era she lived in, Nightingale believes that magic is part of the occult and that medical treatment doesn't need to be done with magic or anything associated with the occult for that matter.[4]


Servants in General
They recognize Nightingale as a "soldier". They are often injured. In other words, they are subject to nursing.[1]
People who carry out attacks on Nightingale are enemy soldiers, but even these opponents should be saved. To being with, she cannot perform nursing and medical treatment without disabling them. Nightingale will beat up the opponents without hesitation. For the sake of saving them. Even if she has to take away their lives.[1]
King of the Cavern / Caligula / Phantom / Gilles (Caster)
Even people injured in spirit, are all subject to nursing.[1]


Fate/Grand Order[]

The Vengeance Demon Howls in the Prison Tower[]

Nightingale appears in the recreation of Château d'If to serve as the avatar of pride. But she lost that role along with her memories.[5]

Ritsuka and Edmond Dantès encounter her when they follow her cries for help. She explains she suddenly found herself in the prison with no memories. Edmond decides to call her Mercédès after she recalls she was searching for something important. Taking her with them, he and Ritsuka reach the second hall. There they protect her from the avatar of lust's, Fergus mac Róich, advances.[6]

Nightingale later confronts Ritsuka and Edmond at the seventh hall. Though she hasn't regained her memories, she decides to kill Edmond, believing he shouldn't exist in this world, with the help of the wraiths that admire her. After the ghosts are destroyed, Nightingale remembers she meant to be the seventh lord. She then prays that light shine on Edmond's path and disappears, calling him by his True Name.[5]

Fifth Singularity: E Pluribus Unum[]

Nightingale serves as a nurse in the American Independence Army. She examines Ritsuka when they’re sent to the medical tent after getting hit by cannon fire. Determining their injuries are severe enough to require amputation and the removal of damaged organs, she prepares to do so when Mash stops her. Nightingale proceeds to her next patient after Mash heals Ritsuka with a magic scroll. After she’s done, Mash asks for her help in resolving the Singularity, saying the number of patients will only increase otherwise. The camp suddenly comes under attack, and Nightingale decides to help Ritsuka and Mash repel the attack. She tells Benjamin Rush to treat the patients like she taught them. The group eventually faces off against the enemy commanders, Diarmuid Ua Duibhne and Fionn mac Cumhaill. They defeat Diarmuid, but Fionn heals and joins him in another fight. The group defeat them, but Nightingale runs back to camp when she sensed the wounded were under attack.[7]

Some time after the enemy is repelled, Nightingale reprimands Rush for using outdated treatments by her standards. She also tells him not to discriminate against the patients, saying the only discrimination allowed is order of treatment. Helena Blavatsky and her entourage of mechanized soldiers stop her from leaving Ritsuka and Mash. She orders her to return to her post, but Nightingale refuses to listen. Left with no choice, Helena orders her soldiers to subdue the group. They destroy the robots, but Karna arrives and attacks them with Brahmastra.[8]

The group later wakes up, having been knocked out by the shockwave created when Mash blocked Brahmastra. They’re being transported to Denver, where Helena’s king will try to convince them to join him. The group eventually reaches Denver, where a castle was built when the Celts took the White House. Karna stops Nightingale from charging inside with her gun ready. He warns that temporarily defeating an enemy here may cause a greater evil to prosper. She lies she won’t use her gun, so Karna monitors her.[9]

Inside the castle, the group meets Thomas Edison, President-King of the United States. Edison asks for Ritsuka’s aid in defeating the Celts. But he also reveals he will use the Grail to create his ideal America on a different timeline. This act could destroy the other eras. Nightingale tries to attack Edison, but Karna restrains her. Nightingale agrees with Mash that as Heroic Spirits they possess a sense of duty to protect the world. She tells Edison he is a mere patriot if he denies that duty. Edison accepts that, so Nightingale tries to attack him; Karna restrains her. Nightingale demands to be released, saying leaders with eyes like Edison’s always lead to destruction and regret in the end. Edison then gives Ristuka three minutes to decide. Ritsuka refuses to join, so Edison has his robots subdue the group. Overwhelmed by the sheer number of robots, the group is sent to the underground prison.[9]

In the prison, Nightingale tries to destroy the cell with her gun, but her bullets ricochet inside the cell. The sound of her gunshots allow Geronimo to find the group though. He busts the group out of their cells and helps them escape. Along the way, he reveals he is a part of a resistance against Edison and the Celts with three other Servants. He asks the group to join him. Nightingale asks if he’s fine with returning to be a failed warrior if the era is corrected. Geronimo answers victory or defeat are merely points in history in the end, but he refuses to let his people’s sacrifices be erased. Nightingale decides to think of him as an ally. The group finally escapes after defeating Karna.[10]

The group arrives in Deming, which serves as the Resistance’s hideout. Geronimo asks Nightingale to heal Rama, whose heart has been severely damaged by Gáe Bolg, But he cannot be healed unless Gáe Bolg’s curse is removed. Since fighting Cú Chulainn to destroy his spear is near suicidal, the group agrees to find a Servant related to Rama to remove the curse. Rama suggests his wife, Sita, who is imprisoned somewhere. Nightingale decides to accompany Geronimo without hearing the details since Rama is her patient. She then carries Rama away to prepare a special belt. The group later leaves to recruit Servants to help them assassinate Edison and Medb.[11]

They come across enemy scouts, whom Nightingale charges despite carrying Rama. Mash tells her they planned to surround them, and Rama tells her not to fight with him on her back. Nightingale merely replies healing her patients is her only priority.

The group soon comes to Lubbock, where Robin Hood and Billy the Kid (both Resistance members) are being besieged by Celts. Like before, Nightingale rushes in ahead of the others. After the attack is repelled, Mash tries to heal Nightingale’s wounds, but the latter says to ignore it. She doesn’t care if she bleeds if it spares others from spilling their own. After Mash gives Billy and Robin the details, Geronimo suggests the group needs Saber and Lancer to help. Robin confesses he met two problematic Servants who fit the aforementioned classes earlier.[12]

The group arrives at Dallas, where one of the Servants Robin met is located. Defeating some unexpectedly weak Celtic soldiers, they hear a disturbing song that Ritsuka, Mash, and Robin recognize. Entering the town, they meet with Elizabeth Báthory as she continues her singing. They deduce that is why the soldiers were so weak. Mash convinces Elizabeth to join them by saying it will help promote her art.[13]

Passing through a forest to Alexandria, the group witness Nero Claudius being confronted by Fergus, who was sent to kill her. Robin uses No Face May King to ambush him when Nero reveals his presence. The others then arrive to defeat Fergus. Before disappearing, Fergus tells Rama that Sita is being held on Alcatraz Island.[14]

That evening, Nightingale warns Rama that the curse is spreading faster. Unable to promise she can keep him alive past a few days, she prepares to inject him with a double dose of painkillers to help him rest. Rama asks not to be rendered unconscious, so Nightingale gives him a normal dose. She reprimands him for saying his suffering in his punishment for losing against Cú Chulainn and for those sacrificed to save him. Those who sacrificed themselves to save him wouldn’t enjoy his suffering, instead they would pray for his safety and good health. Nightingale tells him to recover and fight to honor those who saved him.[15]

Later that night, Geronimo informs the others that the Celtic stronghold is the White House. He states the group will split into two: One with Nightingale to rescue Sita; another to infiltrate the White House and assassinate Medb. Geronimo decides Ritsuka and Mash will accompany Nightingale and Rama; Nero convinces Elizabeth to go with them. Taking the others with him, Geronimo is given a communication device by Mash. The next morning, the group split into their respective teams to carry out their missions.[15]

Ritsuka’s party arrives at the coast near Alcatraz and takes a boat to the island. Coming ashore, they head for the prison while slaying wyverns sent by Beowulf. Nightingale tells Rama that she hates incurable diseases, right after patients who don’t try to recover. She asserts incurable diseases will become curable someday, a goal all medical professionals work toward. But that goal can never be achieved if the patient has no will to recover. Thus, Nightingale wishes Rama to recover so he can speak lovingly to his wife and fight. The group then arrives at the prison, where they confront Beowulf. Nightingale tells him to release Sita, as she is needed to cure Rama. Beowulf refuses, so the group fights him and his dragons. During the fight, Rama convinces Nightingale to let him fight. After he’s defeated, Beowulf allows them to enter the prison.[16]

Inside, the group meets Sita as Rama faints from his wound. Nightingale heals Rama’s wound, but Gáe Bolg’s curse persists. Sita then sacrifices herself by taking the curse into herself to dispel it. After Rama wakes up, Nightingale confirms his deduction that his wife sacrificed herself for him. He thanks Nightingale for saying he’s alive because of Sita’s love, calling it his salvation. With Rama fully recovered, the group leaves to rendezvous with Geronimo’s group.[17]

They escape the prison when they’re confronted by Fionn and Diarmuid. After the pair are defeated, Nightingale tells Fionn that her wounds are compensation until there are no more patients. Fionn admires her conviction and disappears with Diarmuid. Afterward, the group receives a transmission from Robin. He informs them that the assassination plan failed. He tells them to meet with him at the abandoned United Western States base he is heading for. Receiving his coordinates, the group leave to meet with him.[17]

The group eventually locates Robin to see him under attack by Celts. After they help him, Robin tells them of the failed assassination of Medb. He was saved from Arjuna and Cú Chulainn Alter’s pursuit by Scáthach. Though she refuses to join the group, she offers her help all the same. Then, while fighting more Celts, the group comes across Li Shuwen. He fights Mash to a standstill to test the group’s strength and convince Scáthach to duel him. He refuses to join the group, but he’s still an ally. He then leaves, saying Edison seems to be possessed. Nightingale requests they meet with Edison, agreeing with what Li Shuwen said. Agreeing with her, the group depart for Denver to confront Edison.[18]

Traveling back west, the group arrives at Kearney while it's being attacked by Celts. They capture a few of them at Robin’s behest. Ritsuka and Robin take the prisoners to a mechanized infantry robot. Robin pretends to be a military officer transferring prisoners to headquarters. As the prisoners are Celts, the robot allows him to pass. After Scáthach and Romani notice the soldiers lack training and instinct, Nightingale suspects they were given drugs for suppressing fear and doubt. She is concerned about the side effects. The group then proceed to Edison’s castle.[19]

After the group defeats the robots guarding the castle, they receive a transmission from Edison when he hacks Romani’s. He accuses them of joining the Celts, but Nightingale asserts they haven’t betrayed him. She tells him he needs treatment, calling his bringing the world to ruin despite having the power to save it an illness. After Romani breaks through the hacking, the group enters the castle.[20]

Inside they’re confronted by Karna, whom Nightingale asks to withdraw. He refuses so they fight him until Edison calls him back to the throne room. There the group defeats Edison, along with Helena and Karna. Edison refuses to give up and tries to drink an elixir to transform himself, but Karna throws it on the floor. Nightingale informs him the Celtic army is infinite while his is limited. It is then revealed that Edison’s tyranny resulted from his mind being affected by accumulated thoughts of the presidents entrusting him with America’s future. Nightingale tells Edison that America is equivalent to the children of many nations, so it is his duty to protect the world. Instead, he focused only on protecting his own nation, which is why he suffers and lost against Nikola Tesla. Everyone eventually convinces Edison to join the group.[20]

Later, the group strategize on how to defeat the Celts. The Celts will be invading Denver via the northern and southern routes. If they conquer any more of America, then the era will no long withstand its separation from reality and collapse. The group eventually decides with a two prong attack with two armies to attack along the northern and southern routes. One army will hold its ground against the Celts while the other will breakthrough to the White House. The group leave the decision of what Servants will go with what army to Ritsuka.[21]

Later that night, Nightingale accompanies Ritsuka on their late night walk. She tells them that Edison has recovered, and the burden of the accumulated thoughts of the presidents is lessening. While she considers it insane for one person alone to bear the responsibilities of stopping the world’s destruction, Nightingale entrusts Ritsuka to remain steadfast and assign them to their posts. But even if their choices are correct, and they’re well prepared, failure is still a possibility. Therefore Nightingale wishes Ritsuka not to shoulder too much weight. She then notices undead soldiers and destroys them.[21]

Ritsuka announces their decision the next day. The north army will have Elizabeth, Robin, Edison, and Helena, while the others are in the south army. The north army then departs to await the battle three days from now at dusk. After testing Ritsuka and Mash’s resolve, Scáthach orders Rama to lead the army since she isn’t joining the battle. Instead, she will monitor Medb and Cú Chulainn Alter, who she’ll stop from entering the front lines. After she leaves, the south army starts their advance toward Washington.[21]

As the south army marches toward Washington, they clash with the Celtic army led by Arjuna.[22] Eventually, the south army defeats the Celtic army, while Karna and Arjuna’s battle continues. However, Karna is struck from behind by Cú Chulainn Alter. He reveals he killed Scáthach and fights the group. He prepares to kill Mash when Merlin, projecting himself through Fou, traps him in an illusion. Karna takes advantage of that to launch Vasavi Shakti at Cú Chulainn Alter with his remaining strength. However, it wasn’t strong enough to kill Cú Chulainn Alter, and Karna disappears. Cú Chulainn Alter then retreats to Washington to heal his wounds. The group tries to chase after him when Arjuna stops them. Nightingale tells him Karna believed in fulfilling his duty as a Servant rather than indulging in his deep-rooted obsession. She calls it a mistake, and Arjuna must live with his regret like all other Servants. Arjuna admits there isn’t any need to fight, but he still wishes to settle the score to purge something in his heart. After he is defeated, Arjuna leaves, declining Mash’s invitation. Nightingale understands he was able to sort out his feelings. She sees he isn’t as faithful as others think, nor as evil as he thinks. The south army then continue their advance.[23]

Reaching Washington, the group slay Medb’s summoned monsters and chase after her when she retreats to the White House. Inside, Nightingale tells Cú Chulainn Alter to commit suicide or allow himself to be defeated. She deduces he cannot feel joy, thus he fights automatically and mechanically as a king. It was the same for her as she abandoned her humanity to heal others. She and Cú Chulainn Alter are different though because he has no aspirations. The group then fights him and Medb. Though mortally wounded by Brahmastra, Medb uses the Grail to summon Clan Calatin to attack the north army. She then gives the Grail to Cú Chulainn Alter before disappearing. Cú Chulainn Alter’s Magical Energy weakens due to the self-correction of the era strengthening with Medb now gone. The group then fight Cú Chulainn Alter.[24]

As Clan Calatin is destroyed, the group has defeated Cú Chulainn Alter. However, he uses the Grail to incarnate himself into Halphas. Nightingale uses Nightingale Pledge to heal the group. She denies Halphas’ statement that conflict will never disappear, believing it’ll disappear when the lives saved outnumber those lost. She will make it stop and fights Halphas with the others.[25]

After defeating Halphas, Ritsuka and Mash express their gratitude to Nightingale for her aid. Nightingale asks to shake Ritsuka's hand. Her secret pleasure was to shake the hands of patients when they were discharged. After shaking hands with Nightingale, Ritsuka and Mash prepare to return to Chaldea. But before that, Nightingale tells Mash her wish is for adequate medical care to be available everywhere. She believes someday illness will be eradicated, and without regret, she fought for that goal. She tells Mash to continue living for her own, saying facing reality and fighting thoroughly is what opens a path to one’s goal. She then asks Ritsuka to continue supporting Mash and disappears, hoping they meet again.[25]

Event: Sanzang Coming to the West[]

Nightingale plays the role of Princess Iron Fan, the wife of the Ox-Demon King (played by Artoria Alter) and the mother of Red Boy (played by Mordred). She still, however, retains her aggressive stance on hygiene, which Red Boy seems to be a regular victim of. Her "husband" loves that she cooks delicious British cuisine, but the pungent odor of the disinfectant she applies to the dishware ruins the taste. She also holds one of the scriptures containing Xuanzang Sanzang's memories.

Ritsuka's party visits her at the Banana Leaf Cave to borrow the Banana Leaf Fan, so they can use it to extinguish the Flaming Mountains. She immediately rejects their request, however, since there are no reports of illness in that region. Ritsuka asks her where the Ox-Demon King is. Iron Fan answers that her partner is wandering about, noting how her patience is wearing thin with Red Boy doing the same. Ritsuka tells her that she shouldn't take her frustration on Red Boy. But Iron Fan asserts her education is perfect, even allowing her "son" independence. She then accuses the group of spreading disease. She also threatens to cook Zhu Bajie (played by David), prompting the group to fight her. After being defeated, she surrenders the Banana Leaf Fan and the scripture she held.

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

Nightingale is amongst the "E Pluribus Unum" Singularity Servants to aid Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillar.[26]

Summer Event: Death Jail Summer Escape[]

Nightingale is a guard in Medb's prison. She interrupts a fight between Gorgon and the racers in Ishtar's race. She demands they let her examine, adding they will be sent to the infirmary immediately if they're injured. Gorgon tells her none of them are injured, so Nightingale leaves. She later returns to examine the prisoners injured by Quetzalcoatl's lucha training.

Ashamed of herself for ignoring Gorgon's reptilian parts during cleaning because she lacks proper equipment and knowledge, Nightingale orders reptile sanitization spray. She also makes sure to read "Snake Care for Dummies" in preparation. The reptile sanitizer is eventually delivered, so Nightingale immediately goes to Gorgon's cell with it. Ignoring Gorgon's pleas not to spray her, Nightingale admits to her shame for not cleaning Gorgon's reptilian parts because they weren't human. To do such a thing goes against everything she stands for as a nurse. But with the reptile sanitizer delivered, that behavior ends today. Praising the convenience of modern delivery systems, Nightingale declares she has everything she needs to clean Gorgon. She also wants to shave off her scales for sanitization purposes, not caring snake scales are bonded to their skin. She then admits to hearing voices from behind for a while now, but she ignores them since they're not related to hygiene. Gorgon asks the racers to stop Nightingale, saying she'll help them escape if they do. The racers then proceed to defeat Nightingale.


Other appearances[]

Titan Altera makes a reference to her when she changes into her nurse outfit in Fate/EXTELLA.



Nurse of Steel (鋼の看護, Hagane no Kango?) is a Skill where one can treat the injuries of allies using scalpels and medicines created from magical energy. Strengthened by the anecdotes of the people she saved, even the most serious of injuries can be treated. Treatment is possible whether the patient is a Human or a Servant. While the techniques she uses are from the 18th to 19th Century, others attempting to replicate her technique cannot hope to achieve the same results.[1]

Human Anatomy Understanding (人体理解, Jintai Rikai?) is a Skill that allows one to have a grasp of the inner workings of the human body, like a piece of precision machinery. All actions intended to heal through Skills, Magecraft, etc. are improved. One is able to target enemy vitals with extreme precision, and all damage inflicted is increased. In addition, all damage received by the user is reduced. Nightingale's knowledge of anatomy is not just recorded in her memory, but is ingrained in her body and instincts as well.[1]

Scream of the Angel (天使の叫び, Tenshi no Sakebi?) is a cry from the heart of the woman known as the Angel of Crimea. The spirits of those who hear it stir, granting a remarkable boost to their survival instincts.[1]

Noble Phantasm[]

Nightingale's Noble Phantasm is Nightingale Pledge, the sublimation of her mentality. She possesses the Nursing of Steel, Human Anatomy Understanding and Cry of the Angel Personal Skills. Her primary methods of fighting include hand-to-hand combat, and a rotary pistol hanging at her waist, but she also shows use of a grenade, attacking with a hospital bed, and utilizing medical techniques offensively, such as a septic cloth, CPR, and has been shown to be able to breathe hard enough in resuscitation to cause damage to Chloe von Einzbern.

Forms and Alternate Versions[]


A Crimean angel who believes in service and dedication. As a Small Army Ministry, her steel resolve was what gave people salvation.

Her behavior is "almost" the same when manifested as a Berserker.

Since she possesses a mysterious large shooting weapon that looks like a gun disguised as an umbrella, her class was changed to an Archer.

Now that she wears red-based clothing.....she now behaves as a Santa Servant..... most likely.....?

This time, the reason for her Spirit Origin's transformation is due to Nursery Rhyme's meddling. After experiencing a chain of events, Archer Nightingale accepts her maiden self, and acts as a new Santa Servant.

To be more specific...

While praying on the Holy Night...

She fights, for the sake of improving sanitary and army nursing, and for the sake of defeating every illnesses.

...The same as usual?

It seems to be the case, but it also doesn't seem to be the case.


Perception that is slightly off somewhere and treatment that isn't allowed to be argued with.

That in itself is the same with the normal Heroic Spirit Nightingale, however...

If you observe her closely, you would notice that her language is a bit more polite than her normal self.

While it doesn't happen often, she also expresses herself with somewhat dreamy words.

Archer Nightingale is also infused with the spirit of the Nightingale in her youth, before she headed to the Army Nurse Medical Care. For that reason, there is an increase in phrases that show her well-upbringing compare to when she is a Berserker.


Nightingale was among the Santas Karna (Santa) defeated. He says that compared to the rest, she was a terrifying opponent in a different sense. She threw syringes at a boxer… Even if it was out of courtesy, Karna couldn’t bring himself to take even one shot. It would be judged as a doping violation, and Karna would lose. Karna says that in some ways, it was the most nerve-wrecking match he had.[27]

Class Skills:

  • Independent Action (Rank A+): The ability to stand independent for a while without the supplying magical power from a Master. She fights all alone on her mission.
  • Mad Enhancement (Rank EX): Parameters are Ranked-Up, but is deprived most of her reason. It is unknown whether the nature of the original spirit base of Berserker has remained, or whether it has been retained as a feature of the hero Nightingale. Although some words may be more subtle than those of Berserker, her basic style of conversation does not change much.

Personal Skills:

  • Assault Medicine (Rank C+): Archer Nightingale's "gun-like syringe" fires ampules with a variety of medicinal properties like a ranged weapon. Fires 20 shots per second. The treatment and nursing of subjects who have been hit directly will recover immediately. Sterilization of targets that have been hit directly will be obliterated. This is a Noble Phantasm that is always active, but is expressed as a skill in this work.
  • The Bell Rung by an Angel on Holy Night (Rank EX): Archer Nightingale, who is less interested in Christmas itself, has a deep connection to the holy night. The Crimson clothing and a golden bell that's tied to her luggage are proof of this. However, she doesn't recognize it herself, saying, "It was something that happened."

Noble Phantasm:
Nightingale's Noble Phantasms are Assault Medicine and Assault Medicine Full-Burst Party.


Creation and Conception[]

Keitarou Takahashi is the character illustrator for Florence Nightingale.[1][2] Hikaru Sakurai is the scenario writer for her character in Fate/Grand Order.[1]


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