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Cath Palug transplanting his Force of Providence to Mashu Kyrielight.

Force of Providence (運命力, Unmei-Ryoku?, lit. "Force of Destiny"), also translated as Existential Inertia, is defined as "the intrinsic Luck (幸運, kouun?) necessary to facilitate the continuation of a life." Luck of a sufficient measure to "avoid mortal danger" is fundamentally indispensable to any organism -- and in the event that it is by some means diminished, the organism is inescapably due to encounter misfortune.[1]

In the 7th Singularity of Fate/Grand Order, the Underworld of Ereshkigal is said to be a "World" in which "the luck necessary to survive" is itself unnecessary. Consequently, the Sanctions of the Underworld (冥界の刑罰, Meikai no Keibatsu?) erode at the Force of Providence of any amongst the living who trespass unto the domain. In the battle against Tiamat, this phenomenon is utilized by the protagonists as a means by which to weaken her.[2]

In the Final Singularity, Cath Palug enacts "the Complete Resurrection of the Dead" (死者の完全な蘇生, Shisha no Kanzen-na Sosei?) so as to deny the complete annihilation of Mashu Kyrielight by the actions of Goetia -- granting her a lifespan comparable to that of a normal human by way of transplanting his own Force of Providence to her.[3]

The technology available to Chaldea is capable of accurately assessing an individual's Force of Providence.[1] At this time, however, the relationship between Providence and the Servant Statistic of Luck is unclear.


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