For Someone's Glory: Not For One's Own Glory (己が栄光の為でなくフォー・サムワンズ・グロウリー, Onoga Eikō no Tame de nakuFō Samuwanzu Gurourī?) is a black fog materialized from Lancelot's tradition of winning fame and glory while disguising himself in a number of his endeavors, such as when he hid his name and disguised himself to enter a horse race for the sake of his friend's honor. Combined with his armor, which completely covers his body, this ability conceals Berserker's identity and personal status. His body is enveloped in a black fog with properties similar to Invisible Air which constantly shifts his outline like an off-focus photograph that obscures the discerning features of the armor. Even should he remove his helmet, it will be impossible to discern his face.[2] The mist-like illusion also causes his image to double or triple randomly, making him appear to be a hallucination, and prevents the use of a Master's clairvoyance to read the status of Berserker. The only information visible on official materials are the Servant's Master's name, height, weight, alignment, class abilities, and Skills. His True Name, sex, personal status, and Noble Phantasms are out of focus and unable to be clearly viewed.


Berserker's status being made impossible to fully read

The true use of this ability is deceiving the eyes and ears of others by allowing Lancelot to take the form of other Heroic Spirits who won in various military exploits, but it has degraded to the ability of "imitation" that can only disguise his identity due to the application of Mad Enhancement. It is possible to make use of the true ability one single time with the use of a Command Spell, though the transformation still has the appearance of being under Mad Enhancement. The ability is used to take on Rider's appearance to make Saber believe that Rider kidnapped Irisviel von Einzbern. The appearance is identical with the exception of Berserker's blood-red eyes radiating resentment. The ability is completely sealed along with Knight of Owner once Arondight is drawn by Berserker.

In Fate/Grand Order's Camelot chapter, his Saber incarnation used this Noble Phantasm to disguise as a villager for a surprise attack against Arash.


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