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« Brutally. Deadly.”
“Noble Phantasm unsealed. Law of the Peach Garden Immortal Arts, disperse the three souls and scatter the seven spirits!——This is my Fire-Tipped Spear! Go up in flames! »


Flying Quiet Spirit - Fire-Tipped Spear (地飛爽霊火尖槍
, Chihisourei - Kasensou?, Di Fei Shuang Ling - Huo Jian Qiang) in Chinese, is the Noble Phantasm of Nezha. Ascending to the sky with the super acceleration of the Wind Fire Wheels, literally forming one entity with the spear, and then delivering a descending assault of a burning charge attack.[1]

During the decisive showdown with the Great Sage Equal to Heaven, Sun Wukong, Nezha did the great feat of drawing out the maximum power of this Fire-Tipped Spear Noble Phantasm as a Lancer.[1]


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