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« Alas! Gorgeous!"
"Goddess... Oh, I can see the goddess in sight..."
"Flucticulus Diana! »


Flucticulus Diana: Moonlight, Devour my Soul (我が心を喰らえ、月の光フルクティクルス・ディアーナ, Waga Kokoro wo Kurae, Tsuki no HikariFurukutikusu Diāna?) is the sublimation of the legends expressing the madness of Caligula as the affection and divine protection of the moon goddess Diana and her Greek counterpart Artemis of the Olympian gods. The Noble Phantasm activates as a wide-range-type mental pollution attack that spreads Caligula's madness to others through moonlight projected from the sky. It is a very powerful attack that if employed against an entire army, can likely bring about a "repulsive and miserable situation." It will not affect those related to the goddess Artemis.[1][2] Its usage condition is limited to "it being at night."[1]


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