Flueger (フリューガー, Furyūgā?), nicknamed Flue (フリュー, Furyū?), is one of the people involved in the Adra Castle incident of Lord El-Melloi II Case Files.[1]



Flueger is a mercenary and works mostly in the Middle East, working whenever magic is involved. Every once in a while, the Clock Tower requests his services. He has a reputation for Master-slaying (師父殺し, Shifu-koroshi?).[2]


Flueger is a middle-aged man. His clothes gave the feeling of something like a nomad, but even they couldn't hide his muscularity. His arms, legs, and even his neck were startlingly thick, the hard work gone into forging them evident. Flueger is lightly taller than Lord El-Melloi II. His filthy hands were thick and muscled. His face seemed as if it hadn't been shaved, or taken care of in any way, in months. Dust and dirt caked his skin to the point his natural skin tone was unreadable.[2] Around his waist is a belt with 12 knives.[3]


He prefers to call himself as Flue.[2]


Lord El-Melloi II Case FilesEdit

Case. Adra Castle SeparationEdit

Flueger received an invitation letter for the inheritance for the Adra Castle and whilst he was walking, he felt lonely so he figured that if somebody else had an invitation like his, then there must be someone else coming. So he slept on top of a rock until he encounters Lord El-Melloi II and Gray. Gray offered Flueger to travel with them, as Flueger cheerfully accepts Gray's invitation. He reintroduced himself to the pair and offered a handshake, however Lord El-Melloi II rejected his handshake but he reluctantly offered at least his name in a way of greeting, prompting an impressed whistle from Flueger. Flueger asked if he has any alcohol on him, to which Lord El-Melloi II replied back saying he doesn't have any and he refuse to offer him any of his cigars. After such a curt refusal, Flue proceeded to click his tongue repeatedly, as if he was close to tears.[2]

Adra Castle cast

The gathering guest in Adra castle.

As they reached the entrance of the Castle of Separation. Flueger discusses about the castle's creator and he reveals his occupation to the pair. He suggest to split up and enter separately as he thought it would be bothersome for Lord El-Melloi II. They both entered the castle together as there wasn't any point and a butler welcomes them. Flueger hurriedly jumped behind a nearby pillar and hid behind it because he saw Heine Istari heading towards them. Gray questions Fluegar if Heine was famous, Fluegar responded to Gray's inquiry and tells Gray about Heine history. Heine notices Fluegar for the first time as Flueger attempts to cover his face with a hand at having been discovered. Heine has a negative opinion about Flueger.[2] He witnesses the mock fight between Heine and Jiroubou Seigen Tokitou.[4] Flueger was the first to notice Hishiri Adashino entrance, he openly states he doesn't like the Faculty of Law. He was amongst the gathering to listen to her three statements, Fluegar questions Hishiri if that is all the requirements.[5]

The next day, Flueger excitedly notices Seigen with alcohol. Although Seigen refused to offer his Japanese sake, Flueger attempts to read his fortune. Seigen threw his disc at Flueger's fortune telling. Seigen decided to share and gives his sake to Flueger, to which he pours non stop. Seigen complains about Flueger drinking most of the content and Flueger calls him a stingy. Later Luviagelita Edelfelt announced the Angelic Names to be related to Shemhamphorae. Gray ask what is shemhamphorae and Flueger answered. Flue finished up the last of their breakfast and withdrew.[3] When Hishiri was murdered, Flueger was playing chess with Orlocke Caesarmund.[6]

As Hishiri corpse was found, Fluegar and along with the other magi guest was present. Fluegar believes Heines story, about the beast has gouge out Hishiri's eyes and ripping out her Magic Crest, but he doubts the beast had threw her corpse on the statue's sword.[7]

Luvia and Frugar

Luvia and Flueger working together.

When he went to Luvia room, he was startled when he saw Clown with killing intent. He saw signs of Luvia's failed astrological ritual attempt with her Jewel magecraft. He offers his service to Luvia, as he has no interest with the inheritance, as long as it turns into money in the end. Luvia tests Fluegar abilities by using Edelfelt's Kaleidoscope. Although Fluegar managed to survive the attack, Luvia decided to hire him and requested him to putting an end to Lord El-Melloi II.[6]

On the morning of the third day, he follows Luvia to the Lobby where Lord El-Melloi II and Gray and Orlocke was located. Fluegar openly admits working with Luvia. Fluegar and Luvia leaves, after the intense conversation about Edelfelt's magecraft was easily deciphered by Lord El-Melloi II.[8]

Fate/strange FakeEdit

In this reality, Flue comes to Snowfield in the hopes of using the True and False Holy Grail Wars as an opportunity for networking, but he settles for only observing after he learns the Scladio Family is involved. Shortly thereafter, he is hired by Lord El-Melloi II to investigate the war and its participants in his stead as no one can get in or get out of the city.[9]


Flueger is a Spellcaster and an Astrologer (占星術師
, Senseijutsu-shi
?).[2] He uses astrology with his knives, the twelve signs of the zodiac are engraved on his knives. His knives wooden grips were well worn from constant use, but the blades were polished to a frightening degree of brightness. He can tell fortunes by handling the knives like cards. Rather than a juggler, he gave off the impression of a fortune teller spinning the Wheel of Fortune. The knives span unnaturally in the air, almost as if their positions were mapping out a constellation.[3] His was to manipulate these knives patterned after the planets.[6] He uses his knives to protect himself from Luvia's "Edelfelt's Kaleidoscope". By throwing his knife in front of him, it floated in the air. Flueger drew a magic circle in the empty air in front of him. Flue shouted at the top of his lungs. "Lead Me!!" (「Lead Me!」
, "Lead Me!
?) He avoided the attack by creating a super-short term zone in which cause and effect no longer applied. In short, it was the same as the common showings of fortune tellers declaring 'directions of good luck.' Magecraft that actively utilized zones of good and bad luck like Feng Shui, or its child art Onmyoudou, were not all that uncommon, but one that was powerful enough to successfully deal with her previous attack was pretty rare.[6]


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